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Eggmove Trading Thread

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My experiments^^

Aron - [Endeavor]
Archen - [Head Smash]
Axew - [Iron Tail] or [Night Slash]
Charmander - [Dragon Pulse and Dragon Dance]
Corsola - [Head Smash]
Larvitar - [Dragon Dance]
Ferroseed - [Stealth Rock and Leech Seed]
Growlithe - [Iron Tail] or [Morning Sun, Fire Spin, and Flare Blitz] or [Heat Wave, Close Combat, Flare Blitz, and Fire Spin]
Pichu - [Iron Tail]
Riolu - [Endure, Agility, Hi Jump Kick, and Bullet Punch]
Seviper - [Iron Tail] or [Night Slash]
Eevee - [Yawn and Curse]
Ponyta - [Double-Edge] or [Flame Wheel and Morning Sun]
Rhyhorn - [Curse]
Scraggy - [Drain Punch, Ice Punch, and Dragon Dance]


looking for a skarmory with roost, bravebird and whirlwind...offering other eggmove pokemon and a few dw pokemon...PM me for trades

Pokemon Ace

Dragon Master
Looking for a male Snorunt OR Vanillite with Water Pulse and Ice Shard egg moves. Offering anything in my signature.

PM me if interested.


Breeder/Event Trader
Here is a list of egmove pokemon i am offering on black and white. the majority of the list is eggmove pokes ive transferred over from my silver game, though i have started a few B&W eggmove breeding projects.

Request are more than welcome, as they add to the list of eggmove pokes i can breed.

I am interested in anything from eggmove pokemon, especially 5th gen eggmove pokes, to 5th gen shinies and events for multiple of my eggmove pokemon.
Also interested in DW ability females.

I can now breed these pokemon w/ DW abilities:

Eevee with anticipation; Eevee eggmoves: wish/yawn/protect , wish/curse/protect, wish/ yawn/ curse/ fake tears
Vulpix with drought Vulpix eggmoves: Hypnosis/energy Ball/Heat Wave , Hypnosis/Energy Ball/will o Wisp/ extrasensory
Poliwag w/ swift swim
Taillow with Scrappy ability.
Dratini w/ marvel scale Dratini eggmoves: extremespeed/dragon rush/DD
Growlithe w/ justified
Surskit w/rain dish
Natu with magic bounce
Zubat w/ infiltrator Zubat eggmoves: brave bird/uturn/whirlwind or hypnosis/zenheadbutt/whirlwind
Magikarp w/ Rattled
Poochyena w/ Rattled Poochyena eggmoves: Fire fang/thunder fang/ice fang
Sunkern w/ Early Bird
Nidoran w/ Hustle
Spearow w/ Sniper
Lapras w/ hydration Lapras Eggmoves:Curse/Ancient Power
Slowpoke w/ regenerator
Drifloon w/ Flare Boost
Hoppip w/ Infiltrator
Gligar w/ immunity
Darmanitan w/ zen mode
Tentacool w/ Rain dish
Clamperl w/ Rattled
Aerodactyl w/ Unnerve
Feebas w/ Adaptability
Pidgey w/ big pecks
Wooper w/ unaware
Nidoran w/ hustle
mantine w/ aqua veil
wailmer w/ pressure
Ledyba w/ Rattled
swablu w/ cloud nine
Finneon w/ water veil
Skarmory w/ Weak Armor

more to come...

adamant/ jolly charmander w/ dd/dragon rush/outrage,
adamnt/jolly morning sun growlithers w/ flare blitz,
squirtle w/ Aqua Jet/Aqua Ring/Rest
squirtels with mirror coat/aqua ring or hail/rest/blizzard,
adamnt/jolly charmanders w/ bellydrum/rest,
curselax's with double edge,
lileep w/ curse/recover,
snorunt w/ spikes/double team/weather ball,
zubat w/ brave bird/uturn/whirlwind/roost,
wish eevee's w/ yawn/protect,
elekid w/ cross chop/ice punch/fire punch,
dratini w/ extremespeed/dragon rush/DD,
wish/volt tackle pichu’s,
adamant/ jolly Riolu w/ bullet punch/blaze kick/swords dance/crunch,
riolu w/ vacuum wave/brick break,
wish eevees w/ curse/protect,
adamant scyther w/u-turn/roost,
timid staryu w/ psychic/surf/thunderbolt,
mudkip w/ mirror coat/ ancient power,
taillow w/ brave bird/roost/,
bulbasaur w/curse/leaf storm,
duskull w/painsplit/grudge/shadow ball,
aerodactyl w/EQ/stone edge/stealth rock,
squirtle w/ water spout/rest/ice beam,
sneasel w/ ice punch/shadow claw,
zubat w/ hypnosis/zenheadbutt/whirlwind/roost,
bagon w/hydro pump/shadowball/dragon pulse,
togepi w/nasty plot,
bulbasaur w/ingrain/grasswhistle/leaf storm/petal dance,
croagunk w/ vacuum wave,
vulpix w/energy ball/will o wisp/flamethrower,
buneary w/ sky uppercut/fire punch/ice punch/thunder punch,
eevees w/wish/yawn/cure/fake tears,
stantler w/megahorn,
absol w/ megahorn/sucker punch/swords dance/iron tail,
chimchar w/ fake out/stealth rock,
feebas w/ hypnosis/confuse ray,
psyduck w/hypnosis/ confuse ray,
sneasel w/ fake out/ice punch/brick break,
roselia with spikes/double team,
shinx w/ice fang/ fire fang/ thunder fang,
poochyena w/fire fang/thunder fang/ice fang,
rhyhorn w/ice fang/fire fang/thunder fang/EQ,
aipom w/ fake out,
spiritomb w/pain split/shadow sneak/shadow ball,
wooper w/ curse/recover,
corsola w/ curse/rock slide,
shellder w/ rapid spin/rock blast
gulpin w/ curse/dream eater/shadow ball
mudkip w/curse/yawn/sludge/mud bomb
ledyba w/swords dance/safeguard/encore
gligar w/agility/baton pass/swords dance
cherubi w/ grasswhistle/aromatherapy/substitute/weather ball
adamant totdile w/ice punch/dragon claw/DD/waterfall
and Happiny w/ Aromatherapy/Substitute
pineco w/pin missle/protect/toxic spikes
chimchar w/ fake out/thunderpunch/counter
tyrogue w/ bullet punch/vacuum wave/rapid spin/counter
timid vulpix w/ heat wave/ hypnosis / energy ball
cranidos w/ curse/crunch/ EQ
snover with substitute/protect/leech seed/seed bomb
shroomish w/ false swipe/seed bomb
Aron w/ Curse/EQ/ Head Smash
Abra w/ fire/ice/thunder punches
Drowzee w/Psycho Cut/fire/ice/thunder punches
Buneary w/ Switcheroo/fire/ice/thunder punches
murkrow w/ brave bird/aerial ace/drill peck/roost
lapras w/ Curse/Ancient Power
spheal w/ yawn/curse/signal beam/aqua ring
piplup w/ aqua ring/supersonic/hydro pump/yawn
Skarmory w/ Brave Bird/Aerial Ace/Drill Peck/Roost
Tangela w/ amnesia/leech seed/leaf storm/Giga Drain
chimchar w/ blaze kick/focus energy/bulk up
slakoth w/ night slash/crush claw/body slam/hammer arm
slowpoke w/zen headbutt/safeguard/water pulse
shellos w/ stockpile/swallow/spit up
Hundor w/ nasty plot/shadow ball/flamethrower/dark pulse
Snorlax or Munchlax w/ Curse/Fissure/EQ
Aipom w/ Fake Out/Agility/Pursuit
Chimecho w/ Wish/Hypnosis/Disable
Carvanha w/ Hydro Pump/Ancient Power/Double Edge
Bellsprout w/ Magical Leaf/Synthesis or Magical Leaf/Weather Ball
Treecko w/ Endeavor
Larvitar w/ Asssurance/Ancient Power/Rock Slide/Sandstorm
Nincada: X-Scissor / Night Slash / Secret Power / Aerial Ace
Torchic: Night Slash / Reversal / Agility / Baton Pass
Piplup w/ Agility/Yawn
Meditite w/ Psycho cut/Elemental Punches
Meditite w/ Bullet Punch/Fake Out
- Lickitung w/Body Slam and Curse
- Phanphy w/Head Smash, Ice Shard and Endeavor
- Seviper w/Body Slam
nidoran w/ sucker punch/ iron tail

Note: on some of the 1-4gen egmove pokes some moves do not transfer on b/w anymore, just to forewarn

Druddigon w/ Iron tail/sucker punch

Pawniard w/ sucker punch/pursuit/ brick break

Scraggy w/ Dragon Dance/Fake Out/Ice Punch/Drain Punch

Timburr w/ Force Palm/Drain Punch/Revrersal/Wide Guard

Tepig w/ Magnitude/Superpower/Curse/Flame Charge

Tepig w/ Magnitude/Superpower/Flame Charge/Wild Charge

Axew w/ Dragon Pulse/Dragon Claw/Swords Dance

Ferroseed w/ Leech Seed/SeedBomb/Spikes/Pin Missle

Ferroseed w/ Spikes/Stealth Rock/Double Team

Dwebble w/ Spikes/Curse

Zorua w/ Snarl/Dark Pulse

Frillish w/ confuse Ray/pain split/Recover/Acid Armor

Solosis w/ Psywave/Night Shade/Acid Armor/Confuse Ray

Venipede w/spikes/Toxic Spikes/ pin missle/ protect

Druddigon w/ EQ/Metal Claw/Iron Tail

Axew w/ Swords Dance/NightSlash/Iron Tail/Dragon Claw

Deino w/ Dark Pulse/Crunch

Deino w/ dark pulse/ thunder fang/ ice fang

Gothita w/ Dark Pulse

Trubbish w/ Rollout/Spikes/SelfDestruct/Curse

Litwick w/ Haze/Astonish/Clear Smog/Will o Wisp

Litwick w/ Astonish/ Acid Armor

Shelmet w Pursuit/Spikes/Double Edge/Baton Pass

Deino w/ Head Smash/Crunch

Vanillite w/ Autotomize

Tympole w/ Refresh/Earth Power

Stunfisk w/ Curse/Earth Power/Rock Slide

Larvesta w/ Foresight/Zen Headbutt/Morning Sun

Heatmor w/ Heat Wave/Sucker Punch/Night Slash/Pursuit

Pidove w/ Hypnosis

Oshawott w/ Air Slash/Night Slash/Brine/Screech

Roggenrola w/ Curse/Autotomize/Heavy Slam/EQ


Has left serebii
horsea,seadra, or kingdra with timid nature and likes to run characteristic

blitzles with double kick ♀ or ♂
druddigons with thunder fang and fire fang ♀ or ♂
snivys with mean look ♀ or ♂

All can be nicknamed

PM me if you have one
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Pokemon Breeder
What i have for trade...

Egg Move / DW:
Seviper - Dark Pulse
Tepig - Curse/Yawn/Superpower
Elekid - Focus/Ice/Fire punch
Ferroseed - Stealth Rock/Leech Seed
Zorua - Snarl
Abra - Thunder/Fire/Ice Punch
Dratini - Dragon Pulse/Dragon Dance/Iron Tail/Extremespeed
DW Eevee - Wish
DW Vulpix - Hypnosis
DW Gligar - Night Slash/Poison Sting/Wing Attack/X-Scissor
DW Marill - Muddy Water
DW Growlithe - Crunch/Flare Blitz/Close Combat/Morning Sun
DW Ledyba
DW Shinx
DW Exeggcute - Hypnosis/Leaf Storm/SolarBeam/Psychic
DW Hoppip
DW Skarmory
DW Mareep
DW Burmy
DW Smeargle


U & I
I'm looking for Male legit Water Pulse Vanillite, i can offer:

Pawniard with Revenge | Sucker Punch | Psycho Cut | Headbutt (Obtained by myself)
Scraggy with Drain Punch | Ice Punch | Dragon Dance | Thunder Punch
Growlithe with Close Combat | Flare Blitz | Crunch (I might rebread one myself, since it lacks Morning Sun)
Dratini with Extremespeed | Iron Tail
Deino with Dark Pulse | Thunder Fang | Fire Fang | Ice Fang (Coming Soon)
Shieldon with Stealth Rock | Curse
Pineco with Stealth Rock | Power Trick (Got it myself)
Cranidos with Crunch | Curse | Iron Tail | Iron Head (Coming Soon)


looking for stealth rock and slack off preferly, impish nature (don't have to) hippopotas/hippowdon. Will offer really good!


The Horned Zoroark

My experiments^^

Aron - [Endeavor]
Archen - [Head Smash]
Axew - [Iron Tail] or [Night Slash]
Charmander - [Dragon Pulse and Dragon Dance]
Corsola - [Head Smash]
Larvitar - [Dragon Dance]
Ferroseed - [Stealth Rock and Leech Seed]
Growlithe - [Iron Tail] or [Morning Sun, Fire Spin, and Flare Blitz] or [Heat Wave, Close Combat, Flare Blitz, and Fire Spin]
Pichu - [Iron Tail]
Riolu - [Endure, Agility, Hi Jump Kick, and Bullet Punch]
Seviper - [Iron Tail] or [Night Slash]
Eevee - [Yawn and Curse]
Ponyta - [Double-Edge] or [Flame Wheel and Morning Sun]
Rhyhorn - [Curse]
Scraggy - [Drain Punch, Ice Punch, and Dragon Dance]

Can i have your scraggy? I'll give u whatever(almost) what you want


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I have many Dark Pulse Zorua, some Leech Seed/Spikes Ferroseed, and two Bold Frillish with Scald/Shadow Ball/Toxic/Recover.

I'm looking for Timid Gastly with Pain Split, Stealth Rock Larvitar, and Wish Eevee (DW or not)

PM/VM me if you're interested!


Latias&Latios Fan
I have the egg moves that are on my sig, PM me offers =)


Lost in the forest
Looking for a male Deino with Dark Pulse, can offer an Eevee (M/F) with Wish, Curse and Yawn.


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i can breed growlithe with close combate and flare blitz, skitty with wish and baton pass, budew with extrasensory, timbur with force palm and drain punch, bagons with dragon rush and dragon pulse, ferrothorn with stealth rock and leech seed and shinx, rhyhorn and electrike with ice fang and crunch
i have a few female budews with leaf storm and extrsencory and growlithe with flare blitz
pm me with offers, i`m looking for a leaf stone and heart scales as well as iv breed pokemon and other egg moves
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Hi guys, I'm looking for a Deino with dark pulse or any male pokemon from it's egg group with dark pulse.
I've not got much special to offer for trade but plenty of regular stuff.

BW-FC 4298 3978 0679



RNG Enthusiast
Looking for a male Vulpix with Hex (it's an eggmove that has to be chain bred from gen IV) - I can offer other egg moves from gen IV like a water pulse Vanillite, drain punch Shroomish or Dark Pulse Deino or anything else in my signature.


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i'm lookin for a dw ability eevee offerin a egg move ghastly with thunderbolt/sludgebomb and an exeggute with leafstorm/solarbeam/psychic.


I'm offering these male egg move pokemon:

- Gastly [Disable]
- Swinub [Icicle Crash]
- Piplup [Agility]
- Deino [Earth Power]
- Deino [Dark Pulse]
- Gible [Outrage]
- Bagon [Hydro Pump]
- Rhyhorn [Curse]
- Scraggy [Ice Punch / Dragon Dance / Drain Punch]
- Shinx [Double Kick / Take Down]
- Tepig [Magnitude]
- Hippopotas [Revenge]
- Charmander [Dragon Pulse / Dragon Dance]
- Duskull [Pain Split]
- Pawniard [Pursuit / Revenge / Sucker Punch]
- Shellder [Rock Blast]
- Tepig [Yawn]
- Charmander [Outrage]
- Zubat [Hypnosis / Zen Headbutt]
- Ferroseed [Stealth Rock / Leech Seed]

I'm looking for other egg move pokemon and DW females. Just PM me and we'll work something out! :)
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