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I know there were plenty of dream threads in the past, but I felt like posting this dream I had last night.

I had a dream where it was dark and I had to go to school. It was raining and there was thunder and the school was far for some reason. When I got to school, I went up to a ATM machine for some reason, maybe for lunch money. I woke up after that.

What kind of dreams do you have?

Note: If this isn't the right place, it can be moved.


I had a dream where I was at work and I had to do the job that everyone hates called Bob-Cop. You stand in front of the lines for 4-6 hours at the most inopportune hours of the day and only 2 people do it now. Anyways it was kind of a nightmare because I stood there for 4 hours calling up cashiers when the lines got too long. I told the Bob-Cop about this nightmare and he chuckled. Apparently I'm becoming the next Bob-Cop because one of them is moving to the deli.



[Something funny]
Last night I had a dream where toasters took over the world.

Ya it was pretty messed up.

Grey Wind

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I had a dream that was a cross-over between Saw, the royal wedding, school, an Ash v Paul battle and Halo. And for some reason I was Hali Berry for a while.


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I had a very religious dream. I walked outside and saw a shadow in the sun. The shadow looked like Jesus, then I started floating up into the sky and I ended up in Heaven. I think it was what we christians call the second coming of Christ. It was pretty awesome.


Dating Rosie Palms?
I had a very religious dream. I walked outside and saw a shadow in the sun. The shadow looked like Jesus, then I started floating up into the sky and I ended up in Heaven. I think it was what we christians call the second coming of Christ. It was pretty awesome.
Same here.

Except I'm Jesus.

And it's not a dream.

Blackjack the Titan

It’s been a while
I dreamt of the animals around the world being turned into Pokemon. And this one cat refused to become a Purugly so the scientists changed it into a Mienfoo.
Then there was a big part of my dream where I was Link from LoZ and I shot myself with an arrow.
Dreams work in the most f***ed up ways!


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Amen bro. ^

Manafi's Dream

I had a dream that Pokemon lived happily with humans until World War began in my hometown :p


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I had a dream I was trapped in a metal castle on a floating island where I was running through a training area dodging several dangerous traps. On special occasions some lady holding me prisoner there took me to another floating island where everyone was partying at a beachfront. Then I went back and later tried to escape, but I always ended up falling off a ledge and then respawning where I fell off from.

Eventually I made wings or something and flew over to the party island, but it was ominously empty with nobody there. While there, I saw another area I could fly to, but first I got some friends and then we flew there. While there I climbed a small hill covered in boring looking plants. I ended up at some sort of pub, then I walked out while my friends were still in it. Another party of adventurers came, and one wearing a Viking helmet and carrying an axe attacked me, but I ran away.

I ran through a field of cockroaches and came back to the pub, but now it was all empty with one basin of water and a mirror. I ended up saving my friends who were trapped in the water by looking through their memories (not sure how that works out, but whatever). I walked out and then woke up.

Epic but silly.


The Abysswalker
Raining nugs of marijuana. I was outside on my driveway, and they were just falling from the sky. I also saw an asian leprechaun for some reason..



Sunlight, sunlight~
I can't remember any dreams that were that exciting....well....I always dream about driving through small towns or the desert.

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I once dreamed I was a huge mecha floating through space.


I had the scariest dream about me and my family, it seemed to have us in an alternate reality. I walked outside and the sky looked like veins, there was also this little blonde girl with only one arm. She loved to come over and throw things for a big dog in the alley. Upon something later in the dream; a million missles were launched into the sky. They seemed to hit nothing but I could hear explosions.

Near the end I walked back into my house turned on the light and everything was normal.
Last night I dremt that I was on a stage when suddenly the audience burst into flames, I started running by my legs were noodles, so I was burned to death in the fire


Sunlight, sunlight~
Umm... Lemme put more detail into my post. I always dream that Im tavelling somewhere. I dreamt once that I could drive this flying car through the mountains , and there was seen in that dream where I did fly.
Also, I had a dream where all these kids who live on my block were walking through this humid cave with me. Then I saw an alligator, I coaxed them away, and then we saw this huge glass tank with no lid. I saw siloetes of sharks in the tank. (great white sharks) I heardyself thinking "I have to protect them, I have to" and also I felt afraid in my dream. I also saw how the kids didn't know about any of the dangers I noticed. I geuss my brain was dreaming how I feel about those kids. A few weeks ago, the youngest kid my block (four) nearly got run over.


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I once had a dream when the darkness is over, we'll be lying in the rays of the sun. But it was only a dream, and tonight is real.

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I, sometimes, have dreams with the future. And one day, when I were very little, I dreamed I were Harry Potter and Voldemort entered my mother 's bedroom. I entered the room flying in my "Nimbus 2000" and I defeated Voldemort.

Eventually I made wings or something and flew over
This seemes like Icarus 's story in the Greek mythology.
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