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E3 2021 Speculation/Discussion

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Devolver Digital will finally win E3 if Nintendo and Bamco don't blow them out of the water.

Proof that trade shows are becoming a relic in favor of what Sony is doing.

Too bad it doesn't mean the end of the ESA(Who runs E3 and made gaming a stock game though bullshit neoliberal self-regulation via lobbying and fake self-policibg garbage that doesn't work...airtight regulations by qualified government officials who know what they're talking about do.).

Trade associations are a group effort. Businesses must collectively agree on terms and practices in order for the association to operate, and every major company in the gaming industry is part of the ESA, including Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Warner Bros., Capcom, Square-Ennix, Sega, and Bandai Namco.

Companies also depend on trade associations to ensure they have a foot in a region's market. Cooperation amongst all members is vital to ensure a place in that market. This is why it's clear Nintendo - and Sony for that matter - isn't giving up E3, or their membership in the ESA. They leave, and their spot in the market could be in jeopardy.

It's kind of like The Commission on Presidential Debates, only more fun.


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I don't mean a literal booth, but rather Nintendo is still billed in E3's list of exhibitors, which the official Nintendo site and YouTube channel notes as well. I'm more than certain exhibitors still had to pay for their spot in the schedule, otherwise the organizers wouldn't make any money.

I'm not sure where you got the "Nintendo doesn't care about E3" part. They seem quite invested.
Their Direct is self-hosted, E3 probably approached Nintendo asking to include it, because E3 is making most of its money this year from all the sponsorships and ads being run. Nintendo stopped having an E3 presser several years ago in favour of these (pre-recorded) Directs, and they seem to be quite happy with that decision.

As time goes on it becomes easier and easier for a company to just post their own little reveals and stuff, like a Direct or Sony's State of Play. E3 isn't going to just die tomorrow, but it's partially why we don't get the amount of huge reveals we have in years passed. Publishers can simply announce these things whenever and however they want now, that's more what people expect than waiting for 4 day period in the middle of the year.


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BOTW2 set for 2022 release, thats nice.

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Thoughts about the Direct:
So far it has been looking good! I like who was revealed for Smash. And wasn’t Metroid Dread the name of the cancelled Metroid DS game? And did anyone else think that the controller Wario was using looked a lot like the Rotom Dex? I am into in the new Mario Party game. Warioware, I am not so sure about. Super Monkey Ball seems intriguing but I don’t think it’s right for me. Fatal Frame looks good but I’ve never played any of the other games. I’m not big on Monster Hunter so pass. Strange Brigade has an interesting gimmick but I’m not big on shooters. Mario + Rabbids looks great in terms of graphics but I really couldn’t get into the first game. Advance Wars is returning? Interesting. I thought that series was considered to be dead given the long gap in between games. I really need to get both Hyrule Warriors games. I just keep passing them up even though I think the concept is great. I’m definitely getting that Zelda Game and Watch! Although you’d think the Game And Watch Game would be the Zelda game. It will look great next to my Mario Game and Watch. BotW 2 makes me wonder if Skyloft will be in the game still thriving with a new more technologically advanced civilization.

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Nintendo won and it wasn't even a competition. They completely trounced everyone out of the ground.
Nintendo rarely has a bad Direct and always delivers at least one thing to make players excited for in the future. They know how to show off new games without losing viewers’ attention.


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Life is Strange is so good and anyone who hasn’t tried it out should really give it a look

Heck yea. I have the first game for my PS3 and I love it. Don't mind double dipping either and continuing with the series.
Nintendo rarely has a bad Direct and always delivers at least one thing to make players excited for in the future. They know how to show off new games without losing viewers’ attention.
That depends, though. I do remember there were some decent Directs.


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No Pokemon but I'm glad that Age of Calamity DLC and BotW2 were shown, and SSHD was shown as I thought. A little disappointed that they didn't release a Zelda 35 collection kind of along the lines of what they did with Mario and opted for a Game and Watch instead (especially since Zelda 1 is on Switch online iirc, in addition to the Awakening remake), but at least it's confirmed that the BotW sequel will be out next year and based off of what they've shown, it's gonna be ridiculous.

Kind of obvious that they were gonna save the best for last, and I'm eagerly awaiting the slew of reaction videos to come. Now, when do you think they'll do a Pokemon Presents? ;)


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Nintendo rarely has a bad Direct and always delivers at least one thing to make players excited for in the future. They know how to show off new games without losing viewers’ attention.

I suppose I psyched myself out by expecting there to be BDSP-related news in this broadcast, so that's why I'm not as thrilled.

HOWEVER, I am pretty pleased with a number of reveals, including:

- Kazuya Mishima in Smash Ultimate
- Metroid Dread
- Breath of the Wild 2 Teaser Trailer
- Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania
- Word on Metroid Prime 4's Development
Nah. Microsoft was better.
That largely depends if you enjoy shooters, which it had a lot of but less of other genres; some of which aren't exclusives.
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