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Dyna-/Gigantomax Levels for trainers

Lord Godwin

The Lord of Darkness
Can anyone please post at which Dyna-/Gigantomax Levels are the in-game trainers use for each battle (Gym Battles/Champion Cup semifinals/Finals/Rematches etc)?
I was under the impression they use the max (10) lv all The Time until someone posted that Hop has a lower lv for Inteleon compared to other Starters in the Champion Cup semi-finals (lv 2 and 3 respectively from what I remember) and it made me think about it.

I would be thankful for any info:)

Lord Godwin

The Lord of Darkness
Tkanks for The effort but it's not what I am searching for as the pages don't have Dynamax Levels.
Dynamax level:

When you Dynamax, both your current Hit Points and max Hit Points are multiplied by a value, so you never actually recover any Hit Points.

Each Pokémon has got a Dynamax Level which determines the boost it receives. This can be increased using Dynamax Candy

Dynamax Level Hit Point Boost
Level 0 *1.5
Level 1 *1.55
Level 2 *1.6
Level 3 *1.65
Level 4 *1.7
Level 5 *1.75
Level 6 *1.8
Level 7 *1.85
Level 8 *1.9
Level 9 *1.95
Level 10 *2


I don't think the exact Dynamax level itself is said anywhere on the sites, I can't even remember it said on the pastebins during leaking. Best case scenario is to assume that it's maxed out for NPC trainers.