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Duuuddee... Pass the blunt...


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Yes. most people on the forum agree.


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I've heard it's less dangerous than alcohol, so I don't see why not. We already waste a lot of police resources of this reletively harmless drug. But then, I'm no expert.



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Make it legal. Most people here in Oregon don't use t for medical purposes, they just tell a doctor their back hurts and voilà.


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Ok maybe we need it SOMETIMES not all the time guys.
What does that even mean? We don't need cars all the time but sometimes we do so we should just ban cars because they cause far more devastating accidents than if a punch of unaware people would run into each other or buildings and pollute the air. See what I did there.
I've heard it's less dangerous than alcohol, so I don't see why not. We already waste a lot of police resources of this reletively harmless drug. But then, I'm no expert.
It is. I'd have to dig up the Lancet article, but marijuana is less addictive and less harmful than either tobacco or alcohol, both of which are legal. Marijuana contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which, as we know, has various health benefits, up to and including staving off cancer.

Legalizing Marijuana and levying a tax on it could save us a huge amount of money... not only by making a major cut to spending on the Drug War (I think possession of marijuana is actually classified as a greater crime than possession of cocaine, but I could be wrong on this one.), but also by raising revenue from sales of marijuana.

Legalizing and taxing marijuana is a good thing. End of story. I also believe that if you oppose its legalization, you should also be in favor of illegalizing tobacco and alcohol, but this is personal opinion.


Me So Thorny
Woohoo!!! Viral Thread! And That Rash guy's getting pummeled. Too bad profesco might close this because almost everyone here's a pothead XDD.


Me So Thorny
HECK NO! Marijuana is a reckless drug and would only cause traffic incidents, public disturbances, and legal troubles.
All it would cause is a bunch of people being lazy, laughing at things that aren't funny, and eating a lot.


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The US economy disagrees with you as well as the DEA's budget.
C'mon really? If marijuana is legalized, the DEA will have to come up with a truckload of new regulations to regulate the sale of the drug. They also have to figure out how to catch and punish those who use the drug illegally (like buying it from a dealer on the black market without paying taxes) that will take time, manpower, and a bunch of money. So it really won't help the DEA any. For example, they have to think stuff like, "Do we get the FDA involved in regulating THC?" "How do we deal with the stronger, black market stuff?" "Exactly what about marijuana are we legalizing?".

If weed is legalized, the country won't become a perfect utopia where law enforcement and rules aren't needed. We'll still need the DEA and all that I mentioned above, and plus it won't necessarily save the economy. It's a guarantee that hundreds of people will try to grow their own marijuana and make a profit by selling it without the ($50) tax, because seriously, who wants to pay $50 every time they want to get high? The obvious solution is to monitor and regulate THC, hemp, and whatever, right? But that goes back to the DEA, who will have to deal with the strain of doing that and will definitely not be happy that marijuana was legalized.
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