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Due's and Don'ts! (233)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Master Quest' started by Serebii, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Due's And Dont's!

    Heading towards the next town, Team Rocket discover a Rocket Member with a Delibird. They find out that they arent active members of Team Rocket anymore so they borrow the Delibird to finally capture Pikachu once and for all...Can they do this?

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  2. wobbanut

    wobbanut Team Awesome

    This is my third all-time favorite episode, behind "A Better Pill to Swallow" and "Tricks of the Trade". It's great to see an episode devoted almost entirely to Team Rocket, and this episode has it all: great lines, great scenes (all four voting each other the worst member of the team has to be one of the funniest scenes ever), and they even get a powerful pokemon to battle with. I can't say enough good things about this episode, it was just terrific. :D
  3. DarkWobbuffet

    DarkWobbuffet BEEEEAAAARR!!!

    Very nice to see another Rocketto oriented episode. The hootball bit at the begining was totally random, it was great seeing Sakaki again after so long, and Delibird made for a great bad guy.

    Oh, and let's not forget that evil grin Pikachu had after Delibird's Present healed him. XD
  4. Togechic

    Togechic Guest

    Loved the angry Team Rocket secretary who Jessie owed for that fruit smoothie. Lisa Ortiz, or whoever voiced her, did an awesome job.
  5. Melissa

    Melissa Guest

    One of my favorite TR based episodes. I loved the part when they were fighting and blaming each other for their failure. It would be nice to see Delibird appear again.
  6. Rachael

    Rachael Guest

    Oddly enough, I don't remember very much about this episode. Really, the only thing that comes to mind when I see the title is the fact that that one girl got SO worked up over one fruit smoothie. Cracked me up, it did. And I also remember that Jessie, James, and Meowth were "recruited" again because they'd been dropped from Team Rocket without even realizing it! XD Of course, this killed my theory that the trio didn't really want to be in Team Rocket, but were forced to by Giovanni and only pretended to like it out of fear of a fate worse than death. Back then, I saw things in only black and white, and couldn't bear the idea that they were anything but pure of heart, no less innocent than Ash.

    Obviously, I know better now. ^_^;
  7. Robert

    Robert Guest

    This was a great episode. I liked the whole football thing at the beginning, and Team Rocket's "Who do we blame it on?" discussion was funny. The whole fruit smoothie thing was good, too.
  8. It would be nice if delibird returned, he's so cute!!The one thing that annoys me about this episode was that Jessie got to control delibird.James didn't even get a single new pokemon in johto and Jessie got wobbufet in the same region.
  9. Nathan Madien

    Nathan Madien Me on a Good Day

    Yes, I agree. It's one of the more interest episodes. However, I don't understand why the writers came up with the amusing Delibird subplot if they abandon it halfway-through. :confused:
  10. boss_voyage

    boss_voyage Guest

    I remember seeing this one awhile back. My favorite part was Giovanni's line about his "evil organization." How many times did he say "evil" in that? I also enjoyed Wendy, the TR agent who held a grudge against Jessie. The whole fruit smoothie thing was just so ridiculous and I can't believe she'd be so ticked off about it. It was fun to see her get her revenge in the end, though.

    I tend to enjoy TR episodes alot more than episodes focusing on Ash and the others. This one was especially good because it was a great episode in an otherwise poor Johtto Arc.
  11. lightspeed

    lightspeed Guest

    I would say this is the funniest episode that I've watched, the part showing TR quarreling about who to blame was rather funny.
  12. Ashy Boy

    Ashy Boy Paul's #1 Rival

    Jessie really knows how to keep her pride. Sorry for bumping this old thread.
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2006
  13. Judai Yuki

    Judai Yuki Banned

    i don't believe you aren't allowed to bump an episode disc. I love that Delibird it should be used more.
  14. Juputoru

    Juputoru M-m-m-m-onobear?!

    I think it's allowed if you have something *relevant* to add. Where else are people supposed to talk about how much they love a specific episode that they saw/just wanted to talk about recently whether or not these threads haven't had a post in months?

    Getting back on-topic...Rocket-centric eps are always good, and the girl who was so vengeful about a smoothie was indeed hilarious. It's sort of like how Harley initially started hating May because she "insulted" his Cacturne and his cookies, now that I think about it. The Delibird gag wasn't very memorable, although...
    Delibird DOES get a cameo in "Team Rocket's Disbandment?! Respective Roads!", so it looks like the writers didn't COMPLETELY forget about it.
  15. Cartoonami

    Cartoonami To know the unkown

    This is definitely one of the top ten best shows in the Poke anime.
    There's so mush comedy coming out of the characters. One moment to bring up is TR's awkward silence when Jessie asks why they keep losing. Very funny is the body language in that scene. They can't look directly at each other, so they peer at each other out of corner of their eyes to speak. Genius!
  16. Musapion

    Musapion Boulder Trainer

    Actually, Delibird does come back now in the Nibi Gym episode. xDD But yes, THIS EPISODE WINS. Wendy = rocks. xDD

    I don't remember it being in THAT episode, though, Juputoru. o.o

    OH MY GOD, my thoughts exactly! xD She's rather Harley-like.
  17. Team Rocket-based episodes rule! They make me laugh so hard, lol.
    Definetly one of my favorites
  18. bhrettzerda053

    bhrettzerda053 I have returned.....

    The funniest part's here is when after Jesse and James realized that their names have been erased from the TR members, Meowth does the typing. In the screen of the laptop, there are a lot of No's.(Too bad, Meowth!) Plus good thing Ash's Pikachu gets lots of electricity thanks to his Pokedex(named Dexter) and the exploding balls Delibird gave to them. That was full charge of blasting TR away! Plus about the angry TR secretary Jesse owed for a fruit smoothie, that's the funny part too.
  19. (s.i.e)

    (s.i.e) ★skydragon★

    this episode was very funny, i don't need to say more, 10/10.
  20. Battra

    Battra Well-Known Member

    Good TR episode and a very nice first series appearance for Delibird, though I must wonder where exactly is Delibird getting those presents from? Also loved TR's football opening with he twerps owning them without even breaking a sweat.

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