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Dreams about pokemon?

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To be honest I had a dream I lived in a world of Pokemon and I had finished my PokeDex, and then I got a call from a Professor telling about another new area with whole kinds of Pokemon waiting to be discovered, and all of a sudden I woke up.......Sad Face.


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I dreamt twice that episode where team magma and team aqua were trying to control Groudon and Kyorge.
Except it was way different from the show


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I don't think I've ever dreamed about Pokémon.
They might have appeared in dreams but I can't remember.

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I've had a couple dreams about Pokemon...
Heres a recent one:

I was that I was White/Touko in Pokemon White. Prof Juniper gives me an egg that she says "Came from far far away". It hatched into a Shiny Igglypuff!! The pokemon said, "Iggly!!!!!!!!!!!!" and jumped into my hat. It presummed I was it's mommy. Then I went on a Pokemon adventure in the Unova region! We defeted the Elite 4 and Adeuku gave me a Moon Stone. "Your Jigglypuff shalt decide it's path." He said to me. I handed Jigglypuff the Moon Stone, and started to evolve...but....

I woke up. In other words, I pressed B.


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You actually stayed Champion?

I had a dream that I was getting my starter from prof. Juniper and i got the last pokemon(oshawott) before white got there and prof. juniper gave her a cubchoo


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Do the dreams need to contain pokemon or just people from pokemon, if so I've had a loooooot of those :)

On a more topical note: I had a dream I woke up riding an enter through a vast yellow field that as far as I can remember never ended. Above me were ho oh and lug battling, I could feel the heat and shockwaves from there attacks, my growlithe curled up on my shoulder huddling away from the battle. The sky was a brilliant blue beyond the battle and the golden sun shone on my back. This was a great dream and I never had it again with this much detail. It's quite sad really.


I like shiny things
this is weird
i dreamt i owned a japanese diamond
the game was really glitched up
but thing is i was thinking about mini marios before i went to sleep (those toys that mario make in mario vs. donkey kong)
i usually get a pokemon dream if i'm thinking about mario
i also once had this dream i caught a shiny bibral
i thinking about either super mario galaxy or luigi and his random "things"

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Our of curiosity, has anyone dreamt of a Pokemon that didn't exist at that point of time but did so in the future? Doesn't have to be exactly the same, but it matches pretty well?

Just wondering, Pokemon doesn't play such a huge role in my life, so I probably had one or two dreams related to it I don't remember about, I suppose.
I remember i was in victory road in Pokemon Red and battled Blue,He had a lvl 140(ish) Golbat so I power lvled my Charizard to lvl 200 and still lost.......


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ive had way too many for me to say. my mom says i dream about it and i dont remember when i wake up
I had a weird one a while back. The end of the world was coming, and it decided to start at my house. It killed me, but somehow I was still alive. Then my family drove me downtown where I had to fight a Kyogre in a lava pit with my levitation and electric powers in order to stop the end of the world. Experiencing the battle was way more fun than it sounds. I may have had a few more when I was younger, but I haven't had any more recent ones as far as I remember.

Marbi Z

This had to be one of the best Wet-Dreams I ever had! And on Valentines Day too! I dreamed I was mating with my lovely Female Meganium, Cherry! Only this time it was something much more... I rubbed my body all over her getting her sweet aroma all over me... She licked and breathed all over me ( Meganiums have best smelling breath ) Then... I went mouth to mouth with her... Did you know like plants, Grass types need carbon dioxide to live? So instead of actually kissing ( Like I do with my Gardevoirs ) I simply exhale my breath into her mouth ( which makes carbon dioxide ) then she inhales and exhales back ( which makes oxygen ). We did this for at least an hour. The fresh air from her mouth smelt so pure... And it also cured my allergies! This is the first time I breathed air right from the source and I tell you it was a truly awsome experience! Then... I woke up... But for the first time I wasn't sad that it was just a dream.


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The details of this account are sort-of vague, but this is what I think happened: This took place in the time of my junior year of High School, when I was sitting in Agricultural Mechanics class and somehow everyone had Pokemon, when the bell signaled the time to go to the next class, I somehow ended up in a battle with a familiar face, though I am uncertain of who it was. I sent out a Venusaur and the classmate of mine sent out some sort of bird Pokemon, and before anything happened, my dream shifted to something else.

Marbi Z



Our of curiosity, has anyone dreamt of a Pokemon that didn't exist at that point of time but did so in the future? Doesn't have to be exactly the same, but it matches pretty well?
Yeah, I had a dream about a Finneon, which at the time did not exist. It was pretty strange when I first saw it on my Pearl. Anyone else?

Kutie Pie

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^ I don't know, the Glameow is the closest-looking to the black cat that ate my Pikachu and I in a creepy dream many years ago, but that wasn't it.

Giovanni was in my dream last night, playing the part of the villain (of course) holding all these kids at a camp hostage until we finally put a stop to it. Turns out he was a pervert and a pedophile, coming up with all these... pictures of the people he's held hostage o_O. My character Bree (who really was originally a Pokémon fan-character) was in there.

But it was mostly like it was an episode of Monk. Can't remember much of it, though... except my cat could talk. That was creepy.
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