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Ok, well for those who don't know, i live in Christchurch, New Zealand, which this morning at 4:35am was hit by a earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter Scale. The focus was only 10km under the ground and the initial quake lasted about 40 seconds. This is said to mabey be the largest earthquake in NZ since 1931 or something. The epicenter was 38km north-west of Christchurch, the largest city in the South Island.

There has been a variety of outcomes, main problems being power outage, water outage, and mainly, burst sewage pipes, resulting in infected water supplies. Some buildings have caved in, roads have had huge cracks in them, and the building located directly on the epicenter, was totally annihilated, however the frame still stands.

Reportedly, there have been no deaths and only two serious injuries, a man getting crushed by a falling chimney, and a person injured by broken windows.

Personally, my house is fairly in-tact, but has still been hit worse than alot of other homes. Our chimney has fallen apart, and bricks are spread over the roof. There are a few cracks stretching about 30cm along our ceiling and we think that our entire roof moved and could be a hazard. There are also some other things.

I mainly posted this because i am bored, and want to know about other people's experiences with earthquakes.

Some extra notes:
*Two of my three cats are missing, unfortunately the one we have found is the one i dont like much....
*I managed to get a FREE 18 steps on my Pokewalker!!!!!!!!!!! Party!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your time and feel free to post questions or just general comments, as we are expected to have some extremely large aftershocks, adding to the twenty+ we have already had. I could continue even more but it would take too long.





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Aw damn you beat me to it. :c
Saw that irl just before, it's some pretty cool shit.

Getting woken up that early by an earthquake sucks balls, especially since I haven't slept since. :x


Lol, i got back to sleep... annoying thing is all these after shocks we're having at the moment, frigin huge.... we think our entire roof moved over slightly and then moved back into place after one of the big aftershocks.

To be honest, im crapping my pants...


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I was in this earthquake too. My house seems to have been virtually unharmed. The only damage seems to be two candle holders that fell on a glass bowl and broke.

I was in bed, had been for about five hours, when I was woken up. I didn't find it too bad, I just lay in bed and enjoyed the ride. This is the very first earthquake I have consciously experienced, all the rest while I was asleep.

My house did lose all electricity so we went to our friends house who was staying with us Friday night. We have been watching TV1 all day, they sure have a boner for earthquakes. I realise it is a good thing doing the coverage but after watching 8+ hours of it isn't fun.

I'm really glad no one has died which is really lucky considering there are 500,000 plus people living here.

My friend, who lives on another side of town, was thrown out of bed lol.


Well living in Invercargill, and, me sleeping through everything as usual, I didn't feel anything. I have family living in Christchurch though so hopefully they'll be be alright.

Given the damage its remarkable only a couple of people were seriously injured. There have been reports on this magnitude of earthquake for a while around the Alps, but its still surreal when it actually happened.
Yeah Canterbury has been having this coming for a while, but hopefully this is as big as it gets. Apparently we're getting gale force winds tomorrow which won't help since some places are pretty much gutted (especially near Darfield).
We have been watching TV1 all day, they sure have a boner for earthquakes. I realise it is a good thing doing the coverage but after watching 8+ hours of it isn't fun.
Yeah god damn that was annoying but it was nice to know what was going on. Luckily we got power back relatively quickly in my part of town which was nice.

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From what I hear, the weather's only going to get much worse tomorrow.
(Yes, I too am in Chch)
NZers congregate itt.

Aftershocks still going god damn it, idk how we're supposed to sleep with the potential for a whole load more damage. :/


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You poor Kiwis. You have my Pity.

Living on an inactive tectonic plate has it's upsides.


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Living in Illinois is quite a danger. We don't often get earthquakes, but about every five years. 2 years ago there was a 5.2 earthquake. It woke everyone in the house, except me. We weren't hit as hard. We just had a few fragile objects fall from the cupboards. Springfield, however, had damage as severe as the New Zealand quake. If you are wondering, I live in Taylorville, 29 miles away from Springfield.


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I live in the midwest, in which the chances of getting an earthquake are 0%. We have had some pretty nasty storms though, one drenched my iPod and broke it, and in another some lightning hit a tree which fell on my house (funny how I say the one about my iPod first.) Anyway, we had to live with my grandparents in Wisconsin for a week-4 days.


Wow, never realised that there were Kiwi's from ChCh here! I'm from ChCh as well and i was woken by the earthquake. Thankfully nothing in our house broke!

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:O Oh man, I hope everyone's alright...

Good thing to know no one was killed!! :D


as least earthquakes means earth is still alive...

and yes my country does not have earthquake at all. but last year i been to japan, there were 2 earthquakes. i leaned on the wall and it was like a massage chair...


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Sympathy to my Kiwi neighbours!
I've been in an Earthquake (in N.Z when I was living there for awhile) , it wasn't too bad though, it was 6. something.

Not many Earthquakes here in Aus, I can think of two in the entire history of the country, there's probably more though.


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the world is changing and I ´ve been in an earthquake too, that happens in my country and it was 8.8 ,but i didn´t feel enough strong however entire families were destroyed


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I live in the heartland and we are 50 years over due for having a massive earthquake. Hopefully, I'm not at home when it happens. LOL

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We dont get any earthquakes over here in north england, but we make up for it with lots of rain, cold and windy days. At least its not as bad as Scotland ^_^.