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One time I had a dream that I was flying a broomstick like Harry Potter around my neighborhood.

D. Scott

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I just had a weird dream/nightmare. I don't even know what it was. More reminiscient of a crack-fic than a dream. o_O

Dream went something along the lines of:

- Father took me to Wal-Mart, where I got some fried chicken. He took me back home with a Knightmare Frame. From Code Geass.
- I became a character in a Final Fantasy Game, where I proceeded to say the F-word.
- It ended in the fan I sleep next to screaming at me like Vegeta from DBZ. I told it to shut up. This is the part that for some odd reason legitimately frightened the hell out of me.

o_O My mind is weird.

Lucky wish

Electrike Fan!!!!!!!
I dreamt last night that a penguin came over to me and gave me a hat and underneath the hat was a note sayin "Ham will drop on you". The next thing I knew was that a plate of ham fell on me!


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I dreamt last night that a penguin came over to me and gave me a hat and underneath the hat was a note sayin "Ham will drop on you". The next thing I knew was that a plate of ham fell on me!

I wish I would have a dream like that. Was it a realistic penguin, or a cartoon-style one?


The Midnight Artist~
I had a creepy dream where my sister was working for the government and I was a escaped experiment that had to be destroyed before I did something wrong. (I had mega super powers, like being able to teleport to distant planets, creating fire-storms, etc.) and My sister was on the side of the government and tried to catch me with a butterfly net. My brother kept helping me make narrow escapes and then betraying me at the last moment.
Also, when I finally got to a place were the government couldn't get to me, the place was called "Miragia" and talking pokemon lived there. Lots of talking pokemon. They were pretty intelligent, to.

Banana Knight Arthur

Many of my dreams go unremembered.

I read somewhere we all dream every night, but very few of us actually remember them on a consistent basis.

Some of my favorite dreams were those where I was an actually Pkmn trainer.

Lately my dreams are of a more grown-up type, such as being a character in Persona 3~~~


OpInIoNaTeD at <3
I once had a premonition sort of dream..the one night I dreamt about a forthnightly magazine coming out, and the next day, it was on sale...so I dunno if my brain memorized the date for when the next one would be released and the night before dreamt about it...


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Since I've had bouts of insomnia lately, my dreams have been either nightmares or something I couldn't remember. Since I just woke up, I remember the nightmare pretty well.

I was coming home from the therapist with my grandma and it was late at night. Suddenly, some teenagers came out of nowhere and murdered my grandmother and I, and did some other bad things to me after we died. It's not really appropriate to say what they did. They ended up not murdering my great grandparents like they had originally planned and left. Apparently as my grandma and I were dying, I kept telling her how wonderful Heaven would be when we died.

I wish I knew what this meant.


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My best dreams is when my crush's somehow my bf...

Anyway, last night before I went to sleep, I chatted with a friend about if one day I had to once again walk home if my parents can't pick me up, I drop by her house, and in my dream, I rode the schoolbus I think to a certian point, and there I hanged out with a bunch of random people, waiting for my parents to drop by. It's gotta be hours later when I realised I was supposed to walk home and thought about walking to my friend at hanging out at her place, but I think then my parents showed up...so yeah, it's very confusing..^^"


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I dremt I died again~
I really like that


Back in Blue
I dreamt I was taken by a vampire a few nights back, and put back in a coffin- looked like a Cofagrigus. I somehow got out, and called the animals in the vampire's lair: a bunch of shrimp, my cat, and Queen Gohma. I launched an attack at the vampire, except hit my dad instead...

Turns out I was sleepwalking that night.
Earlier I had another nightmare that woke me up......

This one had a lady dressed as an eagle ripping peoples faces off, then I was sent out to repair the faces......but they all started tearing me apart. I survived and then was sent to jail for treason.....


Solar Panels
I somehow managed to dream that I was sleeping. That doesn't really seem to make sense, but it was probably due to the fact I was somehow half-asleep and dreaming at the same time.
I was dreaming that I was playing Blockland, a game that I play sometimes. I won a race with some idiot on a boat. Then after we won we returned to the starting place automaticly, then he tries to kill me with a sniper rifle. I run away, then I use my jetpack to fly far away to some mountains. Then I arrived at a mansion-like black castle. I was wondering whether he would find me, so I jetpacked my way back and saw him coming in my direction. I passed him, and gave him the middle finger. I then flew towards another mountain, and got a Pokemon move called "Unlock" (Dosen't exist, I know) So then I open a chest and find a coin. I then try to go back out, but then the guy who is stalking me is there again! I pass him, fly up, and I nearly got shot by his rifle. I literally flew back then went into some canyons. At the end, I flew into a tunnel, then a message came up displaying a picture of the blockhead (the player model that they use in Blockland) I would play as if I entered the tunnel. There was no cursor, so I just had to bring it to the center, then it appeared on the button "Play". I clicked it, but then the game stopped responding, and that's when I woke up.

I know, my dreams are weird.

i can see the futer in my dreams,its realy weid.

I can do that too, I can see a scene that will happen in the future. When it happens, I just say quietly "I saw that in my dreams!"
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