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Duuuddee... Pass the blunt...

Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by R4GEKILL!!!, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. BurningWhiteKyurem

    BurningWhiteKyurem Well-Known Member

    Just because it's illegal doesn't mean that it prevents people from having access to marijuana (1920's Alcohol Prohibition for instance).

    Let me ask you something, how do you perceive marijuana as 'dangerous?'

    It has to come to consistency, it makes 0 sense for alcohol to be legalized with the harms to human life when marijuana is criminalized and causes no death.
  2. Eterna

    Eterna Well-Known Member

    No, but it being illegal stops people from using it openly and in great quantities. Marijuana is dangerous because it impairs motor skills.

    Why though? In my opinion Alcohol should also be illegal, but it's so ingrained into our society that it's removal isn't possible at this point. I'm still not seeing why we should allow another substance that affects motor skills and can lead to harm just based on the principle and the fact we already have one that is legal.

    And if something is legal then yes, it's popularity will increase as there is no repercussions for using it.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2012
  3. Bolt the Cat

    Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder

    Because it's unjust to say you can do X and not Y arbitrarily when they both do the same thing, that goes against the idea of freedom. There has to be some logical reason why Y is more harmful than X to justify that.
  4. Eterna

    Eterna Well-Known Member

    I agree, but I think both should be illegal. But since that will never happen, we may as well keep one dangerous substance away. It's not perfect but I feel it's necessary.
  5. BurningWhiteKyurem

    BurningWhiteKyurem Well-Known Member

    You're assuming that the effects are consistent (like alcohol) when it is the contrary:


    What do you mean why? What kind of law would allow inconsistencies? And you're making the presumption that if decriminalized, that marijuana is going to run amok with no restrictions. That will be false, considering that the government will probably attempt to put as many restrictions as possible (decriminalizing marijuana would affect economics so gov't needs to rectify that, which is going to affect consumption which also needs rectification, which affects consumption with regards to driving etc. which also needs rectification. So basically decriminalization would lead to revisions). Bolt summed it up nicely when he said it's unfair (and arbitrary) to allow X to be legal while Y is illegal due to undermining the core principles of freedom.
  6. Eterna

    Eterna Well-Known Member

    I'm not assuming anything, the evidence you linked even said "evidence of marijuana's culpability in on-road driving accidents and injury is far less clear." So we legalize it and hope for the best? And saying that cannabis induced impairments are less severe than alcohol impairments seems like poor justification for it to be legal. the fact remains it does impair you and accidents will happen.

    No, I'm well aware that it would be restricted. But restrictions haven't stopped multiple cases of drunk driving incidents.
  7. BurningWhiteKyurem

    BurningWhiteKyurem Well-Known Member

    That's why I said 'assuming effects are stable and consistent,' the study said less-clear because it is referring to how when studying subjects, the effects of cannibis on subject A could be more adverse than subject B's, whereas with alcohol, you consistently see that it impairs judgement. Even then other quotes have supported the idea that there is no clear-cut evidence to assume that cannibis will cause accidents.
  8. Eterna

    Eterna Well-Known Member

    But why take the risk?
  9. Royal_Qeca

    Royal_Qeca Pokémon Blue

    Marijuana doesn't kill. It kills as much as drinking water (which means that the lethal dose has to be huge to kill).

    Why worries? Just be happy and smoke. Don't like? Don't smoke.
  10. Again, it's in the thread. Your refusal to read does not mean it does not exist.
  11. BurningWhiteKyurem

    BurningWhiteKyurem Well-Known Member

    From that same study.

  12. VIA

    VIA <<< Recent Shiny

    I smoke most days so this will seem very prejudiced but I bought the D.E.A.R. bullcrap as a kid. Ill admit Ive driven while stoned, it was not good judgement and I regret it but I have to say - It didn't affect my driving at all and I was super high. Coming down from a high while driving is about as stupid as driving drunk but driving WHILE in an active high is not that dangerous in my experiences. You get tired while coming down from a high and there have been times where I come back from "walks" at 6:00 at night and take an hour long nap. Maybe thats just me but I'm just putting in my 2 cents.

    As far as legalizing it goes. Its not a dangerous drug. Its safe to use no one has ever died from it. It has no known cases of direct links to lung cancer and your lungs dont start breaking down until after 7 years of heavy smoking and even then the affect is minimal. Its better than most known pharmaceutical drugs for a variety of reasons and can slow down tumors particularly in the brain and lungs. Lung cancer.... oh how ironic this is..
  13. Soldierer

    Soldierer Member

    You do realize most of the drugs humans consume impair motor skills right? Most of the drugs you take for valid medical reasons, even cold and allergy medicine, shouldn't be used in conjunction with heavy machinery, eg cars. Unless you think all drugs should be banned because they can potentially be very dangerous you're just being arbitrary here.
  14. VIA

    VIA <<< Recent Shiny

    Ive decided to end any nonsense in this thread concerning myths.
    Myth: It kills brain cells.
    A study done by Ronald Reagon that said weed caused brain damage. The study was done like this: They pumped 63 strong joints thought a gasmask for an excessive amount of time(more than 5 minutes) with no air. After 4 minutes your brain shuts down and you start suffocating which is why there was brain cell damage. Besides the fact they were suffocating the moneys 63 joints in 5 minutes is way more than humanly possible to intake.

    Link to new study showing CUB coud stimulate braincells: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2005/10/051016083817.htm

    Myth 2: It causes lung cancer: There has never been one case of lung cancer where the person used ONLY marijuana. The chemicals in tobacco are HUGELY different from marijuana mainly in the way its mixed and in the actual chemical itself. Only 50% of a tobacco cigar is tobacco the rest is much more harmful chemicals that reduce the harshness of the smoke and make it smokeable and enjoyable.

    LINK: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/05/25/AR2006052501729.html

    Myth 3 Mairjuana is a gateway drug: Marijuana can only be considered a gateway drug this way: When you go to a dealer selling weed if hes a serious dealer he could also be selling harder drugs like cocaine or meth. He may try to push these drugs on you or you may be more inclined to try them. That is the ONLY reason that marijuana is a gateway drug. Taking the drug is your own choice and self control. If you wanna try harder drugs go ahead but dont blame it on the herb! Also all my friends who DO smoke it started on alcohol and cigarettes not weed.

    LINK: http://healthland.time.com/2010/10/29/marijuna-as-a-gateway-drug-the-myth-that-will-not-die/

    Anyone who is against marijuana because of impaired motor skills HAS to be against alcohol and a variety of other abused pharmaceutical drugs like Adderal and even Asprin(yes to much asprin can impair motor skills) or they are just being prejudiced. I havent really checked the entire thread but does anyone really know why marijuana is ilegal? The days of Harry Anslinger?
  15. Whitn3y

    Whitn3y Pretty Princ3ss!

    I believe every drug should be completely legal and (somewhat) unregulated. (A bottle of cocaine should really have 100% cocaine, not baking powder) It's the buyers responsibility to use his purchased drugs in a safe manner, not mine or the nanny states. I don't mean just narcotics either. If you want a bottle of Lithium then bygod you should be able to buy it. If you were too dumb to ask a doctors opinion and it turns out making you sterile then that's your own fault. Same thing with seat belts, safety goggles, bright orange hunting vests........ safety is your own personal responsibility!
  16. iFi Salamander

    iFi Salamander I'm a vampire!

    Oh trust me, you don't want shrooms legal within a 90 mile radius of you.

    Marijuana is fine to legalize. Alcohol has been proven to kill more brain cells than weed.
  17. Flash-Sama

    Flash-Sama ...Nonsense

    Yes it should. It puts everyone in a better mood.
    The only thing I would advise new blunt rollers to stay home and smoke on your porch (if youre old enough to)
    But another good reason herb is should be legalized is because everyone will be hungry..making the food industries more money due to hunger alone.
    They will need to get product from someone that can match the demand rate of people that are going to said food places.
    They will turn to the farmers and hence they will make more money and everyone is happy

    The only downfall I see is that maybe the government would manufacture and too me that wouldnt be the same thing that was grown

    But anyways..smoke up..lifes short :)

    Peace out and be safe ;p
  18. BurningWhiteKyurem

    BurningWhiteKyurem Well-Known Member

    The government would be ALL over that for prescription drugs. You're going to take away accountability on the Drug Company's behalf to blame the consumer for a prescription drug that may have been deemed harmful?

    Imagine that being implemented during the Vioxx Era...
  19. MTeriyaki

    MTeriyaki Well-Known Member

    well its legal here in california and if youre smart youd just go to your doctor and make up some lies about being chronically depressed or some other bull. Itll eventually be legalized whether you want it to or not. history repeats itself (prohibition)
  20. Actually, all those medical marijuana places are closing down now. (I live in California too) I guess some law changed.

    Honestly, it shouldn't be illegal just because it impairs motor skills. Being tired impairs motor skills too. Just let people do what they want! If people are sitting in their backyard smoking weed, how is that hurting anybody? Yeah, if studies find that driving high is dangerous, then sure, make DUI laws. But seriously, also tax it! Imagine the economy boost! Drug cartels in Mexico will be out of business as well, so more jobs in the USA!

    EDIT: Also, as for the other drugs, maybe they should be legal but heavily controlled (like guns?). You would need a license or something. Actually, studies have shown that the use of drugs is more widespread in countries where they are illegal.
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2012

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