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Drugs Thread


Alcohol. I avoid alcohol due to the fact that my father was an alcoholic. This leads to a couple of reasons. For a start, I have seen how debilitating alcoholism first-hand (he was a violent drunk; he'd abuse myself, my mother and my sister) and don't want to go down that route. Also, there is evidence to suggest that it's hereditary so I'm probably genetically inclined towards alcoholism. I also have a VERY addictive personality.

I read this, looked at your location, and proceeded to laugh my *** off.


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You had Coors? If you go for some good beer as opposed to piss water, then it may be good. Corona or Heineken would be a better beer, or if you want cheap good beer, Red Dog.

There is a difference between quality of beers.

Even quality beer is definitely an acquired taste though. It's very harsh. I generally detest beer


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Given the history of alcoholism in my family, I have to be careful not to drink too much, or at least not to drink to relieve feelings of depression. I do love a drink or two though.

Smoked pot a few times and while it's nothing spectacular, I see significant benefits from its legalization. Not crossing my fingers, though. Too much of an unreasonable stigma on a drug that's generally tamer than tobacco.


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I read this, looked at your location, and proceeded to laugh my *** off.
Yes, my father is a walking (more like stumbling) stereotype. He's also Catholic so he would actually call himself 'Irish', too. And then that would also explain the Emerald Isle's fixation on alcohol, too. Holy shi-! We solved it!
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I hate all beer/larger/ale. Love Cider - great seeing as I work on a Cider farm. mmm cheap cider.

As for other Drugs, I smoke Tobacco now and then, namely if i'm the designated driver seeing as I can't drink, So I like to get the nicotine high.

I've also smoked weed, but I don't find it that great smoking it - Hash cakes are better. I really think they should legalise weed. It just makes sense to me seeing as it has less detrimental effects compared to Tobacco and Alcohol and there are several scientific research highlighting its use in slowing down/preventing several age-illiness like dementia (or something like that). It would also remove the "Bad-boy druggie" status and you'd gain tax off the plant being grown/sold as well if it was legal.

I've also done Shrooms when I was in Amsterdam (its legal over there?!) Had the funniest experience. Would totally do it again.


Im sooo nervous xD i have a swab drug test soon for a job i might be getting >.<


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It is hard for me not to drugs, and i haven't, in the area that i live in. at my school, i get asked every day. of course i say no but it's hard too. i don't drink, smoke, sniff or do anything like that but i do some what get high from pills.

My family has had a big history with back problems. i have terribly back pain, i have a semi deformed tailbone and every time i try to set down it has the most painful feeling that is indescribable. I felt horrible, then my friend who does all sorts of drugs gave me some pills, legal pills, and i felt better. then i started taking pills more and more and so now i'm some what addicted but i am in pain without them..


Well... where to start...

I guess to sum it up I initially was extremely against alcohol/smoking/drugs, however the lenient way things work out in Germany I was sort of forced to forgive alcohol, however I don't and won't ever give in to drugs that's for sure.

Heck when my friends started drinking elsewhere (we were 13-14 and that could be common around here I mean legally you can drink when you're 16) I was really ****** off and frankly I got quite paranoid and shut myself off of a lot of people for a few months...

It was just not eternally evadable ... and I accept it now (I still rarely drink) and I tolerate whatever other people such as my friends decide to do with smoking and the rest...
Taken most pain killers due to doctors not knowing what the hell was wrong with me and just saying, "Fuck it, give him Vicodin and send him to a different hospital."

Percocet was the best; I was an airplane for about an hour everytime I took one. Everything else just calmed me down. I do get those cravings for percocet sometimes, as bad as that sounds. Non-habit forming my ass.

Never had any quality beer, seeing as most people where I live are convinced Bud Light is the best thing since sliced bread.


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At the moment, I'm more of an experimenter than anything. I dabble in opiates every other week and am still trying to figure out whether or not I like pot.
Right now I'm really digging demerol.

Hah. With this being my first post, I'm bound to make a horrible first impression. :U


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Hah. With this being my first post, I'm bound to make a horrible first impression. :U

Not here. We've seen horrors compared to your post.

Though, of course, we advocate caution and responsibility. ^_^;


I don't do drugs, I don't drink, & I definitely don't smoke!

Also, I have a poor disposition towards anybody that does any of these, as for me, doing any of those is a bad decision to make in your life. Another thing is that some of my relatives have had bad experiences with all this...


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There are many drugs I need to take for my disease. I wouldn't like to take anymore.


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There are many drugs I need to take for my disease. I wouldn't like to take anymore.