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i've always loved the eeveelutions, and they're getting pretty numerous doesn't bother me. it's just more awesome pokemon that i want. my top three are jolteon from the original three, umbreon from gen 2, and now glaceon. the rest are all great too, but those ones are cooler imo. and since no one's mentioned it yet, i will. their shiny's are all cool too. except maybe flareons.

and if they make any more new ones, i just want two. steel and ghost. idk where all this dragon stuff is coming from, but i'm not too sure about it. i want a silvereon, or something like that =P. ghost type'd be nice, but whatever.


Jolteon. The fastest Eeveelution.

I want a Dragon-, Bug-, or Poison-type Eeveelution.


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I was thinking more about the eeveelutions, and I think they should make a normal one, where it's still brown like a normal fox. Maybe it could be bigger and have more tails or something. And they could call it (haha) Eeveon.


Jolteon and Vaporeon.

On the subject of Eeveelutions, I'd like to see a Fighting-type evo, since it's much more plausible than a Dragon or Bug type one.


Back I guess??
Hum.... duh =P

As for a new Eeveelution topic, Dragon is the only "elemental" type missing so, it's always viable.

Tomato Jr.

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there needs to be a rock/ground/steel eeveelution and possibly a ghost one.
thats it. no dragon one.
best one so far is flareon and i quite like leafeon. also vaporeon is quite good.
don't like umbreon or espeon but the worst is glaceon. pointless

(Level UP- i'm a Cascade trainer now)


I love Espeon :) I adore Physcic Pokemon and it's so pretty!
Vaporeon and Leafeon are really cool too. Hell, they all are!
I agree with a flying type, one of my friends came up with 'Fleavee' and it looked really smart XD
My favorite(s)- Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Flareon. In that order. Ooh I like the colors. :)

I would like to see either a Flying (w/ white fluffy angel wings) or Poison (w/ a barbed tail). That would be neat.

Mr. Toto

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I like Leafeon. It's got this sort of elegance and grace to it.

For next gen, maybe a ground type would be nice. Or a steel.