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E3 2021 Speculation/Discussion

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You ask too many questions
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I would expect a Pokémon direct in a few months at least, because I do wonder exactly how much this direct lined up with E3 vs. being made specifically for E3


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Kazuya joining Smash was something that I wouldn’t have guessed but glad that it happened. Also excited for Advance Wars, SMT V, & Metroid Dread. Not much else excited me this time but a lot of fanbases got what they wanted so still a good Direct. Sucks for no Bayonetta 3 though. Nintendo won E3 yet again but the bar is too low lol

I’m thinking Pokémon will get some spotlight next week once E3 hype is finishing up.

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More games ? Many of which will come to gamepass.

Updates on much expected titles (so did Nintendo tbf)

It comes down to taste. Starfield and Outer Worlds 2 got me hyped much more.
So they didn't do better, they had a game we all knew was coming and a trolling trailer(I might still get it after its timed exclusivity runs out, as the first one was fun). They pleased YOU.

Devolver Digital won E3 by those metrics.


You ask too many questions
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I wouldn’t be excited for starfield only because it’s a development boondoggle Bethesda is having to rework their design from the ground up, so that came would need to have to come out and not have game breaking bugs right away for me to be interested


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A lot of pleasant surprises for me from Nintendo, first and foremost despite psyching me out and making me think they'd fooled me again we finally got some BotW 2 news and it looks pretty dang cool.

Plus Metroid Dread is looking great, I never expcted this game was actually real but they proved me wrong.

And in the remakes departmet we get Advance Wars and Super Monkey Ball, very exciting.


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Still wondering when they’ll show Pokémon content since they also include something in the Nintendo Treehouse


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This is worst f-ing E3 of all god damn time

No Pokemon
Most conferences ****
Digimon Survive probably canceled

I'm just going to start gathering up my consoles AND THROW THEM ALL IN TO A GOD DAMN NEARBY WATER SOURCE

Calm down there

Pokemon Power

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I suppose I psyched myself out by expecting there to be BDSP-related news in this broadcast, so that's why I'm not as thrilled.

HOWEVER, I am pretty pleased with a number of reveals, including:

- Kazuya Mishima in Smash Ultimate
- Metroid Dread
- Breath of the Wild 2 Teaser Trailer
- Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania
- Word on Metroid Prime 4's Development
Plus for a casual audience, Mario Party Superstars and Wario Ware Get It Together.


"Tis an honor to be recognized."
Plus for a casual audience, Mario Party Superstars and Wario Ware Get It Together.
How daaaaaaaare you say WarioWare is for a casual audience. Series can get pretty hectic.


"Tis an honor to be recognized."
Bamco's presentation is live.

It's...not as Bamco as I thought it'd be, so far.

EDIT: And...it's over?

They literally showed one new game (House of Ashes) which doesn't even look that Bamco. Dear goodness.
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