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Elebug disaproves
so i'm playing Y,and i enter the pokemon leage,and instead of the usual symbols for the E4,i could make out a buster sword,the japanese symbol for fire,a rose on a vine like ribbon,and a mask that looked like dimentios from super paper mario,and when i tried to enter this one i got this text:"an wild,but necrotic force blocks your path"

so i enter the one with the buster sword,there was no cutscene or text,just the battle starting,with ganondorfs theme from TP playing,and i knew this was micheal,one of my rivals,by his team of monster-like pokemon.after the battle,he says one thing"well Pit...ya beat me" and gives me a friendly shove back to the hub.

i'm still blocked by the necrotic force,so i enter the fire room,and watch a stunning display of fire move about.another rival,mei lin,who has control over fire says"well,you finally showed up,your team will be ashes by the time i'm done!"her team was all the final fire starter forms,after the battle,she gives of a giggle,and says"you've got two more to go pit"

once again,blocked by the force,so the vine with the rose room was very natural,trees,water,rocks,beautiful,and another rival and childhood friend,Bre(anna),if you weren't in her inner circle))\
she cared more about having fun and being friends with her pokemon than winning,team of milotic,lucario,mightyena,pangoro,arpharmos,and meloetta,after the battle,she says"only my brother remains,good luck,as you will need it"and i go back to the hub

the force no longer blocks me,and this room is lined with masks,and jake,who is super natural over the dead,is my final opponent,i save before i challange him.his pre battle lines are"out of a berserker,an areomage,a pyromancer,a nature worker,an arcane mage,a demiangel-you-Pit,i am a wild card"he leads off with greninja,and in the background,there are laughing jester masks"chestnaught is thrown into a rage by the masks!" and i nearly beat him,but am swept by his last team member,so i restart...but his team is entirly different,and i assume this is how he calls himself "the wildcard"his team is never the same,as many different pokemon as he has masks,andi beat him he says "..."and i go into the champions room

it was magically steampunk,pistons,steam,gears,signs of an artificer,in this case,perfect twenty,his real name long forgotten
"well pit,you're here,all the challengers,it gets me thinking,new projects,that is what get me going everyday"
his team was magenzone,metagross,regiice,registeel,regirock,and regigigas...
then my alarm went off >.>


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Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift are kidnapped by this mad scientist guy whos experimenting on same sex couples reproduction. Somehow he succeeds and Demi ends up preggo with her and Taylor's kid. Taylor has her move in to try and take care of her. From there it begins jumping around to random parts like showing the 2 falling in love and such from there to eventually the baby being born.
i have been having weird dreams, you know that in dreams a person cannot feel, taste or smell anything right. well i have been having strange dreams like in one where i had gone to this gas station and was looking around when there was an open door in the back i went in thinking it was the bathroom and it was a slaughterhouse for humans. i saw remains and pieces of body flesh here and there some looked pretty rotten and some looked pretty fresh. the thing is that in this dream i could smell the putrid stench in that room. another not so disturbing dream is that i was eating these cookies i never even seen in my life and i could taste them the next day i bought them to see what they taste like and in fact did taste like in the dream. i also find out stuff in my dreams that i am not aware of when i'm awake and the things i found out turn out to be real its freaky!!
is something wrong with me? this has been going on for more than a year....
I can't remember much of my recent dreams but I do remember that I was dancing to a Miley Cyrus song in one of my dreams a couple of nights ago. I have absolutely no clue why though.... :I

As a reply to the post below this (I don't know how to use the quote thingy), I don't even like Miley Cyrus' music. I think it may have been because it was playing on the radio/TV while I was dreaming.
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Maybe that's it. I might over look things because I believe there's a deeper meaning. I believe in dreams being having to do with your subconscious and unconscious and all that fun psychology sciency thing lol


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I dreamt I was tasked with murdering people from a list which had appeared in my toaster - and Mark Bonnar was accompanying me as the accomplice. Wasn't actually a bad dream at all...
I dreamt that i was taking after school classes along with several of my mates. Then i end up getting completely expelled from the school for throwing a chair at a teacher. The mind works in strange ways...


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Last night I had a dream that I was walking through this wierd school/neighborhood place with my mom talking about one of cross country coaches who was HORRENDOUS. Well, I dreamed that one of the female coaches for the team called me into her house and started trash talking me and my mom for talking about the head coach that way. My subconcious did what I had been wanting to do for 3 years: chew her out.

I called out her out on all the crap they did, told her to leave my family out of it, etc. She then said something about punishing me for it, but then I gave a smart remark that I didn't go to that school anymore.

It was good outlet for my subconscious XD


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Had my first dream in a while last night. I dreamt I was in college trying to get to class, and I ran into John Mahoney, who played Martin, Fraiser's dad on the show Frasier. The strangest part, in part of the dream, I was floating in the air O_O. Must have been something I ate.


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Oh gosh.. My last dream was kind of vivid.
A guy from my school, one year up, who shares the school bus with me was showering in my house. My parents werent there, no one was there besides him in the shower and his dad eating at the table with me.
since he left the door open, I saw something I shouldnt be seeing


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I had a dream that I went down the street and see my mom trying to warn me about going to the lake. So I didn't listen and I accidentally slipped and feel in the lake where they are gators. I woke up in cold sweat. :(


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I had a dream I was driving an AAT (Those tanks the droids drive in Star Wars) and I was shooting at the Rebel Fleet... What didn't make sense was that I was Droid's side and I was fighting the Rebel Alliance. I was very confused when I woke up....


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I had a weird dream. It was set up in third person:

This guy... He was like a video game character that he kept getting himself hurt badly. He ends up in hospital and stuff. I don't remember much.
One time, the place inside the building, well building itself was underground, and it was sinking/flooded and he had to get out. His friends were already out but he was stuck.

My dream was so long, it went for ages. So long that I know what happened but I don't know how to explain it xD;

In the end, his friend, which he was younger than him, they talked, "I can't believe this. I've been hurt and pointed a gun at, but i get cured easily."
"Man, no. You always end up in coma in hospital. Its been 27 years. You just don't age because of what the barrel did to you"
When he was swimming, he was swimming in them posioned barrel leaks. His friends were out before it happened. And my dream ended like that xD nya~

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My dreams are boring. They usually have me doing something mundane such as watching television or playing video games.

Ex: Last night I dreamed about doing daily quests on that World of Warcraft game. Which I haven't played in years. I was grinding mobs for one of those obtain X item quests when another player kept tagging the mobs I was about to attack. I said something to the effect of "I'll pass on this" quit the game and woke up.

It reminded me of how mingy and uncouth other humans can be while online; veiled behind the anonymity that is problematic in the various MMOs/forums spattered across the landscape of the internet.