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Eggmove Trading Thread

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Hey I'm looking for the following:

Eevee -curse, wish & yawn
Timburr -drain punch & mach punch

I can offer:

Ferroseed -leech seed & spikes
Dratini -extremespeed
Tentacool -rapid spin
Munchlax -explosion

I'm able to trade anytime today or tomorrow. PM/VM if interested.
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All Hers!
i am looking for the following:

Deino - Dark Pulse
Dratini - Extreme Speed/Dragon Dance
Sneasal - Ice Punch/Pursuit OR Ice Punch/Foresight
Duskull - Pain Split
Machop - Thunder/Fire/Ice/Bullet Punch
Eevee - Curse/Wish
Scraggy - Dragon Dance/Drain Punch/Ice Punch/Zen Headbutt
Ferroseed - Stealth Rock/Leech Seed
Scyther - Baton Pass
Growlithe - Close Combat
Zorua - Extrasensory/Dark Pulse/Snarl/Sucker Punch
Gible - Outrage
Pawniard - Pursuit/Headbutt/Revenge/Sucker Punch
Larvitar - Stealth Rock
Karrablast - Megahorn
Aron - Endeavor
Mudkip - Avalanche/Curse
Sigilyph - Psycho Shift/Roost
Skarmory with Whirlwind and Stealth Rocks

let me know if you have any other pokes with egg moves not on the list


Pokegyms steel gym
I can breed any breedable pokemon with any egg moves, any nature, and any ability (hidden abilities are limited to the dwfs in my signature). I am looking for a dw ditto or evd pokemon.


Well-Known Member
Hey I'm looking for the following:

Eevee -curse, wish & yawn

I can offer:

Ferroseed -leech seed & spikes
Dratini -extremespeed
Tentacool -rapid spin
Munchlax -explosion
Timburr -drain punch & mach punch

I'm able to trade anytime today and most afternoon's. PM/VM if interested.


Offering :
slack off hippopotas
brave bird skarmory
dragon dance totodile
And can take egg move breeding requests will prob. Be able to get it for you
Pm offers lf dwf i dont have and some rare items i am looking for
But will consider all offers


Tactical Breeder
I'm looking for either a ponyta or a Rapidash, male, that knows Double Edge, Horn Drill, and Morning Sun. Here is the kicker, I want it to be nicknamed "Sunnymuffins" without the qoutations.
I have a large list of DW Females and I offer any of them except the fossil ones. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1izrQTbo72Dj8KMEDJ8sb_8-KTMBNWIqdx0TMI8JZSG4/edit
The above link has the complete list of what DWFs I have. Here is another more simplified list. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ml-pBnHJtXk4v8Nok2s4xtir8q5Fa88Sd5HM4o7v_-Q/edit
I need this by 11 PM GMT -6 (CST USA) Sunday April 28. I will even throw in your choice of one of these three items: Custap Berry, PP Max, Shiny Stone
PM me with what you want.


Random Master
Will give 2 Flawless Shinies with Egg movies any nature + Subway Items for anyone with a Gyarados with Bounce and Dragon Dance


Well-Known Member
Seeking: Larvesta with morning sun, Male Eevee with curse, wish, and yawn. Will offer almost any item, DWFs and more eggmove pokemon. PM me please :)


Pokegyms steel gym
I have a Japanese adamant torchic with egg moves night slash and baton pass. Anybody want it?


Mad Scientist
Hey guys, I need a Skarmory that is UT i.e. lv 1 and is impish or careful in nature and knows Brave Bird and Roost (which can be learned through move tutor. Sturdy would be preferred but Keen Eye is fine too so don't stress out over it. However, Weak Armor is NOT ok!

I also need an Aron that is UT i.e. lv 1 and is adamant or careful in nature and knows Head smash & Stealth rock (which can gained by breeding with Cranidos/Ramparados. Stealth rock is not necessary but Head Smash is a must). It also must have the rock head ability .

Offered in exchange:
Larvitar, Beldum, Squirtle (modest, lv 3), zorua, piplup, bulbasaur, riolu, eevee, bagon, scyther, spiritomb, trapinch, N's Darmartian and Zorua, dratini, female Lucario w/ Justified (Lv 51),
DW: Sigilyph (F/F/M), munna (F), shuckle (F), drifblim (F), riolu (F) - all pokemon will be holding an evo stone/ item of your choice if you want it, provided that i have it and that it's not called - lucky egg, amulet coin or luck incense.

In case your Skarmory/Aron is shiny I'm also offering an Uxie or an Azelf or a Cresselia

I'm going to be using it ingame so perfect IVs are not necessary, and I don't really care about the gender/ shininess. But the nature & moves listed above are a must.

All pokemon offered are UT except for the Lv 3 Squirtle

I also have a bunch of Piplups with Ice beam as an egg move that I need to get rid of along with Scythers that have the egg moves: night slash, swords dance and aerial ace. I'm also offering magnemites with the egg moves: Metal sound and flash cannon.

PM me if you want to trade!

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general user
Looking for DW(female only) vulpix, Gligar, dratini, gible, poliwag, slowpoke, heracross, eevee, abra, sandshrew, snorunt

I have pokerus and can breed for egg moves and Ivs for quite a few pokemon


New Member
I have
1. ferroseed w/ leech seed and spikes
2. deino w/ dark pulse and earth power
3. machop w/ bullet, thunder, ice punch


Well-Known Member
I am looking for legit Events/shinys/rare pokemos(manaphy/jirachi)/egg moves for competitive.
I offer 2 or 3 egg pokemons with egg moves for one event.
Egg moves:
Timburr: Mach Punch/Drain Punch
Marill: Superpower/Aqua Jet
Torchic: Baton Pass/Agility/Reversal
Ferroseed: Stealth Rock
Tangela: Giga Drain
Corpish: Dragon Dance
Donphan: Ice Shard
Machop: Bullet Punch/Ice Punch/Fire Punch
Elekid:Cross Chp/Ice Punch
Growlithe: Close Combat
Eevee: Curse
Pokerus (It is like an egg move)

Send me a PM if you want to trade. Thanks
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New Member
Deino w/ dragon pulse n earth power, ferroseed w/ leech seed n spikes, machop w/ ice, thunder, bullet punch



Eevees with curse and wish

Machoke with bullet, ice, and thunder punch

elekid with ice punch, and cross chope

Adamant deino with dark pulse

also offering DWFs


Well-Known Member
I am looking for any bred/ caught Ekans or Arbok and any bred/ caught Pokémon from the female Nidoran line. In exchange, I can offer a male Selfdestructing Munchlax for both.

Prof Palm

Breeder in training
Hello im atempting to breed pokemon on my BLK 2 that i can keep stockpiled for me and my buddies and possibly for people on here so what im looking Is any starter pokemon from any region other then Tepig. I only need to barrow them for a few minutes so that i can get an egg then ill give them back i dont have much to give... unless you want POKERUS

The Last Jedi

Stalling is Cowardly
I'm looking for a baton knowing scyther if any one has one for trade please let me know, thank you :)

Cool Boy

Be fearless
Hey everyone!
Im looking for normal(not shiny),Natural Cure, Flawless/near, ut Roselia or Budew with egg moves Spikes,Sleep Powder,
(and if you can giga drain) and the nature:timid modest and HP FIRE
I will offer good please pm me(send private massege) If you can send me massege today or tommorow.
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