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Dynamax Adventures Thread


Well-Known Member
Because of the influx of Dynamax Adventures threads popping up, I have decided to make this thread for convenience to consolidate requests.

Looking to catch a specific Pokemon in Dynamax Adventures so you'll be the OT? Looking for the coordinates for a certain Pokemon so you can shiny hunt for them? If so, this thread is for you!

Be sure to be specific regarding which Pokemon you're looking for!


New Member
Hi, I'm looking for Solgaleo, Tornadus and Ho-oh from sword version. Can anybody help me with them, please?

Thanks in advance


New Member
I need some help. I am only 3 legend pokemon away from having them all from the Max Lair, and I would like all of them (I guess you can say I am bit of a completionist)

The Pokemon legends are:

and Latias

Please someone help me


Hi! I'm looking for latias and palkia raids. In return, I can help with sword-exclusive legendaries. PM me if you're interested.


<--Magic Bounce
Hey friends! I’m looking for Stakataka Adventures (so that I can shiny hunt it). I can offer Tornadus, Rayquaza, or Nihilego adventures in exchange if you like :)


Well-Known Member
I have Groudon and Lugia raids available
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New Member
Looking for Lugia, Kyogre, Zekrom and Yvetal raids. Can lead to any other legendaries in return.

Edit: Just need Zekrom now to complete my legendary collection. Will lead to Sword exclusives and any of the shared legendaries in return.
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Island Challenger
I have the route to Necrozma but have no challenged yet. Anyone want to link up and take Necrozma on?


Crimson Dragon
im missing Thundurus, Zekrom, Yveltal,Latias and Lugia. i do have a solgaleo raid path saved on the file but cant do anything at the moment until i renew the online subscription for my switch. i didnt really save many paths in my previous runs as they didnt have much save value until i noticed this thread.


Champion of the Zora
Could anyone please help with Dialga or Tornadus raids? I'm in playing Shield but these are literally the last x2 I dont have, they just never pop up for me. Any help would be much appreciated. I dont have any paths left saved apart from Nihilego unfortunately.


cilan lives forever in my heart
Anyone have a Reshiram path for me? I don’t want to run through a billion adventures with random people that take 30 minutes because of lag time/move animations in hopes of getting one.


Active Member
If anyone has a Zygarde path I would much appreciate getting in on it. I can offer Articuno or Heatran paths in exchange.


Well-Known Member
Hello, looking for Solgaleo's route and would greatly appreciate it if anyone can help, also can offer Lunala's route.
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Deluded Dreamer
Hello I have sword version and I would love to get the shield version exclusives legendaries. Is anyone willing to add me as a friend, host a shield exclusive legendary and let me join?


New Member
I need a Tornadus path if anyone has one. I can offer giratina, zygarde, Dialga in turn. Tornadus-T is the last mon I need for my full form living dex. So I would appreciate it.
Hello everyone,

I know this thread is some months old already, but maybe someone can help me here ^^

I own the Sword edition and am currently looking for the Shield exclusive legendaries. If someone has some paths saved, I would be very glad.

Thank you :)