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Drip...Drip...Drip... 6th Gen Semi-Stall


Someone has to win..
Ever since this generation rolled around, I've had a bit of a unique fascination with stall (due to dozens of moves decreasing pretty significantly in power). Without further ado, I present my unorthodox take on a 6th gen stall team:

Ferrothorn @ Leftovers (Iron Barbs)
Careful, 252hp/156Def/100SpDef
-Leech Seed
-Stealth Rock
-Swords Dance
-Gyro Ball

With entry hazards being less seen due to defog being amazing, I wanted a pokemon who could not only plant them but also be a legitimate threat even without them up. After looking at potential pokemon, ferrothorn stood out not only as the most bulky but also the most diverse. This set is pretty simple: use stealth rock to feign a support set, swords dance on the switch, then proceed to either use leech seed on the next switch in or gyro ball the enemy while they defog. EV's allow this thing to survive a +2 talonflame brave bird, whilst also allowing it to take the odd ice beam or two.

Mandibuzz @ Leftovers (Overcoat)
Careful, 252HP/252SpDef/4Def
-Foul Play
-Knock Off

In 5th generation, Mandibuzz was one of my favourite UU pokemon to use. With a good typing, good defensive stats (110/105/95), and access to overcoat and a plethoria of niche moves, it was an amazing check to the likes of gligar and darmanitan. 6th gen rolled around, and this thing only became deadlier. Knock off received a huge attack buff (allowing you to deal pretty respectable damage with it), overcoat received a huge buff (preventing mandibuzz from being affected by powder moves, notably spore), and the entire metagame is focused less on offense and more on tanking. Foul play and knock off allow you to deal decent damage, whirlwind pairs quite well with stealth rock by slowly forcing the opponent to go through stealth rock, with roost allowing you to keep this thing in longer.

Genesect @ Choice Specs (Download)
Modest, 252SpAtk/252Speed/4SpDef
-U turn
-Ice Beam
-Bug Buzz

The first of my two "offensive pokemon", Genesect is one of the few things I didn't try last generation due to his instant banishment to ubers. With him being OU now, I figured I'd give him a spin. Bug Buzz and Thunderbolt have surprisingly good coverage together (only failing to hit excadrill/steelix for at least neutral). Ice beam hits said pokemon for neutral while also picking off dragons, with U turn allowing for easier switches.

Porygon 2 @ Eviolite (Trace)
Modest, 252HP/252SpAtk/4Def

Yet another 5th gen UU favourite has returned to annoy the crap out of people in OU. Eviolite boosts porygon's already decent defenses to better than that of Registeel's, with trace making it even more annoying by forcing the opponent to work around their own ability (notably dragonite's multiscale, heatran's flash fire, and greninja's protean). Flamethrower and discharge are my two coverage moves, the former allowing this thing to hit common aegislash switch-ins (the opponents expecting bolt/beam) with the latter hitting many of the rock/fire types who would otherwise wall this. Toxic and recover enable this thing to also toxic-stall, which isn't too hard to do with fighting types seeing less popularity.

Slowbro @ Assault Vest (Regenerator)
Bold, 252HP/252Def/4SpDef
-Fire Blast
-Ice Beam
-Grass Knot/Trick*

When everyone saw assault vest make an appearance in 6th gen, they often focused on putting it on things like tyrannitar or (if they were completely blind) blissey. When I saw it, slowbro immediately seemed like a perfect candidate for it. With the given EV's, slowbro becomes an incredibly bulky tank who can not only deal decent damage but also heal itself without the need of status moves. Scald, flamethrower, and ice beam offer pretty amazing coverage together (the first two having a nifty burn chance with the latter hitting annoying flying types like togekiss/thundurus). Until I can breed off a 5IV slowbro on my B2, I'm forced to use grass knot instead of trick, with trick being amazing on this thing as it allows it to utterly ruin things like eviolite chansey and aegis.

Heracross @ Heracrossnite (Moxie/Skill Link)
Jolly, 252Atk/252Speed/4HP
-Pin Missile
-Rock Blast
-Arm Thrust
-Swords Dance

For the final pokemon, I wanted to have a mega and a set-up sweeper. Despite hating many of the new mega-evolutions, Heracross seemed like a fun one to try out. Pin Missile and Arm Thrust are obligatory STAB moves, dealing massive damage through substitutes/sturdy even without boosts. Rock Blast is primarily for Talonflame, who is easily the most abused bird in OU right now, and swords dance makes this thing almost impossible to switch into after a boost.


Wandering Battler
With the Mega-Heracross, you could try to go for a bulky set, and invest entirely entirely in HP and defense... like a 252 HP/172 SDef /80 Def spread. Mega-Hera slaughters things plenty well with that high base ATK. Alternatively, you could swap Swords Dance for Bulk Up.

You don't have to use both suggestions, but I would strongly emphasize replacing the Speed EVs with HP, because Heracross slows down when it Mega-Evolves.


Well-Known Member
With him being OU now, I figured I'd give him a spin.

You're a little late on that one. Genesect was banned back to Ubers on February 16th. So no, he's not in OU now. That ship has sailed, I'm afraid.

Swords Dance on Ferrothorn seems a bit out of place. You've only got one attacking move anyway, and generally you won't have time to set up after getting off Stealth Rock and maybe Leech Seed. It's not like it'll threaten anything with just Gyro Ball, given it has no attack investment. I'd consider Protect on it for Leech Seed stalling, or potentially Power Whip to frighten off Water types.

For the record, Assault Vest disables Trick, so the idea of Tricking an Assault Vest onto someone as you would a Choice item is unfortunately a flight of fancy.

As Mestorn mentioned, Mega Heracross is not a good sweeper. The decrease in speed puts him at a pretty poor speed tier; base 75 is simply too slow to sweep effectively. If you're wanting to use Mega Heracross, its best role is as a wall-breaker with four attacks. Consider something along the lines of...

Heracross @ Heracronite
Adamant Nature
Guts -> Skill Link
252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def
-Close Combat
-Rock Blast
-Pin Missile

Even with Skill Link, Close Combat outdamages Arm Thrust by a huge amount; 5-hit Arm Thrust is only as powerful as Brick Break or Drain Punch. Earthquake is necessary to be prevent it from being completely walled by Aegislash.

If you want a setup sweeping Mega as your final slot, consider Mega Pinsir or Mega Charizard X instead. Mega Heracross can do a lot of things but sweeping isn't one of them.


Nothing to say really. not the best at stall teams, though i can give a bit of advice.

Try using substitute of ferrothorn, or maybe try toxic as well for just slowly draining your opponent's health.

another thing: you can set entry hazards but you have no way to remove them. just a point, can't give you much advice on it. try using rapid spin starmie or defog braviary.

if you actually want a set up sweeper mega, try using dragon dance mega tar. it is good, sand stream boosts the sp def to a reasonably usable stat, and you can normally take a hit and dragon dance in their face.

hope this helps, though since i am no expert at stall teams, take this not too seriously.


Wandering Battler
As another suggestion, I noticed you have 2 pokemon with Leftovers. I not too familiar with how common item clause is, but if it is in effect you probably would want to swap out the leftovers on one of the two. I would suggest perhaps a Rocky Helmet on Ferrothorn for synergy with Iron Barbs. Otherwise a Sitrus Berry might do in a pinch... I pretty sure other people could think of tons of better ideas than me.