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Earthbound: The Rainbow Omen (discussion)

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by Kiruria, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    --Approved by RaZoR LeAf--

    Tonda Gossa! Welcome to the Discussion Thread for the Rainbow Omen! This is the place to post any questions or comments you have about the RPG, as well as a container for important announcements.

    (link to signups)


    All has been well and happy in the world so far. People have gone about their daily lives with hardly a care in the world, practically oblivious to whatever evils may have befallen this world in the past. Cities and towns have thrived. Nature has coexisted harmoniously with the civilised life. The world has had its quirks and its pests, sure, but nothing has ever posed a significant threat. It was exactly the kind of world the universe hoped for.

    One night, many people all over the world looked up to the sky. There they saw the most spectacular sight: an aurora of rainbow-coloured lights softly dancing among the stars. Like any other aurora, it was confirmed by meteorologists to have been caused by an electrical disturbance, but nobody could pinpoint the source. Oh well, for now everyone just admired the beauty of these lights--they went on all night, all the way until the sunrise. And when the sun set that following day, the aurora appeared again. All night, every night.

    After the aurora started appearing, though, strange things started to happen. Some wild animals went berserk and started attacking people (this went for zoo animals as well). Some plants in certain parks and gardens became mobile. Some appliances, machines, and everyday objects gained a mind of their own, though a very primitive and robotic mind it seemed. In addition, every day a few people went missing. Nobody knew how--they seemed to just vanish overnight.

    But perhaps the most fascinating effect of the "Aurora Mysteria", as the news called it, was that a special power awakened in some people--psychic powers, or PSI for short. PSI was not limited to abilities like telepathy and psychokinesis, but also included the power to heal people, control the elements, and even cause disease in some rare cases. For the longest time, PSI was merely a myth--nobody in the real world knew how to use it. According to legend, whenever people in the world became able to use PSI, it meant that something important was about to overcome the world, an apocalypse of sorts. Therefore, it was to no surprise that these past few days have seen occultists spreading rumours about the end of the world, the "Rainbow Omen".

    Starting on the second night of the aurora, people noticed that every evening just after sunset, a faint beam of light shot up from somewhere in the rainforest in the country of Quetzal. (This rainforest has no name, since it's the only one in the world. If you like you can call it the Quetzal Rainforest, or just the rainforest.) But no one dared check it out, and those who tried never emerged from the rainforest. After all, there have always been warnings about entering the rainforest, especially at night. There have also been legends of a temple inside the rainforest, but nobody has ever found it, not even the people who explored during the daytime and came out alive. It is said that only those with a special power can find and enter that temple.

    On the third night of the Aurora Mysteria, some people spotted UFO's flying through the sky, heading for Quetzal it seemed. On the fourth night, they could see the UFO's hanging around near the beam, accompanied by some flashes of light. At around 10PM, the flashes disappeared and the UFO's started pulling out. But then something even stranger happened. All at once, every screen-bearing electronic device in the world turned on, and a picture of a strange person appeared on the screens. ...Or was it a person? With a metallic body, tendril-like arms, a blank face with a single slit for an eye, and an official-looking triangular logo on its chest, who could tell what the heck it was? Whatever it was, it had a message for its onlookers, spoken in a monotonous, metallic voice:

    "DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE US. An evil power has awakened in your rainforest, one that is impossible to defeat. We are trying to..."

    The image faded into static mid-sentence, and the normal functions of all those electronic devices resumed. The most obvious reaction the weird metal-person-thingy's brief message got out of people was confusion. Authority figures everywhere were unsure whether to consider this a threat or a lowly prank. As for the weird-metal-person thingy--thingies, rather, they did say "us"--those in charge simply called them "Starmen" because of their alien-like appearance. No seriously, they didn't know what else to call them.

    The following day bore some shocking news: Eagleland president Sam Ford joined the ranks of those who had mysteriously vanished. When that happened, it caused quite a stir among the public, even in other countries of the world. People began to wonder if the Starmen were somehow connected to these disappearings, and if so, what business they had on Earth. For now, the government hustled to keep the situation under control, but even they knew that something had to be done about this. ...Only they weren't quite sure what.

    No UFO's or Starmen appeared on the fifth night, although the Aurora Mysteria continued its increasingly ominous undulations in the sky. And as with the previous nights, the number of people gone missing increased as well. But the day after that night, something else interesting happened. Several people all over the world woke up that morning only to find themselves greeted by their favourite animal. But this was no ordinary animal. For some weird reason, those "chosen ones" could understand what that animal said. It told them briefly about the threat of the Rainbow Omen and the appearance of the Starmen, but then it told them to come to a place called Saturn Valley, where they would meet an inventor who supposedly knew a lot about what was going on. What sort of quest awaits these so-called chosen ones? What exactly are they chosen for anyway? This RPG hopes to answer such questions...

    You are one of the chosen ones. You, like everyone else, had been going about your daily life until the Aurora Mysteria began appearing. Perhaps you have gained the ability to use PSI as a result, or perhaps you have some other special skills instead. Perhaps you know someone who has mysteriously vanished, or perhaps you are one of those lucky people who still have their families and friend circles intact. Although this RPG is based off the Earthbound/Mother series of video games and takes place in its world (in case you haven't figured that out already), you know nothing about what has happened to the world in the past, the plots of those three games. Some characters and enemies from those games will make appearances in this RPG though, so if you're new to the series, this is a great way to find out about them!

    Discussion Thread Rules

    This is NOT an idle chat thread. If you post anything that had nothing to do with this RPG or the world it is set in, a red monster with a giant mouth will come by and eat you up.

    Here is a list of things the Discussion Thread can and will be used for:

    - Questions, comments, and suggestions regarding the RPG. I love questions, just so you know. ^_^

    - Discussion of the world the RPG is set in, and any NPC's that appear. If you have a question about a certain aspect of an NPC, enemy, et cetera, ask away here. Discussion about the Earthbound games in general is to be kept to a minimum here.

    - Notifying me of upcoming inactivity. If you know you'll be inactive for a while, bring it up here and we can discuss what to do with your character during that time.

    - Enemy discussions! Although I will be creating lots of new enemies, I'm open to ideas for enemies some of you may have. If I like the idea enough and it seems like it'll fit in the RPG, I just might include it in the RPG!

    - Discussion of the characters of this RPG. This is the place for all Q&A regarding the characters in this RPG.

    - And practically anything else, as long as it's not random chat. I hate SPAM, both the digital kind and the canned kind.
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  2. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    Background info provided in the Signup thread

    This is just copied info about the world and such, from the Signup thread.

    PSI Technique Glossary

    PK Fire: This technique offers control over fire. Typically this technique covers quite a large area, so it can hit multiple targets at once. Most usages of PK Fire involve the user firing flames from their hands. These may fly directly at the target(s), hit a certain spot and then spread... Every person uses this technique a bit differently, and the same is true with all the other techniques.

    PK Freeze: This technique offers control over ice. Using moisture in the air (that's my speculation), the user can do a variety of things: encase the target in ice, create icicles that can fly to a target, freeze water, etc. PK Freeze normally hits only one target at a time, and tends to do a little more damage than PK Fire (ignoring individual enemy weaknesses of course). The strength and scope of the freezing increases with experience.

    PK Thunder: Offers control over thunder. NOT simply electricity--this technique is the most powerful of all the elemental ones, and always involves firing a thunderbolt. However, the user has poor control over targeting with this technique--you can never tell where the thunderbolt will land. It usually doesn't land on the user or their allies though, unless they're not paying attention or something. At the more advanced stages, this technique can fire multiple thunderbolts at once.

    PK Wind: A semi-elemental technique; no enemies have any specific strengths or weaknesses against it. This technique manipulates the wind, creating gusts and even small tornadoes at the more advanced stages. While not as powerful as the other techniques, it can often disorient enemies or blow them away, and is the most accurate of all the techniques.

    PK Ground: Another semi-elemental technique. This technique is more powerful than PK Thunder, but can only affect things on the ground (nothing airborne). The most basic form of this technique has cracks appearing in the ground or rocks jutting out of it; more powerful versions can cause earthquakes, which often hit allies as well as enemies.

    PK Aura: A non-elemental technique. A lot of you might know this technique as telekinesis, because it basically allows the user to directly manipulate objects with their aura. At the most basic level, the strength of PK Aura is the same as the user's physical strength, maybe a little stronger in some cases. So it cannot be used to lift cars or shrink things. It can bend spoons and other metal things, though, in case you were wondering.

    PK Flash: Another non-elemental technique, basically involving flashes of light. The most common effect of this is temporarily blinding a foe, but it can cause paralysis or even instant defeat. The instant defeat thing happens only in very rare cases though, and the chances become higher at the more advanced stages. Can also be used to light areas up, so it borders on the offensive versus non-offensive style of PSI.

    PK Hex: This technique is pretty well-feared, for it causes people to not feel so good. At the most basic level, Hex can only give people mild, easily cureable conditions like nausea, fever, or a cold. It can also kill small pests like ants and sometimes mice. More advanced versions of this can cause more serious illnesses, poisoning, or even death or agony at the most advanced stage.

    PK Favourite: This technique widely varies from user to user, and is named and modeled after the person's favourite thing. Tends to be the most powerful attack the user has.

    *Note: All the offensive PSI techniques require an incantation when used against a living enemy. (You can usually get away with either whispering one or just saying it mentally when using it for non-battle purposes. The incantation basically provides the focus needed for battle-grade PSI.) This incantation is merely calling the name of the technique. The non-offensive techniques can be used without an incantation... and believe me, you'd sound silly saying one for those purposes.

    Lifeup: A very interesting technique, Lifeup restores energy to someone who is feeling tired or weak. No, it is not the magic version of caffeine--it cannot make someone really hyper, unless the user deliberately overdoes it. There are even legends of people who have used Lifeup on themselves as a surrogate food source, though not everyone who uses this goes to that extreme. More advanced versions of this restore more energy, and allows use on multiple people at once.

    Healing: Cures wounds and injuries and various ailments a person may have. The most basic version of Healing instantly eliminates minor sicknesses like colds, cures poisoning, makes sunburns disappear, and mitigates pain. It also has been known to have calming effects. More advanced versions of this can cure paralysis and more lethal illnesses and poisons, fix injuries, and revive someone who is unconscious. It cannot be used to revive the dead or restore youth, though.

    Shield: This technique sets up an aural barrier around someone, reducing the damage done to them. At the most basic level, PSI and ranged elemental moves (like fire and water) can pass right through the shield, but more advanced versions can take care of that. Other more advanced shields can be set up around multiple people at once.

    PSI Shield: Like Shield, except it protects against PSI and doesn't affect incoming physical attacks at its basic level.

    Counter: At first glance it looks like a Shield, but its effect is quite different. Rather than reducing damage, a Counter deflects the attack back at the attacker. The user still takes damage though--the damage just goes to the attacker as well. Doesn't work on PSI attacks or non-offensive moves.

    PSI Counter: Like Counter, except it only deflects PSI.

    PSI Magnet: Drains the foe's PSI energy (in the canon games it's PP). This weakens the foe's PSI abilities, and strengthens the user's. Doesn't work on a foe that can't use PSI or is unconscious. Stronger versions of this technique can work on multiple foes at once or have increased draining power.

    Paralysis: This technique causes a person's body to become numb, rendering them incapable of moving for a short amount of time. It tends not to work on some stronger enemies, though. Stronger versions of this technique involve petrification and a prolonged period of numbness. The most advanced form is rumoured to encase someone in diamond-like crystals!

    Hypnosis: This technique is kind of the opposite of Lifeup in that it makes people feel drowsy; it basically causes the target to sleep. It works pretty well on most people, but some enemies are resistant to it. While asleep, an enemy is easier to hit, but attacking it can cause it to wake up. More advanced versions of this can promote good dreams or cause nightmares.

    Brainshock: Another interesting technique, which basically causes confusion. It works best on those with evil intentions; the enemy becomes addled and may even attack itself. On regular people, it can do things like wipe a person's short-term memory, or cause them to twitch or walk funny for a few seconds. More advanced versions of this can control someone's actions temporarily or even plant thoughts into people's heads.

    Boost: This replaces the Offense Up/Defense Up techniques from the canon games. In a nutshell, it boosts the user's physical strength somewhat, or that of an ally, increasing the damage from physical attacks. Sadly, there is no PSI equivalent for this - but PSI is powerful enough on its own.

    World and Country Info

    Today's society is modernized, with industry and electronics and wireless media and all that other stuff. It is the year 2012, one might say. Now, this RPG doesn't exactly take place in the real world as we know it. Instead it takes place in a sort of whimsical alternate Earth. The world has several countries, each of which seems to be a parody of a region of the real world (for example, "Eagleland" is a parody of the US). Here is a list of all the countries of the world, as least those known to people anyway:

    Eagleland - The largest country in the world, and the one with the most diverse culture. People from other countries have been welcome here as immigrants for years. It's a very welcoming place indeed, and many people consider it the most hip and happening country in the world. The country runs on capitalism and burgers (as well as the best pizza in the world), but so far that doesn't really seem to be a bad thing. The only evils this country has seen, and this goes for the rest of the world too, has been in the form of petty street gangs and the occasional spontaneous crimes.

    The capital of Eagleland is the city of Fourside, known for its many skyscrapers and terrible traffic congestion. For the last six years, Sam Ford, or "Sanford" as some people call him, has served as president, until he went missing that is. Fourside also has a museum that supposedly contains relics from the "Old World". But this place is closed to the public, and is under tight security. Oddly enough, there have been a couple of incidents where a thief had stolen something from the museum, but soon afterward another thief stole that thing from the first thief and turned it in to the police. That's karma for ya, mate.

    But Fourside is by no means the only city in Eagleland. Feel free to create your own towns and cities here. But here's one caveat to those of you previously familiar with Earthbound: All other old-world towns, like Onett and Threed, no longer exist. They were destroyed at the end of the old world. It remains a mystery, then, how Fourside survived...

    Winters - The northernmost country in the world, famous for having lots of snow in the winter. But the weather during the rest of the year is quite pleasant, especially with its mild summers. Winters has some beautiful architecture in its towns, and quite a few castles as well. (Some of its inhabitants have petitioned to change the country's name to "Castles", but without success.) There are four distinct landmarks in Winters as well. One is Lake Tess, where a plethora of strange monsters make their home in the icy waters. They are rumoured to be the children of one giant monster, Tessie, who inhabited the lake in ancient times. Then there's Stonehenge, a strange arrangement of giant stones that occultists tend to flock to. Apparently a great power was once awakened at the centre of the rocky circle.

    The third main landmark of Winters is the Imperial Castle, the largest and most ornately-decorated castle in the country. Bright purple in colour and with perfectly constructed turrets, it looks like something right out of a faery tale. But more importantly, this is where the king or queen of Winters lives. The country is currently ruled by King Ferdinand, who loves roasted duck and hosting grand events, such as hunts, feasts, comedy shows, animal races, and fencing and archery tournaments. Winters is also home to the most prestigious school in the world, Reynard University, whose mascot is the proud yet tricky red fox. Many references are made to this school's extensive history, which may be more extensive than people think...

    Summers - If there's a Winters, there has to be a Summers as well, right? Summers is known as "the great vacation spot of the world". It has a very long shoreline lined with quaint, rustic-looking buildings which are very well kept. This place is famous for its palm trees and its beautiful weather--it never snows, and the winters are rainy while the summers are warm and dry. The very long beach of Summers offers views of astonishingly spectacular sunsets. This makes it a great place for dates, both the romantic kind and the kind that grows on palm trees.

    A closer look at Summers reveals that it is divided into two semi-distinct halves. The northern half is home to many restaurants, bars, and clubs, a great place for a party. The Barefoot Club is especially famous because people dance in their bare feet on the sand. The southern half, by contrast, is more quiet and serene. Loud music is outlawed in this half of the island. Southern Summers is home to many luxurious hotels and resorts, and is a popular vacationing place for workers. A famous landmark here is the Twin Palms Elderly Centre, where a lot of rich (and some non-rich) old people live after they retire. In the very southern tip is the Port of Toto, where many cruise lines depart. Oh, and the eastern coast of Summers is home to a thriving gay community as well, commonly called the Rainbow Isle. People living here are known to be very friendly, but a bit strange.

    Dalaam - A country far to the east of Eagleland. This is a very mountainous region, so the people living there have to adapt to the high elevation. But that is also part of the beauty of this country: because it is at sugh high elevation, the clouds are very close above people's heads, and in some cases below their feet. The culture of Dalaam is very spiritual. Many people hang prayer flags outside their homes, and this is the best place in the world to study meditation and the martial arts. The afternoon sun shines on the shimmering steeples of Dalaam's temples, and even more spectacularly on the golden crowns on the towers of the royal palace.

    Of course, Dalaam is not without its quirks--in fact this country has quite a few. This country is currently ruled by an unnamed shah and his son, Prince Rama. Though breathtakingly handsome, Rama isn't exactly the most sane person on the planet. He's an alcoholic, for one thing, and enjoys hitting on women while drunk. He even has his own harem inside and outside the palace--not of women, but of llamas. Lots of llamas. This has caused the country to be jokingly called "Dallama" and the prince to be called "Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong". And apparently because of this crazy ruler, a colony of flying pink elephants has recently occupied the clouds surrounding the mountains. Indeed, this crazy prince is rumoured to have some hidden powers...

    Scaraba - A country to the southeast of Eagleland. It has a hot, arid climate, especially in the northern region. Much of this part of the country is desert, with the occasional sandstorm blowing over the towns. Towns are typically built in places with lots of ground water, or along the coast. Many of the buildings here are made of stone, and pyramids are a common sight here. Some of the pyramids are very ancient-looking with a few stones chipped or even missing; others look to be newly built.

    One thing Scaraba is known for is its large outdoor marketplaces. These are good places to buy rare and exotic goods and watch street performers, but beware: the marketplaces are loosely regulated, and if you're not careful you might end up not getting what you were looking for. Another important landmark, perhaps the most major one in Scaraba, is the Great Pyramid located in the northeastern corner of the country. A great statue of a sphinx rests in front of it, and the inside of the pyramid is frequently used as a gathering place or festival venue. There are other levels below this landing, but entry is strictly prohibited due to legends of a curse...

    The southern part of this country, separated from the north by the River of Denial, contains mostly marshland and grassland. It has a much nicer climate and is very popular with farmers and nature-lovers.

    Sunrise - A relatively small country north of Dalaam, known quite obviously for its beautiful sunrises. That is why the big city on the east coast of Sunrise has very strict smog regulations. This city has no official name, but many people like to call it "Robot City" because of it being on the cutting edge of new technology, especially with respect to robot technology. Robot pets are more common here than animal pets, and there are robots that clean floors and brew coffee as well! Artificial intelligence is both primitive and expensive, so robot servants are typically only owned by the rich. Anyone seeking a technological patent will do good to look here first. Oh, and the headquarters of Nintendo are also located in Robot City.

    The valleys southwest of Robot City contain stunning scenery and beautifully decorated gardens. This place houses the town of Sakura, which is famous for having lots of blossoming cherry trees in the spring. It also houses numerous theatres featuring practically every kind of live show, both classical and modern, imaginable. If you're looking for rock concerts and movie theatres, go to Robot City instead. And finally, in the centre of Sunrise is the beautiful yet ominous Mt. Itoi. Nobody has ever seen the top of this mountain, because it extends all the way into the clouds. Nobody dares climb it, due to its barren and slippery slopes, scary caves, and the rumoured presence of blood-thirsty monsters.

    Quetzal - Located due west of Scaraba, but completely the opposite of Scaraba climate-wise. Okay, it can still get pretty warm here, but much of the land area of Quetzal is rainforest. The weather stays warm and humid all year, but lots of refreshing breezes blow through. This is a popular place to live for those who hate cold weather. It does rain a lot, but most of that rain is concentrated in the rainforest. This area is also called the "fruit basket of the world" because of the large variety of produce produced here. (Produce produced? How redundant.) As for the rainforest itself... You better enter with a compass, for it's very easy to get lost in there. Especially if you get distracted by all the monkeys and colourful birds in there!

    But the rainforest has more mystery to it than one might think. First, it is home to two indigenous peoples: the flower-headed Bromelia and the mushroom-headed Amanita, both small rabbit-like critters that inhabit the treetops (in the Bromelia's case) or the forest floor (in the Amanita's case). Not much is known about their culture, except that the two races quarrel a lot. Also mysterious is the country's main landmark: the Chupichupyoi Temple, located deep within the rainforest, so deep that no one knows its exact location. (People who cannot pronounce its name simply call it the Chupi-Chupi Temple.) Nor have there ever been any reports of people who have visited it. Apparently all visitors have either vanished or died. Folk stories about this temple are frequently heard echoing through the rainforest.

    One final landmark of Quetzal is in the civilised portion of the country. This place houses the Rio Theatre, a huge concert venue where bands from all over the world dream of performing at someday. The area nearby is a popular place to go shopping without worrying about insanely high prices.

    DCMC: The ever-popular true-to-the-music rock band. DCMC stands for "Desperado Crash Mambo Combo", in case you really want to know. Although they're based in Fourside, they like to tour all around the world, especially at the Rio Theatre in Quetzal. There's nothing radically crazy about them (they're not a metal band), but they are completely independent, never needing a record label or even a professional agent to keep them in the market. Unfortunately, Magic, their guitarist, went missing on the first night of the Aurora Mysteria. But they found a super-cool replacement: Violet, a pink-haired lady with surprisingly mad electric guitar skills. The DCMC's popularity received a sharp boost when she came along (and they're the only band that has performed since the aurora started, oddly enough). Other band members include band leader OJ (no, his last name is not Simpson), Baccio on the drums, Shimmy Zmizz on the keyboard, and Lucky on the bass. What a combo!

    Candy & Andy: Exceedingly quirky and peppy and ostentatious, this dance duo from Winters really puts their hearts into their performances. They're not really a "band" as they don't play any instruments--all their music is electronic, so they do lots of song and dance instead, and are famous for dressing up in lots of silly costumes. Their songs are light and bubbly and are made with lots of love, bringing true meaning to the term "dance pop". (In terms of real-word music genres, they'd be closer to Eurodance.) Sometimes they hold concerts, but they more commonly perform at clubs, because their music makes people want to dance their cares away. Candy is famous for her squeaky, high-pitched voice and very cute style of dress. Andy is famous for his spiked mohawk and, outside of their performances, his motorcycle skills. They've been trying to gain some popularity in Eagleland, but without much success. They get a better audience in Sunrise and their hometown of Winters, and also on children's TV shows.

    Rapstarr: To some people this group's members seem like a joke, sporting backwards red baseball caps and huge star-shaped sunglasses (hence their name). But these bad boys have the sickest rap and hip-hop music around, as least as far as most people are concerned. They are famous for their incredibly syncronised dance moves, while the leader, Mikestarr (all the members' names end in starr), raps and rhymes away, his lips always hidden for some odd reason. Everybody knows when a Rapstarr concert is going on, because their earth-shaking beats can be felt from miles away. They play at only the classiest and most high-scale venues, and their concert tickets often cost a fortune. But TV channels are littered with their music videos. This band rose to stardom in Eagleland, but are beginning to gain popularity in other countries as well, especially Summers.

    Mr. Saturn: A race of "nose-people" living in a place called Saturn Valley. Why do I call them nose-people? Because their round noses are so large, about a third as large as their pink dome-shaped bodies! They have thick eyebrows and whiskers on the sides of their faces, two little pink feet, and a red bowtie-shaped ribbon atop their heads. They're only about foot and a half tall, and are light enough for the average person to pick up comfortably. They speak in very nasal voices carrying an indescribably strange accent and very poor grammar. But they are very nice and friendly, though a bit quirky. They like to drink coffee, watch the sky, bathe in hot springs... And they live in cylindrical houses with cone-shaped roofs topped by a ribbon identical to the one on their heads. They're all pretty much the same, thus they all get along peacefully. They even all call themselves Mr. Saturn, nothing else.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2014
  3. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    Characters, Enemies, and Quest status

    The Main Characters

    Created by:
    Defining Traits: A computer geek who wears pajamas in the daytime and cares a lot for his little sister.
    Favourite food: Curry
    Favourite thing: Fireworks
    Favourite animal: Dragonfly (Aki)
    Musical Instrument: Koto
    PSI: Lifeup, PK Fireworks, PK Flash
    Skills: Phone Apps
    - Enemy Index (Shouts out enemy names upon encounter, and shows a list of all the enemies Gon as encountered so far)
    - Aurora Tracker (Displays a world map showing the most recent Aurora Mysteria activity, and also the seven mysterious gear symbols)
    - Glow Stick (produces a glowing blade-like projection that acts similarly to a short sword)

    Created by:
    Defining Traits: Elegant harp-playing oriental lady entrusted with the Jewel of Kaishi Village.
    Favourite food: Sushi
    Favourite thing: Harp
    Favourite animal: Horse (Uma)
    Musical Instrument: Harp
    PSI: PK Fire (Beta), PK Aura, PK Harp
    Weapon: Sword of Kings

    Created by:
    Defining Traits: A true Winters lad who loves swimming, playing the piano, and cold weather.
    Favourite food: Sushi
    Favourite thing: Nature
    Favourite animal: Orca (Atka)
    Musical Instrument: Grand Piano
    PSI: PK Aura, PK Freeze, PK Nature, PK Thunder
    Weapon: Bat of Clubs

    Created by:
    Defining Traits: A passionate guy who tinkers with clockwork. Beware his hidden dark side, DX.
    Favourite food: Pancakes
    Favourite thing: Love
    Favourite animal: Raven (Solstice)
    Musical Instrument: Clarinet
    PSI: None
    Skills: Clockpunk
    - PSI Sparker (stores and re-stores PSI energy, and sometimes converts evil beings)
    - Crash Shield (Gear Saw + Shooter Gauntlet + Shield; can slice opponents and also fire shield blasts)
    - Dormis Inducer (puts enemies to sleep)
    - Rocket Crossbow (a bow that fires fireworks!)
    - Ability to make more devices out of clockwork

    Created by:
    Soaring Pikachu
    Defining Traits: This young man is from a place called Nine Nine Town, and loves playing video and card games. He can also talk to animals.
    Favourite food: Pasta
    Favourite thing: Games
    Favourite animal: Cat
    Musical instrument: Trumpet
    PSI: Healing, PK Games, PSI Magnet
    Skills: Animal Talk (can be used to convince enemies not to attack)

    Created by:
    Defining Traits: A cute little girl with an obvious love of cats, and a not-so-obvious love of gardening and beating up bullies.
    Favourite food: Croissant
    Favourite thing: Her herb garden
    Favourite animal: Cat (Salt and Peppercorn)
    Musical instrument: Piano
    PSI: Healing, Counter, PK Garden, PSI Counter
    Weapon: Water Wand

    Created by:
    Defining Traits: Sado-masochistic teenage girl who doesn't eat or sleep enough and is never without a knife and a magic wand.
    Favourite food: Split Pea Soup
    Favourite thing: Pain
    Favourite animal: Spider (Sinistrina von Schwarzwald)
    Musical instrument: Pipe Organ
    PSI: PK Hex, PSI Magnet, PK Pain, PK Fire
    Weapon: Shield-Killer Knife

    Created by:
    Monster Guy
    Defining Traits: He defies the very definition of manly, loving cute things and being cheerful in nature.
    Favourite food: Cupcakes
    Favourite thing: Cute stuff
    Favourite animal: Lion cub (Leo Jr., or just Junior)
    Musical instrument: Xylophone
    PSI: PK Aura, Healing, Lifeup, PK Cuteness
    Weapon: Yo-top

    Created By:
    Defining Traits: She may thrive in a rubbish dump, but she loves to sing. She can be reclusive at times though.
    Favourite food: Spicy Fish Sticks
    Favourite thing: Song
    Favourite animal: Cat (Kaïldruuni'in, or Kaï for short)
    Musical instrument: Music Box
    PSI: None
    Weapon: Kitty Gloves
    Skills: Miracle Voice

    RPG and Quest Status

    --Dr. Andonuts' Quest Inventory--

    - Starmen bad. Might be under an evil influence.
    - Dracona Minor bad, if what the Starman said was true. Might be influencing Amanda.
    - Could the cause of all this be the "Cosmic Destroyer" Ness and friends defeated long ago? We're not sure.
    - Aurora Mysteria activity = enemy appearances.
    - Find the other music box pieces.

    Music Box Pieces Found: 4 down, 3 to go

    Whenever evil threatens to overcome the world, destiny selects people who are chosen for a quest to stop it. These "chosen ones" woke up one morning to be greeted by their favourite animals, which teleported them to Saturn Valley. There they met Dr. Andonuts, a brilliant and world-renowned inventor who had a lot of information about the Aurora Mysteria and the Starmen. He also gave Diego an empty music box he hopes to find all the pieces to.

    After Dr. Andonuts' speech, everyone headed into the upstairs portion of the lab, where a UFO-like aircraft called the "Skyrunner Mark II" was about to depart for Quetzal. A lot of aurora activity outside the rainforest has been reported there.

    And so the Skyrunner Mark II took off, with all participants making it safely inside. However, there was trouble in the air. Five UFO's attacked the Sky Runner, firing laser beams and missiles at it. However, due to expert fighting and maneuvering, they managed to make it to Quetzal alive. Aided by its parachute, the Skyrunner Mark II landed safely in a field of sunflowers. While Pilot Saturn was fixing it, one of the three Archangels, Hinawa, appeared before the group. She told the group about magic butterflies, about a possible evil entity in the garden nearby, and about her missing son Lucas who supposedly has powerful PSI that the Starmen are trying to exploit. Apparently she also had another already-dead son Claus, as the group later found out.

    After Hinawa disappeared, the Chosen Ones' next stop was the nearby garden, Jardin de Colores, which was closed to the public due to enemy sightings there. They were right: when the group entered, they were assaulted by Mobile Sprouts and Angry Hummingbirds and other such garden-variety enemies. But the situation was worse than they initially expected. For at the centre of the rose garden in Jardin de Colores was the big and stinky Fleshy Flower, which was ruining the pleasant garden scents and making other nearby flowers wilt. It was accompanied by a swarm of No Good Flies. But thanks to everyone's teamwork and PSI abilities (and also a mysterious PSI technique used by an equally mysterious teenage goth girl), the Fleshy Flower was defeated. Inside it was none other than a missing piece of the music box! Now to find the other six!

    After a brief tussle with the cops and the ranger of the garden, the chosen ones were invited to stay at a nearby hotel for the night. Meanwhile, Aqua took the Fleshy Flower's seed and kept it for herself, hoping it would sprout into a benign version of the Fleshy Flower. Also Hinawa appeared again, suggesting that everyone think of their favourite thing. As if my magic (if that baloney even exists), that night everyone had a dream about their favourite thing. Those who were PSI capable even woke up having learned a new PSI technique based on their favourite thing!

    On Day 6, everyone flew in the newly-fixed Skyrunner Mark II to Winters, where there had been lots of aurora activity last night. The flight there went much better than last time, although a stupid mistake by Pilot Saturn caused the Sky Runner to crash once more, this time in a village inhabited by unfriendly Pigmasks and Black Cultists. But fortunately, the Chosen Ones were able to take care of reasonably well. At the very end, Amanda appeared again, handing them all invitations from King Ferdinand to come to his castle. The letters were also a cry for help, mentioning his music room being haunted.

    At Ferdinand Castle, King Ferdinand detailed the problem, talking about hauntings in the music room, instruments playing by themselves, and servants disappearing when they went in there. Amanda, who had entered the castle before anyone else, left to explore the music room on her own. After the other Chosen Ones arrived and entered themselves, though, they came face-to-face with bats and rats and floating clefs. And worse, the ever-so-frightening Death Notes, which possessed a bunch of musical instruments and got everyone involved in a musical performance beyond their control. But music actually came to the rescue; the spirit haunting the music room turned out to be Lord Passion, the ghost of a composer. Not only did Lord Passion turn out not to be behind the Death Notes, but he offered advice on how to defeat them. The Chosen Ones reached for the fondest melodies in their hearts and put on a grand concert which defeated the Death Notes once and for all.

    As a reward, King Ferdinand held a grand feast for everyone in the dining room. Meanwhile, a storyteller named Scheherazade told everyone a story about a world that existed prior to this one, and about how when it was destroyed, everyone escaped to a place called the Nowhere Islands, which stood on top of a giant sleeping dragon. When evil that had escaped from the old world threatened the Nowhere Islands, a boy named Lucas (the son of Archangel Hinawa) was chosen to brave the evil Pigmasks, who were then led by a chubby old man named Porky, and eventually awaken the sleeping dragon. With its awakening, the Nowhere Islands were destroyed and the world was reborn into what it is today.

    The next morning, Sunrise was the destination, except rather than flying in the Skyrunner Mark II, they had their animal familiars teleport them there. Before they left, King Ferdinand gave them tickets to Club Kousagi in Robot City, where Candy and Andy were to perform that afternoon. But since the Chosen Ones arrived in Sunrise early, they first arrived at Podunk Park in Sakura. There, they met Paula, the second Archangel. After answering some questions about how she journeyed with a boy named Ness and fought the Starmen back when the old world existed, Paula led everyone in a visualization exercise, asking everyone to think of their most wonderful and beloved memory. This awakened the "beta" version of the PK Favourite techniques of all the PSI users in the group, basically powering them up a bit.

    When that was done, everyone headed to Club Kousagi in Robot City for Candy and Andy's performance. However, in the middle of it, a citywide blackout occurred, and a Starman appeared on the TV screen behind the stage. The Starman demanded that all the Chosen Ones arrive at Mt. Itoi ASAP. Meanwhile, Cute Lil' UFO's started terrorizing the city with their laser beams. Three such UFO's headed for the 4th floor of Club Kousagi, where Candy and Andy had been performing. Most of the Chosen Ones managed to hide in Candy and Andy's dressing room, where they discovered a nifty little escape route: a ride in the EVE-mobile, straight to Mt. Itoi. But Diego wasn't so lucky, having been kidnapped by one of the UFO's and also brought directly to Mt. Itoi.

    There were a bunch of dangerous enemies on Mt. Itoi - ninja samurai (if that makes any sense), bears, snowmen, evil robots, creepy ghost ladies... But the Chosen Ones pulled through, and even had a little bit of extra help up the mountain. Once at the top, they were surprised to discover Diego face-to-face with a Starman. A Starman who had sensed dormant PSI abilities inside him. But when the rest of the group arrived, the Starman noticed something else. Turns out Toccata, Amanda's lizard familiar, was actually a dragon, specifically a "Dracona Minor" which was a class of creature created from the evils of humanity. A fight broke out between Toccata and the Starman, and meanwhile there was a crystal temple on the other side of the summit that needed investigating...

    Meanwhile, in the Fortuna Palace in Dalaam, Prince Rama and Dr. Andonuts were gathering backup. More Chosen Ones were summoned there, since the quest was apparently longer and more dangerous than Dr. Andonuts initially thought. Anyway, Prince Rama led the new arrivals in a visualisation exercise intended to awaken their PSI... for those who did have PSI potential anyway.

    Back on Mt. Itoi, the Chosen Ones encountered a fearsome beast in the crystal temple: King Nanuk, the monstrous polar bear! After some difficulty, they slew the beast, gaining the third music box piece. But right after the battle, Prince Rama's pet monkey called a fleet of flying pink elephants, which the Chosen Ones flew on to Dalaam. After brief introductions with them and the new Chosen Ones, Dr. Andonuts came to visit, giving new weapons and equipment to everyone as presents. Then, everyone met up in the palace's dining hall in the company of the storyteller Avis. She told of a universal cosmic destroyer named Giygas, who had threatened the previous world.

    But strange things started to happen. A mysterious laughter echoed all over Dalaam, issuing from perhaps another dimension. And the only way to defeat it, much less identify it, was by way of some Magic Cake Pops Avis instructed everyone to eat. This caused the whole world to become very strange. After eating them, the Chosen Ones were no longer in Dalaam, but rather in Dalooni, a kind of alternate Dalaam. And it was a freaky place indeed. Dark purple sky, a huge pink smiling moon, electric green grass, moonwalking mushrooms... And family and friends of the Chosen Ones who turned out to be Eerie Smiles in disguise. And yes and no had opposite meanings here. Trippy indeed.

    But after a brief fiasco with the Purple Cultists and a reunion with the dead Black Cultist Luvina, who was revealed to be the one behind the creation of Dalooni, everyone got transported to Dalooni's moon. There, they were attacked by Luvina's brother, Lieutenant Luvin of the Cult of Purple. Luvin dropped a piece of the music box, but would not let anyone leave Dalooni without getting his revenge. But rather than attack everyone himself, he turned the Chosen Ones' animal companions evil, making them into the Looney Pets. However, there was one exception: Diego, who temporarily showed his dark side, Dexter, chased after Luvin and attacked him. Luvin unleashed some mean electric attacks, but they only served to power up Diego's gadgets, and in a case of history repeating itself, his final electric attack got deflected by a Franklin Badge that Lady Boing gave him. Dalooni got destroyed altogether, and the music box piece was recovered.

    Important NPC's

    Dr. Andonuts:
    A brilliant and world-renowned scientist, best known for his interesting and practical inventions, such as lawn chairs that walk on their own and chalkboards that flip around to become computer screens. However, he is very timid in nature, seeming to hide himself from the world by staying in his laboratory in Saturn Valley. Moreover, he seems to know something about the world's past that most people do not...

    Hinawa: One of the three Archangels. Her home is a field of sunflowers south of the Quetzal rainforest, right near Jardin de Colores. She also wears kids' sneakers and her signature scarlet dress. The field of sunflowers is home to many magic butterflies, which restore one's PSI energy upon contact. Hinawa herself seems very gentle and kind, though a bit sad. It's probably because she recently lost Lucas, her still-mortal son. She thinks the Starmen kidnapped him to exploit his powerful PSI abilities.

    Pilot Saturn: This Mr. Saturn is the pilot of the Skyrunner Mark II, the UFO-like airship designed by Dr. Andonuts. Besides his love of fuzzy pickles and uncanny ability to repair aircrafts, he's just like the other Mr. Saturns. The goggles he wears on his head do not make him any more important than the others. Dakota.

    King Ferdinand: The still-young-and-handsome king of Winters, living inside his lavish purple castle named after himself. He is a gregarious and fun-loving fellow, famous for arranging many games and festivals in his courtyard for both nobility and nearby residents to enjoy. Unfortunately, ever since the Aurora Mysteria started appearing, people have been seeing less of his usual self. He appears to be quite timid when the danger lurks within his castle walls...

    Scheherazade: A storyteller originally from Scaraba, but who enjoys visiting Winters on occasion. She dresses in exotic clothing with lots of teal in it, and is accompanied by a group of cute and whimsical little Elflings. While telling stories, she likes to illustrate them with pictures, which she makes appear in the crystal ball she has out during storytime.

    Paula: One of the three Archangels. She's a little girl with ribbons in her curly blond hair and a simple pink dress, and seems very childish with all the toys (teddy bears especially) in her "Polestar Preschool" shrine. She's quite spiritual in nature otherwise; she seems to be especially fond of prayer, and even has a prayer bell in her shrine. Back during her lifetime, she was the girl who journeyed with Ness and her friends on a quest to rid the old world of evil. The "old Chosen Ones" had encountered the Starmen as well, so Paula knows quite a bit about them, specifically that they were the servants of a "universal cosmic destroyer" who threatened the world before. Her home was the Polestar Preschool in the long-since-gone town of Twoson, and so her shrine in Podunk Park is modeled after it.

    Prince Rama: The current leader of Dalaam, living in the luxurious Fortuna Palace with his harem of llamas and pet monkey Hanu-Hanu. Not only is he a womanizer and an alcoholic, but also a spiritualist, always believing in the ability of dreams and magic to influence one's abilities and personal growth. He acts nice and polite to people, as a prince should, but he tends to get a little full of himself at times, due to his highly eccentric tendencies. One can only wonder why and how he knows Dr. Andonuts personally, because hardly anyone does nowadays.

    Avis: Another storyteller, perhaps a sister of Scheherazade, perhaps not. She seems to be from Dalaam though, and there she stays. She fits right in, enjoying wearing purple and liking fortune-telling almost as much as she does storytelling. But she hates crystal, so her fortune-telling is done more with symbol-inscribed rocks or by drawing things in the ground. For company, she travels with wind-up rocks with mechanical feet; she can make these disappear into puffs of purple smoke at will.

    Sir and Lady Boing: A pair of unusually refined Mr. Saturns, behaving more like proper ladies and gentlemen than any human could ever hope to, dressing elegantly and everything. One thing that sets them apart from other Mr. Saturns is that that they actually speak normally, due to extensive etiquette training. This couple was mostly played for comic relief on Dalooni, but they did play one important role so far: on Dalooni's moon, Lady Boing gave Gon the Franklin Badge, a special brooch-like object that deflects electricity back to its attacker. The Franklin Badge became key in the fight against Lieutenant Luvin.

    Lieutenant Luvin: Brother of Luvina, and leader of the Cult of Purple in Dalaam. While he does have an overbearing and almost scathing nature, as would be expected of someone with a militaristic-like attitude towards things, he's not normally evil in any way. However, when Luvina died and put a curse on the music box piece in his possession, he sought revenge against the Chosen Ones in the twisted real of Dalooni. On Dalooni's moon, he turned the Chosen Ones' animal companions into evil monsters keen on attacking their friends. He himself specializes in electric attacks, including his signature Crashing Boom Bang Attack, which, aided by the bolts in Dalooni's moon, summons lots and lots of thunderbolts. He also wields a gigantic purple paintbrush and knows a little bit of PSI, mainly in the form of shields. Hopefully now that the curse is broken, though, he'll forgive the Chosen Ones...

    Lucas: The teenage son of Archangel Hinawa, Lucas apparently came to this world after the Nowhere Islands present after the destruction of the Old World were destroyed. As he was the protagonist of Mother 3, he has some really powerful PSI abilities, including his signature technique, PK Love. He was kidnapped right at the start of the Aurora Mysteria - in fact, his captives are apparently trying to harvest his PSI energy, though why they are doing this remains unknown, as well as why they are doing a similar thing to Gon's little sister.

    Enemy Index

    Oopsie Daisy
    - [Created by Kiruria] Is what it says when it falls over, unaware that it's saying its own name. Beware its highly allergenic pollen.
    Enraged Tea Kettle - [Created by Kiruria] No use crying over spilled... tea! Scalding hot tea, at that!
    Heavy Lighthouse - [Created by Kofii] Look out, its name is an oxymoron! Beware its deadly anchor.
    Fiery Red Antoid - [Created by Soaring Pikachu] Despite its name, it can't use PK Fire. They tend to attack in groups.
    UFO - [Ubiquitous in Earthbound and prequel] These mean flying saucers attack anything that is foreign and can fly. Now all they need are flying cups of tea sitting on them.
    Foppy - [from Earthbound] These orange footballs aren't much of a threat. They may try to use PSI, but will always fail.
    Green Cultist - [modified from Earthbound] Going green isn't always a good thing. These crazed painters spell trouble--if they even know how to spell.
    Merrygold - [Created by Kiruria] Is laughter really the best medicine? In these flowers' case, it's your worst nightmare! You'll literally die laughing.
    Pigtunia - [from Mother 3] This piggy plant snorts and blooms from winter to fall. It disperses pollen that causes watery eyes.
    Angry Hummingbird - [Created by Kiruria] This bad bird attacks with its needle-sharp beak! If you paralyze it, you can use it as a throwing dart.
    Mobile Sprout - [from Earthbound] They spring up suddenly, and can grow new sprouts to help them in battle. They often attack in pesky packs.
    No Good Fly - [from Earthbound] While they lack stingers, these buzzing pests make up for it with their foul language.
    Fleshy Flower - [Created by Kiruria] This big bad flower's nectar is so putrid that only No Good Flies are willing to drink it.
    Salty Flower - [Created by chihaya01] The spawn of the Fleshy Flower, more nice-smelling than its parent. But is it friend or foe?
    Black Cultist - [modified from Earthbound] It sees a red door and wants to paint it black. Belongs to a group of people obsessed with black stuff.
    Pigmask - [from Mother 3] They used to be soldiers in the Pig Army, but now are just a bunch of lowly pig nose-wearing punks.
    Mr. Batty - [from all three Mother games] This bat is so batty that he gets himself all addled. Likes to hide in dark places.
    Plague Rat - [modified from Earthbound] This rat will plague you with unsanitary doom. Or it hopes to--for now it just poisons with its bite.
    Trouble Clef - [Created by Kiruria] Looks like it's curled around the G line too tightly. Watch out, for it can counter PSI.
    Lord Passion - [from Mother 3] The ghost of a music composer and conductor. But is he a friend, or a foe?
    Death Notes - [Created by Kofii] They possess your favourite musical instrument and copy your hidden talents. Mwahahaha.
    Cute Li'l UFO - [from Earthbound] The sort of UFO a little girl would invite to a tea party. For some reason, their laser beams cause people to catch a cold.
    Victoria - [modified from Mother 1] Why do these robots have human names? Why the heck not? This one claims Victory over EVE.
    Frosty Man - [Created by Kiruria] He's certainly no jolly happy soul. In fact, he loves to mischievously snowball people to death.
    Shogunja - [Created by Zekshirom] He can't decide whether he's ninja or samurai, so he was exiled to Mt. Itoi.
    Mini Nanuk - [Created by Kofii] I don't want to know what the non-mini one is like! Beware its claws and snow flurries.
    PSI-Yonara - [Created by Kofii] This ghostly lady uses PSI and kisses you goodbye. In that order.
    King Nanuk - [Created by Kofii] This monstrous polar bear has razor-sharp claws, ability-reducing roars, and freezing breath. A contender indeed.
    Purple Cultist - [modified from Earthbound] Their purple colour suggests they can use magic, if it existed. And no, PSI does not count, and no, they can't use it.
    Eerie Smile - [from Mother 3] Laughter isn't always the best medicine. Here it is your worst enemy. But conquer it, and it will become something manageable.
    Moonwalkin' Mushroom - [Created by Kiruria] Like other similar mushroom enemies, they scatter spores which make you, er, moonwalk.
    Dalamb Chop - [Created by Kofii] They may smell delicious, but they will punish you with fiery and choppy doom if you try to eat them.
    Tangoo - [from Earthbound] These shriveled old heads aren't lady charmers anymore, so they're snake charmers instead.
    Potted Ghost - [Created by Kiruria] The ghosts are invincible. Smash the pots they reside in, and you'll get rewarded with strange bitter herbs...?
    Looney Pets - [Created by Kiruria] The topsy-turvy world of Dalooni caused our animal friends to become not so friendly. Try saying "that's all folks" to that.
    Slimy Little Pile [from Earthbound] The regurgitated contents of somebody's stomach want revenge for digestive rejection. Be thankful that doesn't happen in real life.
    Super Starman - [modified from Earthbound] Just as gold is more valuable than silver, these golden Starmen are more powerful than their ordinary silver counterparts.
    Eyeroglyph - [Created by Kiruria] The walls have eyes, and they can see you, and they will hurt you. Thought to be the manifestation of paranoia.
    Cactus Crab - [Created by chihaya01] These scorpions are especially crabby since they have cacti growing out of their backs.
    Cleocatra - [from Mother 3] Scarabans worshiped cats so highly that when they die, their mummified undead selves seek to scratch and brainwash people. Makes sense.
    Sadistic Seagull - [Created by Kofii] Known for pooping on people and stealing their fried calamari. And worse.
    Facepalm Tree - [Created by Kofii] These palm trees do a facepalm to raise their stats. People often do so too upon seeing them.
    Sand UFO - [Created by Kiruria] Humans build sand castles on the beach; aliens build sand UFOs instead. Both are much weaker than the real thing.
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  4. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    The RPG has started! Look for it in the main RPG forum! Okay, so basically your first post will feature your character meeting their favourite animal and having that animal teleporting your character to Saturn Valley. Detailed instructions for that are at the bottom of my post in that thread, including the mechanism of teleportation.

    Above you will find that I have prepared a list of all the main characters in this RPG, as well as some of their characteristics. Let me know if I provided incorrect info in some places; I shortened a few things, but that's about it.

    I added info about the Mr. Saturns to the Important Groups list (one of the spoiler tags), but here it is again in case you're too lazy to look:

    provide picture of mr. saturn, if have trouble visualize, boing!

    Oh also, about their speech... Basically the Mr. Saturns suck at grammar and like to keep their sentences short. They also have a few notable catchphrases, like "boing", "zoom", "ding ding", and "kay-o" (the latter being a substitute for "okay"). Their favourite word to say is "dakota", which they will use at random times or when they're at a loss of what to say. In the games, their speech has a crazy font, but using that font here requires lots of img tags, so it's really cumbersome. Putting their speech in all lowercase letters will do just fine.

    @Raiden193: And don't you dare pull my needle! Because A) now it not "the time", and B) you don't have PK Love. Your character isn't even PSI capable! I better watch out for Diego though... *hides* And Lucas, if he ever appears in this RPG...

    Yeah, I'm gonna try and limit the number of Mother 3 characters that appear in this RPG, but sometimes I just can't help myself. Way fewer Earthbound characters will appear of course, because the vast majority of them are dead by now. Oh, but there is an exception, which we'll be meeting real soon. I guess you can say the Mr. Saturns count as well.
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  5. coolminun

    coolminun Banned

    I've got a couple of questions about psi.

    Is the psi strictly in the forms of the mother series? Take pk thunder for example. Is it always launching thunderbolts from the sky at the enemy or can it be an electrified kick or fist? Also, can our psi be used to augment our physical prowess? Example, Tekina being able to run fast by firing jets of pk fire from her feet or me mid air jumping similar to ness in smash bros by using an advanced form of pk aura?

    For those of us that are psi capable, will our favorite thing manifest into our ultimate offensive psi like pk love for Lucas and Psi Rockin for Ness? And if so, can we change the names of them slightly? Gale may sound a little silly shouting Pk dark stuff lol.

    Also, is there a set amount of psi we can learn? How long till we can learn new psi and do we get sick when our body is trying to realize our capabilities like in mother 3. I have it on my laptop, so I know about everything regarding their universe as well. It was not fun fighting the barrier trio while Kumatora was sick trying to learn pk ground lol
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  6. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    @coolminun: I'm glad you asked that! The PSI abilities are normally used as ranged attacks, especially at the basic level. Combining PSI with melee attacks is more advanced. But there is room for variation here. For example, PK Fire can take many different forms--a bunch of little flames, a sort of heat wave, maybe even a small wall of fire. As for PK Aura, in its basic form it cannot be used on the user or any really heavy objects. So the jump thing would be a no-no for now.

    Announcement to Everyone: I've been very busy with schoolwork in the past few days, and will continue to be busy with it for a couple more days. I'll have my second post up on Thursday.

    (Also, why in the world did the forums have to be upgraded? This will take some getting used to...)
  7. Pir8Heart

    Pir8Heart ƸӜƷ

    My apologies that I haven't posted yet. I've been preparing my Sign UP for this upcoming RPG, but there are rumours that the spot I'm trying to get's taken. =3=

    I'll try and post soon.
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  8. coolminun

    coolminun Banned

    Sorry about the bunnying New to RPGing, so not sure what that is, but I think I have a clue.
  9. Pir8Heart

    Pir8Heart ƸӜƷ

    My instinct tells me not to post yet, as I need a good moment for Santana's entry. It's in the works, however, please don't give up on me

    Also, I realized that Kyornik reminds me of... a polar bear! :3

    Bunnying is when you control other people's characters without their permission.
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  10. coolminun

    coolminun Banned

    Oh wow, thank you for telling me the definition. I guess it's hard to interact with the other characters when nobody post anything and without it sounding boring. I'll definitely cut it out.

    Also, a polar bear? Funny you say that lol. I've actually been thinking about raising a Beartic a lot recently

    Is is ok if we start putting which Psi we want to have now? I'm not sure about reservations, so that's why I'm asking now.
  11. Soaring Pikachu

    Soaring Pikachu Cool Trainer

    What point in the Mother time line should we consider the story to be at?
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  12. Kiruria

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    Yay, I'm so happy people are posting in the discussion thread... Anyway, on to address certain things:

    @Raiden193: Is this the Persona RPG you're talking about? Because the spot has been taken, unfortunately... Jean Grey probably feels the same way about it as well. But anyway, you might want to post soon, because everyone's about to leave Saturn Valley without you. On an aircraft.

    @Daylight, AWESOMEPUFFS, and Magikarpenter: Ditto what I said to Raiden193, minus the Persona stuff.

    @coolminun: Aww, Kyornik is a polar bear. I can kinda see the resemblance. I wonder if orcas eat polar bears... You may talk about what PSI you want to have in this thread (as well as any other future character plans) if you want, but you'll get to pick any PSI ability to learn when the time comes without having to worry about someone else taking it first. I imagine you'd be wanting PK Freeze next?

    On the bunnying, it's typically okay to have another character say a line or two of dialogue, but that's about it. These forums do not allow controlling another character's actions in a major way, especially in battle.

    @Soaring Pikachu: This RPG takes place three years after the events of Mother 3. Meaning the "old world" that was present in Earthbound has ended, and was reborn following the events of Mother 3. It is for this reason that most of the canon characters we'll be encountering will be from Mother 3 rather than Earthbound or its prequel. I think Dr. Andonuts and the Mr. Saturns are the only exceptions to that, since they appeared in both of the last two games.


    Oh yes, speaking of which, I now want to present a poll to everyone. I would like to know how many of you are familiar with the Earthbound/Mother series of video games, and if so, which one(s). Just for reference.

    I of course am familiar with all three (I better be if I'm running this RPG), though I've never played Earthbound Zero/Mother 1. I watched a Let's Play of it though, so I'm familiar with the plot. Mother 3 is my favourite video game overall, which is why I decided to make an RPG based off of the series.
    (And I can tell you right now that I won't be including a lot of Mother 1 stuff in this RPG. I currently have only one character from that game planned to ever appear in this RPG, one location, maybe an enemy or two, and some references to its plot. That game is definitely obsolete compared to its sequels anyway.)

    Gah, I still have to update the Character List with Bowie, and the NPC list with Dr. Andonuts, and the Plot Summary. I'll get to that in a bit.

    Just as a warning, right now I'm nearing finals in college, one being on Friday and the other two being next Monday, meaning it might be hard for me to post before then. And I have two homework assignments due on Thursday. I'll try to get a post up between then and the weekend though.
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  13. Pir8Heart

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    You know I was talking about Empress, right? No worries, I'm over that. Though, the next problem is how to get Santana to where everyone else is. I could give the cat PSI Teleport, like I was originally planning to. No stealing my ideas. >.<

    I've watched walkthroughs for Mother and Mother 2 (I'm currently playing Mother 2), and I reached the electric tower-thingy before I stopped playing Mother 3. I happen to favor the original Mother.

    Wait, so everyone's looking for pieces of a broken music box? Don't tease me, or I'll have to make Santana storm in. XD
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  14. jewellalw

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    Agree with above [​IMG]
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  15. Soaring Pikachu

    Soaring Pikachu Cool Trainer

    Earthbound Zero - somewhat familiar
    Earthbound - Very familiar
    Mother 3 - All I know about this game is that Lucas is in it.

    I see that we are headed to the rainforest place, in EB the enemies there could be quite tough because it appeared later in the story. Does that mean if our group goes to the new world versions of Onett, Twoson, Threed and Fourside that the monsters will be harder there?
  16. Pir8Heart

    Pir8Heart ƸӜƷ

    *sigh* Speak of the devil. Forget it, I suppose I'm fine. I mean, there aren't a lot of productive ways to travel a long distance with a cat, so...

    Anyway, versions of Onett? I believe we're using a completely different map here, so they wouldn't have versions to begin with. besides, the only one left of those is Fourside. Confirm it it Kirurun[SUP]T[/SUP] or something.

    Also, a beastiality joke? In Earthbound? What ever crossed your mind?
  17. Soaring Pikachu

    Soaring Pikachu Cool Trainer

    Fixed it, no more beast business
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2012
  18. Pir8Heart

    Pir8Heart ƸӜƷ

    Thus, you're trying to imply that children should search up obscene words? What has the dictionary become?

    Okay, back to Kirurun[SUP](T)[/SUP], will Gon's Enemy Index be added to the Discussion Thread? When he actually encounters an enemy, I mean.
  19. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    Ehehehe... Looks like Zincspider's not the only one who has a hard time spelling/pronouncing my username...

    You complain about beastiality in Earthbound, a game where hardly any animals play significant roles in the story (compared to Mother 3 anyway)? Er-hem. Anyway...

    First of all, I completely forgot to address coolminun's question about the PSI ability names! Yes, all PSI-users will eventually be capable of using a PSI technique that matches their favourite thing. Yes, some of the favourite thing names will be modified. For example, Gale would have PK Darkness, as that just sounds cooler than "PK Dark Stuff". Also, our characters might feel a bit feverish for a little while before learning new PSI, but only for a minute at most. The most they'll feel is some sort of weird feeling in their heads. To be honest, I found the whole fever thing in Mother 3 kind of bizarre, especially since you have to walk for quite a ways to cure someone of it. (And you think fighting the Barrier Trio with Kumatora having a fever is not fun? I once had the Ultimate Chimera chasing after Lucas while he had a fever. That was DEFINITELY not fun.)

    Yes, I'll be updating Gon's Enemy Index here. And I was going to give the music box to Santana initially, but she hadn't arrived yet, so I instead had to give it to Diego. I mainly gave it to him because he seems the most capable of putting it back together (based on his clockwork skills). So if you want it you'll have to have Santana ask Diego to give it to her.

    And I have nothing against Earthbound Zero--I really liked the eight melodies bit and Eve--but... there's just not as much to say about it as the other two games. And to be honest, the Thunder Tower is a good place to stop at in Mother 3, because the story gets sad again after that chapter.
    (And Raiden193, if you've only played up to Chapter 5 of Mother 3, then how'd you know about the Magypsy mementos, which don't appear until chapter 7? Do you have PSI in real life or something? [/kidding])

    Also, addressing Soaring Pikachu this time, we're WAY too early in the RPG to be entering the rainforest just yet. I never said we'd be going into the rainforest--I just said we're going to Quetzal, which isn't completely covered by rainforest. We'll mainly be in a garden-like area instead; it would be foolish for anyone to try to enter the rainforest at this time. Read my description of Quetzal in the second post of this thread if you don't believe me.

    Additionally, I think I mentioned this in my first post in the Signup thread, but Onett, Twoson, and Threed no longer exist. Dr. Andonuts has failed to mention this to everyone yet (darn him and his timidness), but after Giygas (darn him again, treating him like Voldemort and refusing to say his name) was destroyed, at some point the world was destroyed and subsequently reborn. For the most part, everyone from the "old world" is long since dead, as are any civilizations that existed then, towns being among them. Some geographical features still remain though, and Fourside magically survived somehow (the reason behind this shall be revealed much later in the RPG).

    The above is why Tessie herself doesn't show up in Lake Tess anymore, for example, and why I initially criticised coolminun for mentioning the Bubble Monkey. As for why Dr. Andonuts and the Mr. Saturns are still around... I don't want to spoil much, but it has something to do with Dr. Andonuts being dragged forward through time--you might guess the Phase Distorter had something to do with it. The Mr. Saturns just followed him around. All of this will again be revealed later on in the RPG, probably when either Dr. Andonuts works up the courage to tell everyone the truth about the world (not very likely), or when some other character (most likely someone from Mother 3) reveals that information.

    That having been said, I have one Mother 3 character scheduled to appear very shortly in the RPG, though not for very long. Oh yes, and in the Enemy Index I'll also have to list which game the enemy is from, or if that enemy is completely new. That'll be fun...

    Okay, to sum up my post, here are two things everyone who's familiar with Earthbound and not Mother 3 should know regarding this RPG:
    1. All people and civilizations in the world of Earthbound have died or disappeared (with very few exceptions).
    2. Some unknown time after the end of the old world, a new world was reborn... somehow with the same basic geographical features as the old world.
    3. With the exception of Dr. Andonuts and the Mr. Saturns and one or two other as-of-yet unnamed NPC's, nobody in the new world knows anything about the old world or its inhabitants. Those who claim to know something are ridiculed for talking nonsense.

    EDIT: I have added Bowie to the Main Character List, and Dr. Andonuts to the NPC List. I also finally added stuff to the Quest status and Enemy Index, so you won't see "coming soon" there anymore. Speaking of the Enemy Index, you'll notice that I'm including enemies everyone in the group has encountered, not just Gon. I wonder if it has anything to do with some mysterious connection between the chosen ones...? (And let me know if I missed any enemies! The table doesn't count.)
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2012
  20. Pir8Heart

    Pir8Heart ƸӜƷ

    Well, I don't think Santana could have done anything with it in that state. Broken forgotten things are practically her citizens, so she would have tried to bury it somewhere. X)

    I now realize how hard it is to write in a Santana-ish style. For some reason it's much easier for me to write using rather unique adjectives. Finding the perfect blend of "nice" and "pretty" is harder than I thought. >.<

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