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I have a boyfriend now; I am his princess❤️
Well, a lot of it has to do with me being an aspie. I don't understand expressions much, I just know that word is kind of....mean.

I think I dreamt about Zorork/Darkrai a few nights ago (irronically, I had a nightmare about my dog being killed about the following night...well, THINKING he was killed, anyways. he was kinda kidnapped by an animal shelter. it was strange. And no I never let him off the leash in un closed in areas on walks soo whats the chance of that happoning in real life.....)(doesn't Darkrai bring with him NIGHTMARES? I dreamt about Darkrai RIGHT the night before I dreamt that one...o_O; Yeah, it was a dream about Darkrai. Mostly just mensioning him,I think, though. if he actually showed up in the dream I don't remember it....)

EDIT; Zoroark wasn't in the 'Darkrai' dream (I think?), there was something about an online RPG being held on photobucket.com and proboards and the vilian being a french Hydreigon (...Trioxhydre. huh?XD; ). And I was apperently joining as a Chikorita Pokemorth girl. But the Role Play bared the word 'Darkrai' in its name. I don't think it had to do with Darkrai at all, though....unless he worked with that Hydreigon? Hmmn. It's a pretty cool idea, really XD;

I should re-create that on my friend's hamtaro forum sometime XD
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Flame Mistress

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Every Pokémon fan who's socially awkward calls themselves an aspie these days. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, I had a dream that I only got 27% on my Maths exam, and that it turned into one of those talking letters in Harry Potter and yelled at me, then shredded itself while vomiting out pink slips (the equivalent of de-merits). After that I had detention, and my Geography teacher was supervising me, and oddly enough she was cross dressed as Michael Jackson. Then an English teacher came into the room and started flirting with her (he was cross dressed as Amy Winehouse... disturbingly enough). But then his wife came into the room as well, turned into a harpy, and started ripping my Geography teacher to shreds. All the while I was cheering her on. Then I joined in. I took out her brain and ate it.

Yes. I have very disturbing dreams sometimes.


not bad
I had a dream last night...
I was made out of grapefruits, and I was all 'Ewwww' but I was really hungry so I had to eat myself.


Green Eyed Girl
Sometimes I think I have dreams, then I remember that it's me seeing the future again and a fella in go-go boots shows up outta nowhere and gets teary eyed.


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The other night, I had a dream where me and my friends were running from the government in some sort of post-apocalyptic environment. I don't exactly remember why, but we were. I also had my dog, Pepper, and another dog named Juniper.
As we were hijacking some sort of helicopter-airplane hybrid, my friends told me I couldn't bring the dogs with me, saying that they'll slow us down. I begged and yelled at my friends and eventually wailed on my best friend until they let me bring the dogs with me.
Then my dream skipped around and I had more dogs and my friends were nowhere to be seen.
I dreamt my friends and I ran into a woman who wanted to be a vegitable, so one of them turned her into an artichoke with glasses. I don't remember anything else from that dream.

Since my sister probably won't mention a really creepy dream I will since It's actually kind of creepy to me. She dreamt of a girl tied to balloons with blood coming out of her eyes and mouth. Everything except the balloons were in black and white. My sister tends to have alot of bad dreams like that.

I also used to have a recurring dream about a baby doll I owned when I was little. It would stare at me from a window for a while and then it would start crawling out of the house with blood coming out of a deep gash in its head. I throw The toy in the garbage soon after that and the dream stops.


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Every Pokémon fan who's socially awkward calls themselves an aspie these days. *rolls eyes*
Well, I've actually spoken to a psychiatrist about it. I'm a socially awkward pokemon fan, and I have aspergers. I don't find it that hard to believe that many other aspies would end up like me.

Man, I was going to post a dream, but I forgot it already. I can never remember them for too long, even if I actively try to....

Dragon Trainer X

Every now and then, I get a dream that becomes real, like I either have deja vu or I predict the future. Just a while ago, I dreamed about getting a milkshake, then giving the change to my dad, then a flash of purple, and someone almost hits us. It happened, and I told my dad to stop, and then he noticed the girl behind us, backing up carelessly. MY sister wore her purple sweater for the first time today.


The Pokemon Observer
I found my cat, which was gone missing long ago (probably died already) in a sudden day. A female with beautiful pure silver fur and short tail due to the tail cutting surgery after an incident. I was so happy to find her and immediately pick her up to take her back to home.

... only to be disappointed when I wake up on my bed.


I'll do my Lilliest
Recently, I've been having dreams of Slayers xD

~I dreamt I got cut off like Xellos from Valgaav and red circly things were coming out from my huge cut. Shoulder to Hip x.x

~Something weird about Xellos and Filia....

Owell, that's all... Nya~
I dreamed it was wednesday and I wasn't wearing my tuxedo for my oral exam about our group work.

And one of my classmates was pissed cause we agreed to both wear one.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
I dreamed about driving around, mainly because I had at least looked at the driver license manual all the way through for once, so naturally, I had a dream. Of course, I probably would've had one eventually, but whatever. Though prior to driving around, I was at school doing some kind of homework or something.

And then I had this strange dream about this mall where I had taken my cat to. Actually, before that, it started out with this out-door theater with some tyrant owner who was being a jerk and everything as we watched this strange movie where Wilow's Tara, yes, Willow's Tara, was showing off his... pet photographs. He had them stuffed where he could still take photographs. Yeah... and then it cut to some Arab family or something, and there was ravioli-flavored ice cream o_O.

Anyway, so a few friends and I go to this one mall, and another friend of mine was running some weird shop where we get our cat's picture taken, as well as their fortune, or something. After doing that a few times, we did all these weird things around the mall until we run into JesuOtaku with a cat of her own trying to solve some temple's puzzle so she could save the world from Rayquaza.

Yeah, I don't understand myself anymore. I need to do other things with my time...


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Many fragment dreams recently. Last night was the first full dream in awhile.

(excerpt from my dream journal) Dream 167
I was in a dark, Tron-like city (neon glows and everything). There was a fountain in the center of a plaza. I thought something was weird about it so I moved closer. It was a hologram veiling a nuclear reactor. I played around, moving back and forth, watching it turn from a fountain to a reactor. Then I got the idea to jump in. [lol, falling into reactors again.] At first there seemed to be some sort of magnetic shield. Engineers and townspeople started appearing. I bypassed the shield and fell in. I didn't fall directly into the reactor itself but into the acidic cooling ponds the reactor was sitting in. It didn't hurt but I started to feel tired. Yeah, I died. The dream didn't end there though. Now I was a ghost. I flew out of the reactor where I saw them encasing it in the proper metal container. [What is should have been in the first place!] I flew to my house which was in the middle of a Minecraft field. (The house didn't look blocky - just the landscape.) I saw Mike floating in the sky. Apparently he died to. I don't know how though. Now we were ghosts together. There was some sort of brief interlude before I went into the house. Me and Mike were flying away from black vans and helicopters down some forest-y road. It was the government that was chasing us, I just new it was. I stopped and hid behind a bush. Mike continued to fly. A black van pulled up behind me. I flew away. A VOCALOID song called 'BLUE' (sung by Luka) started playing from my iTunes. It was even more beautiful in the dream. I heard it play twice. Now we were back at the Minecraft field and my house. I left Mike floating outside and phased inside the house. I went to my room and Grandpa F. was there. (I recall my room being slightly different than usual. More bare?) I tried to say something but he couldn't hear me. So I got real close and whispered in his ear that I was "still here". He waved his hand because he must have thought my voice was a memory. I saw a military looking radio. It was broad and flat but had a touch screen to find radio channels. I heard a family talking. This radio must act as a walkie-talkie to! I whispered into the speakers. The family responded. (It was now apparent that I could only talk to people through whispering.) The family asked me who I was. I said I was a teen who died "last week". They all seemed shocked but continue to talk to me. Then they stopped talking for awhile but I knew they were still there. I accidentally flipped the radio station. I grabbed the radio and went into the bathroom. I tried to remember the station. I think it was 922? I looked for it but couldn't find it. (I noted that there was a Anjunabeats station.) I left the radio and floated downstairs. Mom, dad, and Eriq were there. I tried to push mom but couldn't. Eriq was sitting on a couch. I started whispering in his ear. He said that I didn't scare him. I told him that I was there. He knew. I looked out the window. The forest seemed farther away and the sky was that unnatural blue it gains in my dreams. Puffy clouds rolled across the sky - a space shuttle was taking off in a creamy jet of smoke. (ie the clouds/smoke looked like paintings/surreal.) Then it wasn't a space shuttle. It was a atomic bomb. A mushroom cloud started to form silently. I was slightly scared even though I was already a ghost. I told Eriq to look out the window. He did. A giant, rose-covered throne then rose out of the ground, blocking the bomb. Everyone went outside. Grandma V. was convinced it was Jesus. Everything got real dark and we could see a tiny figure with glowing, purple eyes on the throne. The lights turned on and it was a black woman. She was advertising for a Christian restaurant that spontaneously appeared and melded into our house. Dad was mad - he said he knew it "wasn't Jesus". He wanted to leave but sat down. Everyone started to order food. I floated away. I went to the front yard only now it was a hangar for military planes/vehicles (looked WWII era). I sat down behind a cart. Several military men marched by. I laid down on the floor. A man stopped and glared down at me. I noticed he was a Nazi. He asked me what I was doing. I shrugged. I then noticed he was black. A black Nazi...? How strange...

Darth Revan

Coming Out!
This was really weird.

Well it started out as a test from portal then it morphed into Anne Frank's secret annex, Except that the people in it were from the big bang theory. And Fargo from Eureka. A portal showed up on a wall showing a telephone of a guy calling for pizza. And a dalek burst in and killed us all.