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Eevee Lovers Club

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Lil Eevee

Eevee Lover <(^;^)>
Welcome to the Eevee Lovers Club, this club is for those who love Eevee the cute lil pokemon Eevee!!! <(^;^)>

so if you want to join then just Pm me just ask me...anyway teh rules are stated below please obey them!.

1. Don't talk about anything else stay focused on the topic
2. Talk about Eevee Only
3. Show pics if you want
4. Show that your a member of this club via a Club Banner
5. Don't bully other members
6. Make new friends
7. Show off your Artwork "prefebly Eevee Please"
8. Say why you like Eevee etc
9. Don't talk about Eevee Evolutions "this is an eevee club only"
10. No swearing or bad language please.

so please join this club first 2 people to join can be co-owners also we need a banner! thanks :D
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♥Princess Ketchum♥

#1 Ash Satoshi Lover
I Would love to Join Again XD,I missed the old one though


Was this approved?

♥Princess Ketchum♥

#1 Ash Satoshi Lover
I'll Ask him when he is on
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