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Dreams about pokemon?

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I remember when I was a like 4 or 5, maybe older, I forget, I had a dream that I was in a room at my school, and there was a Gardevoir. I remember some sort of power coming over and was being taken over by a Ralts. It was amazing, and I loved it. I had some control, so it was more like I was inside a Ralt's body. I always tried to re-dream that one, it was so nice.


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I had another dream. An Ursaring walked into my room and trashed my closet and left. Really weird.


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Last night i had a dream i was at my school and they were selling the same exact pokemon stuff that the pokemon black and white tour is selling. I went around my school doing average stuff going to my locker and i went to my class and saw that they were selling items. I was trying to log into my school account on the computer to look up information about this. I really wanted to have all the pokemon items. (Various scene changes happened so i not really sure what all i did.) I went to the commons and saw a huge wall stocked with merchandise. Apparently i couldn't get them til after parent teacher conference or something.
I then teleported to a outside place and hid underneath a rock with a laptop and started doing job applications and research on how to get the pokemon items. I then did something involving investigating a person and watching crops being grown...I don't really remember much else it was really jumbled.


I had a wierd dream once. It had been a long time since I had played my Crystal game, like a year or two. My school was a real snooty school because it was a magnet school, and I was at the school's silent auction and I saw my Feraligatr eating abunch of the snooty parents. (It wasn't bloody or anything, they were just swallowed whole.) I calmed it down because I realized that it was MY feraligatr from Crystal, it was angry because I had not seen it in such a long time. When I woke up, I ran to play my Crystal game, and I found out that the game had been really broken with a bunch of corrupted data.


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I had a dream that I was at my school watchin pokemon advance when I look over and I see May. WTF????? I ask her what she's doing, and we start up a conversation. At the end I ask her when i'll see her again. She said i'll see her in some month (I forget :() weird, huh?


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I've had many Pokemon dreams. There was this one about me riding on a giant Bulbasaur, trying to run away from a gian spider. Then there was one about these two trainers fighting each other, using a Tyranitar and something else. And then there are many dreams in which I'm talking to Pokemon characters or marrying them. O___o

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Once i was playing HG in secret trying to catch lugia. i throw my last pokeball left, just in time to hear my mum coming up the stairs, and i quickly shut and hide my DS. That night i dreamt about being in a pokemon gym (probably viridan) and it was on fire. Suddenly this blastoise comes out of nowhere, carries me off, and fires itself towards whirl islands! Lugia is there with the legendary birds (shiny), and he grants me a wish. I wish i could catch him. I wake up, and whaddya know, when i open my DS lugia is caught.


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I once had an odd dream about Ash standing in front of me and slowly taking his shirt off.

Needless to say, he looked good (surprisingly). Somewhere between a 4-pack and 6-pack.

Kinda weird because I don't go crazy over a guy having nice abs, but then again, they are nice.

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I had an awesome dream where i was just riding a giant Sandile everywhere called Ted and we just destroyed everyone and everything in our path :)


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Yeah, i have had lots... but my most recent one is when i was outside, and over head was a team rocket hellicopter, then about 7 minutes later (im a team rocket fan) i went inside, and there was a totodile, i went in the showe, when i got nout my hair was red, red like silvers, and strangelly i practically turned into silver, everything around me was johto and pokemon world... there was gold outside, impossible was when i forgot my real life, i was silver and i lived like him, from the manga series! =-) i wish it was real!

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oh yeah last night i dreamt of brock and misty from the anime getting married... and i wed them... and my sister was a bridesmaid... which is weird cuz i don't even have av sister...
it was after reading a fanfic, called something like Battle of Battles? i forgot. the fanfic had something about brock and misty, and thats where i got it from... i think



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When I was about 7 years old, I dreamed I moved to Canada. At our house, I befriended a sableye that lived in a giant fish tank... Then Jessie and James broke into my bathroom and.... You don't want to know......


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One recurring dream I have is playing an awesome video game I don't have yet. Maybe I had a dream like that of B/W.


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i do too. once i had one where i was in the forest beside the bell tower and kratos told me to beware luxray. then a luxray with a braided beard told me to kill mi family.and ive never even played god of war!


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I just remembered some of the things Lucario said and stuff... There was one part where he was holding a Riolu (injured or sleeping?). Then he said "I was that same Riolu", even though I have no idea what Riolu he was talking about... Why didn't I pay attention? :(


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A little while ago I had a dream were the people of Kanto revolted against the 4kids dub of the anime, and ash, misty and I were trying to escape through the sewers of Cerulean City. Too much YGOTAS, maybe?
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