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Drew/Shuu Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Sweet May, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    Drew/Shuu Fan Club​

    The old one was closed due to a lot of inactivity so starting over with a new owner. (a.k.a. me D: ) Hopefully this one doesn't die. This club is dedicated to the young green haired coordinator, Drew who is one of May’s main rivals in Pokémon Advanced Generation.

    The Rules:
    1. All SPPF and Club rules apply.
    2. Anyone is allowed to join. However you can only be an approved member if the owner/co-owner allows you to. To join, you must explain in two sentences on why you want to be here.
    3. Shipping talk is allowed but only to a minimum. Also no bashing other ships.
    4. Maximum limit of pictures per post is three. Don’t attack the dial-up users please.
    5. Do not go off-topic with another character unless it has to do with Drew.
    6. If you’re posting a fanart, have a link under or on top of it on where the art came from. If’s understandable if you don’t know/remember what page it was on but do try please.
    7. If you’re using a club banner/etc, then do credit the maker.
    8. Happy fangirl/boying. :)

    The Goodies:
    Picture Album - an old album created by Chelc which has a lot of Shuu goodies such as avatars/banners, screencaps and fanart!


    By CuteDrew667
    By Medea

    By Pikustrite

    By Medea
    By Medea

    The Members:
    1. Sweet May (owner)
    2. Swifty
    3. Chelc
    4. MistyMix89
    5. CuteDrew667
    6. legendarypokemonjunkie17
    7. Medea
    8. Prof. Jolteon
    9. ?Princess Ketchum?
    10. darkwithrobots
    11. blaziken9
    12. Mimori Kiryu
    13. ¶GlichyMissingno¶
    14. dash142
    15. Yoshi-kun
    16. AshfanGirl20
    17. Angelic Pika
    18. Sweet Melody
    19. K.Yoon
    20. Pikustrite
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2008
  2. Swifty

    Swifty Well-Known Member

    Drew turns straight males into gay. Or at least bisexual.

    (I wanna join plz :D)
  3. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member

    I wanna join. Drew's a cutie. I love him - he's one of my favorite characters, and not to mention, my favorite rival character. His skillz drive the girls (and apparently, Swifty) wild. ;)

    Besides, you know you want me to join here.
  4. CuteDrew667

    CuteDrew667 Boo Darlin <3

    yay! yay! yay! yay!

    Chelc, you were right!!!! yay! Can I join please? Cause my name doesn't spell it out xD

    thaaaaaaaaaaank you for remaking this Sweet May =D
  5. ~Mist~

    ~Mist~ revolutionary~

    Yes, I want to join, too! Drew is one of the best characters in Pokemon ever. His charm, his personality, his pokemon: everything about him is great. I have always liked how he was first a character who was pretty snobby and turned out to be a very helpful person and a great coordinator. I miss him now. ;; So count me in for some new crack fun. xD

  6. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    Need at least two sentences before you can join my dear.

    Welcome to Swifty, Chelc and MistyMix89 (sweet pic btw!)!
  7. CuteDrew667

    CuteDrew667 Boo Darlin <3

    oops *goes and hides in a corner...then comes back*

    right-o. I tooooootally wanna join because Drew is the best male (Paul being a close second) to ever be in Pokemon. He is different from Ash and his cockiness is verrrry fan-girly attractive, and his green hair. My goodness his hair!!! flicky flickiness...I love it XD

    right, I'm rambling. But also, my obsessive Contestshippyness is what originally caused me to take an interest in Drew (and also stopped my hostility towards May *shot*)

    can I join now? *grins like a noob* <<< ignore that XD
  8. ~Mist~

    ~Mist~ revolutionary~

    @ Sweet May: Thankies! I have yet to find some more new screenshots again. xD

    Let's have a new topic for the ones that are already in/for new people to answer as well. Which of Drew's pokemon is your favorite and why?

    Roselia, hands down. God, I love that thing. I seriously blame the Wakana episode for making me adore it to bits. I don't know, for some reason, it's her size that has me so amused during that episode. Even Teppo and a bunch of other Japanese fanartists commented on the sudden growth of Roselia and measured it! xD But anyways, it's a very sweet pokemon that pretty much reflects the personality of Drew, if that makes any sense to any of you. I just love how it knows Drew so well, and that episode did it for me.

  9. legendarypokemonjunkie17

    legendarypokemonjunkie17 Well-Known Member

    I'd like to join Sweet May. Apparently, Drew is my favorite rival. Why? Well, for one, he's a pretty good battler. And it's very awsome that he shows that men can be sensitive and battle for the good of their pokemon's inner beauty. And he has awsome hair-flicking abilities!
  10. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    I must rejoin this wonderful establishment! Thank you Sweet May for starting this bad boy up again! Honestly, I was thinking about starting it up again, but then I remembered how a good number of my clubs died and thought I would be lousy as the leader of the Shuu/Drew club. Glad it's you! Drew (AFTER Tracey) is one of the sexiest characters on the show.


    One of my favorite images!
  11. CuteDrew667

    CuteDrew667 Boo Darlin <3

    likewise Medea!! I love the one on your signature from the same scene where he is just turning...looks so evil ^^

    I love evil Drew, there are some good evily pics from Disaster of Disguise too:



  12. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member

    ^ Aww. XD Most of my clubs die, too, so you aren't the only one. Welcome [unofficially] Medea! A lot of people were wondering what happened/when it would start up again, but I had no choice but to close it because the last post was sadly from 30+ days ago.

    Welcome [unofficially] to LPJ17, too! It's nice to see you here! =]

    Btw Cyn, here's the link to my Drew PB - if you ever wanted to add it to the first post or have a PB for all Drew, like the May and Dawn FCs have.

    Which of Drew's pokemon is your favorite and why?
    WHY DO YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE? I love them all. I guess I'll choose Masquerain. I love the pokemon in general and it's appeal in the Hoenn GF was super pretty, which was when I started to like it more.

    from: http://skyover0317.web.fc2.com/nohit/index.html
  13. Crasher

    Crasher Well-Known Member

    I'd like to join. Drew is, in my opinion, the best contest rival. His pokemon are so elegant, I love them. He's a great battler, and he uses his pokemon with co-ordination and flair. He's really an amazing character. :)
  14. CuteDrew667

    CuteDrew667 Boo Darlin <3

    omgosh Chelc! That picture is soo fab!

    I was just thinking...there have been over fifty D&P episodes now...surely the writers must be thinking about doing a little Drew & May special...:(

    Erm...I hope its okay but I made a little banner for the club. It's not that good but its a start lol:


  15. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    Which of Drew's pokemon is your favorite and why?

    I would say Flygon. I don't know why but it's just one of Drew's powerhouse pokemon and I just think that dragon types suit Drew pretty well.
  16. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    OMG Welcome to all the new members!

    Which of Drew's pokemon is your favorite and why?
    They're all my fave but Roselia especially. It's so cute and has its own personality which makes you want to just hug it. :3 I got a thing for Roselias so that may be another reason.

    Nice pics everyone! Love the fanart posted Chelc! *saves* <3

    Added the album and banner to the post. ^^
  17. legendarypokemonjunkie17

    legendarypokemonjunkie17 Well-Known Member

    Which of Drew's pokemon is your favorite and why?

    For some variety, I'll say Absol. Just look at it! It fits him to a "T". And it makes him even more awsome!
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2007
  18. Crasher

    Crasher Well-Known Member

    Which of Drew's pokemon is your favorite and why?
    I can't choose between Flygon and Absol. They're both so cool! Hmmmmmm... I say Absol.
  19. ♥Princess Ketchum♥

    ♥Princess Ketchum♥ #1 Ash Satoshi Lover

    Hi Sweet May! Can i join? I Still Love Drew/Shuu Please could i rejoin :)

    Man i so adore this picture *0*
  20. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    ^First episode goodies!

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