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Egg hatching experiences: What hatched from you egg?

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Keeper of Slurpuffs
Hatched my first egg (2km) today and it was a 117 CP Jigglypuff. It is my first Jigglypuff so I was pleased.


Demon Child
The other day while I was out, my 10K egg that I spent the week trying to hatch finally did hatch into a Lapras. I forget what CP it had but I know it had over 700. I'm trying to power it up to over 1,000CP.


Metroid Hunter
I hatched a tangela today when the server crashed around my parts of the usa for awhile it wouldn't go up thought I lost the egg then looked in my pokemon roster and found a tangela I never caught at all before XD which I just hatched a tauros when the server went back up ^_^ I got another 10 km egg in the incubator and a 2 km.


Haven't hatched anything really interesting so far, but all of my eggs are 5km... Urgh.

Did hatch something without a sprite, though. I thought it was something new, since usually that's when the sprite doesn't show up, but then it ended up being a Pidgey...


Hatched a Bulbasaur this week and a Bellsprout. I currently have a 5km and 10km egg. The 10km egg is halfway, I'm really curious.
yesterday I hatched a jynx from a 10km egg


I've gotten both Bulbasaur and Squirtle. Awesome, as my starter was Charmander. I have also gotten Meowth and Weedle and I don't remember what else! I'm now 5.3km into hatching my first two 10km eggs! So excited to see what comes out! (Hoping for Dratini, Lapras or Snorlax! :D)

Nightshade Aran

Hydreigon Summoner
Hatched a Dratini and another Electabuzz today, at least the Dratini brought me to enough candy for Dragonite.


stop trying to be god ☆
i hatched my first egg (a 10km one) and received my fifth pinsir so yeah :/
next up is my other 10km egg (and it better not be an eevee/pinsir/scyther)


Metroid Hunter
I hatched another geodude today XD it gives me more candy for my geodude so its no biggy for me ^_^ I can probably evolve him to graveler :3 I am closing in on hatching my 10 km and my next 5 km soon.


Well-Known Member
3x Pidgey for my three 2km eggs... Getting annoying.

My 10km was an Eevee. =\

Eggecute from my latest 5km though.

Have two 5km eggs going now. Need to hit some stops to fill out my eggs to 9/9.


Metroid Hunter
wooooooot I hatched from my second 10 km egg a Aerodactyl super happy because its cp was at 726 :3 thats a keeper which I hatched a staryu with better cp as well with my 5 km egg ^_^


Beginning Trainer
Hatched a few 2km and 5km eggs and got rubbish in all of them. I then hatched my first 10km and got a Snorlax which more than made up for that.


Well-Known Member
I got a 1560 CP Snorlax from my 10k egg last night!
So far I've hatched a bunch of Rattatas and Pidgeys and 2 magicarp from 2k eggs, and one each of vulpix, jugglypuff, voltorb, and psyduck from 5ks. I haven't found a 10k yet.
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