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Duel masters REVIVED

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I'm Back? YAY!
hi!I dont know if there was a thread on Duel masters before but I have revived it!Who here plays Duel masters?I play but only recently!

People who are excellent in spriting,can you do me a favour?Can you make sprites of Shobu,Dr Root,Knight,Hakuo,The 1st White Soldier,Mimi,The 3rd White soldier,the Fourth White Soldier and the baby in pink Pyjamas?

This is for all Duel masters fans to use!POST PpICS OF dUel masters here!

Thank you and have a good Kaijudo Duel!


I guess my favorite episode is the first one. ¬¬
What's your favorite episodes?
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I'm Back? YAY!
Well mine is the battle with Dr Root and h9s Survivor cards!


I've just started playing duelmasters.
my favourite card is barkwhip the smasher [5000]
i cant get a pic
if any one wants a computer duel pm me
i will pm the details back to you
one at a time please
it might be a bit tricky but well manage :meowthbal

Xeno Latios

does anyone know the link to download the online play?!?1please give instructions.
At first I never wanted to watch this cause I kept hearing how it's a Yu-Gi-Oh ripoff. But my cousin watches it every morning and I could hear it while on here and they kept mentioning stuff about how it was a cartoon and such. Like referring to the episodes and stuff like that. I find things like that amusing so I started watching it because of that. It seems good so far though I'm not exactly sure how the battles go.


hehe. I luv duelmasters! We should start a club for it or somethin'.

Oh, and by the way. I just so happen to be one of the most greatest and most Famous(listen to me gloat) players on the planet! Lots of people luv and ador me just for my play ability...

No seriously. I am a famous duelist on the web. But we really should get permission to start up a club.


OMG I love Duel Masters. I own at it so much that I barely lose. I have a Darkness deck (it's pretty tricky to duel with) and my strongest card is General Dark Fiend. But my fave card to use is Chaos Worm, I love how the opponent tears his hair out when you use Chaos Worm on his Bolmeteus Steel Dragon or Syrius Firmanent Elemental. And with my Death Smokes and Critical Blades and other destruction spells, pretty soon my opponent will get ticked off.

As for the anime, I haven't watched it for a while. From what I remember though, Dr Root is evil. Thank God he didn't summon Q-tronic Gargantua on Shobu. I hate it when people say that DM is a ripoff of YGO, they're way different.

Miss Kanna

Hakudoshi Addicted
Duel Masters is pretty much a good anime(If I must say so myself) have never played the card game,but the anime is good,IMO,although the many jokes are pretty annoying at times.The real reason for me watching is to study the character designs,the girls Mimi Tasogare and Sayuki Manaka.
Like Mondo, I resisted watching it for a long time because of the YGO ripoff thing. But Duel Masters trumps YGO in one thing: awesome one-liners(Joey and Kaiba manage it a few times, but never this much!)! They break the fourth wall almost as much as Bo-7 does!:D Not to mention the pretty 3D graphics... My favorite character is...a tie between Mimi and Shobu's dad(forgot his name).^_^

Shadow Trainer

Hive Trainer
Shadow the Hedgehog said:
His dad's name is Shori I think. I wonder how much of it remained the same from the Japanese version. The story is probably barely the same.

Actually the Duel Master's anime was created in the US and debuted later in Japan.

The only difference in the two versions is that the Japanese version tries to be more serious, or so I have heard.


I'm Back? YAY!
They cancelled Duel masters in Singapore after Shobu fights Hakuoh for the second time!


As far as I've heard, the Japanese version of Duel Masters is similar to the US version. But instead, the Japanese ones only last for five minutes, it's like a mini show (similar to Happy Tree Friends shown on TV). That's why, sometimes, Bolshack Dragon attacks with summoning sickness!

Yeah, Shobu's dad's name is Shori. Like his son, Shori runs a fire deck.


I find Duel Masters to be hilarius, quite different from Yu Gi Oh!

Drama is good and all, but sometimes it's difficult to be serious about of card game XD I also laugh at their references to other shows and stuff Queer Eye for example :D
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