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Duuuddee... Pass the blunt...

Well in this day of age most of the people who are still against the legalization of marijuana are old school politicians the cotton and textile industry (who would not be to happy about the legalization of hemp usage) and well...some ignorant people. To be honest the America is in a time of change and this doesnt even just apply to marijuana. I would not be surprised if in the next ten years or so the push to legalize marijuana blew up. Also the arguement that marijuana is unhealthy and all that is a bad one. If that is the basis to keep marijuana illegal then stuff like cigarettes should be getting the same heat.

i think if people want to die/ face the health problems thats their problem and their decision

This much at least of what you say is true. This is one of the arguements that keeps cigarettes legal as well yes? Well really it applys to weed to. Even if marijuana were really that bad if cigarettes (which is much worse for you than some weed) are supported by the arguement then it definitely should support weed to.


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Well, all in all, regardless of whether I like it or not weed is more than likely going to get legalized. The only thing thats stopping it from being legalized now is the members of the congress and senate. The only things I have left to say are that the people here who support both sides still have a lot of research to do, its a controversial issue because there is a huge gray area, not because of on specific event. Also many people who defend it due to personal usage are... just ignorant and support a claim because of personal enjoyment. Finally people who think that weed not being legalized is some government conspiracy are wrong, the reason it hasn't been legalized is because the members of congress and the senate are not "with the times".

It's been real interesting seeing peoples methods of arguing and kinda just proves how crazy people on the internet are. XD

Hunter Zolomon

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Personally I could careless about smoking, cigarettes, weed, anything. This is just MY personal opinion. I think smoking anything is nasty, unhealthy and gross. This is all just MY personal opinion. I honestly don't care if any other people smoke thats their business, but for me I have never smoked anything and never will. I have always lived a athletic healthy lifestyle. Not only that, but smoking seems pointless to me. I guess I have just never understood what's so great about getting high, or even smoking a cigarette. I don't know, I guess i'm just weird.

I will never smoke period, but as I said if others want too thats their business.
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