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Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy's Big Picture Show

Reign G

Roggen and Rolan
The Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy 90-minute series finale has aired in some countries now. What did you guys all think of it?

Eddy's brother...Was not how I expected him to be. And I was dissapointed that they never showed us what the scam was to make the whole Cul-De-Sac angry at them.
But otherwise, a fittin end for my favorite cartoon series.

Here it is if you haven't seen it:
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Thank you, SPPf! :)
I will resist all temptation of clicking that undoubtedly low-quality YouTube experience in favor of further expressing how much I hate Australia, Denmark, and Scandanavia right now (as far as I'm aware, they're the only unimportant countries so far to air this). I know U.S. Cartoon Network historically likes to hold these finales off for as long as possible, so I'm not counting on seeing this in proper quality any time soon, but make no mistake on how eager I am to revisit Peach Creek one last time.

If only we had a sack of potatoes...

Sonic Boom

@JohanSSB4 Twitter
If only we had a sack of potatoes...

Not to mention a duck...

Ed, Edd, n' Eddy is one of my favorite cartoon series, ever. It's just so zany and logically unsound that you will laugh at least once each episode. I'm still waiting for U.S. Cartoon Network to announce this in their programming, so I can watch it at great quality as well, but I'm still sorely tempted to click that link anyway.

Reign G

Roggen and Rolan
Oh yes, I do have something else to say about this. As soon as Eddy's brother came into the plot with Eddy saying they should visit him, I expected them to explain why ROlf freaked out in that one episode where Eddy lied about him coming back.

They didn't.

But on the plus side, when Ed was cramming everything into his sock, I loved the return of his sponge collection and the fact that he packed buttered toast.

I will resist all temptation of clicking that undoubtedly low-quality YouTube experience in favor of further expressing how much I hate Australia, Denmark, and Scandanavia right now
That's what I thought when my friend linked it to me, but it was above-average quality surprisingly. :p
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gone gently
I never could stand to watch an entire episode of Ed, Edd, and Eddy. There were some funny characters, and pretty zany plots, but it just passed me by. A 90-minute finale that includes Eddy's cool big brother, though, might just be slightly worth reading about, maybe.


kiss my greens
Hey, this sounds pretty neat. I remember liking this show, but for the life of me, I can't remember that much about it. Watching the finale might get my ol' lady memory jogging again :D


Contaminated KFC
I’m quite surprised the scene involving Double D’s now unnamed device has yet to see a mention here. How AKA managed to slip something that incredibly blatant past the radar is a feat in itself. So extract some bovine product from the desecrated sac of sustenance and raise a glass to whoever decided on writing that joke in.

Regarding the overall ambiguity of much of the shows content, including the mystery of what’s under the sock and the scam-gone-awry, I wasn’t too bothered that we were left in the dark. Especially regarding the latter. Even with the red herring promise, after so many years of hype and speculation, it’s difficult to imagine anything concocted being able to live up to people’s expectations. Besides that, it’s more fun to guess anyway. It’s nice that the writer’s generally don’t let things like that get in the way and just have a blast writing the character’s personalities.

In any case, it was more fun than watching the curd rise from the cheese of grandfather’s vats, and there was a slew of memorable moments throughout.
For those of you who have been turning the dial to ’volt’ since day one, there was a ton of continuity to salivate over. Ed’s electrocution in particular is sure to raise a smile or two.
The chase scene at the beginning of the film was quite possibly the most epic thing in EEnE history, and it definitely rates as one of my favourite parts.
Eddy frantically steering his bro’s prize auto like a madman, despite the fact that Ed was the one dictating it’s direction with his fancy footwork (and the inevitable crashing in to a gaint boulder in a barren wasteland)? Classic.
Double D claiming ‘I think I’m gonna be sick’ never gets old no matter how many times you hear it, and the fact that he actually was only adds to the hilarity. Yeah, yeah, it’s happened before after a couple of bathtub rings, but come on. Funny is funny.

I was a little disappointed that the Kankers weren’t the ones to ‘save the day’, as it were, and I felt Ed’s importance was a little downplayed during the finale, but regardless, the ending was more than satisfactory. When all is said and done, I’m sure many a fan will be left wanting to give the Ed Boys a victory arm pit rub.
Regardless, I found myself having to shed a tear for a certain Melonhead. Ahh well. At the end of the day, I’m sure it’s nothing a little nylon rope won’t fix.


Snarky snark snark.
Ed, Edd N eddy is hilarious, but I'm going to wait until it premieres in the US.

Zappity zap zap!


Come along, dear
Wasn't there a series finale like, a year ago?

Something about three days straight of episodes, and then the finale having the sky falling. I remember it quite clearly. Antonucci interviews and all. I also remember being kinda confused when they ended up showing another new episode during Cartoon Network's "Alien" deal a couple weeks later.


Flabebe's Kids
I thought it was alright, but the ending was kind of unexpected. Still, it was a good enough conclusion for one of my favorite cartoons IMO.


I'll wait for the special to air in the US as well. Hopefully Cartoon Network will play this by August with October being the latest they decide to air it. I guess they'll air it during the Har Har Tharsdays block.


Come along, dear
Wow I just watched it. I must agree on the levels of epic in this movie; including the aforementioned chase scene.

Not to mention it was kind of a shock to see a character other than the main twelve. But I think that shock was lessened by the fact that he (we never did learn his name) looked like Eddy. And sounded similar no less. It was strange how they suddenly accepted the Eds as friends, even though they were just sympathetic one second and defending him the next.

But hey, it's excusable because of a fourth wall-breaking number of episode reference, Kankers having some real motivation, Jonny apparently becoming a new Ed Edd and Eddy all in one, and an actual feeling of completeness. Accept for wanting to know what the scam was in the first place. That still gets to me.

Oh, and any news on a continuation or maybe another work altogether by Antonucci? I don't believe I saw anything about this being the last installment to the Eds, but for obvious reasons it seems like it would be.


Your Big Buff Bro
I use to watch Ed Edd n Eddy a lot back in the good old Cartoon Network (but now it's becoming like MTV with all these reality shows), so I'd watched this movie. If it's ever going to be in the US. I always thought the series ended in April two years ago, but I guess CN lies again I guess. XP But I'll be sure to check out the movie anyway, from that link there. :p

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The Dark Goddess
Man this brings back memories. I loved Ed, Edd, n' Eddy.

Shame Eddy's brother had to be so mean. :/ But what can you expect from an older sibling... wait... I don't have an older sibling. Heh. xD I AM the older sibling.

Nontheless, I really liked the movie. :3


Your Big Buff Bro
By now, I got into like half of the movie so far. It's pretty good, but I can't wait to see the ending. But man, why did Wrolf (I forget to spell his name, but whatever XP) have almost half of his skin chewed off, but still alive? Wow, just WOW. Think Danny took it a tiny bit too far >_>.
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