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Duuuddee... Pass the blunt...

Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by R4GEKILL!!!, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. StoneyPikachu

    StoneyPikachu The Highest Trainer

    hell if it didn't support the evidence that it isn't harmful

    if anything, you proved a good point. the ridiculous studies that say it IS harmful would never say It takes more studies, because they're morally unjust trying to spread mis-information
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2012
  2. Lolsgod

    Lolsgod Sexy Trainer

    YOU JUST SAID FIND A NEWER STUDY! so let me get this straight, you can use studies from whenever you want but I can't use older studies sayings it harmful? Thats quite the double standard and if you actually looked at the links I posted, they are all from 2011/2012

    This study may be old but I talks about depression and anxiety associated with the drug due to addiction. This link even talks about how cannibus effects your body itself http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/expertadvice/problems/alcoholanddrugs/cannabis.aspx Also how the users have risk of developing mental problems like schizophrenia.

    This link: http://recoveringaddict.hubpages.co...toms-Insomnia--anxiety--iritability--headache talks about the withdrawl effects as well as this link too:http://www.nature.com/npp/journal/v29/n1/full/1300310a.html
    Which at one point state "oral THC administered during marijuana abstinence significantly decreased ratings of anxiety, misery, chills, self-reported sleep disturbance, and reversed the anorexia and the weight loss associated with marijuana withdrawal"
    Clearly theres more to this than just the short term effects
  3. irock245

    irock245 She wants it

    I just read the last pages since I posted

    You guys are sad

    I like how many of you took grammar into account and then couldn't even use correct grammar yourselves, but this isn't the point of this thread

    since experience is now a legit source of info, why don't we take internet fanfiction, Westboro Baptist Church, and Flat Earth Society as credible sources too

    I've got my own example to show. I'm not trying to prove anything, just adding some food for thought. If somebody calls this kid stupid, it might actually be true

    So this kid said he can do perfectly well in school when high. I call utter BS. He says he's high at that very moment and isn't showing any symptoms. He also says he got caught a few days ago by a policeman, and by just agreeing with the policeman, got off scot-free. This, I know, is absolute BS. So a month later, this kid is sitting at my friends table(we're all in this math and science academy, this kid isn't) and suddenly comes up with a completely untrue nonsense about brain waves going faster than light and bouncing off the edge of the universe(we were talking about elementary aspects of astrophysics, since one boy at my table is going to end up with that profession). He also says he's high at that moment. Right before he blew his mouth off, he gets angry at us for no reason, calling us smart guys (we are, but he was being sarcastic). Then he refers to the statement above as college level physics. We're all high school freshmen.

    How far America has fallen, idiots trying to prove every aspect of their argument correct with the use of circular reasoning

    one last thing, just because something causes symptoms like another completely different object doesn't mean you can compare it with certainty

    Diet soda is not regular soda,alcohol is not weed, marijuana is not cocaine

    Find the ****ing middle ground
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2012
  4. Lolsgod

    Lolsgod Sexy Trainer

    Thanks mate, agree with you entirely, I hope my arguments have not fallen into this category of circular reasoning and logical fallacies
  5. ShinyUmbreon189

    ShinyUmbreon189 RealTalkRealFlow

    @Lolsgod, so you can post links to be fact but if someone else posts facts as well disagreeing with you then it's not true? Let me get that double barrel shotgun and aim back at yourself, you got quite a double standard there. First off, let me get this straight. Did you seriously, just post a link saying that users from cannibus go through withdraws? Na, marijuana does not have withdraws NOR is it addicting.. Actually, let me restate my phrase. Anything can be addicting. Video games, your playing trough a campaign but you desperately wanna keep playing because you wanna know what happens next. Is that not addicting? Your listening to music but everyones going to bed forcing you to quit playing it, but instead you put in headphones to feed your addiction. That isn't addiction? You take a sip of your favorite soda and keep drinking more and more and eventually have a couple a day, is that not addicting? What I'm trying to say is, anything can be addicting whether it be video games, music, soda, or even smoking marijuana. I'm sure the addiction I'm talking about isn't valid because you don't agree with it, and I'm not posting scientific proof right? There is no ****ing scientific proof, it's blatant common sense which you don't have. Maybe StoneyPikachu is right, you may be delusional and brainwashed.

    Marijuana is mentally addicting, but not physically addicting. What that means is the body doesn't need it, it just wants it. Just like you want that soda pop so bad, but that doesn't make it physically addicting. Mental addictions WILL NOT make the body go through withdrawls. Do you go through withdaws if you don't got your video games? No, but you miss them and really wanna play them but that doesn't mean you NEED them does it? The only way to go through withdrawls is if the substance is physically addicting meaning you GOTTA have it. Once you get addicted to crack cocaine you can't stop, and it leads to brutal withdrawls. A person addicted to crack cocaine will do anything to get they're fix; whether it be prostituting themselves or robbing money. Signs of withdrawls are; flu like symptoms, extreme depression (beyone belief, I've seen it first hand), possible thoughts of suicide, anger and aggression towards others or loved ones (the mental balance from the drug is causing this), if severe enough; possible mental illnesses telling them to kill, rob, rape for money etc. Drug users going through withdrawls from hardcore drugs may turn into psychopaths if they don't get they're fix. While a marijuana smoker, even daily could stop if they wanted to without withdrawls. Sure, a marijuana somker doesn't wanna give it up but they don't go through withdrawls, even if they did then they are nowhere near as severe as other drugs. They may get slight depression, that's it. I'm sure if StoneyPikachu wanted to, he could quit smoking with the snap of his fingers. True, he may not wanna quit, but he could if he wanted to or had to, just like any other marijuana user, once again proving it's not addicting.

    I don't need to prove proof of evidence because I just explained it. If you still believe that bs article then you are for sure brainwashed by society.

    Let me guess, none of this is true and invalid information right? Yea, we can't post our own opinions which are facts and you can.... Haha, your such a joke.

    Here's proof it doesn't cause cancer, it actually helps it.. But let me guess, it's not valid information either because you disagree with it? This is what I'm talking about with having both sides of the discussion as scientific proof. THERE'S BOTH SIDES OF THE DISCUSSION AND THERE'S NO WAY TO PROVE WHICH IS RIGHT. Your just walking in seashells dude.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2012
  6. Steampunk

    Steampunk One Truth Prevails

    And you criticise us for bad grammar.
    Secondly, I just read an article (ill try to find the link) that video game addiction can as bad if not worse for your mind than a drug addiction. That being said what more of an effect can something that affects your (possibly long term) mental state over something that never changes your mental state until it has gotten out of hand?
  7. ShinyUmbreon189

    ShinyUmbreon189 RealTalkRealFlow

    I'm using my PS3 browser atm which is a big pain in the ***. I type fast and it doesn't register that fast, so idk which words I mispelled or not, sorry if I mispelled something. Nor is there grammer check.

    It's called a mental addiction bro. There's no physical addiction from video games dude, video games aren't a substance, they're electronical devices. There is no long term mental addiction from marijuana, the addiction lasts anywhere from 3-10 days, but for some people up to 14 days max. Meaning marijuana addiction can't get out of hand. Crack cocaine can tho. It can cause people to do things out of the ordinary to get they're fix, which is the physical addiction. There's actually a good from marijuana addiction tho. The only reason people smoke it is to get high right? Well the THC (substance that gets you high) in marijuana sticks to your fatty cells in your body and depending on size and metabolism of the user determines how long it's gonna take for the THC to flush out of they're system. Depending on the amount of THC, size and metabolism it can take anywhere from 1-30 days. 1 day is only 1 try so about 3-30 days. If the users a chronic user and very, very obese with a slow metabolism then it can take longer than 30 days. With that being said, since the user doesn't have any marijuana left next time they smoke they'll just get higher with less marijuana.
  8. Steampunk

    Steampunk One Truth Prevails

    Yeah I post from a kindle so i get that.
    But you missed my point. Video games can have extremely long term negative mental effects but you saythat something that goes into your body and effects how you think doesn't?
  9. ShinyUmbreon189

    ShinyUmbreon189 RealTalkRealFlow

    I never said neither of the 2 don't have negative effects. You should know the difference between a mental and physical addiction. Neither video games or cannibus has a physical addiction. The long term addiction your talking about may be them missing memories or the thrill of the 2, am I correct? Eventually a user that smokes marijuana and quit cold turker will have mental addiction for about a week to 10 days. But over time they still want it but it's not addiction, it's just them missing the memories of smoking it. Eventually after about a month that wont even happen anymore. But if they watch a movie promoting it then the addiction will come back but go away the next day.
  10. Lolsgod

    Lolsgod Sexy Trainer

    Define the difference between and physical addiction and a mental addiction please, I don't follow. And how have I not given any proof? Coming from the guy who uses no sourcing and makes claims without fact to back it up. Marijuana is addicting and you WILL go through withdrawls if you actually read my posts and links thoroughly you'd understand that, I am not brainwashed, having an opinion that goes against yours does not mean the big old mean government is brainwashing me. I can respect StonyPikachu because he actually looks stuff up (i dunno if he reads it all) but at least he attempts to back up his claim, unlike yourself.

    Big edit: so i read all the posts and caught myself up, If you actually read my sources you'd see that marijuana causes depression, anxiety etc. Your definition of physical and mental addiction makes no sense either, you say oh well weed only makes you depressed but it not crack which is a physical addiction.... which does the same thing? As for the source you posted, okay so we use it for cancer patients? I think the effect it has on cancer patients is great and that is should be used to help them BUT a major mistake would be saying that it "cures" cancer, it does not. It controls the can control cell growth but does not cure cancer, it helps ease the pain, it doesn't make cancer magically poof away. And I think relating this to a video game addiction is way off the mark, video game addiction and gambling addiction can fit into the same category while videogame addiction and weed addiction cannot be compared because in one instance I am doing something in the other i am putting something into my body

    Oh second edit: I like how your whole profile is weed oriented now. Totally doesn't make you look like a idiot
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2012
  11. ShinyUmbreon189

    ShinyUmbreon189 RealTalkRealFlow

    Your seriously asking me the difference between physical and mental addiction? Pff, I'm not gonna waste my time. I already explained it.
  12. Lolsgod

    Lolsgod Sexy Trainer

    Read my edit :)
  13. ShinyUmbreon189

    ShinyUmbreon189 RealTalkRealFlow

    You wanna know the facts about marijuana? Research Sativa and Indica marijuana. Sativa is given to patients with anxiety, depression, and pain. Indica as well is, but risks the intensity of it. It's not guaranteed to help with them nor intensify it. But Sativa strains are guaranteed to help it. You can countrol your state of mind high on Sativa, on Indica you can't. The reason Sativa strains helps with depression is because it relaxes you and calms you down. Indica strains give out a more intense high.
  14. Lolsgod

    Lolsgod Sexy Trainer

    But what you're more than likely using is not a controlled and well thought out dose like this and if it becomes legalized I doubt it will be, corporations will want to abuse people just like the cigarette industry does, for money. Also I've done plenty of research and you just continue to pull more things about marijuana outta your ***. I looked these strains up btw and it took me to all these growing sites that show know no negatives effects... I wonder why.... oh because they want a profit
  15. ShinyUmbreon189

    ShinyUmbreon189 RealTalkRealFlow

    I honestly don't know how to explain it. All marijuana strains act different. Certain strains are used for daytime user and some are used for nightime use. Wanna know why they show no negative effects? IT'S CALLED MEDICAL MARIJUANA FOR A REASON! Why else would it be called medical marijuana? Just to give it a random name?
  16. Lolsgod

    Lolsgod Sexy Trainer

    When used medically its used for the positive effects on cancer because the amount it helps cancer patients outweights its negative effects. And if it was legalized as medical treatment for cancer nation wide then I'd be fine with that. And if it was made legal who's saying they'd give you medical marijuana? And according to this source: http://www.thebody.com/content/art5021.html Medical marijuana still has the same effects as regular weed...... So argument fail XD
  17. ShinyUmbreon189

    ShinyUmbreon189 RealTalkRealFlow

    You don't know what medical marijuana is. Medical marijuana my friend is given out to more than just cancer patients. It's given out to people suffering from depression, anxiety, pain, insomnia, glauchoma, cancer, adhd, tourettes, aids, etc. Not every strain of marijuana will help all of them. Why do you think people with insomnia get a small variety of strains? Why do you think people suffering from depression are given a small variety? The same goes for every medical issue. That's why it's called medical marijuana. You don't give xanax to a patient suffering pain, it's used for anxiety. You don't give patients with anxiety vicodin, vicodin's a pain med, it's for pain genius. The same goes for marijuana. Each strain acts differently.
  18. Lolsgod

    Lolsgod Sexy Trainer

    But they all still have the same negative effects.... You can't over look that. I really don't understand what you're getting at with this "each strain is different" argument, if they all still have the same negative effect then it doesn't matter. Also why use weed as a antidepressant and pain killer when we already have those? in fact you named to drugs we could use in place of them so why add more to the mix especially with the negative effects?
  19. ShinyUmbreon189

    ShinyUmbreon189 RealTalkRealFlow

    Those pain meds I mentioned have awful negative effects. You can't deny they don't. Every drug is gonna have negative effects to an extent, everyone already knew this. I never said marijuana has 0 negative effects. If a specific strain helps with anxiety then it won't cause it. How can a drug cause something it already has? Xanax is far more dangerous because it's a controlled substance meaning powdered chemicals made by humans. Xanax has a physical addiction if abused while marijuana doesn't. Xanax has a high addiction too and easy to overdose on. Actually overtime the drug will take its course and eventually attack the body whether they're addicted or not but that can take years. The same goes for any prescription medications. But if Xanax is abused it could intensify the illness. Marijuana strains targeting anxiety help if abused still won't cause anxiety, it will just cause paranoia. There's a difference.
  20. Lolsgod

    Lolsgod Sexy Trainer

    Well hold there, you make it sound marijuana just magically gets rid of these problems, it doesn't and what negative effects are associated with pain killers other than possible addiction? Weed is not a long term solution to pain or anxiety, but I don't think comparing pain killers and weed are fair, I refer you to Irocks post

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