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Dry Internal Batteries

I am not posting this to ask for help.

I just thought it would be interesting to ask those of you who have changed your internal batteries, how did you do it?

(Doesn't matter which generation, that is why I posted this in the General Pokemon Discussion)

I have bought another Sapphire version to test out changing the battery. That way, if I do it incorrectly, I will not have destroyed one the childhood games that I actually grew up with.

Personally, I am going to try the electrical tape method, as I feel I may be able to not trash the game if I do it that way.

I have 3 years welding experience from school but I'm not sure that I could trust myself with a soldering iron and such a fragile game.

Also I wanted to know what difficulty level would you all rate this as if you have done this 100% correctly.

The reason I am doing this is because I hunt shinies and I have heard about the RNG being similar to Emerald's when your internal batteries have gone dry, so I want my game to return to normal (RNG included) once I replace the battery.

Cheez Puf

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When I did it, I didn't even bother to solder it- I just wrapped it in electrical tape; the tape held it totally in place. It's not a hard operation; the hardest part for me was prying the old battery off of the leads, and that was because I was gingerly doing it. I didn't even need the tri-wing screwdriver- I managed to get the screw out and back in with a small, jewelry-sized flathead. I had no idea how to go about it, so I used this guide.


Also, you have to restart the game for the clock and whatnot to start working again, I believe.


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I did it in my blue and it worked okayish. Not perfect, but eh, it was something.
My dad did my first one.. and used a steak knife -.- Works perfectly fine. Another texter game I bought has been more difficult as someone had replaced the battery and re-soldered it so the bottom prong is kinda damaged.

Strawberry Mint

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I took my game to a little locally owned retro game shop in my neighbourhood and they replaced it for me while I looked around. (They'll do it for free if you buy from them and it doesn't save, otherwise it's 10 dollars) But they just use electrical tape, they don't solder, which is a bit disappointing. They replaced the battery in my japanese crystal and the extra pressure from the tape made the case crack after a bit :( Now that I can solder, I'll just do it myself next time.