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Egg Move Trading Thread


I didn't know where to post this but I am looking for pokemon with the moves Soak, Return and Recycle. If you could help me out that would be great!

My 3DS FC is: 2853 - 1767 - 0034
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LF: I'll take anything.

FT: I have a lot of pokemon that I was breeding for egg moves, and I didn't prioritize IVs, so only a few of them are 5IV (and not even a good spread). Mostly 4 IV or lower. Some of these I was breeding for gender, so apologies in advance that I don't have one in a desired gender.

Rowlet: 3-5 IV, Impish, Overgrow. Curse, Ominous Wind, Baton Pass, and Defog, with Pokeball

Roselia: 0-3 IV, Modest, Poison Point or Natural Cure. Giga Drain, Synthesis, Leaf Storm, Natural Gift in Premier or Friend Ball. Or Timid, Quick or Pokeball, Sleep Powder, Leaf Storm, Synthesis, Grass Whistle with 2 IVs. Or Timid, Quick or Pokeballs, with Leaf Storm and Grass Whistle, with no Best IVs.

Torchic: 1-2 IV, Adamant, Blaze (only 1) or Speed Boost. Feint, Night Slash, Counter, Baton Pass in Dream or Pokeball (only 1, has Speed Boost). Or Adamant, with Blaze or Speed Boost, 4-5 IV, with no egg moves, only in Pokeball.

Wingull: 2-5 IV, Modest or Timid, Keen Eye or Hydration, with Roost, with Pokeball.

Deino: 1-4 IV, Timid, Hustle, egg moves Dark Pulse and Assurance in Moon or Ultra Ball (only 1, has 3 IV). Or 3-5 IV Timid, Hustle, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Head Smash, Dark Pulse in Poke or Moon Ball (only 1, has 3 IV)

Axew: 3-5 IV, Adamant, Rivalry or Mold Breaker. Egg moves Iron Tail and Dragon Pulse, in Quick Balls.

Grimer: 3-5 IV, Various natures, mostly Adamant. Poison Touch or Gluttony. Some just have Shadow Sneak, some have Curse and Shadow Sneak, and some have Curse, Shadow Sneak, and Clear Smog, first set is in Luxury Balls and more likely to be in a random nature, and the 2 other sets are in Quick Balls and are Adamant.

Cyndaquil: 2IV, Timid, Blaze. Extrasensory, Flame Burst, Quick Attack, Double Edge, in Friend or Pokeball (only 1). Or 3-5 IV Modest, Blaze or Flash Fire. Thrash, Flame Burst, Flame Burst, Flare Blitz, Extrasensory in Level Balls.

Stufful: 3-4 IV Adamant, Cute Charm or Fluffy. Ice Punch and Force Palm in Luxury Balls. Or 1-4 IV, Fluffy or Klutz. Ice Punch, Force Palm, Thunder Punch in Luxury or Love Balls (only 1, has 1 IV).

Sneasel: 1-4 IV Jolly, Inner Focus or Keen Eye. Throat Chop, Fake Out, Punishment, Ice Shard in Ultra or Moon Ball. Or 0-3 IV Fake Out, Counter, Punishment, Ice Shard in Ultra or Moon Ball. Or 3-4 IV Throat Chop, Ice Punch, Punishment, Ice Shard, in Moon Ball. Or 2-4 IV Ice Shard, Throat Chop, Fake Out, Ice Punch in Moon Ball.

Phew, that was so much typing.


I just need any pokemon around level 17 who knows the move return...if you can help me please PM me, ill trade a mon with a rare candy on it for you in return.


I'm looking for a pidgey with the move Heat Wave. I can offer a spare Pheromosa or a Xurkitree, You can also ask for something else.
PM me those interested.


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Move along, nothing to see here!
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Hey all, I'm looking for a good iv (5-6) rowlet with curse egg move, preferably female. I have 5iv solar power charmander with egg moves or 4iv timid protean froakie with toxic spikes... or most legendaries, whatever else. please om me!!!!!

edit: got one
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looking for alolan meowth with parting shot. Pm me if you have one.

Mega Gobli

The Best
I have some Bounsweet 5IV for trade. Pm me if you want to trade. I'll take shinies, items, mega stones, or other 5IV competitive pokemon.

--edit--btw, Bounsweet has egg move Play Rough.


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5 Iv adamant Stuffuls in Love ball (All but Special attack)
4 egg moves:
Mega kick
Wide Guard

Looking For ALOLAN pokemon only with 5ivs with good nature and egg moves.
Message me if interested


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I am looking for adamant defog scyther, I have things for trade to.

5iv relaxed HA tangela with egg moves
5iv modest popplio with egg moves
5iv timid HA alolan vulpix with egg moves
Perfect adamant landorus


Shiny Hunter 4 life
I have literally 3 boxes of crunch/blaze kick Riolus with andament nature for trade
All I want is breedjects


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This may be a crazy poke but does anyone have a timid, modest or calm HP Fire or 5 IV Budew with extrasensory, Sleep Powder, L Storm, and spikes

I really need this and would trade a lot for it

Trade in Gen 6 or Gen 7
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I am looking for a tyrunt with the moves curse, poison fang, ice fang, and thunder fang. Willing to trade two shiny Pokémon and or one shiny and one with pokrus


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Looking for a Blaziken that knows Thunderpunch and Knock Off/Night Slash. Willing to trade a shiny/legendary. Friend Code: 152140387903
Please respond if you have one.


I am looking for a tyrunt with the moves curse, poison fang, ice fang, and thunder fang. Willing to trade two shiny Pokémon and or one shiny and one with pokrus

I have a tyrunt with fire, ice and Poison fang and DD uf doesn't works for you, I could try to get the other 2 moves