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Earthbound: The Rainbow Omen (discussion)

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by Kiruria, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    So, I have finally posted! Now that winter break has begun, I should be much more available to post now. That is, as long as depression doesn't get in the way.

    Anyone who is posting soon can write in Gon showing them the news report from his phone if you like.

    @Kofii: Well, that's an interesting name for a Rapstarr album, I must admit. Also...
    BEST. TYPO. EVER. Well, maybe not ever, but still...

    Also, any last-minute requests for new enemies in Summers before I finalize the list?
  2. Soaring Pikachu

    Soaring Pikachu Cool Trainer

    It is the holiday season, it is normal to feel that way. (Or at least that is what they say in popular media)
    The biggest cause of sadness I think is the news that Mother 4 has been delayed. But that could turn out to be a good thing if it helps make the game even better!
  3. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl

    do tekina's actions in my newest post count as tsun?

    ....can i make them count as tsun?

    i'm making them count
  4. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    Zekshirom: Yup, looks pretty tsun to me.

    Soaring Pikachu: Oh hey, haven't seen you in a while. See you're still dropping in from time to time.

    So, I've posted again, and we're officially in Summers now. Now you have two options for posting - besides Summers stuff, you can control your Posin' One in Scaraba as well - get past the Starmen, infiltrate the Great Pyramid and look for the legendary auroranites.

    After a bit of enemy drama, we'll all get cleaned up (because ew, seagull droppings), and then head off to the concert and beyond. It is quite windy and rainy and thundery in Summers, so keep that in mind while posting. Also keep in mind that this is not a Pokemon RPG, so just because it is raining doesn't mean that PK Thunder will always hit.
  5. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl


    both is good.

    i'll go post now.
  6. Kofii

    Kofii Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone, Happy new year. Just posted. I know it's been quite a while, but I hope this will be a really good arc. Some Posin One action as well as possibly meeting Aqua's dad in Toto. Really looking forward to hearing from everyone again
  7. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl


    hey guys


    feel free to comment on it (i think everyone will notice due to tekina's sudden vanish and the massive light show XD)
  8. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Finall working on an update
  9. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Finally updated!
  10. chihaya01

    chihaya01 Thank you my prince!

    I've posted after like 20 years and somehow gave Aqua an outfit change! TBH I need to stop making a bunch of references in my posts.
  11. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl

    is...nobody noticing the fact that...tekina vanished after a bunch of light surrounded her and densetsu...and now the jewel is floating in the air with a barrier surrounding it????
  12. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl

    ok, everyone is ignoring my post and the actions in it. lovely.
  13. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    We're mainly waiting for Kiri.
  14. chihaya01

    chihaya01 Thank you my prince!

    I was going to wait until after the fight since it's easy to lose track during them.
  15. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    @everyone: I appreciate all your posts in this Discussion Thread and all your continued activity. It really flatters me, and I shall reflect that flattery back at you.

    Anyway, I have finally posted in the RPG again... sort of. This is a special post, a manifestation of a deep apology to all you guys. I shall make a proper post shortly after this.

    EDIT: So I was playing around in Tomodachi Life, and found something pretty neat. Basically, if somebody in Rapstarr possessed Amanda...


    EDIT2: In other news, Candy has most unfortunately broken up with Andy...

    Last edited: Mar 25, 2015
  16. chihaya01

    chihaya01 Thank you my prince!

    So when we have our Dragon story arch, am I allowed to reference Drakengard like 20 times?
  17. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl

    *taps foot* sooooo. post.
  18. chihaya01

    chihaya01 Thank you my prince!

    I have a 9 hour bus drive so I'll totally work on getting a post up! Downside: waiting 9 hours for wifi.
  19. Kofii

    Kofii Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone, long time no post lol. been super busy with graduate school. Assignmnet after assignments and they still want you to find time to do your thesis stuff and hold down an aquarium job. Will post in a bit. I guess this is the start of the Densetsu arc Zekshi? If so, I'll be sure to get Kyornik started. In your next post, I'd like it if you can expand a bit on what Aniket wants. Since Kinroyk and Aniket are supposed to parallel Kyornik and Tekina, I'd like to show the same support to the Posin' Ones as well. This is supposed to be an arc about them too.
  20. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl

    yea, it is! i'll probably make my posts quite long for a bit while this happens, tho i'm waiting for kiruria to post first.

    also aniket's thing is gonna be revealed in the near future. since the posin ones are busy, she's waiting until they actually run into their counterparts to do what she's planning. it DOES have something to do with densetsu, but...i honestly haven't completely figured it all out yet, so i need a bit more time.

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