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... Okay! I think Rowena's finished. Just let me know if there's anything I need to change!

@Monster Guy: Whoa boy, Andre's back. This is going to be interesting ~


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So is this thing full now? I'd like to take part, but if it's full, I'd like to be a substitute if someone drops out or whatever.

As stated previously, it is full. You will be placed on a waiting list in case someone doesn't finish.


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@Mon: yay André! He fits the bill a little better. As such he's accepted.

@Samayouru: Rowena is also accepted! I like her!


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Name: Arielle Atken
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Hometown: Lilycove City
Trainer Type: Dark Type Specialist

Appearance: Standing at five feet, seven inches tall, before her boots, Ariel is not precisely imposing. Her build is lithe, with the sort of wirey muscle that one acquires over long periods of time walking while carrying heavy weights, and just generally spending hours upon hours’ outdoors. However, her skin remains stubbornly pale, despite hours in the Kalosian and Alolan sun. Her hair is a faint silver, falling midway down her back, and she refuses to elaborate if it is bleached, or dyed, or somehow natural. Most of the time, she leaves it hanging lose, but she does carry a headband to keep in place in extreme winds. Her figure is distinctly feminine, not quite what one might define as ‘model’, but she is usually regarded as at least pretty by most observers. Stoney grey eyes bear out from beneath her bangs, being the most striking feature of her face, the rest of her features are softer, and her lips are often set in a sharp, if expressionless line. Arielle wears no jewelry of any sort, nor makeup. Not to say that she doesn’t care about her appearance, but she feels that she is attractive enough without them.

Arielle’s clothing in somewhat bland, chosen to subtly emphasize her appearance without being gaudy, a trick that has served her well. The most ostentatious part of her out fit is the black knee length heeled boots, which lend her another couple inches of height, and can occasionally attract attention, as she carries herself quite gracefully. Dark stockings meet the with her black skirt in the middle of her thigh. On most days, she wears a white v-necked blouse, covered by a tight fighting leather jacket. If she’s dealing with ‘work’ she tends to wear grey gloves as well, but usually she avoids those. She does her best to appear impeccable at all times, with varying degrees of success.

No matter the circumstance, Arielle carries all of her supplies in a large heavy duty backpack. Everything from food, a thin sleeping bag (at least if she’s in a warmer climate), and whatever else she feels might be useful when traveling, as well as her supplies as a Pokémon trainer. As a result, she’s usually carting around upwards of 30lbs of stuff at any given time, which has helped keep her in good shape.

Personality: Arielle is nothing if not a cynic. Her demeanor is serious, tending to see the worst in any given situation with a sort of quiet resignation towards that. To her, whatever happens, happens, and all she can do is face it. And face those challenges she does, having learned a sort of grim determination in the face of what she considers inevitable. She does not bend, digging in her heels if she must, but she will not yield to a given challenge, even if the better part of valor would be to step back and try a different approach. This hard-headed self-surety has proven to be a hindrance to her before, sometimes to the frustration of her Pokémon. However, her inflexibility also means that sometimes she has a terrible time learning from a mistake.

Arielle places very little value on material possessions. Every aspect of her life is Spartan, all of her possessions can fit in a single backpack. She caries this minimalism over into all aspects of life. There is no need for two words when a one will convey the same meaning. She carries no mementos of her adventures, having no desires to be tied down to memories, anymore than she already is. She's never forgotten a friend, and if pressed hard enough will defend that statement harshly, even if she’s too cowardly to contact or search them out, often after leaving abruptly.

Of course, this doesn’t stop her from forming connections with those around her, despite her best efforts. Even when she everything to push someone away, Arielle will find herself drawn to the companionship, at heart she is sometimes still a lonely child, wishing for someone to take a bit of an interest in her. To listen to whatever stories she might have to tell. Yet she also doesn't really value herself much. The needs and wants of others will always supersede Areille's own, with all of her trademark stubbornness and inflexibility. While she will take any level of punishment life deals her, the punishment life deals those who she had formed a close connection to is intolerable. She’s smart enough to know that her mental state isn’t always…healthy, and doesn’t want anyone else to end up like her, even if she sometimes can’t articulate it well.

Arielle is covetous of knowledge, never having had the time to learn non practical skills. As her focus was allowed to broaden beyond just, living into tomorrow, Arielle found herself consuming any and all knowledge voraciously. That isn't to say she is incredibly learned, but she has managed to teach herself up through what we might consider about 8th grade. She is rather fashion conscious, not in the sense of caring about the latest trends, but in the sense of making sure that her appearance is exactly right. Dealing with criminals and the underworld for a long time taught Arielle that appearances are important, as such, how she appears is carefully constructed. One of her friends (before Arielle bolted) remarked on this, pointing out that there was no other reason for someone to learn to walk all the time in three inch heeled boots, no matter the weather, climate, etc. Despite her attractive looks, Arielle will never be terrible charming, her nature is just a little to cold and curt, and so the idea of her as a femme fatale or anything of the sort will remain just an amusing pipe dream of a friend. She knows that sometimes looks are enough to manipulate people into doing what she wants, but given that she is terrible at flirting, both realizing someone is flirting with her, and reciprocating, this never comes out very useful.

Although direct and to the point about all things, Arielle strives to avoid being harsh or cruel. If she opens up to someone, she is a little less direct, but never really loses the mannerism. She listens well, having spent a long time being able to do little but listen, and if asked, will offer her advice, although acting on that advice is often ill advised, even by Arielle herself. She will maintain a façade of calm in the face of nearly anything, only breaking it when a situation had gotten out of hand, or if she is taken entirely off guard, such as by someone doing kind for her. Random acts of kindness as perhaps the fastest way to shatter Arielle’s careful control.

History: Arielle never had a family, having been left in a Lillycove City Orphanage as a newborn baby. Even in the best of circumstances, and orphanage is a less than ideal place to grow up, and this particular orphanage was far from ideal. Nestled in a poorer district of the city, the owners were always strapped for money, and, worse still, when Arielle was just three, a local criminal ‘gang’ decided to start running a protection racket, stretching the overstuffed and under-funded orphanage almost to it’s limits.

In this environment, there was little time to be a child. Self sufficiency was mandatory if you wanted to survive, in the pecking order of children that, while naturally existing, was made worse as some of the older children found ways to work and make money, thus giving them leverage. If you wanted to eat, without having to deal with the older kids, you learned to cook. You learned to fight back if they tried to bully you. And Arielle did just that.

When adults did come to the orphanage, looking to adopt a child, Arielle was usually passed over, although not as a result of something other children would do. While the desire to get out was strong enough that the other children would deliberately try and make each other look back, Arielle stayed away from that. No, it was the look in her eyes that unnerved adults. To them, no child was supposed to have a cold dead stared. Some wondered if she was possessed by some Pokémon. Others just suspected she’d grow up to be a psychopath, and left her be. At the time, Arielle didn’t understand, she wasn’t trying to be different than the other children, and all she saw was those few adults who cared passed her over, time and time again. So, at the age of eight, she tried to run away from the orphanage.

That is not to say she failed at running away. Oh no. Two of the older orphans had gotten into a fist fight over something, and Arielle used the ensuring chaos to slip out the door, and onto the streets, with nothing more than a small bit of pilfered money, the cloths on her back, and a stubborn determination. She didn’t even know where to go, instead just setting off wandering in a random direction. This being a slum, that was a less than advised, and within thirty minutes, she found herself running away from some men who seemed just a little too friendly. Eventually, however, they cornered her in an alleyway. However, before anything might have happened, someone, or rather, something, interfered. An Absol came leaping out. The men, drunk as they were, could recognize the supposed disaster Pokémon, and, in a fit of superstitious terror fled the scene. Arielle, even years later, wasn’t sure how she ended up back in the orphanage, the dried remains of tears on her checks.

That would not be the last time she saw the Absol. The next time, she was nine, when she glimpsed it, lurking in the shadows, just hours before a hurricane made landfall, crippling the city for days. The severity of the ‘disaster’ varied, but from her ninth to eleventh birthdays, Arielle saw what she could only assume was that same Absol more than a two dozen times. She never really could figure out what he was trying to warn them of, but knew that, if he (she always assumed it was male). In fact, just after she turned ten, she ‘found’ an unused pokeball laying in the street, and late one night, snuck out of the orphanage, having become more skilled in doing so as time passed. As she did, she was confronted by the Absol, who she offered to ‘catch’. She presented it as more of a benefit to him than to her, and, after some contemplation, the Pokémon agreed to be caught. Arielle left him to roam however, not wanting to keep his disaster sensing abilities contained. In a bit of morbid humor, they agreed that his name was to be Thirteen. That would remain a secret until she was eleven, when Thirteen was injured saving her from a group of muggers. Ariel was more than capable of handling a single thug, but more than one could get the better of her, and he stepped in, and was hurt. Arielle took him to the nearest Pokémon center, and, as a result, Thirteen was officially her first Pokémon.

That marked a turning point in her life. A Pokémon trainer presented opportunities to the gang that ruled those streets, and Arielle was given a chance at a ‘better life’ doing odd jobs for them. Mostly, running packages, messages, and the like. She trusted none of them, but they paid her, and at least, money was worth something.

Not, however, enough for her loyalty. As she started to progress into puberty, Arielle became more than aware of the intentions of her ‘employers’, and decide to pre-empt the problem, sending an anonymous tip to the authorities, and spending almost all of her money to by a ticket out of Hoenn and to Kalos.

In Kalos, for a while, her life was scarcely better. Knowing little but the criminal underground, Arielle was drawn there to make money. This time, however, she was able to be a little more choosing, even if she knew her life hung on the good will of people who saw her as nothing but a tool. And then she met a group of friends starting out their Pokémon journey, and found herself swept up in their sake.

Ian, Petra, and Simonne where their names. Rookie trainers by all accounts, they harbored dreams of defeating gym leaders, winning contests, and traveling the world. Arielle first saw them at a distance as she was finishing a job, walking through town, talking loudly enough to catch attention. By this point, she didn’t need Thirteen to warn her that the rookie trainers would be targets for criminals. So, as she finished her job, Arielle followed them out of town, hoping that she was wrong. There, she arrived just as a couple of grunts were attempting to steal the trios Pokémon. Thirteen by her side, Arielle stood up to someone probably stronger than her for the first time. Thirteen was more than capable of defeating the Pokémon the thugs carried, so they attempted to resort to something more simplistic. Physical violence. By this point, however, one of the three had contacted the authorities, and nothing escalated farther. Ariel, however, had discovered her first friends.

The next year and a half of her life was a whirlwind, being dragged from city to city by three starry-eyed youths, all impressed by the fourteen-year-old who could scare a bunch of street thugs. It was an enlightening experience for Arielle, as she tried to reconcile her utter loneliness with the idea that she suddenly wasn’t alone any longer, and didn’t have to rely on just herself for things. It took the three trainers months to worm their way into her confidences, as it where, but they managed to crack that outer shell. Upon learning that Arielle didn’t have a last name, Simonne set about finding one for her, eventually settling on Atken, which prompted Ian to dub her ‘Double A’, prompting threats to his life, which were mostly in jest.

Still, all good things were not to last. Having seen all of Kalos, the other three wanted to move on to Hoenn. Arielle found herself caught between her desire to be with these people who she felt like made life worth living, and a fear of returning home. In the end, she told her friends she’d follow them in a bit, that she had a few more things in Kalos to take care of, and exchanged information to keep in touch. And for a while they did, but as things do, they fell out of touch, and Arielle hardened herself against loss just a bit more, never able to bring herself to journey to Hoenn and look for them.

Since then, her life has been relatively nomadic. She’s spent time in Kanto and Johto, before more recently journey to Kalos, and then at last, back to Hoenn, where she spent a few months, before making the decision to venture into the Orre region.

Knows some basic hand to hand fighting skills.
A dancer, although she keeps this hidden
Hates dresses
If she ever settles down in one place, plans to collect swords
Is every embarrassed about her handwriting


Name: Thirteen
Species: Absol
Gender: Male
Personality: Thirteen is more than a little sanctimonious. Quite expressive, when he chooses to be, his bearing is haughty, and it only takes one quick look to know he’s the self important sort. That said, he does seem to care deeply for the lives of humans, having spent many years attempting to warn them of trouble, but large and small, and having enduring the ridicule and fear that came with those efforts. Since traveling with Arielle, he’s had somewhat more success. Come hell or high water, Thirteen will do whatever he can to help people, and only claim his smug superiority after the fact. At the very least, so long as he has a trainer standing by his side, he finds that people don’t automatically run, or throw stones. They still have less than grateful, which continues to provide a point of annoyance. In battle however, Thirteen casts aside his holier-than-thou attitude, and is more than willing to fight dirty, willing to use any advantage as well. He’ll fight if Arielle wishes, but otherwise, he isn’t to likely to pick a fight, at least not upfront. If he’s going to fight, he’s going to ensure things go his way if possible. Of course, he’ll never admit that he can be easily manipulated via barbeque chips, with which he has a minor obsession, and Arielle thus refuses to touch.
History: Arielle’s first friend, and long time guardian, Thirteen spent years trying to ward off the constant wave of threats to Lilycove city, before saving a young Arielle, and eventually befriending her. She is his first, and if Thirteen has his way, only, trainer.


Name: Yen
Species: Litten
Gender: Male
Personality: Young, and skittish, Yen doesn’t trust anyone. In fact, he tends to hide behind his trainer, or the substantially larger than he is, Thirteen. Has a bit of a sweet tooth, and upon consuming something sugary turned into a hyperactive ball of doom. His curiosity is only outweighed by his fear of the unknown, and of most humans. He trusts Arielle, but almost no-one else, as a result of his first experience with humans.
History: The one time Arielle initiated violence in her life, beating the snot out of a trainer who was abusing a Pokémon, which turned out to be Litten. Having liberated the trainer of said Pokémon, Arielle gave the then unnamed Yen a choice. Go free, or stay with her. He chose the later.
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And...Jessie is done. :p


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And...Jessie is done. :p

Accepted! I seriously don't know how you do such hefty sign ups....

I might update it a bit later, but for now, I think I'm done.

It looks great as is, but anything you'd like to add would be awesome too. Accepted as well! :3

EDIT: Got insta-Ninja'd!

I think I'm in the same boat as Vern. My SU's done.

It looks good, other than one thing. Your Pokemon doesn't really need a move list, we're doing anime style for the battles.

Also, being the first accepted trainer. The starter professor Krane gives you will just need a little sign up that you can add to your post.

So: any one of the three official starter Pokemon from any of the existing regions can be yours. (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, ect. I don't feel like listing them out. You get the point.)

But otherwise accepted!
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My SU is done too btw. Just throwing that out there.


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I'm pretty sure I'm done as well. I'll have a picture up tomorrow, but besides grammar edits after I sleep, everything should be done.


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My SU is done too btw. Just throwing that out there.

I realized I totally missed your first post, you're all good and accepted my friend.

I'm pretty sure I'm done as well. I'll have a picture up tomorrow, but besides grammar edits after I sleep, everything should be done.

It looks pretty good, I'm excited for a picture and possible edits. Accepted!


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Name: Noel Johanson
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Hometown: Castelia City, Unova
Trainer Type: Coodinator


Noel stands at around 5ft 5, and is very sensitive about his height. He weighs at around 140 lbs, but has no physical strength to speak of. While he is short, is is a bit lanky and looks like a small doll more than anything else. His skin is pale, causing him to get sunburnt easily. He has various freckles on his face, arms, and back. He also has various scars on his arms from self harm, but he prefers to leave those covered up. His eyes are a light gray, but only his left eye really gets to see the light of day. He has light, chestnut brown hair that's a bit messy, and his bangs cover his right eye most of the time.

Noel wears a black and teal vest, with the teal on the outer layer and the rest of the vest being black. Underneath he wears a dark green, long-sleeved shirt that extends just past his wrist. On his upper right arm he has a small bandaged cloth tied around his arm, claiming it's for decoration. He wears beaten up jeans with holes showing his knees, and more cloths tied around them. His left thigh also has a belt tied around it. His shoes are dark brown leather boots. Around his neck he wears a purple choker with a black star dangling from it, but most of the time they're covered up by his sky blue headphones. On his left arm he wears a rainbow bead bracelet.

Personality: Noel is edgy, sarcastic, and jovial. He doesn't care about anyone's opinion of him and he will not censor himself in front of others. He speaks his mind and is willing to have fun with people, even in a taunting matter. Noel can easily talk about more darker things and not bat an eye, which can cause others to see him as deranged. In a sense, he is. He often makes offhand remarks that go way to far, and at times his sarcasm can border on being actual attacks. He isn't the best in conveying his actual feelings, causing people to shun him away.

He does genuinely care about his friends, however. He'll always be snarky to them, but he will go out of his way to help them when needed. He'll shoulder their burdens and get them back on their feet, but he won't allow them to just blatantly abuse him. On the contrary he has major trust issues, so it is a sort of self-defense mechanism to push even the closest people away. Being diagnosed with a slew of mental illnesses, Noel is very volatile at times, especially when he is off of his medication.

Despite all of this, Noel tries his best to prove that he is capable of handling himself. He has a very creative mind and a surprisingly shocking eye for the arts. He wants to portray his mind's stories and use the help his Pokemon offer to fulfill them. When on the stage it seems he adapts a whole different persona, and any doubts he has just simply melt away.

History: Born and raised in Castelia, Noel always suffered from living in city life. He hated being just another body, and was always desperate in trying to prove himself and stand out. While this determination caused him to go far, it slowly eroded away at him. Every time he didn't get something he wanted, it would worsen his psyche. He'd bitterly ask himself why he wasn't good enough, what he lacked. Not to mention the constant bullying in school just cracked at his mind. By the time he was of Unovan age to go on a Pokemon journey, his parents deemed him too unstable to go.

Things only got worse for him when he went into higher education. Coming out as gay only made his harassment worse, to the point he barely had friends and those who were close to him suffered from it. His mental illness got severely worse, to the point where he was legally disabled due to how volatile his mind became. After his third suicide attempt his parents checked him into a psychiatric ward for a few months, effectively cutting him off from what he had left. While he doesn't like to talk about his time in there, it changed him. He was able to hide things better, and showed signs of improvement. He just kept things in, he became better at putting on a mask. His one chance of freedom was when he was offered a spot on the Null development program, and he took it with full force and left for Orre to get away from it all.
Other: Hella flaming gay.


Name: Satanael
Species: Type: Null
Gender: Genderless (Male pronouns)
Personality: Satanael deeply cares for his trainer, and would do anything to help better him. Unlike most Null, he only became aggressive when something would damage his trainer. As such, he is fiercely overprotective of Noel and will go full on berserk if Noel gets harmed.
History:Part of the second wave of Null testing, the Type: Null created in Satanael's wave were created more to be normal Pokemon, instead of bioweapons to hunt down Ultra Beasts. The stable prototypes were given out to various, promising individuals worldwide, to further get field data and research on making Null a fully fledged species.


Name: Loki
Species: Sableye
Gender: Male
Personality: Loki is a massive trickster, and often plays pranks on Noel and Satanael. He likes making illusions and causing general discord. He is also a skilled battler and loves to fight and show off.
History: Loki was a Sableye that Noel befriended when he was young, and the two have been close ever since. While he wasn't allowed to journey, Noel's parents did allow him to keep Loki so he would at least be familiar with Pokemon when he could. When Noel left for Orre, he took Loki along with him.


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Name: Margaret "Peggy" Howell
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Hometown: Mistralton City, Unova
Trainer Type: Rock-Type Specialist

Appearance: Peggy is a pretty average woman in regards to height and weight. At 5'7'' she's a little bit above the average height for women. Peggy is curvy but not overweight, and the curves are most noticeable in the chest and weight area. Her thighs are somewhat thick, but it is mostly muscle mass rather than actual fat. She has a long heart shaped face. It is often described as her best feature. She has high cheekbones which aren't very noticeable without the use of make-up. Her nose is also quite long, and could be described as beakish, as it looks too big for her face. Her lips are plump, with a clear definable arch in her upper lip. She has large almond shaped eyes with deep blue-purple irises. They appear completely purple under darker lighting, and more blue under brighter lighting. Peggy likes to keep her rich brown hair loose most of the time. As it's thick and curly, it can be hard for her to put it into any intricate styles, and seems to favour simple pobytails or buns when she does have it up. She routinely has her hair cut every two or so months, ensuring it does not grow any further than her shoulders.

Peggy's style is pretty casual and tends to wear whatever suits her mood for that day. She's not a big fan of anything too pink or purple and will quickly reject any clothes of said colour. Her favoured outfit consists of a light blue blouse (usually with the sleeves rolled up), high waisted brown jeans, an orange cardigan that she ties around her waist, knee high socks, and a pair of old Red converses. She's owned the shoes for a number of years, and have since fallen into a state of disrepair, though she has too much of an attachment to them to get rid of them just yet.

Personality: Peggy is stubborn, sarcastic, jovial, and nurturing to those she cares for. She considers herself to be a fairly upbeat individual, with a smile on her lips and a joke not far away. Whilst her jokes are fairly harmless and good-natured, she has been known to have a bit of a self-deprecating humour, often telling jokes or making snide remarks about herself. This has, in the past, left people unsure how to respond to her, and has at times put a strain on her relationship with her family who would prefer her not to make such jokes. Peggy cares deeply for those who she has a strong bond with, and likes to encourage people to follow their heart and do what they think is right. However, she can sometimes come across as pushy in her actions.

Whilst Peggy is quite smart and enjoys a good book every now and then, she would not describe herself as someone drawn to pursuits of the mind. Growing up with one scientist parent and one who was a researcher turned breeder put her off following such a role for life.

As mentioned before, Peggy is fairly upbeat and relaxed, as such she doesn't care much for what people think about her. She knows some people won't like, and likewise there will be people out there who she doesn't like. She's quite stubborn too. Once she sets her mind to something it's difficult to deter her from going against it unless it poses a threat to her health or safety.

History: Margaret "Peggy" Howell was the third of four children born to Professor Howell a scientist centered in Mistralton City and his wife, who was his former research assistant. Peggy's childhood was by no means "traditional". She never really had a proper home because she and her family travelled from region to region, never owning a proper home, instead utilising numerous house for rent. Still, despite her fairly unconventional childhood, it was a happy one.

From the ages of 2 - 7, Peggy and her family travelled around many regions including Kanto, Sinnoh, Almia, Fiore, and Alola. At the age of eight she and her family permanently settled in Hoenn in Mossdeep City following the birth of her youngest sibling. After settling down, her father was employed at the Space Center, and her mother officially became a breeder. Whilst life became a bit more structured for Peggy and her family, there were still times when they needed to travel, in order to supplement her mother's new career.

Life in Mossdeep City was difficult for Peggy to adjust to at first; having moved around for so long, it was suddenly strange to remain in one place for so long. She struggled to make friends initally, as they could not understand the life she had led in the past. Her first friendship actually formed when her mother bred a Skitty as a gift for one of her neighbours children, which eventually led to Peggy and the girl bonding.

Peggy became enamoured with rock types shortly after beginning to go to school in Rustboro City. Some days after arriving, she witnessed a battle in the Rustboro Gym. She greatly admired Roxanne for running a gym at such a young age. In fact, Peggy enjoyed it so much that she eventually found a position working at the Gym, tending for Roxanne's pokemon after battles.

She made the choice to travel to Orre after deciding she wanted to experience what a real trainer journey was like. Orre was a fairly unknown land, and there was something about that aspect of mystery that lead her to travel there.

Other: - Peggy is a good cook, and is especially gifted at making Pokeblocks
- She's Bisexual, and has dated men and women in the past

[B]Name:[/B] Ano
[B]Species:[/B] Rockruff
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Personality:[/B] Ano is an eager little scamp. He follows Peggy around everywhere, and if he's not being carried by her he can be found by her feet. He enjoys meeting new people, amd will often rush up to new pokemon or people, much to Peggy's dismay as she has to rush to catch him.
[B]History:[/B] Ano is Peggy's most recent partner, originally being given to her as an egg for her eighteenth birthday. He was bred from her mother's own Lycanroc. He hatched shortly before Peggy left for Orre, and much to the surprise of everyone, he was a shiny.

Name: Lani
Species: Lunatone
Gender: Genderless
Personality: Lani is a fairly calm pokemon, and is more than content to hover by Peggy's side. Lani is slow to attack, even when being provoked, but they do make up for their speed with their attack power.
History: Lani was a gift from the workers at the Space Center to Professor Howell. They were eventually passed to Peggy's care as Professor Howell could not care for them.
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@Minteh: I like her! You're accepted, nice job on such a quick Sign Up.

@Dragalge: You're also accepted, I read yours earlier and I really like her fascination with cameras.


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Name: Jason Greer
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Hometown: Pyrite Town, Orre
Trainer Type: Trainer


Still not done growing, Jason only stands at 5'5", but will likely reach an adult height of 5'8" within a few years. He's overall a bit on the thin side, but still a normal weight for his age and height. He does not gain weight or muscle easily, despite being great at packing food away. He has black hair with a slight wave to it, and his bangs dip across his left eye. It is short in the back, though over it he wears a grey beanie almost all the time. He has deep blue eyes and very pale skin, which burns easily in the Orre desert. He has thick eyebrows but little facial hair.

He has few clothing options, but a few go-tos include his blue t-shirt hoodie and dark red slacks. He wears black sneakers for traveling. He wears several black bracelets on his right wrist, and occasionally will wear a black necklace or choker as well. He carries an acoustic guitar on his back in a black soft case (*not shown). This also serves as a backpack, storing his other few personal items. The guitar itself is five years old and is clearly well-loved, with the brown finish wearing off around the top frets and the edges of the body.


A typical moody teenager, Jason tends to keep to himself and it's rare to see him smile. He doesn't make friends easily and is quite individualistic. He will speak if spoken to, and will make an effort at small talk (though he hates it), but has a quiet demeanor normally. He is at his best when he is alone with his guitar. He loves to practice and write music, and has a fantastic singing voice. His talent is a bit wasted however, as he is very shy about performing in front of others and will usually decline to do so if asked. He gets very into his music when privately singing or playing guitar, making it easy to secretly watch if you are not in his direct line of sight.

He has a soft voice, and in a noisy room is easily overpowered. Though quiet, his voice is silky and clear, making it surprisingly nice even when he isn't singing. If asked a question he wants to avoid, he will usually spout a confusing philosophical line in order to change the topic. Sometimes his speech in general can be poetic and a little out there, depending on his mood. His mood will sometimes swing abruptly and saying the wrong thing - and it can be hard to discern what exactly is the wrong thing - may set him off. He dislikes confrontation and is more likely to turn and walk away than actually participate in an argument or fight. He can sometimes have a rebellious streak and in particular hates authority figures. Somebody suggesting they "go right" will usually prompt a cold response of "I'm going left" from Jason. Reverse psychology works well on him in these cases.

He generally likes to keep a cool demeanor, and likes to give the impression that he doesn't care about much at all. Despite this, insults do sting him, and he can spend hours privately reflecting on criticism. He rarely discusses his feelings and is used to keeping everything bottled up inside. He will cry if sufficiently upset, quicker than most boys would, but would find that extremely embarrassing and would not like others to know about it. Once he begins to let somebody in, he will become more open and talkative, but it can take a while to get to this stage.


Born in the grungy Pyrite Town, Jason's upbringing wasn't exactly glorious. He was raised in a basement apartment, and his bedroom window had to have sturdy, jail-like bars installed over it for protection from the lowlifes Pyrite is so well known for. His parents were extremely overprotective of him and his older sister, and both siblings resented their parents for it. They were allowed out of the house only for school, so despite living his entire life in Pyrite Town, Jason is actually unfamiliar with most of it. In the midst of the shadow pokemon craze in Pyrite, Jason's parents became so paranoid that they declared all pokemon to be vicious monsters and strictly forbade their children to go anywhere near one. Even after Cipher was shut down and things in Pyrite got a bit better, the pokemon-ban was still in effect.

Jason became jealous as a ten-year-old, as he wasn't allowed to leave on a journey like many boys his age. Some of his classmates were whisked off to faraway regions like Kanto or Hoenn - such places sounded like heaven to Jason - a world where one could walk outside freely without fear... Jason spent many lonely nights hidden away in his room with his guitar, writing songs about how he wished he could be somewhere else.

When Jason was fourteen, his sister got into a major fight with their parents as they were trying to forbid her from seeing her boyfriend. She packed up a bag and left with him, and that was the last time Jason ever saw his sister. His panicked parents tried harder and harder to shelter Jason, fearing him leaving too, and Jason began planning his own escape. Desperate to go on a pokemon journey, he snuck out of his house in the middle of the night, purchased two pokeballs (it was all he could afford if he wanted to budget for food and transportation), prayed luck would be on his side - and paid somebody to drive him to Gateon Port, wishing to escape Orre into a different region.

At a stop along the way, Jason tried to catch his first pokemon - a poochyena. The wild pokemon, not weakened at all, easily broke free of the ball and fled, leaving Jason one ball down. The guy Jason was hitching a ride with suggested visiting Professor Krane to obtain a free starter pokemon, mentioning a rumor that a large group of new trainers was meeting there. Jason decided this was a good plan, having no other easy options at obtaining two pokemon now, and he separated from his ride at the bridge.

He had to stop in the middle of the night to set up camp, and spent the quiet evening playing guitar and trying not to be a homesick baby. It wasn't long before he noticed he had a visitor - a hoothoot, who was rocking side by side along with Jason's rhythm. After a night of singing, the hoothoot was easy to convince to get into the remaining pokeball, giving Jason his first ever pokemon. He received his second pokemon from Professor Krane shortly thereafter - a cyndaquil. He hopes that with his two new partners on his side, he can become stronger and prove to his parents that pokemon are not dangerous, and that he is not a little boy that needs to be protected from anything.



Name: Ninox
Species: Hoothoot
Gender: Male
Personality: A quirky character who will rock back and forth typically every second like a clock pendulum, but will adjust his speed if he hears music. Difficult to socialize with under normal circumstances.
History: Caught somewhere between the Pokemon HQ and the bridge after being attracted by Jason's guitar.


Name: Serrano
Species: Cyndaquil
Gender: Male
Personality: Kindhearted but a bit shy, he quickly warms up to others who take the effort to get to know him. Lacks confidence in his own abilities.
History: Received as a starter pokemon from Professor Krane.
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As seen in pokedexes

Name: Stephen Burton
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Hometown: Jubilfe City, Sinnoh
Trainer Type: Coordinator

Appearance: Stephen is an averaged sized guy at around 5’8” in height and fairly standard weight. He isn’t terribly muscular except for his limbs, which are well toned from years of practicing and performing music. He has light colored skin with a dusting of freckles across his rounded face. He has shaggy, black hair with long side swept bangs and that stops just a bit above his shoulders at the back of his head. Generally, Stephen prefers to go clean-shaven, but equally oftentimes can’t be bothered unless his stubble gets to the point where it seriously annoys him. Stephen’s bright green eyes hide behind his rectangular wire-framed glasses.

Owing to the large chunk of his life spent performing, Stephen is no stranger to looking professional. It is no surprise, then, that even in his personal life he dresses neatly and with a level of professionalism. This does not mean he wears suit jackets everywhere he goes, no. It does mean, however, that when he goes out he dresses in his best jeans – no holes or tears in sight – and a dark navy blazer over a slight V-neck T-shirt with the blazer sleeves rolled up once. Completing his outfit of choice are his black Chucks and his fancy navy headphones round his neck. For his journey through Orre, Stephen plans to use his brown satchel as his bag. Lastly, he always has a smart watch around his left wrist, because DJ complains when he doesn’t wear it.

Personality: Stephen is honestly the definition of head in the clouds. It is far from surprising to find him lost in thought – or rather, lost in music – scribbling manically away in one of his many score books to jot down a melody line or interesting chord progression before it escapes him. This can, at times, make him hard or annoying to talk to, especially when he suddenly trails off mid-sentence by some score idea. It’s probably a good thing, then, that Stephen is fairly introverted. He doesn’t mind people, by any means, but being around them – and particularly his own age group – for extended lengths of time can be mentally exhausting. As such, Stephen often isolates himself from his peers when things get too tiring either by blocking the world with his headphones or simply removing himself from the situation.

Stephen is also a pretty restless guy. He has a hard time sitting still, something that his percussion playing has both helped and hurt. On the one hand, percussion and music in general has given him an outlet for his natural energy. On the other, it’s also reinforced some restless habits. For one, even if he does manage to still his torso, his limbs immediately start to pick up the slack. Be it his hands drumming in his lap, a hand twirling around a drumstick, or his feet tapping out rhythms, some part of Stephen always seems to be in motion. This restlessness extends to his mental state as well. Stephen’s biggest enemy is boredom, and he doesn’t take it well. Generally, Stephen just gets more weary and irritable. When the ennui is bad enough though, as was the case most recently, Stephen has been known to enter a slight depressive episode until something finally pulls him out of it.

As it should be fairly obvious by this point, music is Stephen’s life. It is quite possibly one of his favorite things. From composing, to listening, to dissecting, to playing – Stephen loves it all. Genre-wise, his favorite is jazz, though he’s played and composed for other styles. In performing, he’s adequate at instruments that require breath control and slightly better at those that don’t, like the piano. What he really shines at is percussion. Most often, Stephen plays trap set given its versatility and general use. His favorite instruments, however, are mallet percussion instruments – that is, instruments like the vibraphone and marimba. That all are hard to transport is a continual frustration for Stephen.

Considered a child prodigy in music, Stephen’s had a modicum of fame for most of his life. For the most part this fame has been among his professional peers, with only a little acclaim from the general public. Still, it can’t be denied that it has affected him. Ingrained across his teenage years, Stephen habitually tries to keep a good and professional public profile. He always tries to dress his best – or at least nicely, if nothing else – and maintains an unfailingly polite disposition no matter how many snide or sarcastic comments run through his mind (there is, after all, a reason he and his Rotom ultimately became close despite their rocky start). Stephen is lucky, in hindsight, that he never became famous enough for it to become a big deal. As it is, the fame he’s accumulated since going viral still makes him uncomfortable.

History: The son of musicians – one still touring periodically as bandleader and lead trumpet of her big band, the other semi-retired from performing in favor of teaching percussion at her old university, Jublife U. – Stephen Burton was born with music in his blood and rhythms in his brain. Often taken along to his mum’s classes as a toddler, Stephen showed an innate talent at rhythm and pitch from a very young age. He began playing instruments at age four, quickly learning the piano before moving on to other instruments. While adequate at most, it became soon apparent that Stephen was a natural prodigy at percussion to the delight of both mothers (and teasing scorn from his trumpet playing mom). Stephen became a regular at his mum’s percussion classes and ensemble rehearsals over the next several years when not in school himself or lost in a world of notes and practice rooms. Music became his passion and he loved every minute of it, even if at times it seemed almost overwhelming.

At the age of ten, Stephen broke out onto the professional scene by performing as drummer in his mom’s big band. Though still relatively unknown outside of the professional musician circles, amongst professionals Stephen became well known as a music prodigy. Now his time seemed to split between playing nightly gigs (some with his mom’s band and some without), keeping up his chops, and school (now done online on the road, more often than not). Between all of these, Stephen had very little time to himself, let alone to pursue what was increasingly becoming an interest the more he played: composing. Still, Stephen finally had an outlet for the melodies and rhythms stuck in his head, and every second he wasn’t at a set or on a keyboard was spent with his score book.

That was how Stephen spent much of the next several years: travelling, playing, practicing, composing, rinse, and repeat with only the occasional interlude of his Rotom – DJ, an addition to his family only a few years in – breaking the monotony. Over those years, he published multiple works to varying degrees of success and acclaim. It wasn’t enough though, ennui had gripped Stephen tight and wouldn’t let go. He still loved music, but everything had become such a chore. Performing felt more like a job than ever before. So, by the time he was almost nineteen, he stopped; he took a mental health break from his performance circuit and went back home to Jublife. For a few months, Stephen half-heartedly futzed around, composing when the mood struck him and more often just lazing about or taking aimless strolls around the city.

It was on one of these strolls that Stephen finally found something that captured his attention. During a stroll to the beach south of Sandgem, a noise caught his attention. Faint, but distinctly like a xylophone… playing the Carmen Fantasy. To say he was curious would be an understatement. Stephen picked his way off the path and into the forest, lured by the aria’s melody. Making his way into a small forest clearing, Stephen watched in amazement at the concert unfolding before him. Twitching with a surprising grace, a small Kricketot expertly ran through the rest of Carmen and several other pieces for its peers, ending with a flourishing bow as the last note faded into the still air. Stephen couldn’t help himself; he burst into applause, startling all but the miniature musician who downright preened at the attention.

Just like that, an idea had struck itself into the back of Stephen’s mind. He couldn’t believe he hadn’t thought of it before; focusing so much on his own playing, he never seriously considered that Pokémon might share his passion (to which DJ, himself somewhat of a composer by this time, could only roll his eyes at his trainer’s obliviousness). With this newfound revelation, Stephen started researching the combination of Pokémon and music, only to come up dry with a near dearth of anything but clinical scientific journals. Well, Stephen decided, he’d just have to rectify that. And thus began the saga of, as far as Stephen could see, the first All-Pokémon Big Band. (That his only recruits were a techno-loving Rotom and a classically inclined Kricketot had not been considered.)

Before his plans could really take off, he needed to see if the public would even be as receptive to the idea as he had been. When his initial attempts failed to garner the attention he desired, Stephen revised his approach. If people wouldn’t come to him, he’d just have to go to them, beginning Stephen’s forays into Pokémon contests. He really had no idea what to expect, but, it’s all a performance right? He’d been doing that for years; how hard could it possibly be?

As it turned out, much harder than he thought. He (and DJ and the newly dubbed Gershwin) failed that first contest pretty spectacularly, in no small part to DJ & Gershwin ending up in an impromptu music battle as the contest was going. It was only by luck and the old adage of all press being good press that the situation passed with some modicum of success. He lost the contest, but his goal had started to go viral. It wasn’t what he had expected or hoped, but he could live with that especially considering the effect going viral had. After all, it isn’t every day that one receives a letter from a recognized regional Pokémon professor asking to use his newfound internet fame to promote the region. The locale of Orre might not have been his first choice, but free travel is free travel and it wouldn’t hurt anything to start talent scouting local Pokémon. Stephen wrote back his agreement, and soon he, DJ, and Gershwin were on the next plane to Orre.

- Stephen has absolute pitch.
- In spite of that, Stephen is actually pretty bad at singing. He’s not awful per say, but it definitely isn’t his strong suit.
- He’s demi- in both romantic and sexual spectrums and generally is more enthused by music than either concept.


Name: DJ
Species: Rotom
Gender: Male
Personality: DJ is a bit of a dick, there is no denying this. He loves to play tricks on others, generally harmless things done out of boredom or “because it amused me,” though he has been known on occasion to go too far in pursuit of a laugh. This is not helped in the slightest by a rather warped sense of morality. As a sentient, effectively amortal glob of plasma who has been around for ages, DJ just doesn’t think of things the same way as the fleshy meatforms. He’s picked up some good habits from the organics, to be sure, but such skills like manners and tact are by no means second nature. What has become second nature, however, is his love for music – specifically (and unsurprisingly) electronic genres. DJ can frequently be found possessing Stephen’s equipment to create his own tracks and unapologetically continuing his longstanding feud with Gershwin over what genre is best.
History: The story of how DJ met Stephen is not terribly involved. Like Rotom are wont to do, DJ was travelling through electric lines from building to building pranking, haunting, and generally causing mayhem, when one day he happened upon the Burton family. Specifically, he happened across a teenage Stephen and his initial foray into more modern electronic music. Enraptured by this application of technology, DJ stuck around first in secret, then later unofficially/officially when he captured himself with one of Stephen’s Poké balls. He has since been released on four separate occasions due to being too DJ-ish but each time recaptured himself and refused to leave. After enough attempts, Stephen resigned himself to the Rotom’s companionship (and, secretly? He’s glad to have someone he doesn’t have to keep up his façade for).
Other: DJ often rides around in Stephen’s smart watch instead of in a Poké ball, because it lets him print sarcastic commentary to the screen and in general communicate with humans. Mostly the first though.


Name: Gershwin
Species: Kricketot
Gender: Male
Personality: A bug of refined tastes, Gershwin can be very snobbish. He adores classical music – not just of the Classical Era but all before and after it – and would be the first to point out that classical music is not solely defined by the works of centuries past but continues to evolve even today. On the other hand, Gershwin holds nothing but contempt for the relatively modern genres that focus on electronics, proclaiming them not real music and claiming physical instrumentation is vastly superior to anything electronically produced. To no surprise, this puts him and DJ at odds more often than not. Much like his trainer, Gershwin is something of a prodigy amongst his Kricketot peers. Always naturally skilled at manipulating his antennae to beautiful effects, Gershwin has learned complicated pieces such as the Flight of the Ribombee and his namesake, George Gershwin’s, xylophone runs in Porgy and Bess.
History: A savant among the Kricketot masses, Gershwin grew up surrounded by his less skilled peers. He didn’t fault them for it – in the bug-eat-bug world they lived in just surviving was an accomplishment for a Kricketot – but Gershwin always felt he was meant for something more. In his first journey to the big city, Gershwin found that something: classical music. After he played his first concerto, Gershwin just knew it was his calling. Gershwin devoted all his time to his new passion, becoming the best Kricketot musician he’d even known. Whether technically correct in his assertion or not, by inspiring Stephen Burton Gershwin’s work paid off with a ticket to potential stardom.


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