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Dusk Until Dawn (Sign-Ups)[M]


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You find yourself at an empty cross road. You go left, there is nothingness. You go right, there is darkness. Hesitant on what fate awaits you, you pick a path and proceed forwards to the shrouded mist despite the voice in your head telling you not to. You hear voices and whispers both from a distance and near, and shadows crawling out of your vision whenever you turn your head. However, every time you look, you keep on seeing the same thing: Either nothingness or darkness. You stand there contemplating whether you should continue to move forwards, or go back in hopes of finding a way out of this twisted world, but suddenly a grotesque, rotted hand shoots up from the ground and grabs you by the ankle. The hands trips you, falling to the ground as it grips your ankle tighter. Another fiendish hand shoots up and clutches your arm, and soon enough more and more hands surround you, slowly grabbing every part of your body. You try to scream, but instead your mouth gets covered by another fleshy hand, as it pulls you towards the ground, into the depths of nothingness and darkness.

You wake up in a cold sweat, taking a good look around. You’re in your bed. Nothing more than just a terrible dream, right? You go about your day, doing your errands, talking with your usual group of acquaintances and friends and going about your daily business. You work hard, have fun, and then the day comes to a close and you are ready to sleep. Your eyes become heavy, and you slowly close your eyes relying for slumber. Your world turns dark for a brief moment and you open your eyes. Once again you find yourself in the world of nothingness and darkness.


Welcome to Stoiea Town. A quaint little town, nestled between a lake and vasts amounts of green lands and forests. Situated away from the bigger cities, this town is perfect for those who enjoy a more laid-back and peaceful lifestyle as opposed to the bustling cities. However, despite the layer of easygoingness that appears on the surface, there is something more sinister brewing in the old town of Stoiea What seemed to have started as a simple case of bad dreams, has spiralled out of control. A young boy by the name of Lars, woke up one morning with complaints of a nightmare. Brushing it off as a bad dream, he woke up the next morning with the same nightmare. Night after night, young Lars was terrified to fall asleep, wanting to avoid going back to the world of “Nothingness and Darkness” as he so aptly described. However, one night, Lars went to sleep and never woke up. Days went by, and soon enough Lars passed away in his sleep. However, just when the freaky situation had seemingly ended, dozens of other citizens of Stoiea suffered the same fate, experiencing the same nightmare Lars had described, and after a while never awoke from their slumber. Trying to find a solution, many townspeople left the city, deeming it to be cursed, whilst others enlisted the help of alternative medicine. The mayor, gravely concerned for his citizens, has enlisted the help of a so-called “Seer”. A man that has claimed to have solved many cases, even with big organizations such as the International Police. Although his credibility is something that has yet to be proven, the Mayor has hit a brick wall and is willing to do anything at this point to solve the problem plaguing the town, before it simply disappears off the face of the region and becomes an abandoned town of the past.

You play as a character of Stoiea Town. Located in a region far from the others, the region itself is not as developed in terms of huge cities compared to places such as Johto and Sinnoh. Because of this, many people enjoy their more pleasant life in this region, away from the politics of the other regions. Talks have been in the works to implement a possible Pokémon League System in the region, however, such rumours have not yet been confirmed. The town itself has many necessities one would need: A market place, a farm, a lake, and even its own Pokémon Centre. Because of this, there isn’t much of a need to venture to other towns and cities for supplies all too often, as the town is able to sustain itself through the efforts of the townspeople.

Your life in the town is up to you: Your job, daily errands, etc. However, one thing you share in common with many other townspeople is that you have recently started experiencing the nightmare that has been taking people’s lives. Whether or not someone else close to you has already been affected by the nightmares, is up to you. However, like the rest of the town, you await the arrival of the ‘Seer’, to determine if there is a possible solution to avoiding an unwanted fate.


Hello, and welcome to my role-play! Some notes before we get started into the rules of the role-play: Firstly, this role-play takes place in an unnamed Region. Although I don’t anticipate this role-play to be super long, I will expand upon the world of the region if I deem it suitable once the ‘Nightmare’ portion of the role-play is done. Otherwise, that will be the end of this role-play.

Secondly, although this takes place in the world of Pokémon, I am taking a slightly more ‘gritty’ and mature approach to this role-play. Don’t expect anything over the top, but I am simply doing this out of freedom for your writing. Although battling and catching Pokémon are obviously present in this role-play, that’s not what this role-play is about. Because of that, I am putting some restrictions on what you can catch, and when you can battle. Now with that said, let’s get into the rules:

  1. Of course, all forum rules apply.
  2. I will rate this role-play a loose M. Do not abuse this with tons of swearing, sexually explicit stuff, or gore, etc. As said before, this is to give a bit more freedom with writing.
  3. When battling, do not god-mod or bunny without permission. This may be difficult with Player Vs Player, at which case I’ll let the two players battling delegate it among themselves. If you are battling an NPC, then of course by all means play how you will normally, but be sensible: It’s not an excuse to power through foes without any sort of difficulty. Player vs Player Rules: Pokémon may only use one move at a time, and you must always give the other player a chance to respond. Moves will follow the Video Games accuracy/power and effects. Which means that unless the attack has some low accuracy, it will always hit the other opponent successfully. With that said, each player is entitled to two dodges, per battle (this means only two for the whole battle, not two per Pokémon). This does not include attacks that reduce accuracy or raise evasiveness. As said before, I will let the two players delegate it among themselves if an attack should connect or not when weird circumstances arise.
  4. Catching Pokémon must only be done with my permission. I will dictate what Pokémon the group encounters, and I will decide who gets to catch/keep it. This goes with Gift Pokémon as well should the group encounter them through the role-play. I will also decide when your Pokémon evolves.
  5. For now, no GMAX or Mega Evolutions in this role-play.


Name: (First and Last)

Age: (Can be anything really. This is a more mature role-play, so keep that in mind, and have it make sense).

Gender: (Straightforward).

Appearance: (How they look like. Pictures do not sub for writing).

Personality: (Fairly straightforward. How they behave, likes, dislikes, etc. Please be decently detailed.)

History: (What do they do? How did they end up in Stoiea? Were they born there? etc. Again, be decently detailed).

Pokémon SU
Note: Only 1 Pokémon allowed to be in your possession. All Pokémon will be limited to first stage Pokémon. If The Pokémon has a baby stage, then go with baby stage).

Name: (A nickname if they have any)

Species: (What Species are they)

Ability: (What's their Ability? HA are allowed)

Attacks: (You can have up to 4 moves. Only maximum two Egg Moves are allowed/No TM or TR Moves allowed).


Accepted Characters:
1. Cadenza Mia Amoré
[Monster Guy]
2. Katherine Bouton [Jaku]
Mason Cerro [AJ2000]
Chris McGuffin [Skeith]
Iris Epps [Hydrangea]
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Name: Jonathan "John" Baker
Age: 23
Gender: Male.

Appearance: John is a medium tall man standing at about 5'9" with a lean physique which hints to an active lifestyle. He has quite pale skin, which is quite prone to sunburns if he's out for too long, seemingly regardless of wether or not he uses sunscreen. Despite that, he also has a light sprinkle of freckles which also gets more visible in the sun. He also have several scars on his hands and forearms in the shape of bitemarks, from Dino's childhood. His hair is ashy blonde, and kept in a short messy style, as in "he actually doesn't have to do much with it in order for it to look presentable". he's lucky like that. He has somewhat unexpressive green eyes, which makes it difficult for someone to read his mood. He has a chinstrap stubble which is one of the few things he bothers with maintaining. He has generally sharp facial features with a pronounced jawline and high cheekbones. A new unwelcome feature of John are the recently appearing dark circles under his eyes.

Cloting-wise, John goes for practicality and comfort over fashion and fashion brands. Rather spending his money on takeaway and the electrical bill, he's one of those people who sees a sale in the clothing store and buys 5 of the same sweater and jeans combo. Said combo is a pair of very visibly worn out light blue jeans and a long-sleeve tan sweater that's just one size too small in order to underline his physique. That part was Brian's idea. His shoes are made for walking, and that's just what they do, as they're a pair of cheap, worn, used-to-be-white sneakers. He doesn't accessorize at all, as dino once tried chomping down on a necklace he was wearing, which ended in a lot of heartache for everyone involved.

Personality: At first, second and possibly third glance, it would seem like John is a bright, cheerful man with a lot to smile for. You know, the kind of friendly, outgoing personality that always greets you with a warm smile and a solid handshake. He's outgoing and open-minded to everyone he meets, and has a great sense of humor. However, spending more time with him makes it increasingly clear that there are some subtle cracks in this outgoing facade. You'll next to never hear him talk about himself or his own life, unless it is to complain about Dino or the electrical bill, and once asked about it, he often just brush it off as if it's fine, which is often isn't. The only ones he feels comfortable opening up to are Brian and Dino.

It takes some time to get John to warm up to you, and once he does, he starts to tone down the energetic cheerful "Best friend of the anime protagonist" vibe he has going on and becomes more reminesscent of an actual human being. Still kind and witty, he'd try and be more open about his own problems, rather than just selflessly helping everyone else with theirs. Not emotionally ready to let it all out there, at least he's trying.

John is a hard worker and always give everything his best, even though the results might not always reflect that. Regardless, the cheery bastarz he is, he just flash a smile, gives a thumbs up and tries again. There is no such thing as giving up, and it is always good to have something to distract your own mind with. Be it outdoorsy activities like hiking, jogging, swimming etc, or more laid back activities such as bartending, clubbing and paying the electrical bill. He is seemingly always occupied with something, even though it is quite obvious that he has no idea where he wants to go or what he wants to do in life.

History: John was born into the lovely urban setting of Sinnoh to a working family. With his mother and father spending a lot of time with work, and his older brother being too occupied with landing that overseas internship at Silph. Co to care about pretty much anything else. To say it was a sheltered life was an unerstatement, as John's first friend was a doll made from twigs. It was a lonely upbringing, and during his earlier years in school, he spent a lot of time trying to befriend people, with a varying degree of success. Spending a lot of time alone, he didn't really grow up the most trusting or welcome person to be around either.

His mother and father both worked fulltime in order to make ends meet, and growing up, he learned to appreciate the simpler things in life, and not to be hungry for more than can be provided for you, unlike his older brother who left the moment he could, never to be seen again. John was always a hard worker, and often took on smalljobs during his early teens, such as a grocery store helper, or the newspaper boy in the neighbourhood. All in order to help his parents make their ends meet, after all.

Eventually managing to get into college, John managed to focus wholeheartedly on his studies, and managed to snatch a decent degree in store management. During this period, his family life had more or less arched off in a different direction. His parents had split up at some point, and there were still no words from his brother. Having raked together an unhealthy amount of student debt, and not wanting to move back in with either his mother or father, he then decided he would move in with his boyfriend, Brian. Brian was a former Pokemon trainer who had just decided he would retire from the pokemon journeys and find a different path in life. John, on the other hand was more or less walking aimlessly through life at the time, making it easy for the two to fall for each other. Having been dating for 2 years, the pair decided to move away from the busy Sinnoh region to a more quaint life in Stoiea Town.

He is still in touch with his parents, and they are happy or him to be living with his "Friend from College" to ease up on the bills, as well as learning about Pokemon considering he never got the chance to do so in his youth. However, there is still a wedge between them, making John uncomfortable to speak to them. Regardless, he tries his best. With the news of lethal nightmares running amok in Stoiea Town, he had more pressing matters to attend to, like the neverending terrors he face in his sleep.

- John is a closeted homosexual.
- "The electrical bill" is his main go-to when people ask why his "Friend from College", Brian lives with him
- He has little to no knowledge on Pokemon, but he's trying to learn at least the basics.
- He enjoys active hobbies.
- He got Dino's egg from an associate from his father's workplace.


Pokémon SU


Dino. That's the species name, right?
Species: Deino, the actual species name.
Gender: Male
Personality: Dino is friendly. Dino is genuinly friendly. And curious. As his species often do, he carefully explores the world around him by biting. It was cute at first.. Just tiny ticklish nibbles, but once the teeth grew out, it became clear that the world is Dino's chewing Toy, and both John and Brian have the scars to confirm that. Not much of a battler, Dino lives a relatively carefree life as a domesticated dog or something, as John has zero Pokemon Battling skills. Brian, however, knows what a Deino is, what it is capable of, and more importantly; He knows that the destructive headbutts aren't the move Headbutt but rather Head Smash, much to a confused john's... confusion. A big foodie, Dino will try and chomp down on anything that smells even remotely edible, only to Belch it out later. There's a move called Belch, did you know that? John doesn't know that, and genuinly thinks little Dino has some sort of food allergy, despite Brian telling him again and again that Belch is, in fact, a Pokemon move. Dino is cuddly and destructive, and John loves him very much.

Ability: Hustle. He can't see very well, but everything Dino bumps his head into, feels it.

- Bite. It's how he tells you that he loves you. He.. bites pretty hard now.
- Head Smash. Oh yes.
- Scary Face. John once tried to brush Dino's head and the face was... scary.. But hey! At least now he has an image of a very angry Deino with a lovely mid split
- Belch. It... It gets messy.

- Brian tried several times to tell John that Dino is, in fact, not the pokemon species name. However, at this point the name Dino had already settled, and as such it stayed.
- Dino is heavy, and loves being held.
- Now having learned how the Belch move works, John often carry around a smaller bag of snacks for Dino.
- Dino's Pokeball is a Moon Ball
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This definitely seems like it could be interesting. Consider this a WIP from me.

Name: Katherine Bouton

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Without heels, Katherine stands at 5'4" and has a relatively slender body, with slight curves. She has relatively fair skin, which she adds some colour and dimension to with a light amount of blush, highlight and contour around her cheecks, as well as a neutral lipstick on her lips and mascara for her eyelashes. Katherine's pale brown hair reaches her upper back, and is usually kept relatively straight, though she sometimes styles it differently to achieve different looks. She also has loose bangs, which she usually keeps relatively straight, though sometimes sweeps to the side depending on what she is feeling. Katherine has wide pale blue eyes which are generally accented with mascara, giving her a chic, yet relaxed look. While she is pretty, Katherine generally looks somewhat bored or displeased, which makes her seem somewhat less-approachable than one might expect.

For clothing, Katherine is a stylish girl who enjoys a feminine, clean-cut look, often in a preppy style. Katherine is usually seen wearing some for of white collared shirt, underneath a pinafore, vest, or sweater, and generally paired with a pleated skirt, long socks and preppy shoes. Katherine's most common casual outfit is a white peter-pan collared long-sleeved shirt, with a loose black ribbon tied under the collar. Over the shirt sits a grey plaid pinafore dress. She also wear knee-high white socks, and black penny loafers. On other occasions, Katherine is known to wear different contrast collared dresses, paired with long jackets, heels, and statement jewellery pieces, though this is less common on the day-to-day. Katherine wears a simple pair of white drop earrings in her ears.

Personality: Katherine is a calm, poised girl, who tries to appear dignified and respectable at all times. While she has an air of grace about her, Katherine is often betrayed by her general sense of boredom, making her appear somewhat stoic and standoffish at times. Katherine is generally quite patient with others, especially her Pokemon, who she tends to show a softer side towards, though can be quite blunt in her responses, and often seems as though she does not want to be engaging in a conversation when she is. In the past, Katherine was a very sociable girl, who enjoyed the company of others, however, since moving to Stoeia Town, she has become more withdrawn, and has not made any substantial connections with anyone, outside of her Pokemon.

Katherine is a hard-worker, and will put in effort to complete something she has committed to, though she will not necessarily show enthusiasm in doing so. Katherine likes to present herself professionally, and enjoys new experiences that take her out of her self-perceived, mundane day-to-day life. While Katherine cares for her family, she resents the position they put her in when they moved, and thus tries not to spend too much time with them unless she has to, preferring the company of her Pokemon. On the inside however, Katherine would love the opportunity to open herself up to others more, above all, desiring the connections and excitement she once had before moving to Stoeia Town.

History: Katherine was born in the Kalos region, and was used to a more lavish lifestyle allowing her to shop to her hearts content, see any number of shows and performances, as well as socialise with her group of friends from a relatively similar social standing. Katherine's mother, at the time, was an up and coming fashion designer, and her father was a moderately successful musician. Her father, originally from Stoeia, had met her mother while performing as a travelling musician in the Kalos region when they were both 18. Having met and fallen in love, he decided to live in the Kalos region to help his wife achieve her dream of becoming one of the top fashion designers of the region.

However, a number of years later, after having a daughter who had just turned 14, the parents agreed to move back to her father's home region and set up in Stoeia Town, as Katherine's grandparents became unwell, her grandfather eventually passing away following a strange series of nightmares. While the family managed to do well-enough in Stoeia Town, with Katherine's mother opening her own clothing store in the market place, Katherine was extremely displeased with the shift, and found the town incredibly boring compared to her former life in the Kalos region.

To help her cope with her boredom and her shift to a more closed-off personality, Katherine's parents got her an Eevee to take care of, hoping it would help her get over her slump. While Katherine was thrilled with her new partner, becoming her closest friend and confidant, Katherine still found herself bored with her life in Stoeia.

Katherine is currently studying fashion part-time, occasionally being allowed to assist her mother with her designs, though Katherine feels constrained by the less fashion-focused style of the people of Stoeia Town. She also works part-time at a local cafe, working hard to earn enough money to leave Stoeia without her family. However, she has recently been having trouble focusing on both her studies, and her work due to strange nightmares she has been experiencing.

Pokémon SU


Species: Eevee

Personality: Vivi is an extremely excitable and happy Eevee. She is always by Katherine's side, having a very loving relationship, though has a tendency to run off ahead out of excitement, sometimes getting herself into trouble, such as by tumbling down a hill she didn't see, or accidentally crashing into other people and Pokemon. Vivi enjoys dancing around, something which always brings a smile to Katherine's face. While Vivi is not afraid of other people and Pokemon, she is very wary, and tends to stick more closely to Katherine when they are around. While Vivi has very limited battle experience, she is very protective of Katherine, and would not be afraid to stand her ground if necessary, though any positive results of such endeavours are less than certain.

Ability: Anticipation: Though her battle capabilities have not been extensively explored, Vivi can sometimes sense danger to herself or Katherine.

- Charm
- Wish
- Copycat
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I would like to reserve a spot. I try to get it done soon.


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Sounds good everyone! I’ll anticipate a SU from each of you! I should have mine own up there this weekend or so most likely.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Name: Cadenza Mia Amoré

Nickname: Cadence

Age: 19

Gender: Female


Appearance: Cadence is about average height for a young woman her age, standing at about 5'6". She has a slender frame, with feminine curves in all the right places. She was born with smooth fair skin, which doesn't get tanned easily. She has long, light blonde hair, that fades into lavender at the ends, and goes down to her waist. She dyes the lavender part herself with wash out hair dye. She keeps her bangs swept to the side, kept out of her eyes using some type of headband. She has a heart shaped face, with a small nose, large, expressive eyes that are a deep violet color that usually a childlike sparkle to them, as well as long eyelashes attached to them. She goes out of her way to make sure she looks "cute", and works to maintain it.

Cadence is very much into fashion, and spends a lot of money on it. She has many wardrobes filled with enough clothes to dress a small country. Her outfits tend to vary, but they usually contain a lot of purple, her favorite color. She also has a preference for skirts and dresses over pants. Her current outfit is a consists of a fancy looking purple dress with short puff sleeves. It is perfectly tailored to her body, so it fits well, but isn't skintight and too revealing. The skirt part is frilly, and flairs out, only reaching to slightly above her knee. She wears cute purple flats on her feet that are decorated with bows. Her legs are covered by purple knee high socks. She wears a purple headband on top of her head with a bow attached to it, which she says adds cuteness to her look. She accessorizes with gold jewelry (Necklace, bracelet, and the gold band of her amethyst ring) as well as amethyst earrings hanging from her ears. She carries her things in a purple purse, Her face is decorated with a light amount of make-up (lavender eyeshadow, a light amount of blush, and lip gloss.) Her nails are also painted lavender.

Personality: Cadence is a friendly, cheerful, and optimistic girl. In spite of any chaos that may be going on, she manages to put on a smile. Despite being from a wealthy family, she doesn't believe it makes her better than anyone else. She spends time around many kinds of people from different backgrounds, and tries to find good in everybody. While she tries to act like a proper lady, she doesn't always do a very good job of it. Around others she can come across as silly, childish, and a bit of a ditz. However, while it may look like she doesn't take anything seriously, she can be serious when she needs to be. She's been groomed since young to carry on the family legacy, in addition to receiving a formal education at an early age, but she had to put in a lot of effort in order to do well. Her mother would never be pleased if she did only enough to get by. Cadence is a feminine girl, and she has an affinity for cute things. Kittens, puppies, ponies, etc. They all make her squeal excitedly.

Cadence is a compassionate, nurturing girl. She is always there to help others, and is normally really sympathetic and empathetic with anyone who is in trouble. She cares deeply for others, is also very maternal. She sees her friends as her family and will do anything to protect them even putting herself in danger. In regards to this she can be a bit rash. If she sees something threatening someone she cares for she will rush in to danger not thinking of the consequences of her actions. While she is not stupid by any means, she can be naive. She's easily tricked, and is prone to giving anything she has to someone in need in the name of love.

Cadence is the type that wears her heart on her sleeve. It is easy to hurt her feelings, but it doesn't take much to cheer her up again. Growing up she was always told romantic bed time stories involving a damsel in distress and a knight in shining armor. As a result of this, Cadence loves love. She believes it's the best feeling in the world. She believe's everyone, no matter how much of a jerk they may be deserves love. Her beliefs have been instilled into her since young, and she's very outspoken and passionate about them. She's a hopeful romantic, and often acts flirty towards men she likes. That being said, while she does flirt with boys, she isn’t always serious about it. She is still grieving her deceased boyfriend, and isn’t ready for a new boyfriend yet. She misses him dearly, although she is not comfortable telling that to people. She gets easily attached to people she's grown to like, and can be clingy towards them. She also likes to help other people find love as well, and plays matchmaker for people whether they asked for it or not.

History: Cadenza Amoré was born in Stoiea Town. She grew up in a wealthy upperclass family. The Amoré name is so prominent, men who married into it were expected to change their names to Amoré, while women who married out of it were expected to keep theirs. As the eldest child and the only daughter of Lovina Amoré, Cadence would one day be one of them. Cadence lived a very extravagant lifestyle. Her parents showered her, and her younger brother Lorenzo with love and affection, as well as whatever they wanted. Cadence loved her family and they loved her, it was as simple as that. Her mother read her daughter many fairy tales when she was growing up. They usually involved lovers overcoming all odds to be together. These stories instilled in her the belief that love can conquer any obstacle.

Cadence was always close with her little brother Lorenzo. She always looked after him, helped train him when he was old enough to study magic, and defended him from bullies. They shared the same interests in cute things, and fashion. Cadence was even the first person Lorenzo told that he was gay. Of course, he didn't have much of a choice there, since she caught her brother kissing a boy one day. She loves talking about guys with him.

From an early age, Cadence was groomed to carry on the family's reputation. She was homeschooled by scholars and tutors that were handpicked by her parents. This lasted until she was of age to start junior high school, in order to be able to interact with others her own age, because they felt it was important for her to have a normal life. While she performed well enough, she found it very tiresome trying to live up to her family's standards. She cared more about finding her one true love, and getting her own happy ending. Just like the ones in the stories she was told. Prior to starting school, her parents gifted her a Ralts she nicknamed Lucia. Her parents felt that her having a Pokémon of her own would teach her responsibility. The two bonded, and became friends quickly.

One day, she met a handsome, young man named Valentino De Luca. He was assigned to be her tutor when her grades started slipping. They're relationship was professional at first, and her grades did improve with his help. Eventually, they became something more. She likes to say their meeting was love at first sight, but it took quite a long time of getting to know each other before they officially became an item. Cadence knew this relationship was destined to last forever! He even had a Ralts of his own, a male one.

The two had big plans once she finished high school. He wanted to be a Champion Pokémon Trainer, and she wanted to become a chef and open up her own restaurant one day. They also started talking about getting married in the future. However, Valentino started having the nightmares. Cadence was concerned, but nightmares wasn’t too out of the ordinary. Untill he went to sleep one night, and never woke up. He was taken to the hospital and well…. The heart monitor flatlined. Valentino was dead, and Cadence was left grieving.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Cadence herself has begun having nightmare similar to the ones her boyfriend described before he passed. Now she too awaits the arrival of this seer, and hopes they have the solution before anyone loses loved ones, or their own lives.

Other: She also likes to cook, and is quite good at it. Lucia helps her out in the kitchen. She hopes to become a chef and open her own restaurant one day, and is currently studying culinary arts.

Pokémon SU


Name: Lucia

Species: Ralts

Ability: Trace

Draining Kiss
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I'll take a reserve as well! This looks super cool
Name: Iris Hazel Epps (Iris Epps)​
Age: Twenty-Two (DOB: September 29th, 2xxx)​
Gender: Female​
Iris is about average height, standing at 5'5" but being a little on the chubbier side in terms of weight. She carries it well, but it is most noticable in her hips and her breasts, which are larger than the average woman. Her skin is a dark ebony, dotted with darker freckles across her entire face, back, arms, and legs. Her hair is massive, a curly mass of brown hair that swoops in all directions. It takes her forever to get ready in the morning due to the sheer volume of her hair, but she would not change it for the world. Her eyes are large, green in colour and very reflective of her emotions. It's easy to tell what's on her mind just by looking into her eyes, but these are often obscured by the thick hazy lenses of her blue thick framed glasses --- more often than not smudged with dirt or grime from her working in the garden. Iris also has pierced ears, often opting to wear some kind of dangling earring that matches her clothing. Her latest earring of choice are long vines, golden in colour.​
Fashion wise, Iris likes feeling cute and embracing body positivity. Her usual outfit is a short blue dress, cut off just above the knee. A sleeveless dress with a built in choker and a strap pattern near the neck. The dress is layered with all sorts of stars and moons, reflective of Iris's interest is astrology and astronomy. Her lower half is complete with knee high blue socks and small black pumps. Her outfit is almost certainly the opposite of practical considering she's always in the garden, but she adores also looking nice.​
+ Positives: Well-spoken, diplomatic, kind-hearted, motherly, empathetic
Iris is a very diplomatic and well-spoken person. She is able to express herself well verbally, and tries her best to mediate when a conflict arises. It is worth noting that she is often too shy to speak her full and honest opinion to strangers, but once you get to know her she is more than willing to open up fully. She cares deeply for all living things, having a particular soft spot for plants and insects, as they are what she sees most often in her garden. She often takes on an almost motherly and paternal role towards children, Pokemon, and plant-life, self proclaiming herself as a "plant mom". While she struggles with new people, she has always been kind to Pokemon, often chatting more with Pokemon than the masters that accompany them.​
- Negatives: Meek, shy, not assertive, naive, moody, anti-social
Iris is... very very meek. She is submissive to the point of bending her own will to accommodate for people with louder and bossier personalities than her. Her lack of assertiveness makes her easily imposed upon, and her idea of being a people pleaser does not help her in this regard either. However, if she feels too "stood on", she will lash out and show her moodier side, grumbling to herself as she distances herself from others. She is shy around new people, struggling to even keep up a basic conversation or start one of her own volition. She would much rather stand on the sidelines passively, waiting for someone to cue her in to speak. Iris is somewhat child-like in nature, having aspects of naivety that sometimes hinder her. She is very trusting of what people tell her, even if it is negative.​
History: Iris was born to Henry and Lea Epps in Ballonlea, Galar. For years her parents struggled to conceive, finally dumping all their resources into in vitro fertilization, almost bankrupting themselves in the process. However, it was worth it for the older couple, as they finally had a child to call their own and their family felt more complete. Henry and Lea Epps were never the richest family to begin with, and the long process of in vitro led to their small pool of finances to dwindle. Henry was a florist, and his wife was a Combee keeper, leading to Iris always being around plants and insects in her youth. Ballonlea itself was more of a retirement community, and with her aged parents (being early 50s when she was born), Iris never really had friends to call her own. Her main outlet was through the Combee and various plant Pokemon that her father tended to.​
Despite the lack of people her own age, Iris had a good childhood. Her parents, being close to bankruptcy, always lived within their means and adopted a very modest life-style. Iris never knew that there was something "bigger", so to speak, assuming that all life was as peaceful and pristine as it was in Ballonlea. Iris maintained this peaceful outlook for a number of years, staying in Ballonlea until the ripe age of eighteen, working as a part time florist for her father's shop. However, this is when she met her big break.​
With Ballonlea being an older community, funerals were a common occurrence. The elderly population would pass on often, leading for a need for floral arrangements. Iris's father needed to make a trip to Postwick, leaving his daughter in charge of the arrangements for the funeral of a wealthier woman. Iris took pride in this arrangement, picking out the most doting flowers of the bunch and compiling them in an elegant and colourful display. The family was very impressed with her work, with the son approaching her with a proposition. Stoiea Town, a town maintained by the people inside it. A working community in a far off region where she could truly make a name for herself as a florist. Iris was hesitant about the offer, but when her mother heard it, she was practically pushing her daughter towards opportunity. Her mother, now elderly and unable to take care of the bees, wanted her daughter to see the world like she had.​
Iris packed her belongings and left for Stoiea Town, a long journey that took her to a setting that was largely familiar to the young girl. A peaceful and quaint town, however it had many more people her age, which... lead to Iris becoming increasingly aware of her own social-ineptness, as well as her overwhelming social anxiety. With a working town no one batted an eye when Iris buried herself in her floristry, and she grew accustomed to talking to the plants more than the people in the town. Some people found it odd, but others found it charming. Iris's plant chatter became such a common occurrence, people would often spot her having an elaborate conversation with the plants outside. Little did they realize, Iris wasn't "quirky" and talking to nothing, rather she was making small baby grass Pokemon smile and laugh with delight. One of these Pokemon was Liana, her now beloved Petilil companion. Lacking arms, Liana is not the most help around the shop. But she always puts a smile on Iris's face and gives her someone to talk to.​
However, all was not as peaceful in Stoiea as some assumed. A nightmare plague has been sweeping over the once quiet town, many people spiraling into nightmarish visions in their rest before passing away. Iris had heard the rumours from people in her shop, but she simply brushed it off as a bad rumour. However... lately her rest has not been as restful as she would like. With every passing night the dreams grow worse and worse, intense flares to the point that Iris is beginning to dread turning in for the night. She just hopes that this so called "Seer" can fix this problem.​
Pokémon SU
Name: Liana​
Species: Petilil​
Ability: Own Tempo​
Attacks: Sleep Powder/Synthesis/Giga Drain/Growth​
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Finally finished my SU ~ We will wait for some of the others to finish theirs, and I should have the actual RP thread up this weekend.


Name: Mason Cerro

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Mason is decently tall young man standing at around 5’11”, with an athletic build. Everything about man exudes the snobby wealthy-class stereotype. His black hair, medium in length is combed over to the side, sometimes even opting to add a tad bit of gel to give it a bit more firmness to avoid messing it up. His eyes are hazel in colour, and his face is generally clean shaven and free of any major imperfections such as scars or acne. In terms of clothing, Mason often wears what he deems to be his ‘casual’ outfit. He is very much into luxury clothing, and doesn’t hesitate to spend his money on whatever he wants, clothing included. He wears a white, short-sleeved dress shirt, tucked into a pair of light brown dress pants, fastened by a black belt and ornate silver buckle on it. His pants taper down, ending his look with a pair of black dress shoes, and a black tie. He generally carries his Pokéball on his belt, as opposed to keeping it inside a bag.

Personality: Mason can be described as snobby, arrogant, and quite a cocky individual. He dislikes mundane small talk relating to things he has no interest in, and can be self-centred at times. He generally has a very one-sided view on things, and tends to stick to his guns as his stubbornness gets the better of him. For the most part, Mason is very much business oriented. His parents’ often let him deal with basic day to day operations here and there at their office building, and also make phone calls to seal smaller deals as opposed to larger ones. He can often be seen constantly on his phone, either texting or making calls, and sometimes even has an assistant or two alongside him to help him out with his errands.

Despite how many people view him, he actually has exceptional customer service skills. Well-spoken, and often well-mannered in public, he knows how to conduct himself professionally both while working, and in leisure. This is one of the reasons why he tends to overdress even for the smallest of occasions, and takes pride in his appearance. He dislikes getting his hands (and clothes for that matter) dirty, and would rather be waited on, then do something himself. Just about the only thing he will break a sweat doing, is playing tennis in his personal court, which he is rather good at.

One redeeming quality about Mason, is that he does care dearly for his Pokémon, Snivy. Taking it everywhere with him, Mason would do anything for Snivy, loving it like both a pet and friend. Although it was gifted to him, Mason tends to spread white lies that he actually caught the Pokémon himself (despite being a somewhat rare Pokémon in the wild, especially in the region), to impress people and ultimately avoid making it seem like it was a simple hand-me-down gift.

History: Mason was born and raised in Stoiea Town. His parents came to the Region before his was born, hailing from Sinnoh. It was here they began to run a little welding shop, and over the years expanded to a larger company, known as Cerro Metal. The family company not only supplies metal equipment to other towns and cities, but will also supply labour workers and construction to help with various projects across the region. Because the region is still undergoing a lot of changes and developing, business is rather good, to say the least.

Growing up, Mason was homeschooled, and often did not have a chance to make many friends. Because of this, some of his mannerisms come off as odd to many people, such as his need to be overly professional in many occasions. Although born into a wealthy family, his mother and father made sure that Mason knew the meaning of hard work, and would often let him do small tasks here and there. As he grew older, his responsibilities grew as well, and he would often attend smaller business meetings and meet children of other wealthy families. Soon enough, the young man was able to do things on his own, and even eventually secured his own contract with another company in another town, where the owner sent him a Pokéball containing a Pokémon as a ‘thank-you’ gift. Falling in love with his Pokémon right away, Snivy quickly became a source of comfort for Mason. He is however, overly protective of Snivy and does not like battling as he believes Snivy is not capable of doing so. As such, it can be said that Snivy has not reached its potential.

As of right now, Mason has recently begun experiencing the so-called nightmares that many people in the town have been experiencing, and anticipates the arrival of the Seer, who may or may not have the solution on how to fix the problem currently plaguing the Town of Stoiea. Although scared of suffering the same fate as some of the townsfolk, Mason is willing to do whatever it takes to alter that fate.


Species: Snivy

Nickname: None

Gender: Male

Ability: Overgrow

Moves: Vine Whip, Leech Seed, Aqua Tail


Fire and Ice Combo
Name: Samael Ferguson, Sam for short

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: Sam is a somewhat tall young man- standing at exactly six feet tall. His build is average with little muscle definition, which causes his body to be softer looking. He has light skin that is very smooth and without blemishes. With a boyishly rounded face, he tends to look younger than his age. He keeps himself cleanly shaved. Golden honey-colored eyes peer out from a sea of darkness created by his long bangs and black eyeliner. The eyeliner makes his eyes pop and draws attention to his indifferent gaze. It also hides the bags under Sam's eyes from the lack of sleep. Silky and straight black hair reaches down to the middle of Sam's back. There's a crimson streak of hair within the long bangs that hugs his left cheek. From the shine, even length, lack of knots- Sam's hair is obviously well taken care of. It is often worn down with a skull and crossbones hairclip pinned above his ear. He will- on a rare occasion- pull it into a ponytail at the top of his head.

Sam has adopted a gothic style of clothing, so his clothes are mainly black, leather, and tight-fitting. He does often wear dark red accessories as an accent as well. A typical outfit he wears is a black long-sleeved fishnet top underneath a black skull shirt, leather pants with red belts wrapping around his thighs, and tall belted leather boots. No matter the outfit, they are accompanied by fingerless gloves, tons of silver chains and belts around his waist and neck, and a spiked collar choker. Sam has multiple piercings in ears and nose ring that are all silver in color. Whenever he needs to carry items around, he wears a leather single strap bag that's black and red.


Personality: Sam gives off a rough and tough first impression. Standing with his chest puffed out, arms crossed, and an unblinking glare- makes others think that he is not one to mess with. That first instinct is not one to ignore. The man absolutely refuses to just sit down and push around by other people. Most times, he'll choose to leave the situation, but there are times where he'll have some choice words. His words are blunt, sometimes cutting deeply without a care of how the other person may feel. He is often unsympathetic towards others' minor difficulties and complaints. Even when Sam isn't uncaring about something, he just depressingly states how harsh the situation is. He has a bad habit of judging others based on their first impression of him. Depending on the response, he becomes standoffish, curt, or tolerant.

Standoffish Sam is neither hostile nor friendly. He won't suddenly bite their head, but he also won't attempt to make conversation. The man will respond when he's addressed but will otherwise just keep to himself. If he becomes curt, he tends to have more snippy and sarcastic remarks. Deliberately, he will say things that will invoke anger in the other person. There will also be moments where he adds unneeded impolite commentary. And finally, when he is tolerant appears to be just indifferent. Little different than before, he'll start a conversation without being prompted. Offer to help or listen if it's nothing too troublesome. He just comes off as a very quiet acquaintance who is pleasant to hang out with for a while. It isn't a friendship with Sam, just him willing to minorly deal with someone.

Sam is slow to truly warm up to others before putting them into the friend category. Rather than getting hurt by flighty friends, he simply doesn't make any. When deemed as a friend, Sam is an excellent one. No matter what the problem, he willingly listens and even brainstorms ways to solve them. Troublesome things that he absolutely despises he's willing to do for a friend. Sam is truly a caring, loyal friend if one can breach his walls. The man is generally not interested in love. Since his trust is a lengthy process to gain, most crushes don't last long. Sam has never had that level of trust to be fully vulnerable to anyone other than family. That's not to say he doesn't find people cute or attractive. But his feelings haven't yet developed more than that. Sam tends to show disinterest when directly flirted with.

Sam is a pessimist that hardly ever sees a good outcome. Thus he never set his expectations too high and is not affected when things go wrong. Calm and collected in the direst situations, this allows him to think and maybe find a solution. When others try to force their optimistic views on him, he finds it so annoying. Which causes him to ignore it altogether or find flaws that could cause it to turn out badly. He doesn't dislike positive thinking; he just doesn't like to be told how to feel. Sam hates pretty much anything that tries to change him into something he's not. He also despises activities that are- physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing when he has zero investment in them.

Sam likes to be by himself and just let his thoughts wander. While he cherishes his alone time, he tends to have fun whenever hanging out with others. It's just that he gets worn quickly being around a bunch of activities. He absolutely loves flowers, cute things, and sweets- and he is not embarrassed to admit it. At the same time, he also really likes- gothic clothing, piercings, and chains, which gives him a bad image to most. Either way, Sam just stays true to himself- loving and doing whatever he wants without being restrained by other opinions.

History: Born in Floaroma Town-Sinnoh, Sam grew up often overlooked by his happy-go-lucky and free-willed parents. This became even more so with the birth of his younger brother and sister, as he was the quiet son who didn't get into trouble. Sam doesn't hate his family, but the boy is definitely the black sheep of the family. His entire family were jolly and boisterous people, while he was a somewhat gloomy and quiet kid. His parents merely accepted him and understood that he wasn't a problem child. Other kids didn't understand that. He became an outcast among his peers. While not a target for bullying, he was obviously avoided.

When his family suddenly moved to Goldenrod City in Johto, he was eight, and his social standing didn't improve. It got much worse since no one knew him. This probably should have concerned Sam more, but instead, he became more indifferent toward people and their problems. This only worsened the opinion of others about him. When he started adopting darker shades of clothing, everyone started to believe he was a troublemaker. There were all kinds of objectionable rumors floating around about him, but Sam neither confirmed nor denied the accusations. He ended more feared and avoided in his new city home.

The only person that saw Sam differently was his best friend, Marquel. After spotting him hanging around the flower shop, he immediately latched onto him. While annoying, it was the first time he felt he wasn't just falsely judged by someone outside his family. To people looking from the outside, it merely appeared to be a one-sided friendship from Marquel. What didn't register was how much Sam put up with and helped the boy rather than outright ignoring him. They also didn't realize how much they would hang out and go places together. He was his best friend and only friend. But it was not something to last as once again, his parent moved them across the world. Hau'oli City-Alola was the destination of their new home.

His gothic aesthetic taste in clothing clashed with the colorful Alola attire. This made him stand out considerably and widened the gap between his peers. The people here were actually quite friendly compared to his last home. However, their overwhelming happiness and generosity rubbed him the wrong away. It reminded him too much of Marquel, which hurt a lot to separated from. He found no interest in making another close friend just to lose them again. So Sam became quite standoffish to keep others at a distance. It worked, and he found himself not getting close to anyone.

Sam was around twelve at the time and would often venture out unsupervised into pokemon-infected areas without having a pokemon of his own. It wasn't that he didn't want a pokemon, just the selected pokemon didn't choose him back. This caused a lot of the locals to believe that Sam was someone immoral. He eventually found his favorite place on the island, Melemele Meadow. He would just sit there and take in the sweet scent of the yellow flowers. It reminded him of his hometown and the Goldenrod city's flower shop, so it was a relaxing place. He would spend hours sitting there- from early morning to nightfall. It wasn't uncommon for a group of Cutiefly to flutter over him. One particular Cutiefly would always fly really close to him. He stood out from the group because the pokemon was a spot of light pink upon the sea of yellow. After this happened so many times, it eventually just started perching on his head and went home with him.

Manly the Cutiefly became his pokemon. With the tiny fairy bug by his side, he softened up a bit. His defenses were still up, but it became more common to see his kinder side. His more girlish likes of cute things as he would brighten up at the little pokemon adorable actions. As well as his love of sweets at he shared Sweet Malasada with Cutiefly who didn't really like it that much. While he never truly bonded with another human in Alola, he could have conversations and had minor acquaintances before moving away. So much so, he was even a little sad leaving them when his family moved to Stoiea Town.

And this was where his stop was, a quaint little town away from the city- like his hometown. Much like there, many people really didn't take to him immediately. But this is where Sam lived until adulthood. When his parents decided to move again elsewhere, he decided to stay, having gotten a job at a small flower shop and his own place before that. A part of him was just tired of always have to start anew beyond his control, and something about Stoiea appealed to him. He lived with minimal interactions outside of work, but life was peaceful with Manly. He has been a bit worried lately, hearing the stories about people with nightmares, never waking up. Especially since he has been plagued with nightmares recently...


Pokémon SU

: Manly

Species: Male Cutiefly

Ability: Shield Dust

Attacks: Draining Kiss, Struggle Bug, Absorb, Stun Spore

  • Manly is a shiny pink Cutiefly.
  • He is smaller than average for his species
  • His Pokeball is a Luxury Ball, although he is typically outside of it, sitting on Sam's head
  • A mild sweet scent of flowers wafts off of Sam
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I'm interested in applying for this and but have a few questions before doing so.

What is the expectation for a response time? I'm currently in full time employment with other priorities that require my focus (namely my raid team in ff14 and online courses), this means my time will be a little thin but my aim upon sign up is to try and get a post out at least once a week. Is this an acceptable response time? I just want to make sure that I won't be a hindrance before signing up.

My second question resolves around my choice in Pokemon. My focus resolves around the "dream" part of the story and comes down to either Munna or Unown. I just want to make sure that interacting with the dream won't break the plot and, in the case of the Unown, is Anime's portrayal of a Pokemon's power an acceptable benchmark? If neither are acceptable I do have other ideas.

Thanks in advance.


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I'm interested in applying for this and but have a few questions before doing so.

What is the expectation for a response time? I'm currently in full time employment with other priorities that require my focus (namely my raid team in ff14 and online courses), this means my time will be a little thin but my aim upon sign up is to try and get a post out at least once a week. Is this an acceptable response time? I just want to make sure that I won't be a hindrance before signing up.

My second question resolves around my choice in Pokemon. My focus resolves around the "dream" part of the story and comes down to either Munna or Unown. I just want to make sure that interacting with the dream won't break the plot and, in the case of the Unown, is Anime's portrayal of a Pokemon's power an acceptable benchmark? If neither are acceptable I do have other ideas.

Thanks in advance.
Hey! I would say once a week is acceptable, no worries there :) As for your Pokémon choice, I do believe Munna should be okay! I don’t see how it would hinder the plot at all, if anything it may add to it! Probably a better choice than Unown, but that’s up to you! However, What do you mean by it’s power? Are you referring to the Power of Unown movie?


Yes mostly, my thought process was using the vaguely defined crystaline powers to dream up some more solid defenses but the more I'm thinking on it the more convoluted it becomes which probally isn't a good basis when Munna serves the main purposes in unverse so I shall go with that. I should have it in sometime tomorrow.


Name: Christopher “Chris” McGuffin

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Appearance: Done. A single word that sums up Chris entire appearance. One look at him and you can tell that he has been working hard for days and hasn’t stopped. His face is unshaven, stubble covering his chin. His hair is brown hair is messy yet combed. It has a few loose ends standing up and look like some who has tired to make an effort but rushed out the door. There are bags under his brown eyes and his body langue just gives off a tired vibe. He has the classic look of a washed up detective.

He is fairly broad shouldered and on the muscular side. He may look washed up but he’s taking care of himself physically. He wears a black suit, the blazer of which is a little scruffy, wrinkles here and there and a graze mark or too but still good enough to be considered smart. In his front pocket is a worn, brown leather notebook, clearly well used and frequently taken out. A white shirt in lies underneath, clean and pressed much neater than the blazer on top but lacking a tie and with the neck/collar buttons undone. The trousers match the suit, down to the grazes and wrinkles. His shoes are smart but dull from wear, clearly well used and travelled.

He has be known to swap out his cloths for others such as jeans, colourful t-shirts and looks of a more casual affair but his suit is the default look. He’s trying to maintain a degree of professionalism but is clearly too tired to keep up the charade. A Starboks coffee is seen frequently in his hand enough to be considered a part of his outfit too.

Personality: Exhausted is the main vibe that Chris gives off and for good reason, he is. He has been researching this case for days, if not weeks, and has come no closer to locating the cause. Frequently seen with a coffee cup in hand, he is every bit as tired as he looks and is trying to put on a brave face. He makes the effect to be as gentle and as pleasant as possible to people but he is running a short temper especially with “stupid” questions.

“Do you think its Darkrai?” “The nightmare inducing Pokémon? GENUIS! I DIDN’T THINK OF THAT! I’LL CALL THE LAB WE’VE SOLVED THE CASED!”

He’s trying not to snap but the case is getting to him. This is a patient zero case. He has to stop it here. People, children, are dying and he’ll be damned if that happens on his watch. He can be seen frequently piling over research notes on Pokémon trying to find a link between them and the case. Notes are sewn about his room and he has a notebook filled with theories and crossed out lines. Workaholic is an understatement but when the stakes are so high few can blame him.

He’s entertaining every possibility, even this creepy pasta “Buried Alive” that the Kantoian town of Lavender, dreamt up as another tourist trap seems plausible. He’ll follow whatever leads he can and selected Munna for his one Pokémon for its potential to solve this issue.

He does have a softer side that comes out in moments of quiet, particularly towards his partner Munna who he does have a habit of spoiling. He is also very protective, when the going gets tough, he’ll take charge and try and talk “kids” (those younger than 25) out of doing anything too dangerous though he will relent if pushed back. After all he was the same when he was there age.

He can also occasionally be seen wistfully looking at pictures of his wife, he’s clearly missing her and wants to get back to her but he has a job to do. Be careful about talking to him about her though… he won’t stop.

History: Chris is a researcher for the International Police Force’s, Paranormal Investigations unit. It’s very rooted in the reality of this world and is assigned to cases where the incident is believed to have involved the use of or been caused by the actions of Pokémon. It does require a lot of routine inspections and testing to see whether the application of Pokémon in society is fair and ethical but there’s also a lot of disaster prevention, crime scene investigation and detective work.

Pursued this carrier path due to his fascination with how Pokémon worked as a child. A particularly strong memory was with the family Castform that was used a climate control for the house. Its form changes mesmerised him and he asked his family “why it did that” and was met with the answer “because it does”. This didn’t satisfy him and so Chris decided to look it up and learned about Castform’s “designing” to be useful to humans. This spurned him into looking into more Pokémon, then research, then a carrier. While most kids went off to have adventures and challenge the league, Chris would up as an assistant at Professor Fennel’s Lab and their research into the dream world. He continued to study the applications of Pokémon to help out with human society and eventually his work got him recruited to the position he now holds.

He has over the years solved many peculiar cases such as a wave of headaches that lead to things disappearing, a trainer using a Vibrava to cover him stealing. A wave of sleeping sickness afflicting a town, a wild Jigglypuff trapped in the sewers. There are many more but his reputation is well known. He has been called in specifically to try and solve this mystery and while the default answer seems to be the Darkrai of lore, Chris can’t help but shake the feeling that theres something else at play.

Pokémon SU


Species: Munna

Personality: Nema is a Munna bred by the Fennel Research Lab for the ability to interact with dreams and dream world within. She has received extensive training to bring out the best in her abilities as an assistance Pokémon but has little in the way of actual battle experience. As a result when it comes to defeating ‘dreams and nightmares” she’s second to none… actual battles unless she’s against an uncoordinated Pokémon (e.g. wild); she will most likely loose.

Nema is fairly docile and rarely strays too far from Chris’s side. She come up and say hello but unless she’s gotten to know a person that will be the existent. She’s fairly timid around over Pokémon and is quick to back down, unless they are a patient. The only time she shows exceptional bravery is when she’s dealing with dreams and that’s mostly because she’s aware of just how much control she has over the dream.

Nema is a very food motivated Pokémon, particularly when it comes to sweet things, and can usually be encouraged to do something with the offer of a reward. She does have a spiteful streak too, particularly with Chris, where if she feels that he has wronged her by forcing her to deal with a “nasty nightmare”, she’ll go out her way to deprive him of pleasant sleep.

To further emprise her role as a support Pokémon I have provided additional information as to why she has her ability/moveset.

Ability: Synchronize – Used to better sync up with the patient

Hypnosis – Used to induce sleep.
Dream Eater – To project dreams/dispose of problematic dreams
Heal Bell – To ease restless sleep/wake up in an emergency
Psychic – To restrain sleepwalkers/ influence the dream


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@Skeith : Looks good! Your character will definitely come in handy for the plot! Accepted!
@Hydrangea :
Im assuming yours is done as well?

I will post the actual Role-play this week! So keep an eye out for it!


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@Skeith : Looks good! Your character will definitely come in handy for the plot! Accepted!
@Hydrangea :
Im assuming yours is done as well?

I will post the actual Role-play this week! So keep an eye out for it!
I gotta finish my history but then I'll be all done! Should have it done by tomorrow :)