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[EDH] Derevi Stasis

The Admiral

solid state survivor
Something I've been working on. The first draft is not bad, but I know I'm missing some stuff. (Some of this REALLY hasn't been changed from the original precon, of course.)

Derevi, Empyrial Tactician

Acidic Slime
Adarkar Valkyrie
Angel of Finality
Angelic Skirmisher
Azami, Lady of Scrolls
Deep-Sea Kraken
Essence Warden
Farhaven Elf
Fiend Hunter
Imposing Sovereign
Karmic Guide
Kazandu Tuskcaller
Latch Seeker
Lu Xun, Scholar General
Mirror Entity
Murkfiend Liege
Nephalia Smuggler
Pilgrim's Eye
Roon of the Hidden Realm
Soul Warden
Soul's Attendant
Thistledown Liege
Thornwind Faeries
Sun Titan

Amulet of Vigor
Azorius Keyrune
Basalt Monolith
Blind Obedience
Blue Sun's Zenith
Borrowing 100,000 Arrows
Conjuror's Closet
Control Magic
Curse of Inertia
Darksteel Ingot
Day of Judgment
Frozen Aether
Hold the Gates
Kirtar's Wrath
Krosan Grip
Land Tax
Nevinyrral's Disk
Phyrexian Rebirth
Plow Under
Presence of Gond
Privileged Position
Selesnya Charm
Selesnya Signet
Serra's Blessing
Simic Signet
Sol Ring
Swiftfoot Boots
Thousand-Year Elixir
Unexpectedly Absent
Wash Out

Azorius Chancery
Azorius Guildgate
Breeding Pool
City of Brass
Command Tower
Evolving Wilds
Faerie Conclave
Hallowed Fountain
Krosan Verge
Reliquary Tower
Rupture Spire
Saltcrusted Steppe
Seaside Citadel
Secluded Steppe
Sejiri Refuge
Selesnya Guildgate
Selesnya Sanctuary
Simic Guildgate
Temple Garden
Temple of the False God
Temple of Mystery
Terramorphic Expanse
Transguild Promenade

6x Plains
4x Island
4x Forest

Things I feel that I need:
  • A better way of blinking out/bouncing Stasis every turn, as need be.
  • Better landbase (some things are definitely missing)
  • Better field wipes (Wrath of God would be nice, and Evacuation would probably be handy too)
  • Tutors
  • Tamiyo
  • Grim Monolith over Basalt Monolith?

And maybe focusing on one theme? The precon focused a decent bit on what Derevi did and blinking. I first modified this to use the blinking better. (Some of it is probably still usable.)