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Eeveelution builds help.

Discussion in 'In-Game RMT' started by Xenomata, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. Xenomata

    Xenomata MS Paint Sableye

    I didn't know what to look for regarding this topic, nor where to ask a question like this, so for now this will have to do for now. I apologize if this is wrong.

    Anyways, I'm about ready to start IV breeding Eevee's for competitive play, and I intend to get every Eeveelution for variety. Looking at the stats, abilities, and movesets for each eeveelution, I THINK I have a few sets in mind, but unfortunately I am nowhere near as competitively smart as I wish I were, so I need help in Judging the sets I have in mind for each one.

    I will try my best to explain each set in as much detail as possible, so if something doesn't make sense, please tell me.

    They will all have perfect IV's in HP, Defense, and Special Defense, regardless of how poor these stats are for each one. They will have perfect IV's in their main offensive stat, and Speed IV's will depend.


    Hydration Ability
    Modest Nature
    Effort Values: 252 HP, 252 Sp. Att, 4 Sp. Def
    Item: Damp Rock
    ~Rain Dance
    ~Helping Hand/Protect

    Best intended for Double/Triple battles, this Rain Dance Set is based off of a few different suggested movepools I seen for Vaporeon, and has been tweeked a bit to revolve around Rain Dance, with Scald being the only form of attack, which might seem not as good, but considering the whole double/triple battle thing, I think it won't be as big an issue. Wish of course will heal anyone up to what Vaporeons max hp is, and the last move can be Protect to stall for the one turn it takes for wish to activate. OR it can be replaced with Helping Hand to power up any attacks a partner is using, prime examples being Thunder and Surf.

    If there was a nature that could increase HP, then I would so be using it, but unfortunately the only nature that could possibly best work for Vaporeon is Modest in order to power up Scald.


    (Yeah I know Flareon isn't exactly a competitive pokemon to use, but I feel like this set can work)
    Flash Fire Ability
    Adamant Nature
    Effort Values: 252 HP, 252 Attack, 4 Sp. Def
    Item: Life Orb/Muscle Band
    ~Flare Blitz
    ~Quick Attack
    ~Last Resort

    I call this the Kamikaze Flareon set, what with Life orb and Flare Blitz bringing Flareon's HP down fast, however Muscle Band can help as well if Life Orb is too risky.

    Quick Attack is just priority in case something fast comes into play. Protect is basically there as a filler move for the next attack, but it can help as well. And finally, Last Resort will be there for once everything else has been used, and is quite powerful.

    Let me explain the EV's being put into HP. Flareon may only have base 65 HP, but Flare Blitz and Life Orb will ebb down Flareon's HP down to nothing eventually, so this is just to stall out the inevitable.


    Volt Absorb Ability
    Timid Nature
    Effort Values: 4 HP, 252 Sp. Att, 252 Speed
    Item: Wise Glasses/Magnet/Zap Plate
    ~Shadow Ball
    ~Charge Beam/Thunder/Hidden Power (uknown type)
    ~Volt Switch

    Ok, so Chain Lightning Storm set as I call it. Item depends on if I would want to power up Shadow Ball and Hidden Power or not, but even without the small boost they still can offer coverage for most ground types.
    Thunderbolt is a basic attack to have, although if Jolteron were to be paired with a Rain Dancer (such as the Vaporeon above), then Thunder would be optimal. Charge Beam isn't very strong, but the Sp. Att boost that sometimes applies can be helpful in many cases. This would also be where once could also apply Thunder if wanting to keep Thunderbolt, or Hidden Power if the whole Sp. Att boost thing doesn't sell. And finally, Volt Switch to, put it bluntly, GTFO when ready.

    I would put Choice Specs in there, but wouldn't that ruin the point of having Volt Switch in the first place?


    Magic Bounce Ability
    Timid Nature
    Effort Values: 4 HP, 252 Sp Attack, 252 Speed
    Item: Life Orb/Wise Glasses
    ~Dazzling Gleam
    ~Helping Hand/Shadow Ball/Baton Pass
    ~Calm Mind

    This can work in Singles or Multiplies, either way, this is an Offensive set.
    Psychic/Psyshock are stab, basic stuff here. Dazzling Gleam is a reliable Fairy Type move that is especially good in Doubles/Triples, Shadow Ball is also basic stuff, and Calm Mind boosts the power of all these moves. Although Shadow isn't needed, so this can also be where Helping Hand applies in doubles, or Baton Pass to get out and pass on the boosts from Calm Mind.

    Life orb is a risky item that gives more power, and Wise Glasses isn't as risky, but also isn't as powerful. This is actually a pretty simple Espeon...


    Synchronize Ability
    Careful/Calm Nature
    Effort Values: 252 HP, 128 Defense, 128 Sp. Def
    Item: Leftovers
    ~Moonlight/Helping Hand/Taunt/Payback/Feint Attack/Snarl/Charm/Refresh

    Basing this off of an Umbreon I seen in the Battle Subway of Gen 5, it is pretty basic Stalling stuff I imagine.

    Toxic is an HP deadly status condition, Substitute paired with Protect and constantly healing HP is just annoying, and the last move depends. In fact, the last move deserves its own few paragraphs.

    Moonlight to recover HP faster, Helping Hand for double/triple battles, and Taunt for... I dunno, for the sake of taunting. Force the foe into constantly attacking while Umbreon laughs and Protects once more.
    Of course, an attack could be used as well, which is where the nature used and the attack used come into play. Payback will increase in power if Umbreon is attacked, and Snarl will lower Sp. Att as well.
    Of course, Charm can be used to lower Attack by quite a bit, and last but not least, Refresh can pair with Synchronize and heal Umbreon of a status condition it just passed to something else.

    Dividing the 256 EV's between the defensive stats evenly, although I'm sure a few can be taken out of one or the other if need be.


    Chlorophyll ability
    Adamant Nature
    Effort Values: 252 Attack, 4 Defense, 252 Speed
    Item: Heat Rock
    ~Sunny Day
    ~Leaf Blade
    ~Helping Hand/Swords Dance
    ~Last Resort/Refresh/Baton Pass

    Sunny Day Sweeper set, with Leafeon being the Sunny Day-er.
    Leaf Blade is what is needed of course, Helping hand is for the Double Battles, Swords Dance makes Leafeon Deadly, and Last Resort is for, like Flareon above, once everything else has been used, which I guarantee everything else will have been used. On the other hand, Refresh does what Leafeon's basic ability does as well, so it could be used... I guess...
    Baton Pass is there just to be able to pass on Swords Dance boosts to something else.


    Ice Body Ability
    Modest Nature
    Effort Values: 128 Defense, 252 Sp. Att, 128 Sp. Def
    Item: Life Orb/Wise Glasses/NeverMeltIce/Icicle Plate
    ~Frost Breath
    ~Shadow Ball

    Hail Sweeper... all I can say...
    Hail is needed of course, Blizzard is powerful, Frost Breath should always crit, and therefore ignores Sp. Def boosts, and Shadow Ball is just... there.

    Not much to say here... Items could be better. I might go with the Ice type move boosting ones, but Life Orb could work as well, especially with Ice Body, and Wise Glasses is sort of the if-nothing-else-works item...


    Cute Charm/Pixilate Ability
    Modest Nature
    Effort Values: 4 HP, 252 Sp. Att, 252 Sp. Def
    Item: Pixie Plate/Light Clay/Leftovers
    ~Dazzling Gleam
    ~Hyper Beam/Reflect
    ~Shadow Ball/Light Screen
    ~Swift/Hidden Power (uknown type)/Helping Hand/Substitute

    Kind of a weird one, however I can see two paths for Sylveon. One made of Full Offense, and one of Dual Screening. Either way, the main attack will always be Dazzling Gleam.

    For the Full offense route, Hyper Beam is turned into a Fairy Type move by Pixilate, and is powered up by the Pixie Plate, so most everything will be dead. Shadow Ball is, like all the others, just there, and Swift is there to be there as well. Hidden Power could be used instead of course.

    For the Dual Screening Route, Reflect and Light Screen are no ders, and the last one is sort of a toss up between Helping Hand and Substitute. Helping Hand will make anothers attack more powerful of course, and Substitute can pair well with the Leftovers if those are picked over the Light Clay.

    Either way, the EV spread and nature remain the same.

    Sorry for such a large question to ask, however I'm just not smart enough for competitive battling yet. Anything that will help me is welcome.

    As for these movesets... well if you have the time to test them out, then by all means. I can't be the first one to have come up with them after all.
  2. Nightshade Aran

    Nightshade Aran Hydreigon Summoner

    Vaporeon: I'd run a more defensive Vaporeon:
    Vaporeon @ Leftovers
    Ability: Water Absorb
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
    Bold Nature
    - Wish
    - Protect
    - Scald
    - Ice Beam

    Flareon: I might get to the other ones later, but straight off the bat, Last Resort is a HORRIBLE move, especially when having quick attack that has 30 PP, you will NEVER use Last Resort.... EVER. Flareon will NEVER last 55 Turns (15 of which would damage it with Flare Blitz). If you really want to use Flareon (and this goes for any pokemon) Last Resort is literally just that, a LAST resort to use. Only see it as "usable" if the other 3 moves have 5pp and even then, just no. W-O-W is probably better by far....

    Jolteon: Hidden Power: Ice, hands down, to fight off ground types that will come at you, and things like Dragonite/Garchomp. As for Choice + Volt Switch, you can do it round 1, hit hard, switch out, and come in again later with another move since you wont be locked to V-Switch.

    Espeon: Not very OFFENSIVE Espeon if you have Helping Hand, and Baton Pass. He should be your lead pokemon if you see anyone that can set up entry hazards. Anyways, looking at something like this:
    - Calm Mind
    - Morning Sun / Wish
    - Psyshock
    - Dazzling Gleam

    Umbreon: A staller he is: Wish/Moonlight - Toxic - Protect - Foul Play. Foul Play so that you don't become taunt bait, you can do a fair amount of damage to physical sweepers with it as well, and it's only 5 power less than Payback (with him attacking last).

    Leafeon:Pretty straightforward Leafeon, he's def not the best Eevolution but yeah...:
    Leaf Blade
    Swords Dance
    Baton Pass

    Glaceon: Switching in and out of weathers a lot here, Hail/Rainy Day/Sunny day... you might end up hindering yourself like that, but anyways. That Glaceon seems fine.

    Sylveon: Cute Charm with: Moonblast, Draining Kiss, Hidden Power: Ground preferably since steel and poison are both weak to it and last Psyshock/Shadow Ball.
    on top of that you can do 200 HP, 252 SpA and 56 SpD spread and equip it with Assault Vest. Or something along those lines.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2014
  3. Xenomata

    Xenomata MS Paint Sableye

    Wait, Last Resort can be used once the other moves known by a pokemon have been used, what is this about lasting 55 turns?
  4. Nightshade Aran

    Nightshade Aran Hydreigon Summoner

    Ah I see, it's not as I thought it was. I thought you had to literally use up all the moves (Ala Struggle), not just use them once. Well I guess it's not so bad, regardless, I'd use W-O-W on Flareon and probably swap out either quick attack or protect.
  5. Mye

    Mye Someone has to win..

    Yeah, Last Resort only works after you have used each move at least once (making it horrible nonetheless due to the amount of forced switching that can occur). If you're using flareon, I would strongly suggest using a Brave nature and running shadow ball/HP Ice or Electric in there somewhere. Then you can hit many of its counters (Jellicent/golurk/dragons) for decent damage without resorting to low base power moves like bite/rock smash. Oh, and life orb doesn't work like that, see: http://serebii.net/itemdex/lifeorb.shtml

    As for the rest of the eevee builds, I'd strongly suggest removing weather-setting moves from them and instead add coverage. Many of these pokemon (especially glaceon/leafeon) will probably die the turn after they use a weather move. At least with coverage, you can attempt to 2hko things and not be screwed over horribly by certain things (notably porygon2, who can either kill or toxic-stall all of the sets you mentioned barring espeon/umbreon lacking taunt or snarl).
  6. Xenomata

    Xenomata MS Paint Sableye

    Thanks for the help.

    to Aran, i noticed the "Switching in and out of weather here" comment, and I just want to know, what is that about? I don't intend to use these pokemon all on the same team.

    And to Mye, can you think of any good partners for the eeveelutions that I had originally planned to give weather moves?
  7. Nightshade Aran

    Nightshade Aran Hydreigon Summoner

    My apologies then, since this is a "Rate my Team" I assumed this was components for a possible Eevolution team.
    Didn't know they were just single components to be used in other teams, in which case would beg the question, who are they getting paired up with? Because seeing the rest of the team is some info that would help greatly to decide what types of moves it should get and otherwise depending on the team as a whole.

    And my critique was formulated based on the assumption that these were all the pokemon that would form a team, hence the "Weather Wars" switcheroo comment. As Mye said, things like Leafeon, who has such heavy potential common threats with Poison/Flying/Fire, using one turn to change (say Hail) to sunny day, well... that's all it did before dying.

    But if you're forming a team around weather, say a Sunny Day team, then by all means, bring out Charizard Y, Leafeon to re-establish Sunny Day, etc...

    But I digress, if the eevolutions aren't meant to form a team together, what then are they to go with to better comment on their possible move sets for coverage that the other team members might not have?
  8. Xenomata

    Xenomata MS Paint Sableye

    Honestly, I thought I had mentioned in the OP that they weren't going to be used on the same team (and then I thought that the fact that 3 of them had different weather moves would have shown such).

    As for what they would be paired up with, well I have had plans to begin doing competitive double battles, and following that suit:

    Vaporeon: As a Rain Dancer, it would be on a Rain Dance Team. What I was thinking was that Scald could burn the opposing team in place of Toxic, and that Vaporeon could from there either use helping hand to power up partners that know Aqua Jet, or simply spam Scald under rain.

    Flareon: Paired with a pokemon that knows a Fire type move to power up Flare Blitz, or with a Helping Hander to power up Quick Attack. Sunny day doesn't seem to bring as many benefits as I expected beforehand, so I don't think pairing with a sunny dayer would bring anymore benefit than if I were to, say, baton pass +4 or 6 attack, perhaps aside from wakened water type attacks, which I'm pretty sure would bring Flareon down fast anyways.

    Jolteon: Rain Dance with Thunder, virtually any team without. Perhaps with a fast Ice type (Froslass and Weavile seem to be the only options in this catagory) as a means of covering for the Ground Type weakness.

    Espeon: Paired with at least one other Special Attacker for the Calm Mind Boosts to be baton passed to. Assuming I were to run Morning sun, I would probably have paired Espeon in a Sunny Day team, but otherwise I was thinking at least one other Sp. Attacker.

    Umbreon: I was thinking an Acupressure Pokemon to try and raise some of Umbreons stats. Try to make Umbreon as annoying as possible. Maybe also give that pokemon Taunt to make sure that Umbreon isn't forced out with Roar or Whirlwind.

    Leafeon: As a sunny dayer, probably with other grass types that have access to Chlorophyll, or other fire types. As anything else, I was thinking something that could cover Leafeons weaknesses.

    Glaceon: As a Hailer, I had plans for some other pokes that could take advantage of hail... but I still need to look more into hail <:)|)

    Sylveon: As an attacker, probably helping hand pokes. Dazzling Gleam, despite being good, still kinda leaves something to be desired when in the end it will have something around 144 base power. and as a barrier set up, I was thinking one staller (such as Umbreon) and the rest be attackers. This way the Staller can be even MORE annoying. As for attackers, I have a few already that I can use.

    They would form a team in some ways, such as the Barrier Sylveon and Staller Umbreon, or any of them that know Helping Hand with an attacking eeveelution, however I never thought to put Vaporeon, Leafeon, or Glaceon on the same team due to the weather thing. Those 3 would just sort of form teams of their own.
  9. KillerDraco

    KillerDraco The Enforcer Staff Member Super Mod

    This would've been more at home in the Singles Rate Thread, since you're asking for advice on the individual Pokemon's sets, rather than a holistic team rate, which is what threads in this subforum are for.
  10. Nightshade Aran

    Nightshade Aran Hydreigon Summoner

    The reason why I wasn't phased by the many weather changes is because I recently read about a team that did just that, but to a larger scale, all pokemon set up a different weather upon entry. So that's why I didn't think it was different teams.

    Anyhow, based on the builds I figure what you want to do with them, but still kinda lacking specific pokemon.

    Example: You mention Vaporeon paired up with someone that knows Aqua Jet, who, Azumarill? assuming, since he's one of the most common Aqua Jet users.
    In a case like that, I might consider saying something like give Vaporeon Ice Beam, or something like that to further help Azumarill when faced with Grass types that Aqua Jet won't damage much. This, under the assumption that the rest of your team has no coverage for Grass.

    That's why usually having a good idea of the pokemon you're going to use in the team help in the long run, because it helps you better decide what moves you should pick, to cover/protect/STAB based on the teams general needs.
    The builds you said are all nice, they sound good on paper. But without knowing who else are in the team, there's no guarantee that those are the actual best possible moves/items/natures. You know what I mean?

    Also I'm also assuming you're mostly interested in doubles only based on how you're talking about them and talking in general?

    And even there you can only really post 2 pokemon at most at the same time to ask for advice in single rate thread.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2014
  11. Xenomata

    Xenomata MS Paint Sableye

    Yeah... I only seem to think out the SCENARIOS as opposed to the POKEMON themselves...

    Also yeah Double Battles are where I plan to eventually get to once I can build up the pokemon I need for such.
  12. Nightshade Aran

    Nightshade Aran Hydreigon Summoner

    Well it all starts like that, with one pokemon. You pick one pokemon you like, build it how you see fit, and then find a second pokemon to help cover the first pokemon. The third one to cover that one, so on so forth.
    I ignored all that and just put 4 pokemon I like and then do whatever with the other 2. XD If only Hydreigon didn't have a crippling x4 weakness to fairy...

    But yeah, all in all they all look fine, the builds you suggested, just can't really say much in general since I don't know who else would party with them. =(
  13. Xenomata

    Xenomata MS Paint Sableye

    I will take the time to look over what I can pair with them (while I finish up the Kalos dex so that I can get an Oval Charm anyways).

    I imagine though that in the end, the 6 pokemon picked will sort of form a circle of one pokemon supporting the next, eventually coming back to the pokemon it all started out with? Example being that if I were to support Jolteon with a fast Ice type such as Weavile, then I would need another that would support Weavile, and so on? And I would also want pokemon that can back up multiple pokemon at once as well, or even one that can cover all of them? Man, what an endless cycle of teamwork to go though...
  14. Nightshade Aran

    Nightshade Aran Hydreigon Summoner

    Yup, that's basically it, I mean sometimes you can stray from it a little, but generally it's a good idea to have pokemon, that while the pokemon type ITSELF, might not be a cover for the other, at least has access to moves that help cover as much as possible from potential common threats.

    Example: Garchomp, Greninja, Talonflame, Aegislash, Dragonite, etc.

    Greninja itself is used a lot specifically because of that, since he can change types on whatever move it uses, can both cover a whole lot of types with STAB moves, but also change defensively if it can foresee an attack incoming.

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