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Echo of Time: Awakening [PG14] ~

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Black War Dragon, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    Echo of Time: Awakening
    By: WarG-X

    Hello and welcome to Echo of Time: Awakening. This is a sequel to my previous RP and so the original cast was given the option to retain their slots, which most did. I did open up a couple more slots for those who are interested in playing, I assure we left off in a very good place to pick up for those newcomers that do decide this is something they are interested in. Please let me know if you have any questions as my goal is to make this a great and fun experience for everyone. I promise I will be as fair as possible and I'll do my best to leave my own capriciousness out the door!


    Long ago, in a world stars away, there was an ancient civilization known as the Saints, holy people tasked with protecting the flow of Light. You see, it is from this planet – referred to in legend simply as the Sphere of Creation – from which Light flows into every other world in the universe and even further into time and space, linking together countless dimensions and realities via the Web of Cosmos. This delicate flow remained untainted for countless millennia, thanks to the incredible power of the great Sphere of Creation sages, valiant men who dedicated their entire lives to the upholding of the intricate fabric that balanced the Light and the Darkness.

    Naïve were those who honestly believed the golden era would last forever. Abundance spawned greed; greed evolved into despair, suffering and violence. The emerging force brought about cosmic abruptions that like a silent assassin in the dead of night, slowly and meticulously began to spread into the Web of Cosmos. The Darkness, a natural power in the equation of life, was disturbed by the dangerous spread to the point of infuriation. The Darkness was infected by the souls of evil that became. Soon, an unrelentingly devastating force known as the Eternal Darkness came into being, destroying countless worlds across the Web of Cosmos, spreading closer into the center, the Sphere of Creation. The great sages failed to acknowledge the threat in time and paid the brutal consequences.
    In the dead of night a legion of evil souls invaded the Sphere of Creation, leaving death in their path, slaughtering innocents without discrimination.

    A young maiden carrying an unborn child, awoke to the horrifying sight of a dark specter, second before it could end her life. Then, to her complete shock, the tip of a sword emerged from the monster’s chest. The monster collapsed into the ground, revealing a small boy, greatly resembling the young maiden, who held open the palms of his trembling hands. The young maiden knelt as best she could and dearly held the small boy as her eyes filled with tears. A loud explosion interrupted the heartfelt moment, signaling a mother’s instinct. The young maiden grabbed the little boy from his tiny hands and fled her burning home.

    Outside was a bloody invasion. The sages did the best they could to protect the Sphere of Creation and with their combined effort succeeded but at a terrible price, the death of thousands in a single night. The Eternal Darkness was hurled into the darkest and most forbidden depths of the Web of Cosmos, never to be seen again, or so they hoped. In the eve of destruction a prophecy was revealed: A girl born in that fateful night would be blessed with the power of Light to combat the Eternal Darkness’ inevitable return.

    The great sages searched for the prophesized new-born after the wake of the assault and from the rubble a young maiden was pulled. The young mother lived only to deliver and name her baby girl, Seya. In her last breath, the dying mother reached for the sky as if it had taken something from her. “My…snnn,” she mumbled before falling into eternal sleep.

    Seya was groomed by the holy sages to become The Princess of Light, the goddess whose burden it was to keep the balance they once did. Seya spent the entirety of her young life preparing for the day the Eternal Darkness returned and one day it did. A powerful avatar known as Raseo, bearer of the Eternal Darkness, invaded the Sphere of Creation much more thoroughly than before. He single handedly wasted the sages while his legions massacred the rest of the population – only Seya, Princess of Light, remained a thorn in his path.

    Seya confronted Raseo in an even match that lasted an apparent eternity. Through her power, she created holy bindings that managed to suppress Raseo’s evil aura at the cost of their dual imprisonment. So long she maintained pure concentration, Raseo could not move. This lasted eons, bringing about another golden age until Raseo broke free in a moment of weakness. Raseo smashed Seya with an attack of dark energy so devastating it crushed her very essence into various pieces, leaving Seya as an empty vessel, a ghost. Fearing the worst, Seya managed to scatter her essence, key to her godly power, across the Web of Cosmos and managed to flee into a faraway dimension.

    Upon her arrival at Earth, Seya searched for fabled young warriors destined to become the Guardians of Light, chosen by the Light to help Seya on her quest to restore her essence and bring balance to the universe. She found six kids and together they endured many hardships that forced them across dimensions and then endured the destruction of Earth and later Seya’s very demise at the hands of one of Raseo’s personal warriors.


    This RP will take place in different fictional worlds and each will be created as needed. The beginning of the RP will be in a world very much like ours as far as technology. The RP begins in New Arc City. The city is very well lit, with plenty of street lights illuminating roads, homes and parks. The city consists of three major residential districts, a downtown district and an industrial district. The residential districts and the industrial district are all connected to the downtown district which is naturally and conveniently placed in the center. A complex network of highways and roads connect the various districts and areas of the city. There’s also a subway system, which runs around the city, with four underground stations (one in each district)

    The downtown district houses dozens of skyscrapers with enormous LED screens advertising the latest trends and news. There are hundreds if not thousands of neon signs representing the various businesses in the downtown area including restaurants, retailers, game shops, and even mom-n-pop shops. The downtown area is busy throughout the day and most of the night. There are almost always crowds of people visiting the various businesses and enjoying the sights.

    The three residential districts, Chevalier, Arcadia and Zuri have much less movement of people during the day (students walking to school in the mornings and parents going to work) and little to none at night.

    At the edge of the Chevalier district, almost into the downtown district, is a high school, New Arc Preparatory. The school is in the center of a large enclosed piece of land with a large black gate on the entrance. The property, much like the rest of the city, has plenty of grass, trees and smaller plants. The school itself is made up of five buildings. There are four three-level buildings for classes (one building for each grade) and a gymnasium. The levels all consist of a hallway and two rows of classrooms, one on each side and parallel the hallway.

    Weapons of Light

    The Black Dragon Sword - Pre-Reserved
    The Twin White Lion Gauntlets - Alliance
    The Monkey Staff of Wisdom - DVB
    The Valiant Hawk Scythe - *Jean Grey*
    The Stallion Boots of Gaia - Pre-Reserved
    The Blue Flame Tiger Bow - Pre-Reserved
    The Mystic Sand Scorpion Claw - Reserved
    The Golden Ox Shield - Reserved


    Name: (First and Last)
    Nickname: (Optional)
    Age: (13-22)
    Gender: (Male - Female)
    School Grade: (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, College, Etc.)
    Home District:
    Appearance: (2 paragraph minimum)
    Personality: (2 paragraphs minimum) Please really take time with your personality, as it will serve as a base as far as how your character interacts in the RP)
    History: (1 paragraph minimum)
    Weapon of choice:

    Note: Original Guardians of Light, after the fight with Milly, you were brought back to Earth to the time right before you met Seya - three years pass from then as if you never met her, all your memories gone. I have no issue if your characters met during these past three years, just please make sure to have others' consent.


    -All Serebii rules apply (no bunnying or cursing)
    -Be mindful of the context of where events are taking place as far as how you interact in the world, what I’m asking is please keep it realistic as possible even in light (pun intended) of the situation (ex. Chances are NPCs will not bow down every time you walk past them)
    -If you have an issue with a RPer please let me know so the issue may be resolved as peacefully as possible
    -Extreme inactivity will result in removal. Real life does take priority over this so if you’re going to be away for a while, notify me in advance. I’ll normally let you know in advance if your reaching a limit.
    -Have fun!
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2012
  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    I've been wondering this for a while, what's the difference between the three residential districts?
  3. Agent Tectonic

    Agent Tectonic From Ashes, I Come

    So. . . I'll throw a reserve for the claw. I've been away for too long, and a good RPG should get me back into a writing routine. That, and a second crack at this now that my time is a little more malleable.
  4. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    Here is my SU!

    Name: Hunter M. Crux
    Nickname: None
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    School Grade: College drop-out
    Home: Downtown

    Appearance: Hunter’s eyes are bright green and his skin tan. He wears his black hair in a fohawk, with a taper around the sides, edging his pointy sideburns down to his jaw. His seemingly innocent looking handsome face is not to be taken literal, much less parallel of his persona. He’s athletically built and muscular but not grossly so, weighing close to 170 lbs. and standing at around 6’2’’. Commonly so among the “rebel” crowd, Hunter has several tattoos inked around his body albeit not by choice. Covering his entire back is the tattoo of a six-headed dragon and on each fore-arm is ancient text resembling scriptures of some sort.

    Hunter isn’t very particular about the clothes he wears but he does have a liking to wearing jackets and aviators. Most of his pairs of jeans have rips, not for styling purposes but because he enjoys “rough” activities and they become worn out.

    Personality: Hunter wouldn’t trust his own shadow much less those around him. He has a difficult time speaking to people not so much because he’s socially awkward but more so because he fears relationships of any type, the attachment. Both highly calculating and disciplined, Hunter can seem cold at times and careless towards others, this is nothing short of a shell he’s equipped himself with. For reasons kept to his self, Hunter does allow certain few into his life but always at a distance fearing vulnerability.

    Hunter doesn’t do well in the spotlight and in fact, he avoids it, he doesn’t care to be the center of attention. He’s quite judgmental although not explicitly so and will generally form conclusions out of first impressions. The paradox of Hunter’s persona is his predisposition toward conflict, he generally avoids it but is ruthless and extremely efficient when he deems necessary.

    History: Without a single droplet of regret, Hunter dropped out of high school as a junior and joined the Marines. He spent two years on base before deploying for a year at age 19. Fortunately for Hunter, military life walked parallel with his own pathless ambition, just the right excuse to exert his own frustrations and unexplainable confusions in a “constructive” manner. Hunter was right where he needed to be, in the battlefield, as relentless as he was. Despite his apparent self-satisfaction, he wasn’t content and soon grew bored of life as a soldier. At the age of 20, Hunter decided he would not renew his military contract and that he’d return to New Arc City. He’d return to seek answers to the many questions that haunted his mind.

    Upon his return, Hunter drifted around aimlessly before accidentally befriending an old man who took him in to his home. By day, Hunter works for the old man in his restaurant washing dishes and during the evening he trains martial arts – also under the tutelage of the old man. Hunter uses a motor bike to get around the city.

    There is more to Hunter’s core of being but he does not remember. . Certain events from three years ago crippled his mind to the person he currently is. Hunter has many secrets and a very dark past…

    @ Mon1010 - Chevalier would be considered very high class and expensive, priding in luxurious architecture. Acadia is the largest in size and the most economically accessible also has the best recreational areas. Zuri is considered very liberal and is known for its arts.

    @ Agent Tectonic - Welcome back! Reserved.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2012
  5. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Chevalier it is! xD

    I'll probably have my SU up once JG get's hers up. (As my character pretty much exists to cause conflict with Carly, aaaand maybe the others while she's at it. xD)

    @Everyone: I'm replacing Flame Mistress to take the Black Dragon Sword, she didn't answer in time... The shield is still avalible. Just making that clear.
  6. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Name: Caroline McNamara

    Nickname: Carly

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    School Grade: College Sophomore

    Home District: Chevalier (Chevalier, then Arcadia, then Chevalier again to be exact.)

    Appearance: Carly is a tall beauty, standing at 185 cm or 6'1", and is pale-skinned with a slender, lean body. Her hair is long and crimson, and from its past length until her waist has grown, now falling in soft waves down to her hips. Her eyes are a striking steely gray, framed with long, red lashes. Under her eyes are noticeable dark circles which she tries to conceal with her makeup. Her teeth aren't very nice, being yellowish-white instead of clean white, due to her occassional smoking after getting over her pyrophobia. She often wears dark eyeshadow and kohl, making her pale eye color stand out even more. She has three piercings in each earlobe, and one on her navel, giving her seven all in all. On her back is a large tattoo of a thorny heart and on her wrist is a new tattoo of a black skull. Her long-legged body is slim, and lean, with ample breasts.

    Carly dresses in a style unconventional to most, being rather revealing and dark. She loves leather, as well as black. Her usual outfit consists of a black leather vest, with a low neckline and cropped just to above her navel, exposing her stomach. This vest has silver stud buttons down its front and is decorated with a black leather belt with a silver buckle that fastens just under her breasts. She does not wear a shirt inside, exposing her ample cleavage. For bottoms, she wears black mini shorts with a silver chain belt and silver studs decorating the pockets, the pockets partially sticking out of the frayed, distressed hems. As for her shoes, she wears black heeled knee-high boots decorated with silver studs and buckles. She wears black fingerless gloves on her hands and occasionally, a black newsboy hat on her head. She wears three gold hoop earrings in each ear, all of them gunmetal silver. Her usual navel stud is black and shaped like a rose and around her neck is a silver-studded black leather choker.

    Personality: Carly, though seemingly hostile to some because of her looks, is warm and friendly to those she meets, mostly because she feels lonely most of the time, having no living parents and her older brother being her only family. Sociable and a bit loud at times, she enjoys meeting new people. Just as her brother looked after her, she is one who cares for her friends, sticks by them no matter what and looks out for them the best she could, even to the point of compromising herself. She will go through great lengths to protect the ones she holds close, putting them before herself. Also quite a flirt, she's one whose outgoing personality gives her no shame when it comes to approaching boys, especially younger ones due to her attraction towards the more trusting.

    While Carly is by no means extremely stupid, she isn't particularly academically gifted compared to most, leading her to seem pretty dumb, and can lack common sense sometimes, leading her to leap before she looks and getting her into a lot of trouble. She often means well, but her plans and what she does sometimes have the tendency to backfire. Carly is a heavy drinker, and when she's drunk, she either turns into a happy drunk or an angry, violent drunk. People have to watch out for the second one, as Carly gets really unbearable in said state. This usually means having to get physical to knock some sense into her.

    Carly however, is a tormented and troubled young woman inside, which she tries to hide with her warm, friendly exterior, hoping nobody sees it. She is rather emotionally unstable, being prone to meltdowns when insulted or confronted with difficult things, and is violent when angry, which is rare, as she is relatively even-tempered, but very much possible. Though she has gotten over the ghosts of her past as well as most of the fears that plagued her, she still retains that slightly less controlled side of herself. Very few have seen this side of her, mostly because of the fact that she's rather proud and hates people feeling sorry for her.

    Carly does not like to think of herself as a girly-girl, and dislikes the color pink, thinking that it isn't sexy. She's not one who thinks of manners and etiquette, dismissing them as old-school and boring, being rather crude and inappropriate at times.

    History: Originally from Chevalier, Carly used to have a happy life. Her family was well-to-do and wealthy, her parents loved her, and she had everything she wanted. Her father, being CEO in his corporation, as her grandfather and great-grandfather were in the past, naturally had his enemies, though he was probably too dense and too trusting to realize it. The end of her once-carefree life came when the McNamaras' mansion was burned down under mysterious circumstances. Her parents died trying to save her and her brother from the burning house. This left Carly, who was only eight, and her older brother by ten years, Patrick, orphans. As Patrick was eighteen and of legal age, he was able to inherit all their parents' money, a large fortune. The fire traumatized Carly, and she often had recurring nightmares of being burned up and trapped in flames as well as developing pyrophobia as a result. Patrick, knowing that he had to take care of his younger sister and that Carly would probably not want to stay in Chevalier for the time being, took Carly with him and moved to Arcadia to start anew, where he purchased a new home for the two of them to live in with some of the money he inherited.

    Though Patrick was kind and caring, this did little to alleviate Carly's traumas. Often, she would wake up shouting and would refuse to go to the bathroom or go down the stairs by herself. Patrick however, was patient, despite the long hours he had to spend studying in university and later on, training, helping her overcome her fears the best way he could, and soon got her to get over her pyrophobia after teaching her how to cook, something she eventually developed a love for. When she was 15, Carly studied in New Arc Preparatory with the hopes of entering a good Culinary Arts university. She was not exactly the best student, her evident weakness being Math. Patrick was at that time, being trained under the mentorship of his father's best friend, the acting CEO of the company, to become the next CEO like his father was. In the end, Carly was forced to repeat her senior year due to her bad Math grades. Not that it was a bad thing, as it allowed her to develop a passion for designing subculture clothes (In her style of course) alongside cooking. By this time, even her acrophobia vanished for a reason she couldn't put a finger on.

    Towards the middle of her second year as a senior, Carly applied for a culinary arts school, as well as a design school as her second choice. While she studied hard for the entrance tests, she was unable to pass the hygiene test to enter the prestigious culinary school due to her tattoos, piercings and alcohol consumption, leaving her to enter fashion college in Chevalier. After the end of her freshman year, Patrick had taken the reins of the family business as CEO and had to move back to Chevalier. With Carly's ghosts and fears all but gone, she agreed happily to stay with him. Now living in Chevalier like before, Carly is now a sophomore studying fashion design. While she admits that she loves her course, she seems to struggle a lot when it comes to conventional designing, and she has of course, clashed with a lot of her teachers for various reasons, as well as a particular classmate of hers named Stella Gold (Unfortunately the class' best student) whose pinkness and criticism she finds pretty unbearable.

    Weapon of choice: Valiant Hawk Scythe

    Closest thing I can do on Gaia with her clothes. XD Top's not that accurate though, as her vest has a few silver studs as buttons and a belt cinched under her breast, and her gloves are not elbow-length but wrist-length. XD
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2012
  7. Alliance

    Alliance Re-Arrival

    I have returned. And Kess is now even more amazing than before.
    As far as us returning players are concerned - and Hunter, too - I reckon they all should have changed slightly since the happening. For example, Kess is now a little more confident in herself, since she emotionally developed during the fight against Milly. Yeeaaa

    Name: Kessandra Andrews

    Nickname: Kess, Kesi

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    School Grade: Sophomore

    Home District: Zuri

    Kessandra stands at 5’4, with her complexion still relatively pale, if slightly darker than before. Her eyes are a brilliant amber color, seeming to look like solid gold under bright light. Her hair is a golden-brown color, cut to her waist and always unruly looking, and she ties it up in a long loopy ponytail. Her fringe is very vision intrusive, often flopping in front of her eyes.

    Her normal outfit consists of purple shirt, matched with a dark blue long skirt that reaches just past her knees. She wears simple black trainers with blue accents, and she always adds her golden necklace with shining red gems. She also uses silver hairclips in attempts to keep her fringe out of her eyes. She usually carries around a simple bag filled with some painting materials.

    Kessandra is a girl who finds it difficult to be completely honest and sincere to people she talks to, but tried anyway. She likes to tell the truth all the time, even if she messes up her words. She is often considered to be blunt and unforgiving because she tries to be brutally honest all the time.

    Her forgiving nature means she tries to look past all the bad aspects in a person and see their goodness. But sometimes, it’s harder for her to hide the bad from her mind, and it can upset her sometimes. If she is cornered or bullied extensively, she become louder and more ‘normal’ by some standards. She yells out her more honest opinions of these people, and after such times she is often moody for a few days.

    History: Kessandra is from a rich family in the district of Zuri, and has a twin sister called Sarah. Sarah is the louder, less honest and luckier of the two, being the popular girl who doesn’t care for her school work. At all. In fact, Sarah was one of a group of kids who left New Arc Preparatory, more interested in exploring the wider world than with school work.

    Kessandra remained doing her work, trying her hardest. And, as much as she hated to admit it, having Sarah leave school and, to that extent, home, made her feel slightly more confident, if only very slightly. She did her best, but still didn’t really have many friends. But she didn’t mind. Without a shadow to cower under, she felt better in general. While she did continue to mess her words up slightly, it was far less uncommon than it had been.

    Not long after she turned 14 - at which point she felt like she had changed significantly in a short time - she developed a liking for painting, beginning to practice by drawing various scene of the city. She wasn’t the best, but she felt like she made her parents proud by venturing into other art forms, and not being just a bookworm.

    Weapon of choice:
    Twin White Lion Gauntlets

    Kess has learnt to paint. Hehe. She is now a little different. She also had a damned massive growth spurt, since I felt she was really small last time. Three years is all it takes. She's now about a foot taller. Maybe even more than that :p
    ...Yea that's Kess now. After the happenings in Echo of Time she generally became more badass. This shows. Very clearly :p
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2012
  8. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Name: Diego Vendrix
    Nickname: DVB
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male

    School Grade: College Sophomore
    Home District: Zuri

    Appearance: He stands at five foot, 11 inches. He has low cheekbones, a boyish face, slight stubble, and wears a pair of glasses that darken themselves in bright sunlight. His hair is black with subtle patches of very dark brown, mainly in the tips. His hair is kept trimmed and neat, however the ends on the back of his head are messy and spiky. He has slightly bigger than average eyes, which are chocolate brown. His eyes are large enough that they are noticeably larger than average, even by a margin amount. His skin is a pale shade of olive skin that could be seen from his face. He is also thinner than last time and having a bit more muscle.

    He wears a black T-shirt with a gold yingyang symbol on front and a white silhouette of Quetzalcoatl, portrayed as an Ouroboros with the crescent moon and sun in the center of the loop on the back. He has on some black cargo pants and black tennis shoes with a red spiral on them. He completes the ensemble with a gray fleece "M-44 Jacket". He also has on a digital watch with him.

    Personality: Diego is a warm and emotional person with an occasion fiery temper and an adventurous spirit. He is very empathetic and has a great desire to help people out. Beneath this outgoing personality, Diego is a shy and quiet person. He is also a very artistic individual as he will often draw whenever he gets the chance to do so. He is very loyal, but can come on as clingy, especially around girls. He also likes to cook. When in serious situations, he knows it is time for him to use his intelligence and strengths at their full capacity. He is very creative and known to be devious for his ideas. He is regarded as being very smart in many aspects.

    He has his faults, however. Some of these are being blunt, sarcastic, picking fights, laziness and often day-dreaming during certain moments and saying a weird comment afterward. He may also show some malevolent intent or hold grudges for a while. He may even show cruel moments, characterized by a crazed grins and shadows under his eyes. He is prone to snarky or blunt comments and is often unable to figure out what to do in situations with people so will often mess things up, though he means no harm. Despite this or because of it, he tries to overcome these traits so people don’t judge him on his faults and see him as a good person.

    History: Much of Diego’s history is an enigma. He doesn’t speak about it. However, he grew up with a loving mother and father and a younger brother. His father was a technical consultant and engineer. His mom was a housewife though she worked part-time at a clothing store. His brother was his opposite and younger than him by 2 years. Despite this, he had a lousy childhood. He was different than most children having been born with a mental problem. This isolated him from other students because of his eccentric behavior and properties. Combine this with his short temper and the teasing of some more malicious kids and we have the outcast of elementary and middle school. In high school, things began to simmer down and began to figure out why he was the way he was. Although he was angry he didn’t know why, he embraced this part of who he was. Meanwhile, conflicts rose and his brother was eventually sent to military school because of his attitude. He didn’t mind and actually thanked their parents for it.

    As graduation approached, Diego remained in conflict over what he wanted to do. Eventually, he saw Zuri once more, an old romantic interest and rekindled his pursuit in the arts. However, realizing the learning curve, he decided to focus on film. He is currently a film student in Zuri where he has been seeing said friend, but still hiding his feelings for her. Currently, he is planning to make a psychological thriller to enter in a film festival. He is basing it off of his experiences with DX, who has one day just vanished from Diego's mind and filling him with relief.

    Weapon of choice: The Monkey Staff of Wisdom
  9. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    I'm just posting to say that yes, I would like to take part in the sequel. Even though I'm having a huge writer's block. And I still have to get used to the increased workload from school. And I hate you all for picking the worst possible time ever to start the sequel. But yeah.
  10. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Since, I assume you'll want your old weapon back, I'll take the Golden Ox Shield. It makes no difference to me. ID

    Speaking of workloads, I've got my own to take care of, so it could be a bit before I get my SU in.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2012
  11. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    @ FM - Welcome back!

    @ Mon1010 - No rush, buddy.

    @ Jean - Accepted!

    @ Alliance - Accepted!

    @ DVB - Accepted!

    @ Everyone - No need to start a new DT so we'll continue using the original one.
  12. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    Okay, here's my signup. I made slight modifications to Zuri's outfit since three years have passed and all, and I added more to her History as well. So now she's officially an orphan.

    Name: Zuri Watkinson
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Grade: College sophomore
    District: Zuri Herp-A-Derp

    Appearance: People like to call Zuri the "ghost", for she can be mistaken for one at first glance. Being an albino, her skin is very pale, and her eyes are such a light shade of blue that they look as if they are made of glass. Straight silvery-white hair flows halfway down her back, with slight hints of bangs on the sides. These like to blow back in a gust of wind, revealing earrings that look like inch-long amethyst spikes. Although her face is pale as everything else, it can easily turn a light pink at the sign of emotion. Otherwise her tendency to gaze off into the distance adds to the ghostly air about her.

    There's nothing particularly special about Zuri's figure. Nobody's ever commented on it in any way. If anything, she looks a little on the fragile side, not being extremely skinny, but not having a whole lot of build either. She's anything but the athetic-type, that's for sure, given the only exercise she ever gets is carrying her books around school. One can easily guess that she spends a lot of time indoors, which makes sense because she's highly prone to sunburn.

    Zuri has a somewhat picky fashion sense. She'll never wear anything that's yellow, brown, orange, or red (though dark red is okay), and she'll never wear shorts, tight jeans, or shoes with heels taller than two inches. Usually she considers comfort a priority in clothes, though for some reason she prefers skirts over pants. Nor does she ever style her hair differently. However, she almost always wears some sort of jewelry, always wearing at least a necklace and a pair of earrings, and maybe in rare cases a bracelet or something. She always wears a piece of jewelry that once belonged to her late mother or grandmother, in rememberance of what little she knew of the former and what little she cared about the latter.

    As for Zuri's current and possibly favourite outfit, that would be a soft white blouse with a wispy pale blue ribbon tied into a bow on the chest, with sleeves that reach down to her elbows and end in frilly white lacy trim, with more light blue ribbon around the sleeve ends and the bottom. Below that would be a long skirt--one that is a bluish-grey in colour and ruffled on the bottom, with a long, silky, lavender sash tied around her hips. Below that, her legs would be coated with light gray stockings, and old-fashioned white boots that lace up down the middle. Around her neck is a pendant featuring a silver cross with lots of purple roses wrapped around it. And finally, she carries around a shoulder bag made of a misty purple cloth--this bag is just big enough to hold a textbook or two, and there's always some sort of large book in there.

    Personality: Besides her appearance, one other reason why many people call Zuri the ghost is because of her relatively distant demeanour, and the solemn yet calm and mysterious vibe she gives off. She kind of drifts about the world, setting herself apart from it, a slight bit shy in terms of interacting with others, especially if they don't seem to have anything in common with her. But she is very good at remaining calm and relaxed, and she hardly ever panics in the face of danger (the most she'll do is complain about being weak). A ghost indeed--a living one, if that makes any sense.

    One hallmark of Zuri (the person, not the district... haha) is her interest in books. They are her most satisfying form of enjoyment, the one activity she can devote her focus and interest to. Zuri seems to like quiet, serene settings anyway--she hates noisy places and crowded gatherings. She likes to keep her mind in a hazy awareness, not exactly super focused, but not completely absent-minded--just a little in the clouds, with little or no worries to trouble their way through. This is almost the exact state she keeps her mind in while meditating, which she does quite often. With a highly spiritual nature, she keeps an open mind and accepts fate for what it is.

    Yes, that is another hallmark of Zuri: her strong belief in magic. Some people have thought she was some sort of witch or mystic, and she considers that to be true, leaving many in mystery. Some religious people claim Zuri to have been "possessed" by the ghosts of her parents, which makes sense since they practiced witchcraft. It is true that the books Zuri most often reads are either books of shadows found in her parents' house, or fantasy novels. She believes that everyone is united by nature, and that the world has several dimensions (though she has no idea what those other dimensions are). In her everyday life, she makes quite a few spiritual affirmations, which are not so much prayers directed at herself, but blessings of various things and acknowledgements of fate.

    That having been said, Zuri is thought to lead a rather depressing life otherwise. She is not one to try and fit in with other people, perhaps believing she lacks the power to do so. Indeed, though her outlook on life may overall be optimistic, the rains of sorrowful isolation have dampened her fiery ego quite a bit, leaving only the dimmest yet hottest part to remain. This "hottest part" is her pursuit of wisdom and truth, which can serve as a guiding light to others. Otherwise, even though she rarely hurts other people, she hurts herself pretty frequently during a typical day (in school for example). This means that she doesn't eat much, frequently spends time outside when it's cold and raining, or otherwise just lets a bunch of sad thoughts fill her mind. In her mind it's always a rainy day, yet somehow a flame keeps on weakly burning.

    Besides the above, one obvious weakness Zuri has is technology. Computers and electronic gadgets confuse her--she has no idea how to go about using any of them. She doesn't even carry a cell phone around, and can just barely handle typing up a report on her grandmother's old computer. Probably because she never watches TV or surfs the Internet, she's remarkably naive as far as news and current events and latest trends go. That or she just doesn't care about any of those things. She seeks wisdom, not necessarily knowledge.

    History: The Watkinson family was not a city family--they preferred to live in the suburbs. They occupied two houses, one with Zuri and her parents, the other with her grandmother. Why did she have the same name as the district they lived in? Because when the family moved there, they liked the sound of that name. And why separate houses? Because of religious differences--her grandmother was a devout Christian while her parents were Wiccan. Naturally, Grandma regarded Zuri's parents as sinners and devil-worshippers. Now, normally this wouldn't be important, as Zuri's parents could just ignore Grandma and move on with their lives. However, one day when Zuri was three, she went upstairs into her parents' special seance room, only to find them lying under a blanket, unmoving and cold to the touch.

    This really came as a shock to Zuri, especially since it happened at a time when she didn't quite understand what death really meant. But it would remain in her mind for the rest of her life, especially given its suddenness. How did her parents die, and why? It didn't help that they had no wills either. The house remained empty, though there were many reports of the house being haunted, presumably by the ghosts of Zuri's parents. In her youth, Zuri visited this house often, but she never found her parents there. What she did find was the many books they had, which were mostly myths and old fantasy novels, and books on all sorts of magical topics. She had not quite understood what was going on whenever they performed a magic ritual (which was more like a ceremonial prayer, not involving anything too spectacular), and since her parents weren't bothering to contact her for some reason, reading these books was the only way she could get a clue as to what their spiritual practices and other aspects of their life were like.

    From then on, Zuri lived with her grandmother. Grandma thought Zuri's parents got what they deserved for following such an "evil" faith, and was all too glad to take Zuri in. However, she was not at all pleased about her ventures into her parents' house, worried that they would have an evil influence on her. Her goal was to purify her in a sense, to raise her to be a good Christian girl. Did she succeed? Well, it seemed that way for a few years. Given her passive and easygoing nature, she must have seemed like a good little angel to Grandma. Well, maybe not to that extreme.

    Unfortunately for Grandma and fortunately for Zuri, Grandma couldn't afford to have Zuri attend one of those private Christian schools, so she had to go to a public school like a normal person. Except she wasn't a normal person. Since Grandma never drove her to and from school, Zuri had plenty of opportunities to visit her parents' house afterwards. As a young teen, she found the spellbooks in their house particularly interesting. She even tried to use some of the spells on her classmates, threatening to put curses on them if they did anything bad to her. At this point she considered herself better than her grandmother, over her influence, free to be who she wanted to be. But unfortunately, she still lived with her, and was not quite an adult yet. Grandma eventually found out about this, and carried out her standard punishment: saving her soul. Or at least attempting to.

    By that time, Zuri had just started high school, and for the first year or so her relationship with her grandmother was distant. She said hardly a word in her presence, just letting her words of comfort wash over her. Grandma was technically a very kind and gentle person, but she did have her rules and a way of convincing others to follow them. A part of Zuri knew that Grandma really loved her, and she felt really guilty rebelling against a fragile old woman. And it was around this time that she realised the virtue of not harming others, that it was wrong to put curses on people and make magical threats, a concept universal to all religions it seemed. She learned about this virtue in church, of all places. Still, though she visited her parents' house on occasion, she still heard nothing from them despite continued claims of hauntings there. Sad, for she really liked the magical wisdom that came from their faith, as many of the concepts applied to nature and harmlessness.

    And then came the end of high school. By then, Zuri had been accepted into the city's university, and, due in part to the fact that she's named after the district she's from, she made a tentative plan to major in liberal arts once there. Unfortunately, something tragic happened just before she graduated: her grandmother died. It was a peaceful death--she simply died of old age--but it was still sad, because at that point Zuri had no living family left. Nobody to take care of her anymore, no real company at all. By that time she was legally an adult, and thus didn't even have to have any foster parents to deal with. She was on her own then.

    Though Zuri still had a house to live in--her grandmother left it to her--it was a sad and lonely summer. Even when she was in college, after selling the house and moving into the university dorms (hey, at least the money paid for part of her tuition) and having new people to interact with, she still distanced herself from many of them. Even though she was never on best terms with her grandmother, her loss created an empty space inside of her, one that longed for something in her wisdom and caring nature despite her religious views. In college, the people she interacted with the most (which still wasn't very much) were people at the library at which she worked as an assistant, and this young man named Diego who seemed to be very interested in her. And her boisterous roommate named Cassie, who talks to Zuri much more than Zuri talks to her.

    And still no successful conversation with her parents. Every Halloween night she performs a ritual to try to contact them, but nothing ever happens. She only saw but a brief vision of them, a vision of them standing on opposite sides of a bright blue flame, on the night when her grandmother died.

    Weapon: Blue Flame Tiger Bow
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    Welcome back Kiruria! Accepted.
  14. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Name: Stella Gold
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Grade: College Sophomore
    Home District: Chevaleir

    Appearance: Stella's height is at 5'9", but she wears high heels often, so she appears to be a few inches taller. She doesn't go into the sun all to often, claiming it's bad for your skin, so her skin is fair as a result. She has a slender build, but still has a feminine figure. She has straight, blond hair that falls to her waist, with short bangs that go to her eyebrows. She usually wears a pink headband on top of her head to keep her hair tidy. Her eyes are almond shaped, and are a light shade of blue. She doesn't wear make up often, apart from red lipstick and eyeshadow on occasion, as well as concealer, should it be necessary. She puts a lot of effort into maintaining her appearance, and she makes sure to keep her face clear of any blemishes, and to maintain a good weight.

    Her outfits tend to vary, but her wardrobe can be described as being, "girly." It mostly contains a lot of pastels, and bright colors in general, especially pink, her favorite color. She has very expensive tastes, and has the money to afford it, or rather her parents do. All the clothes in her closet were either made by her using rare and/or expensive materials, or by a big name designer (who likely also used rare and/or expensive materials.) Knockoffs and cheap things make her skin crawl. (By cheap, she means low quality, it's possible for something to be inexpensive and still good.) She also accessorize with gold and pink jewelry to flaunt her wealth. Made with real gold and pink diamonds, which are also rare and expensive. She also carries a pink designer handbag to carry her things in.

    Her usual outfit is a short sleeved pink blouse, with a loose knee length skirt thats a darker shade of pink than the blouse is. On her feet, she wears three inch high steletto heels which are the same color as her skirt. Her ears are pierced, and she wears heart shaped pink diamond stud earrings on her ears, a pink pearl necklace around her neck, and a set of gold bracelets around her right wrist. She doesn't usually dress head to toe in pink, she's doing this to annoy a certain someone in her class. Besides, she thinks she can pull the look off anyway.

    Personality: Stella is a proud, confident young woman. She can come off as arrogant sometimes, often overestimating herself, while underestimating others, but she does have a kind caring side somewhere deep down, someone just has to be willing to look for it. She is not shy in the slightest, and if given the opportunity, she will say exactly what she thinks, which often gets her into trouble, and offends people. She usually acts very serious and proper, and appears to have no tolerance for low-class behavior, but it's just an act, and she knows how to have fun if the circumstances are right. She is a strong willed individual, and once she's decided on something, it is very difficult to change her mind. Due to her wealthy upbringing, and being given whatever she wanted whenever she asked, she is spoiled, and has very high standards, and she gets upset if things do not meet those standards. She is very frivolous, and she's known for spending money like it grows on trees. Especially if it's someone else's money.

    Stella values cuteness and beauty in all areas in her life. From her taste in clothes, to the people she associates with. If your one of those people that do not meet her expectations. Depending on the person, she will avoid you, try to give you a makeover, or be needlessly cruel to you. As one would imagine, looks mean everything to Stella. She can often be seen studying her reflection in any reflective surface available. She despises dirt and ugliness with a passion. She hates sports, physical labor, camping, or anything that could possibly get her dirty and ruin her image. If forced to do them, she will complain. Something else she can't stand, bugs (Including Spiders.) Butterflies and Moths are fine, it's the ants, worms, cockroaches, etc. she can't stand.

    She can be a nice person once you get to know her. This is noticeable when she's speaking to someone she finds to be cute, or has taken a liking to. She will act friendly towards them, and if they are younger than her, act like a sister to them. She's also quite generous to her friends. One thing that may surprise you, is that despite being a girly girl, she actually enjoys playing video games, and she has an extensive collection of games at home. (Though, you won't find any shooters or sports games in there. You will find some fighting games though, just nothing excessively violent.) She doesn't hide this fact, and she often brings a portable game system or two with her. She is also much smarter than she looks. She doesn't find stupidity attractive either.

    History: Stella was born in the high class district of Chavalier. She has no idea what her parents do for a living, all she knows is that they make lots of money. Due to their busy work schedules, they weren't able to be around as often as they would have liked. Feeling guilty about this, they spoiled their daughter, and gave her whatever she asked for, often in excess. If she wanted a pony, she got 5 ponies, a stable to keep them in, riding lessons, and people to care for them. If she wanted Candy, she got her own Candy store. The latest iPhone model, she got the next model before it was available to the public, and it was custom made just for her. As one can imagine, this made her very spoiled, and gave her a superiority complex. She often flaunted her wealth, and had little regard for people she felt were beneath her. Her parents were usually busy, and they never noticed.

    Because of her attitude, most of the other kids treated her with indifference. Most of the friends she did have only hung out with her because of her money. Despite being a social butterfly, Stella had no real friends. She acts like it doesn't bother her, but deep down, it does.

    Her school years were relatively average. She attended Elite private schools all her life, and maintained above average grades. She was able to get accepted into a good Fashion Design college upon graduating high school, and hopes to pursue a career in the field. She's also considering getting a second degree in Video Game design once she gets her degree. (So she can make clothes and video games.)

    She loves her course, and has become one of the best students in class. There's just one problem. This one girl in her class, Caroline Mcnamara. Stella wonders what the Dean of Admissions was smoking when she got accepted. She thinks It's quite clear she has bad taste (She comes to school dressed like some kind of gothic hooker. And don't get her started on the clothes she designs,) and clearly doesn't fit in the fashion world. There are rumors she tried to get into a cooking school, but failed the hygiene test. Judging by all the piercings, the fact that she smells of cigarette smoke, and that trashy tattoo, Stella wouldn't be surprised if that were true.

    Weapon: Golden Ox Shield


    I know I bashed Carly a lot. Stella and her don't get along.
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    @ Mon1010 - Accepted! Oh man, this is gonna be fun ... Can't wait to see how Carly and Stella interact!
  16. GoldenHouou

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    Mich’s back to annoy hit on entertain the ladies! BD And Kess better beware too, he might not view her as a little sister this time around.

    Also, awww yeahh growth spurts. And changes. I think Mich just got worse though.

    But hooray for getting the old cast back!

    Name: Michel Lefèbvre

    Nickname: Mich

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    School Grade: College Freshman

    Home District: Originally from France Arcadia, goes to college in Chevalier.

    Appearance: Michel stands at 6’1.3’’, having grown quite a lot since the incident three years ago. He is very athletic, even more so than before, as growing up made him start taking even better care of both his looks and health. He has soft facial features and a remarkable tan, one he deliberately got to impress the ladies with. His skin is always well taken care of, as are his nails and hair.

    Speaking of his hair, his is silky, straight, and purple in color. After much experimentation with different colors, he found purple the most to his liking and decided to stick with it. His hair is semi-long, his bangs just barely long enough to reach his cheeks. From the back his hair is tied up in a small, high ponytail. His eyes are an auburn-ish brown in color, and they often carry a somewhat sly, intent look. Well, when they aren’t hidden behind his signature sunglasses, that is. When he isn’t wearing said glasses they are often either tucked in place to hang from the collar of his shirt or pushed up on his forehead. He has a single earring in each ear, silver in color.

    As far as clothing goes, Michel tends to change his outfit very often. He loves fashion and looking good, and so he likes to create different combinations to wear whenever possible. Usually he likes to show off a little skin, mostly by forgoing wearing a shirt altogether, just settling to wear a jacket of some sort; he favors denim jackets, for example. When it gets a little colder or the situation just dictates him covering up, he likes to wear a scarf around his neck underneath his jacket, as well as a slightly looser t-shirt with various, often humoristic or crude catchphrases. He also likes jeans, doubly so if they’re tight, as he hates loose pants with a passion. He likes to change his belt around and decorate his jeans with chains, rips or anything he might feel would fit the overall picture, but oftentimes just a simple chain and a carefully picked belt and belt buckle will do. His shoes are often darker in tone and fancy, and he owns an alarmingly large collection of footwear to choose from.

    Personality: Lesson number one when trying to understand Michel is that everything he does, he does for fun. He enjoys the company of people, and loves to have a good time. He’s pretty easy to get along with as well, at least, if you happen to share his interests. Boring, stuck-up people? Eh, probably going to have a hard time with him. He doesn’t get workaholics either, and thinks those that are all about getting a good education and making money are wasting their lives. He appreciates beauty and is admittedly really shallow, to the point he can come across as mean to the people he doesn’t like the appearance of. He believes that looks matter a lot, and that if you’re buttugly, good luck trying to get anywhere in life. He also treats girls a lot differently than boys, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse (in case you don’t like his constant advances). He’s bad at waiting, and is sort of competitive.

    Another very important point about him is that he’s a major flirt. It started off as him just fooling around for fun as well, but as years passed he started to realize that hey, he actually does have quite the amount of interest in the opposite sex. He’s a bad case of a peeping tom whenever given the chance, throws suggestions around like nothing, and can even get somewhat physical at times, though he isn’t horribly aggressive in his advances. He’d very much like to spend the night with a hot chick, but if they aren’t up for it, hey, no sweat! He can try again tomorrow.

    Despite often reacting seemingly strongly or starting to pout, rejections hardly manage to keep him down for long, as he has a lot of self-confidence. That, and he’s never truly invested in the things he does. See, he has some major commitment issues, and isn’t one to wear his heart on his sleeve despite what it might seem. He doesn’t want to experience any sort of deep emotions, be they anger, worry, love, or anything else, as he doesn’t want anything in this world to really “affect” him. He wants to be in control of both his actions and thoughts, and getting all emotional kinda messes with both, so that’s a ‘no thank you’ for him. He also doesn’t really want to know anyone’s deep, dark secrets, and is definitely not going to open up to anyone else either, as he really thinks people should just keep their worries to themselves and deal with ‘em themselves. Still, he’s grown a bit more open during the past few years, and actually cares about a select few individuals. Namely, his family and a few close friends.

    Surprisingly enough, despite being a flirt Michel’s actually painfully honest; he isn’t one to sugarcoat things even for the ladies. If he doesn’t like your hair today, he is sure to voice his opinion and ask you to change it. He has the tendency to comment on most things he sees or hears and as such he talks a lot, most of it meaningless ramble. But he wants to talk, it makes him seem upbeat. He seems like an eternal optimist, and no matter the hardship, it seems like nothing can faze him. This, however, isn’t exactly true. He does feel things, but like mentioned above, he does his best to keep any emotion from getting too deep. He’s also known to joke in the face of danger, because really, panicking really did nothing anyway.

    Another surprising thing is that Michel actually likes children. As in, he considers himself almost a big brother to many of the kids he meets, is protective over them to a certain extent, and is actually a lot different around them than adults. He’s nicer, for one, and he can even keep his painful honesty in check around them. He’s worked part time at a daycare in the past, and said that despite the noise (and him having to wear fugly clothes just to prevent any damage to his favorite outfits), he quite liked it.

    In the end it’s easy to become friends with Michel if you can stand his bluntness, but don’t expect him to necessarily be there to comfort you when you need it. Being buddies is all fine and dandy, but that doesn’t mean he has to watch your back. It’s everyone for themselves in the end. Well, that’s what he’d like to think, but sometimes he finds himself doing stupid things like helping people without getting anything out of it. Strangest thing is, he feels like he’s done it before, and in a much, much larger scale…

    History: Michel was born as the second child of a fairly normal couple; his father was a photographer and his mother a barber. Both had average income and never had any trouble providing for Michel and his older sister. There was, however, a certain shared opinion among the family members, and that was that appearances did matter. It wasn’t as harsh as it sounded, but each of them took good care of their appearance, and naturally Michel followed suit. His father was very proud of his work and would often show some select photos to Michel, speaking on and on about beauty. Of course the young boy started to absorb some of his father’s views as his own. Not dangerously so, not enough to become a copy of him, but naturally it had an effect.

    His parents’ marriage wasn’t exactly a happy one, however. They argued constantly, and the more Michel grew, the less he started to see the point of a committed relationship, especially since his sister was always coming home with boy troubles of her own. He had to listen to so much complaining about relationships, that he inwardly decided never to bother. He also found himself avoiding his sister whenever she had sorrows, because she liked to open up to him, and God, he didn’t want that. He didn’t want to know how bad she felt, lest he started feeling the same himself. So he started to distance himself emotionally to avoid all the hassle. He was still as talkative as ever, but not as compassionate.

    School was pretty normal to him, boring even. He tried to make it as fun for himself as he could, gaining the title of the class clown and making sure he had talked to every girl at least once, as they were the most fun to mess around with. They reacted more strongly to pranks and whatnot. And as he grew older, he realized that flirting was even more convenient if you just wanted to stir a little something among the crowds of girls. He played pranks, did everything he could think of, but it still wasn’t enough. He still wanted something more… exciting. A change from the usual.

    In time he graduated from High School and entered a fashion College. He also picked up origami art along the way, for a reason he can’t quite fathom. He’s pretty good at making origami animals now, especially horses. He isn’t sure why.

    Weapon of choice: The Stallion Boots of Gaia
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    GH - Accepted!

    That leaves us at 6/8 SUs up. As soon as the remaining two players get their SUs in, we will begin.
  18. Agent Tectonic

    Agent Tectonic From Ashes, I Come

    Here we go. Let me know if anything needs to be more in-depth (or if I somehow missed something).

    Name: Jonathon Varague

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    School Grade: College

    Home District: House resides in the Chevalier District, but he lives around the downtown area

    Appearance: Jonathon's hair is a dusty brown that his skin matches, mostly because he doesn't bathe often. Furthermore, only recently has he let his hair grow to the point that it could be its own mop; however, he is quickly realizing that long hair is too much of a hassle and will eventually just shave it all off. His eyes are an electric blue that give off a feeling of superiority and calmness. He is also polydactyly where he sports a complete, functioning sixth postaxial finger (after the small digit, not the thumb) on his right hand. Because of this, he is left handed, but he does retain some bit of ambidexterity on his right. He has grown accustomed to it and has outgrown much of the humiliation it has caused him.

    For clothing, Jonathon has shied away from the riches his family has to experience what it's like living off the streets. As such, he wears a solid sea blue T-shirt and ragged blue-jeans. He does wear a rather cheap watch on his right hand and a simple twine necklace with a dragon centerpiece. However, there is one thing he did keep from his upper-end wardrobe which are a rather nice looking pair of shades that he always has on, no matter if he is indoors or outdoors.

    Personality: Despite being rich, Jonathon doesn't really care much about money. To him, the experience is worth more to the soul than wealth, hence his recent switch to living off the street. He doesn't exactly have a fine line on morals because of this as well. Jonathon sees stealing as a penalty to be balance later. Stealing one day means that he repays it somehow the next, but not necessarily to the same person. Life is too short to be hung up on what's good and what's bad. Now, Jonathon will hole heartily agree that extreme cases are never acceptable, but small things are not as important to him. So, this leaves Jonathon with a rather wander-lust mentality. He seeks adventure and hates being bored.

    On a personal level, he is quite out-going. He doesn't let awkwardness get in the way of making friends. Since he has seen many walks of life, he'll meet and greet just about anybody. He'll speak his mind and give his honest opinion about subjects whether it is or isn't the answer people are looking for. Always expect Jonathon to be firm yet truthful in his remarks, but there is a gentle approach to everything. After all, he can't make friends if you shut down everything and everyone.

    History: Jonathon's parents always knew their only son was different, minus the birth defect. Even from the age of one, he was always exploring and trying things. At the age of eight, it was becoming clear that Jonathon had an aptitude to learn; while his schools were obstinate about letting him skip grades, he still found ways to learn beyond what schools taught. Finally, once he graduated, he immediately went to college with absolutely no degree in mind. He just wanted to learn. Money wasn't a problem and his parents were quite welcoming to feed his learning. He hasn't quite decide what he wants to do with his life, but he is wanting a job that allows him to travel, make money to sustain himself, and still learn anything that is out there.]

    Weapon of Choice: The Mystic Sand Scorpion Claw
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    @ Agent Tectonic - Accepted!

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