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Dusk Until Dawn (Sign-Ups)[M]


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Definitely not my best work, or second best.. Or third for that matter.. But I'm finally done!


Hey! Is it too late to throw my hat into the ring?
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I'd like to reserve a spot, please.


Dropping this here!

Name: Bradshaw "Brad" Tanner
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Appearance: Brad isn't a particularly difficult person to read, and a lot can be surmised with a glance. His stride hints at confidence, and the fact that he never shuts up paints him as an extrovert. If his athletic build isn't good enough a clue that he does sports on the regular, the varsity jacket leaves little room for doubt. Emblazoned with his college's initials right below their badger mascot, it's a staple in his wardrobe and his pride and joy. Whatever shirt he wears underneath matters little. His shoes tend to be worn, but as much should be expected - after all, he doesn't skip out on daily jogs. Anything to get out of the house early in the morning. He stands at 6'3', with an angular face and a prominent nose. He hears it runs in the family.

Then there's the trinkets, which seem at odds with the rest of him. Watches, bracelets, sometimes necklaces, all conspicuously shiny and on display, almost as if he was flaunting them on purpose. But while they might look expensive to a casual observer, those in the know might be able to tell they're counterfeits and worth little actual money. Oh, and the wear and tear you sometimes spot on his jeans? He'll tell you they've always been there, and that it's a fashion statement. But he's not a very good liar.

Lately, his bad habits have started to catch up with him. His lungs aren't quite what they were before all the smoking, and he's not sure what's up with his liver. He tends to reek of at least one addictive substance at any given time, and sometimes finds himself in a coughing fit.

Personality: Loud and boisterous, Brad tends to leave some sort of an impression wherever he goes. Name a party - or any social gathering, really - and you can be sure to find him there. If not trying to find a drunken hookup, then making a name for himself at the pool table. Unless he's passed out under said table, that is. You would think that the son of an alcoholic would not so readily touch alcohol, but you'd be sorely mistaken. While he tends to turn to the cig more often than not when nervous or stressed, nicotine isn't quite as good a mind number as alcohol and leads to way less fun. It's fine, he can control it - he's just drinking cause his bros are. He doesn't have a problem, okay.

As is quickly clear, Brad tends to talk a lot and loves to socialize, even when it's completely one-sided. That is to say, even if you don't talk with him, he's going to keep talking at you like you're friends regardless. He's prone to thinking out loud and throwing 'clever' one-liners where he sees appropriate, even in situations that don't warrant it. Brad loves to laugh and loves making people laugh, but his humour is definitely not for everyone. He has a bad habit of showing affection by teasing or messing with people - something that has caused conflict between him and some of his peers in the past. He can be a bit 'too much' at times, and what he considers friendly teasing could easily be considered bullying when directed at someone unwitting. He also tends to insert himself into people's personal bubbles and drag them along for figurative and literal rides, oftentimes forgetting to get the others' permission in the process. After all, he didn't have bad intentions - and he hasn't quite grasped that intent isn't everything.

However, despite his 'devil may care' attitude and outwards confidence, Brad isn't without his sore spots. For one, he's a sucker for attention and is just as addicted to his friends' approval and praise as he is to nicotine. This makes him incredibly prone to peer pressure, often to a concerning degree. He isn't above breaking the law or putting himself (or others) in danger just to elicit a few amazed gasps and giggles from people. And though he will readily and audibly declare himself the leader of any group he finds himself in, his need for approval tends to make him unlikely to act in a way that would ruin his reputation - even if it would be objectively the 'right' thing to do. He can live with guilt. He can't live alone.

Speaking of being alone however, if you do manage to catch him without his group of friends, you'll find him somewhat more tolerable. He's still a reckless dude in love with his own voice, but he feels like he has less to prove to total strangers and isn't as likely to throw anyone under the bus to save his own face. His methods of talking to people and befriending them do remain unorthodox and forceful however, as does his lack of respect for personal boundaries. At the very least, he will fiercely look out for those in his inner circle, should you find yourself included in it. Sometimes he just needs a proverbial slap back to reality and a big hefty "NO."

History: Born in Stoiea, Brad's childhood is not something he readily brings up in conversation. From what he's gathered, his parents weren't in any way ready to raise a child, and his birth was the final straw in an already strained relationship. For as long as he can remember it's just been his father and him, living in a small house that reeks of alcohol and bad life choices. He's been told his mother was a skank, but considering his father's laundry list of personal problems, many of which deal with addiction and anger, Brad's inclined to believe otherwise. Just in case, though, he's never dared try and find her.

He has often found himself wishing his father would've left in her stead, though. Jason Tanner is - and always was - the nasty kind of drunkard, raising both his voice and his fists at each and every source of perceived insult. Growing up felt like navigating a minefield, and Brad did not come out unscathed. Needless to say, he avoided staying home whenever he could. It wasn't like there was much there, anyway; the Tanner family grew up quite poor. They did have a roof over their head and food on their plates (which was more than could be said for many other families out there), but not much else. The sports car Brad always wanted was a distant and unrealistic dream, and he was always aware of the fact.

High school was a turning point for him. He ended up joining a basketball team, if for no other reason than to find an excuse to spend time away from home. As it turned out, though, sports changed his life. Not only did he earn himself a sports scholarship, he became pretty popular - to a point where he started to feel like he had to hide his family's financial situation. A lot of his friends came from rich families, and he didn't want to feel like a loser among them. So, he started to fake it until he could make it; he took on part time jobs to at least get replicas of expensive brands and never brought anyone home. His car, he told everyone, was totaled in a street race (which he won, of course). He got a "new" one eventually - a rental ride he showed off whenever the need arose.

Things looked up for a while - as they always tended to, just before going downhill. His father fell victim to the nightmares recently. He went to sleep, and then didn't wake up the next day. Brad knew what that meant; if he didn't figure out this nightmare shit and quick, his old man was going to kick the bucket. And although Brad hated him with every fiber of his being, the asshole was still family. The only family he had. As a result, he's been trying to take care of him, the house, and everything his father apparently neglected to mention to him over the years. Like the fact that he was deep in debt, or had a criminal registry. Or that apparently, Brad's mother had tried to contact him at some point - 5 years ago. He's willing to bet there are more surprises in store among the rest of his father's papers, but hasn't had the nerves to go digging after the initial round of discoveries. As a result of the stress, Brad's started smoking again, a habit he'd managed to drop when he first got into sports. He already feels the effects, but can't bring himself to quit. Last time he tried, he ended up turning to alcohol instead.



Name: Xikar
Species: Magby
Ability: Vital Spirit - The Pokémon cannot be Asleep while having this ability.
Attacks: Confuse Ray, Flamethrower, Mach Punch (e), Smokescreen