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DustoxLox [DP - PT]

4-3/1 Gliscor LvX
2-1-2 Dustox
1-0-1 Jumpluff
2-2 Dugtrio
2/1 Uxie LvX
1 Azelf

2 Bebe's
4 Roseanne's
2 Looker's
4 Rare Candy
1 Lux Ball
4 PokeDrawer+
2 Night Maintenance
2 Stark Mountain

2 Call
5 Fighting
4 Grass

Dustox locks Pokemon with Special Conditions, Gliscor aids in that very swiftly. Jumpluff for annoyance and Dugtrio so as not to promote retreating from my opponent. Fairly straightforward.

Though I believe the decklist to look very strong, it has thus far suffered from 50% of its starts being slow (Not something easily donked like a lone Hoppip start mind you, just taking 5 turns to get out both Dustox and Gliscor, thus meaning I lost those matches) and also has some problems keeping the Special Conditions on my opponent. Those two areas are where I need the most help.

I would prefer if no more Bebe's are recommended for use, as I only have 2 (Yes, I am deathly serious), however am open for any type of criticism on any card(s), provided a reason is given.

(Copy/Pasted from Pokebeach in case anyone is seeing doubles. @-@)
Broken time space? let's you evolve turn you play something. 4 candy is pushing it, try 2. DP Dusknoir kills this. Perhaps take out dugtrio? Finally: consider Skuntank G. Free retreat to another Gliscor: BANG!- L
2 BTS and 2 Candy is the revised list now. I know it does, Dusknoir counter? I have a few ideas on other techs to add and take out.

Mainly I need engine help. 2/1 Uxie LvX, 3 Pokedex and 4 PokeDrawer+ off to a good start? xD