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Dual-types you want to see

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Jagged, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. Jagged

    Jagged Well-Known Member

    with the idea for a Water/fire type, i think the best creature to base that off would be a pistol shrimp :D with ACTUAL gun barrels under its claws or something
  2. Indragon

    Indragon Back in the USSR

    Hardly - apart from the aforementioned Dragon weakness, it'd still be weak to Steel, Fighting, Rock and hence, to Stealth Rock as well.

    Just my opinion, but dolphins don't even remotely have anything to do with the Fire type. Maybe if they made a volcano-dwelling "lave dolphin" one or something...

    Red pepper? That's....a bit weird. I'd think of a Pokemon based on a tropical forest tree for a Grass/Fire.
  3. Jagged

    Jagged Well-Known Member

    New Psychic dual-types would be interesting to see, like Psychic/Fire, Psychic/Electric and Psychic/Dark
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2010
  4. pikadon92

    pikadon92 Raiden Maximus

    Hey I've though of a dolphin water/fire pokemon too. Sure, dolphins may not have any relation to fire, but it's not impossible. Have there been a dolphin-jumping-through-the-ring-of-fire before? That can be one inspiration.

    I'll also wanna see a ghost/psychic pokemon too. Spirit pokemon to an extreem degree compared to spiritomb and other ghosts. Also a new example of a glass cannon special version.

    And let's not forget fire/ice combination-a ying-yang relation between hot and cold. With ice melting possible, this pokemon can also learn water attacks.

    I have imagined grass/fire rather as a fiery-colured flower pokemon though.
  5. Jagged

    Jagged Well-Known Member

    Hmmm...I still like my idea of a Water/Fire shrimp :D, though i'm guessing others have thought of a pistol shrimp poke. The dolphin idea seems a bit odd, but i guess it could work, i dunno
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2010
  6. Gligari

    Gligari Shiny Hunter

    Dragon-Electric. I like the whole rotom type. But a dragon with elecrtic radaiting around it would be sweet.
  7. Spacialrend

    Spacialrend Gallade owns

    I like Garchomp as he is, but the Electric triple type would be epic!
  8. Jagged

    Jagged Well-Known Member

    I'd be happy with just ANY new dragon dual-type (as long as it is original and interesting), like the Dragon/Electric type you guys have mentioned
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2010
  9. Spacialrend

    Spacialrend Gallade owns

    Fire/Ghost would be good. :p
  10. Jagged

    Jagged Well-Known Member

    Fire/Ghost...that would do great for a starter, i think
  11. Special rends idea of a pepper pokemon has got me agreeing with him. : )
  12. Jagged

    Jagged Well-Known Member

    I admit it's certainly original, but i have to agree with Indragon on this one. The idea of a red pepper just seems a bit, i dunno, odd :(
  13. Rokroad

    Rokroad Hot Drops

    Forretress and Scizor are Bug/Steel, you silly boy :$
  14. Spacialrend

    Spacialrend Gallade owns

    Ghost/Fighting, just to make things interesting!
  15. Galluo

    Galluo 3rd-4th gen trainer

    Ghost/Steel. (Solid or not?)
  16. ◘Ins0mnIac◘

    ◘Ins0mnIac◘ Supreme Overlord

    When I think of the water/fire idea my first thought was something along the lines of Slugma that lives near/in the underwater volcanoes. o.0

    Good idea about the list,
    Flying has used every possible combination aside from pure flying of course, just found this out o.0

    Normal has only been combined with flying, water, and psychic

    Water has been combined with everything but ghost and fire so good call everyone.

    if anyone else wants to join in, be my guest.
  17. AKRy100

    AKRy100 Shockingly electric!

    I'd like to see a ghost/water type based on the weird clanking and hissing sounds that you hear from the water pipes at night. Perhaps it could be a bit like rotom, with a radiator forme, boiler forme, etc...... nah, that would never work.
  18. Nacreous

    Nacreous Fire trainer

    A demonic water horse would be even better as a Ghost/Water
  19. Indragon

    Indragon Back in the USSR

    For the Dragon dual type, my favourite would certainly be Dragon/Dark. Dragon/Ice is also a good idea, maybe something like a dragon from the ice age....but yeah, almost any typing with Dragon in it sounds good.

    Yeah, that'd be a great starter!

    Yeah, I'm thinking if we have a Fire/Water, it'll have something to do with lava/volcanoes.

    About that list, I was bored, so I made a program to display dual typings.

    Grass/Fire Who doesn't want one of these ;)
    Grass/Dragon Interesting typing....

    Fire/Water iz kewl type
    Fire/Electric I'm surprised this hasn't been done yet
    Fire/Ghost Good for a starter and an interesting typing anyhow
    Fire/Psychic Reversing the Fire/Fighting starters with a Fire/Psychic?
    Fire/Ice A masterful contrast
    Fire/Dragon No, seriously. Dragons and...breathing fire, this is a given.

    Water/Ghost With the explosion of water types with every gen, it's only a matter of time, I guess

    Electric/Dark I'd like this one
    Electric/Fighting A great type combo offensively
    Electric/Poison Ground attacks destroy them but we need more cool Poison types!
    Electric/Ice I dunno what this'll be but it's an interesting typing
    Electric/Dragon A legendary who controls lighting and summons thunderstorms perhaps?

    Normal/Ghost A...strange co-existance
    Normal/Ground Might be OK, I'm feeling that Normal/anything will be a bit meh

    Flying/Fighting (◘Ins0mnIac◘, we don't have this yet =P)
    Flying (not dual, but hey, we need this!)

    Dark/Psychic Another interesting typing
    Dark/Fighting What some people thought Zoroark would be
    Dark/Ground And I'm surprised this hasn't been done yet. Something that lives underground...maybe...
    Dark/Dragon Epic typing :D

    Ghost/Fighting Cool typing and strong too
    Ghost/Rock Enter cemetery-mon!
    Ghost/Ground I like this for some reason

    Psychic/Bug It's so weird that it's cool ;)

    Fighting/Ice Looks promising
    Fighting/Dragon A dragon who fights =P

    Rock/Poison A true rock snake if Onix got a split evo or something.

    Bug/Ice Once more, a cool typing
    Bug/Dragon We don't have a Bug legendary yet, so maybe this?

    Poison/Steel Yay for opposites!

    Ice/Dragon Another one of 'em nice Dragon dual typings
    Ice/Steel Hm...
  20. Jagged

    Jagged Well-Known Member

    Indragon, that is a really good list. With the Electric/Ice type, that sounds to me like a refridgerator XD. And with a Ghost/Water type, I would associate that with something artificial in the water that causes injury, like an underwater mine or something
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