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DS or Advance?

What game system is, IYO, better?

  • Nintendo DS

    Votes: 78 91.8%
  • Gameboy Advance

    Votes: 7 8.2%

  • Total voters
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IMO, get whatever suits your gaming needs. I have an SP and a DS(well "had" a DS, waiting till the next shipment of DS Lites arrives at EB so i can pick up mine), and i usually only use my SP to trade to and from my other pokemon games on the GBA. I bought the DS espescially for Pokemon DP, but seeing as im gonna have to wait a while, im buying some others in the process.

Now, if you want a DS, go right ahead, they're much more affordable now than they were 2 years ago(duh, that's the usual time frame for most consoles to go down price). Anyhow, If you still want to trade between your pokemon games, then id suggest getting a GBA/SP/Micro. IMO, The SP is the better of them, but if you want comfort go for the GBA.

Like i siad, go with what you need.



Who dies first?
DS all the way. The biggest drawback is lack of communication to GBA systems (Which I think LIte can solve that).
I bought a Gba and a DS, and after comparing them I can only say that DS is 10x better. (The DS was actually cheaper too, I got it for $1oo preowned, and it was in great condition too.)


Dual-Screen Wonder
I personally would go for the DS Lite, but if you still have RBY or anything else from those days, and you just might want to go back and play them, get a GBASP. If you don't have those games anymore, get the DS. Either way, you should still get Sapphire. If you get a DS and suddenly want to play RBY again, but don't have the cash for a GBASP anymore, (unlikely), get Fire Red or Leaf Green. You probably know this, but they are enhanced remakes of Red and Blue.

By the way, the DS has a better backlight than the SP, and the DS Lite has an infinitley better backlight than the normal DS.


What kinda question is this? It's like comparing one apple with a whole barrel of 'em.

DS, of course. It can play GBA games.


Game & Software Dev
I prefer the DS myself. Though I do own a GBA too, I bought the GBA secondhand and whoever last had it didn't let the battery recharge properly... The battery is supposed to last 10+ hours, mine lasts 7+... My biggest hope is to find a replacement battery...


I would pick GBA for the multiplayer when playing games from "the day," and when we ain't talkin' those.. the choice is clear.


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I have both so that i can still trade between games like silver, gold, crystal, sapphire, ruby and emerald


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Get both, but if you can't afford one then get a DS. A DS LITE!!


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I advies DS aswell.DS cant play colours unfortunately but there arent many good colours so I say get DS as it is also handy for Advance:)
And besides,Diamond and Pearl are coming out soon and you cant play them on a GBA.


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Hard to decide. GBA can link up with other GBA games AND play all the other previous gameboy games.

DS can play DS games and GBA games but not older Gameboy games.

Depends on what your looking for. I'd say try to get both but good luck.


DS, because of the games. There's so many good games on the DS: New Super Mario Bros, Trauma Center, Phoenix Wright, the Brain games, and so on. It can play GBA games too.

I still own a GBA SP personally but that's so I can link up with my Gamecube and also play multiplayer with GBA games.


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I still love how everyone says DS without even doing a proper comparison. That and no one bothered to add that the DS is NOT part of the Gameboy line.


Nintendo DS
  • Can play Gameboy Advance games.
  • Has an ever growing library of unique DS games.
  • Certain games can be played online through Wi-Fi.
  • Has two models. The standard DS and the DS Lite; Lite being a sleeker model.
  • Will soon be able to connect to the Nintendo Wii, wirelessly, when it is released.

  • Cannot play Gameboy or Gameboy Color games.
  • Growing library of half-assed third party titles by nobody companies.
  • DS and DS Lite models come in only a few colors in the US, compared to Japan (and Europe in the case of the DS Lite).
  • Easy to break the touch screen if not careful (those with butterfingers, stay away).
  • Cannot link with the Nintendo GameCube.
  • Cannot use the Wireless Adapter, nor can it connect with any Gameboy handhelds in order to link with GB/GBC/GBA games.

Gameboy Advance SP
  • Comes in a variety of colors.
  • Now has a brighter screen (uses the same screen a DS has).
  • Can play Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games.
  • Has a tremendous library at its disposal.
  • Can connect with the Nintendo GameCube.
  • Cheap, affordable price.
  • Better than a Gameboy micro.

  • Cannot connect with the Nintendo DS.
  • Cannot connect with the Nintendo Wii.
  • SP model can be somewhat cramping to those with big hands.
  • Regular Advance model has been discontinued for those with big hands.
  • Only received the new screen very late within its production without any advertisement from Nintendo.

And there you go.


Is their really a point to post here anymore? The topic creator already owns a DS Lite (It says so in their sig) ._.

On topic: DS > GBA.
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