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dunno why I even bother....


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Edit:.... comment.... ;.;

Oky, so well here are my latest drawings/ WIP's. Welcome to leave comment here, or at DA (either one). Criticism is welcomed too, I'm not afraid. Well, I'm running out of words to say so um. Screw Flanders.

"Hermione"- obviously WIP, I need to finish coloring her, hopefully I'll do it right. And well, I don't think she really looks like Hermione, but maybe after it's colored you could maybe tell it's her.

"Harry" - This is my attempt at more realism, sort of like it, but then again, sort of don't. I think the problem is, I had way too much fun with the coloring (except the hair, didn't know how to draw and color, so he looks like a Beatles...). And yes, I think the skin still doesn't look really defined, but it's getting there no?

"Haku !"- Surprisingly, I hated drawing this, as it was a request, but I like it now, I think. Nothing much to say here.

"Absol Gijinka" - I know it looks like I went too lazy with the coloring, but if only you knew. I colored her soo many times, I kind of sort of gave up. Hopefully that won't ever happen again.

"Syaoran" - Another WIP, still need to finish drawing him though. ANd yes, I know, his hair looks weird. I blame my guilty conscience of never developing any style, so this is what happened.







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Well, Hermoine's really cute ^^ im sure it will look great once it's colored
harry is, well....yeah x_x..nice colors though
I love the absol Jinka, But it's right hand (its right= your left :p) is kinda long o.o

Onyx Tanuki

Very very dramatical
Hermione - It's a very cute pic. I think that, as complex as her hair is, it makes her arms and legs look out of place as simple as they are. I'd either give her limbs a bit more of an organic shape or simplify the hair by clearing out most of the strands and sicking with a flat shape.

Harry - More like "Hairy." No offense, just had to make that pun. Anyway, yeah, his hair is way too poofy. His eyes are too far up on his face. I'm guessing that with this, you probably drew the hair and face all in one fell swoop rather than drawing a bald head then adding the hair on after. If that's the case, I'd suggest doing that. The red of his cheeks is a little... too red... looks a little like he got attacked by an angry makeup artist. All the flaws put together kind of actually lessen each others' presence though, making the whole thing look... right when viewed as a whole, though.

Haku - The thing I don't like about this is the feet. They look like those of a teddy bear: flaring out and flat at the ends. I really think it'd look better with the hands and feet at least vaguely defined. Also, the colors look a little... tie-dye to me. I do like the face and hair a lot, though.

Absol Gijinka - This is the one you PMed me about, right? Well, I will say that this doesn't quite fit as a pokemorph, since she is mainly a red-eyed girl with a hair ornament, so it wouldn't fit in that theme for the contest. On the bright side, that allows me to critique it right now. Or not. Depends on how you take critique. Anyway, the face and hair are awesome, but the body anatomy's a mess. Her left arm (I mean the one on our right) is good, but the right arm is very stretched out. Her elbow would rest on her thigh if her arm was down, and her fingertips would nearly touch her ankles. I'd say you could easily cut her bicep and forearm down by about a third and get much closer to the right length. Her right hand also looks a little odd, with spindly, spiderlike fingers. My best advice there wiuld be to look at your own hand and draw from that. Her breasts are totally different sizes, with her left being small and just a tough too high up and the right being massive and low. If you find a happy medium between them and make them match up better, that'll work out. Her feet look okay, but her calves look like ham hocks... the calf should taper off a bit more before it reaches the ankle. Overall, a weak picture overall, but a very strong face, and a lot of potential.

Syaoran - This is probably the strongest pic you've got. The face is pretty much perfectly proportioned, aside from the hair being a touch too high. The clothes look incredibly flat by comparison though, with the collar of his shirt being too spread out and his jacket too far off his shoulders.

Overall, it looks like your strongest point is faces. From the neck down, though, you need quite a bit of anatomy practice. I'd suggest taking a sketchbook to a mall or library or some other place where lots of people are, and drawing lots of quick sketches of the people around you. Or, you could try tracing pictures of bodies for a while. Either way, it'll help you build muscle memory, and eventually proportions will practically be second nature.


Up and away
Wow, I wasn't expecting soo many comments, thank you all, so in response I'll kindly give my efforts to address each and everyone.

krazyelements241: glad you like them, and yeah, his hair is fro-tastic, I just really had a hard time coloring/drawing it, I'll have to sketch it out more times and practice practice practice. As for Syaoran, he's getting some development, I'm working right now on his outfit, which is what I generally have one of the most troubles drawing with, so I'm practicing as to not mess him up.

eeveerose: lol, well out of those only Absol's was inteneded to look creepy, I guess I'll start watching out for teh shinin' effect xP. Glad you liked them.

KetchupO: I know, I too am hoping to giver her justice, and like most of my drawings, I will color her more than once and then decide which I'll like best/ looks best. Poor Harry, I'll have to redo him some time, but yes, vibrant colors are <3. For Absol, you hit teh spot, I really do draw monsters of nature, my anatomy skills are lousy, and the mere fact that her hand looked like a hand was a plus in my current standards. Someday, somehow, it'll get better. (it has to doesn't it?;; )

Onyx Tanuki: First things first. WOW, you sir are of great aids, I can't thank you enough. Seriously, this really made my day. Mky, lets see, for Hermione I'm half-torn in my personal judgement. I'm glad that you think her hair is complex (I tried my hard to give it some shape/form and wasn't sure if it was detailed enough), but now I do see how it adds a weird effect compared to her limbs. So, I'll redo her again (two versions) one with simple hair, and the other one with more humanlike appendages, or just in general more realistic though perhaps still in the abnormalities of Chibi-land. As for Harry, trust me, you weren't the only one with that pun, and well, if I were you, I'd probably say something of the same. Well, the coloring flaws were just me going crazy, I really didn't even try to use any type of referance, I just came down mad with the brushes lol. But as for the hair, I do believe you were right and I did not shaped his head/skull/scalp before drawing the hair, which kind of resulted thanks to my free spirited hand and mad brush. Hm, Haku was one of my oldest actually, and well the reason why his feet were like that is because I really wanted to make it look like a plush, and the closest thing at home I had were stuffed animals, last time I use them for reference teehee. For the colors, I'm not sure what you mean by tie dye, unless like me you think I went too happy with the highlights tool on his brown part of the cloth. Oh, that and the cheap attmept of a texture effect I tried in here, I still have to figure it out on how to make it look better. Oh jeez,you really know me well, guilty as charge. As I said somewhere above in this post, my anatomy is just morbid, an abomination. I selfdomly ever tried to draw full bodies cause my self concern was chiefly on drawing faces (which of couse where horrible too), so now that I'm trying to implement full body, many abnormalities arise in the drawings. I do at least try to sketch a small figurine stick figure with reference lines and all, but I still need improvement. The reason for the lopsided boobs is also as of a resulf of my lack of perception/depth, which is just as bad. I tried using my own hands to draw her hand, but somewhere along the lines and my tired sight, those spidery fingers blended in as regular fingers and at the end I just couldn't be bothered to start all over again, (the layers were all merged). As for her feet, once again, I went practical, cut them off before having to draw the toes, and didn't even try to shape the feet right, resulting on what I call 'kankles. I'll come back and observe this one when drawing as to remember what I should avoid. I'm glad you like Syaoran, he is the second recent picture and one of the few ones that was drawn by the mouse in Paint, (along with Haku) and well, I'm really a perfectionists (and constantly alter/edit the linearts until I'm satisfied and at my limits). I still haven't finished him cause I'm trying to sketch more details of his apparel, as to make it more realistic and not as flat, but I might end up rushing him and start other projects/sketches. I do agree my forte is also on the faces, (though they still lack expressions and emotions which is the next thing I want to work on), but my anatomy is well, you already know. I do try to sketch, but school is just a killer for me, so until summer I won't get much time to practice on improving.

Many thanks!