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Eggmove Trading Thread

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Pokemon Master
Does anyone have a Ferroseed with the eggmoves Leech Seed and Seed Bomb? If so, please VM/PM me and tell me what you want in return.


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I need a male timburr both mach punch and drain punch, I have a few things to offer such as:

-Pokerus fodder
-Leech Seed&Stealth Rock Ferroseed
-Toxic&Stealth Rock Turtwig

Timburr obtained, thanks Lokistarwind!
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Pokemon Master
Does anyone have a Deino with the eggmove Dark Pulse? VM/PM me what you want in return.


Squirrel Ninja
Hi, I am looking for a Vanillite with iron defense. I am about to restart my black version and want a Vanillite to start out with, I am offering the starter pokemon for one, just let me know which one you want, so I will pick that one. I want it to be a male with preferrably a modest nature, but am not too picky. I also want it to be in its' egg when we trade, so it will be loyal to me. If you can't get the eggmove on one I will accept it without, but all else has to match up. PM me if you can help, Thanks=D


primus inter pares
I am in need of a Larvitar with the egg moves Dragon Dance, Outrage, Iron Head, and Stealth Rock. I am willing to trade a flawless shiny or RNGed pokemon of mine for this. It doesnt have to be anything special, just male.

Here is how to get this pokemon im after. In Gen 4 breed a male Dragonite that knows Dragon Dance and Outrage with a female Charmander until you get a male Charmander. Take this male Charmander and breed it with a female Larvitar until you get a male Larvitar. Take the male Larvitar and teach it the TM move Stealth Rock and then the Move Tutor move Iron Head. Dratini learns Dragon dance at lvl 51 and outrage at 55 (its evo's learn these moves at high levels), Stealth Rock is TM 76 and Iron Head is a move tutor move that cost 40 BP. If you can get me this male Larvitar with these 4 egg moves just PM/VM me with the pokemon you want or post in my shop

thanks~ :)

EDIT: Trade complete
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Lost in Translation
I want any eggmove pokemon that I don't have.

I'm offering what's in my signature, multiples available if you provide pokemon with good IVs (miltiple 31s).


Roll the Ice Dice
Can trade Curse/Wide Guard Mudkip or Sharp Claws/Night Slash Cubchoo, PM if interested.


Let's Player
Need a Male cranidos with stealth rock
DW female:

Egg move pokemon
dratini w/ exxtremespeed
larvesta w/ morning sun
deino w/ dark pulse
ralts w/ shadow sneak
timburr w/ mach punch and drain punch


'New Guy'
I'm looking for a Sassy Rhyhorn with Aqua Tail and Curse, I know Aqua Tail is not an egg move but i don't have access to 4th Gen move tutors, so if anyone can help me out it would be appreciated. thanks

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Pokemon Breeder
I would like a Deino with a 31 SpAtk IV and a 31 Spd IV that also knows Earth Power ((The chain is Gible with move tutuor earth power passed onto a Deino)). I can do any perfect IVs with Amorphous and Bug egg groups, with others it might take a bit of chaining so it might be a little longer. Just like you I'll give you two perfect IVs since it's difficult to do flawless. PM me if you have what I want and ask for something. I can do egg moves. Please understand that I won't be breeding much of anything until the tournament starts so be patient with me.

Oh and I also have quite a few dw Pokemon so yeah.


Lost in Translation
This is what I need, I'm offering what's in my signature.

Leech Seed(E.M. Treecko
Hypnosis(E.M.) Vulpix

Rain Dish(DWf) Tentacool
Solar Power(DWf) Charmander [Is this out yet?]
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Check sig for Wants. Also @ above, there's no DWF starters out officially.


Looking for some really hard to get egg moves. Here's the list of what I want and the conditions they will have to be learnt:
ESP stands for "Excluding previous stages" meaning the specific evolution mentionned will be required.

A male member of the grass or mineral egg groups that knows both Stealth rock (Gen IV TM) and Seed bomb (Gen IV move tutor) Only a Torterra and Ferroseed can know both of these.

A male member of the monster group that knows both Stealth rock (Gen IV TM) and Curse. Ryperior, Tyrranitar, Aggron, Torterra, Bastiodon and Cranidos can have these moves. Note, Torterra can learn seed bomb as in previous request.

A male member of the Water 1 breeding group that knows Curse (lvl up or breeding) and Avalanche (Gen IV TM or breeding). Only Lapras, Ferraligatr and Crawdaunt can know these moves.

Alternatively a male member of the water 1 group that knows Curse (lvl up or breeding) and Avalanche (Gen IV TM or breeding). Slowbro (EPS), Slowking (EPS), Lapras, Swampert, Cranidos (EPS), Bastiodon (EPS), Ryperior, Walrein (EPS) and Aggron (EPS) can learn these moves.

A male member of the Water 1 breeding group that knows both Ice punch (Move tutor) and Dragon Dance (lvl up or breeding). This is only possible with a Dragonite (EPS) or Ferraligatr. Ferraligatr can also learn Avalanche as in the previous request.

These are all going to be really hard to get so I'm making this more of a challenge to breeders and I will give a DW female and any IV bred Pokemon to someone who can offer any of the above. I will give two DW females, Pokerus and one of my shinys to someone who can offer both Torterra and Feraligatr with the three egg moves I've requested each.

For a list of what else I can offer in exchange check out my trade shop here: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=560765
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TSS Forever
Deino w/ Dark Pulse

thats what im offering.huntin dream world poliwags poliwhirls and politoeds.need that drizzle.dont have it? then you need to offer a dry skin croagunk or toxicroak. the deinos also have ice fang and rain dance
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I have to trade:

Spiritomb: Shadow Sneak and Destiny Bond
Zorua: Dark Pulse
Deino: Dark Pulse
Pawniard: Pursuit & Sucker Punch & Revenge
Ferroseed: Leech Seed and Seed Bomb
Dratini: ExtremeSpeed
Ralts Shadow Sneak and Will-o-wisp
Elekid Ice punch & Fire Punch
Snorut: Spikes
Pichu: Volt Tackle and Wish
Eevee: Wish


Others eggmoves
mp with other offers
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Porygon Fanatic
What I have is...
Whatever is in my signature. Click the spoiler.


Lost in Translation

I need a Shroomish With Drain Punch + Focus Punch if possible or one of each.
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