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Easiest Zelda Boss?

For some reason, it always seems the second boss - not than the first - in every single Zelda game is an absolute joke.

Yeah, true.

Definatly for WW. Gohma was one of the only bosses in that game that puts up any sort of fight.


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Practically any boss from LoZ. Ganon was one of the easiest ones! That has to mean something.
Digdogger was probably the easiest. *bomb meets boss*


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Ah now i remember about the jungle warrior-thing in the first temple of Majora´s mask, he is pitifull as well.


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Having only played WW, OoT and TP, I'd have to go with the first boss in Wind Waker. It was my first proper Zelda boss, yet I still found it incredibly easy.

If minibosses count, the easiest (out of what I can remember) were the darknut (sp?) in WW and Link's reflection in OoT.
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Morphee (Zelda Twilight Princess 3rd boss)

Easy, I didnt take a single hit.

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Aquamentus of OOS (in the Gnarled Root) is the first one that comes to my mind. Just go there, whack with your sword a few times, and he's already dead. Takes just a few seconds and no skills at all.


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Try to beat him without the Biggeron Sword and without Din's Fire. Now there's a challange.

Not really. Just jam the attack button without targetting, and he'll go down fairly quickly.

For me, Goht from Majora's Mask. Of course, that's not exactly saying much since 70% of all bosses from Zelda can be beaten in less than two minutes and/or without taking any damage--and on your first try if you don't suck too badly.


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Faceade from Link's Awakening. Since you don't take damage from your own bombs, you can just stand on his face & blast away with no way to take damage at all.
Seeing as I've only played A Link to the Past.. I'd have to say that worm thing on Death Mountain, to get the last pendent in the Light World. Granted you don't fall of the edge of the battle platform.

That boss was extremely hard for me to beat when I was younger...

And the easiest Zelda boss for me would have to be the big rooster from WW. Phooey, what a dissapointment that was... :/


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Legend of Zelda:

Aquamentus - I used the Bow and Arrows
Dodongo - I used bombs
Manhandla - I used bombs
Gleeock - Sword's the only way to go
Digdogger - Used the flute
Gohma - I used bow and arrows

Link to the Past:

Armos Knights - Bow and Arrows

Ocarina of Time:

Gohma - Used Slingshot and Jump attacks
King Dodongo - Bomb then Jump attack
Barinade - Shield and Boomerang, Collect Hearts from vases
Phantom Ganon - Fairy Bow Shoot the real one, time the projectiles
Volvagia - Hammer then Jump attacks, Arrows do little damage.
Morpha - Hookshot/Longshot, then attack
Bomgo Bongo - Fairy Bow
Twinrova - Magic Shield, Charge with fire, after 2 fire charges, and Twinrova shoots ice, avoid, and vice versa until getting 3 fire or ice charges, then deal out your sword and attack!
Ganondorf - When he unleashes a powerful attack, charge your sword for spin attack. Use Light Arrows, Longshot, Sword, Jump Attack.
Ganon - Use Nayru's Love, Get close to Ganon, roll underneath him, then attack with Biggoron's Sword or Megaton Hammer, get Master Sword, and finish him off!

Majora's Mask:

Odolwa - Use the bow, and the sword
Goht - Fire Arrows
Cyrog - Arrows or Zora Boomerangs, Lightning Shield
Twinmold - Giant's Mask
Majora's Mask - Light Arrows, Sword
Majora's Incarnation - Light Arrows, Sword
Majora's Wrath - Light Arrows, Sword


Gohma - Grappling Hook on Valoo's Tail and jump three times, then use Grappling Hook at Gohma's eye, then attack
Helmaroc King - Use the bow, then strike with Sword
Ganondorf - Give Zelda the bow with light arrows, use mirror shield, target Ganondorf, after light arrow hits, then forward parry attack.

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I think that Aquamentus is the easiest Boss. Hit the hron on his head a few times and he's dead. his attacks are easy to dodge and he can be beat in like 15 seconds.

Speaking of fast victories, I once saw someone beat Queen Gohma in OoT in 5 seconds.


Seeing as I've only played A Link to the Past.. I'd have to say that worm thing on Death Mountain, to get the last pendent in the Light World. Granted you don't fall of the edge of the battle platform.
Really? Maybe I just got lucky when I fought it but I thought that was the easiest boss in the whole game. The trip up to the worm was much more difficult than the actual battle. :(


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Oh yeah, i forgot Aquamentus lol it is a joke, and also Digdogger.