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Eevee & Friends! (--)


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Eevee & Friends

As Pikachu & Co. start to relax, they soon meet up with a friendly Sylveon who invites them to a party. When they go there, they meet all the evolutions of Eevee, but trouble soon starts when Meowth and Wobbuffet appear, seemingly with Umbreon. Will they cause trouble at the party?

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Died a few times watching this due to an overdoses of cuteness. Dammit, Eevee and Eeveelutions, why do you have to be so freaking cute. Flareon and Jolteon were my 2 favourites in this movie. Wobbuffet dressing up as Glaceon wins an awesomeness award.


My favorite part was when mijumaru was being welcomed by jolteon which gets a 10/10. The rest was boring and way too cute for its own good. So a 0/10. Averages to a 5/10.


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The short was pretty adorable. It's nice seeing all those Eevee evolutions. The part with the light show thing from the other Pokemon were cool.

Kutie Pie

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I like cuteness, but only if there was something to it. This short was boring and hard to sit through. Why? One aspect of it was the narrator. Oh dear God, her voice grates on my ears and makes me feel uncomfortable inside. I dreaded hearing her speak up about what's going on because I don't like how she sounds too sugary like she's reading a story to kids and is putting on a smile for the show. Which makes sense, but I don't think I would've liked her voice either as a kid. As sparse as she was, the narrator was so unnecessary throughout the majority of the scenes she spoke in because the scenery and actions spoke for themselves.

As for the Pokémon, I didn't mind Flareon too much, and Umbreon's entrance was cool, but that was about it. The Eeveelutions' personalities were introduced, somewhat, but they never went anywhere with those personalities (Jolteon's affectionate behavior could've been a running gag throughout the entire short and that would've been fine). Espeon is a vain Pokémon, right? Well, we only saw it looking narcissistic once, and that was it. Yeah, thanks for setting up characters that didn't go anywhere. I also have to question why the hell Meowth was there to begin with. Was he their personal chef or something? I don't understand... I don't understand what happened in this short at all... And the other Pokémon that are Umbreon's friends or whatever were extremely bland and boring. I don't care that they set up an illusionary show or whatnot, they were pointless.

I got a Goonies vibe from the waterfall slide, and I thought of the dodos from Ice Age with the three watermelons, but they didn't do anything remotely similar or close to "doom on you, doom on you" or whatnot. I'm sad for some reason.

Overall, I got sick of the short almost halfway in and wished something resembling a plot or a (good) conflict would have happened. It was nothing but a rollercoaster ride of diabetes and nausea that bores you half-to-death--and it's a damn shame because the animation is pretty to look at. And this led the audience to the Genesect movie, too. Yeah... great contrast there.

Never watching this short again, a waste of twenty minutes that could've been used for other things. I expected cute things, yes, but I wanted a coherent story and/or entertainment much like the earlier Pikachu shorts. It didn't do diddly squat for me. Ugh...

Scored it a five-out-of-ten on MAL, but I think I'm being too nice on it because it was pretty to look at.

Mega Missingno

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So adorable I could die! I love the Eeveelutions, so I'm thrilled that all of them got time in a short. I don't necessarily get why Meowth and Wobuffet were there, though. And as the above poster mentioned, there wasn't enough time to really fit the Eeveelutions personalities into the whole short, so introducing the differing personalities in the first places seemed kind of pointless, other than to make them a one-time running gag for Axew when he first met them. The celestial light show was pretty cool. Stunning, in fact. Big fan of astronomy, so that was the highlight, for me.
Slyveon and those extending ribbons...wow! I also enjoyed how she moved around, as if she were almost floating, fairy-like. All in all- I just want to see more focus on Eveelutions after this, because...wow!


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Adorable episode! lots of cuteness going on, but sylveon and umbreon voices were horrible, kinda ruined the episode for me.
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It's cute and everything, but it feels like it's for little kids (mainly the voice over)

The Jolteon and Oshawott gag is hilarious, also Meowth trying to impress Espeon and Glacion were funny as well

Although...that's all this short has got for me. The others felt like a legit adventure, I feel this one just wanted something to stick Sylveon into. Definitely not the strongest pikachu short.


The light is coming
This episode is the definition of adorable. It felt as if there was absolutely no conflict, and I loved every single moment of it. My favorite part was when Jolteon shocked Oshawott. That was hilarious :)


So this was just shameless Sylveon promotion with its siblings added for extra Eeveelution hype. It was very disappointing and hardly worth it.

Mrs. Oreo

So this was where Sylveon debuted and Oshawott was funny when he fell in love with her hee hee. Meowth tossing pizza dough was cool and I liked seeing all of Eevee's other evolutions as well.

Mega Altaria

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I certainly remember watching this when I was a bit more than 3 years younger. I was certainly hyped about Sylveon being a new Eeveelution (I didn't know its type yet when this came out) and loved how the main cast's Pokémon were interacting with Eevee and the Eeveelutions. I mainly liked Sylveon generally since it's the main focus and to some extent, Meowth's Leafeon disguise and Wobbuffet's Glaceon disguise.


I'm a big fanatic of the Eeveelutions, so I was ecstatic that all of them got some screen-time in a short, even if Sylveon was the big star. I don't necessarily get why Meowth and Wobbuffet were there, though. They seemed so out of place hanging out with Pikachu & friends.
I liked Sylveon's debut here, even if it was blatant X/Y promotion and nothing else. Out of the Eeveelutions shown, at least Sylveon's newness made it seem less redundant. :p


As much as I find Eievui and the rest of its evolved forms to be adorable, this Pikachu short felt like the most contrived one of all. It was essentially a long commercial for the sake of Nymphia's debut, which is a shame. The lack of substance made this special feel like a wasted opportunity.