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Eggmove Trading Thread


No Angel
Post any specific Pokemon you want with eggmoves here, or offer ones you have. Please, before you post, make sure that it's actually possible to get the combination you want without hacking. You can check using the Dex on serebii.net to be 100% sure.

Remember that Egg Moves can only be passed down by males, so if you want one to breed the moves onto your own offspring, be sure to ask your partner for a male one.


Breeder and Trainer
breeding wish eevee and dragon dance and dragon rush dratini

pm offer


Espurr will HM01 you
^ Same here. Just found my Light Ball. Will breed Volt Tackle Pichu for anyone who wants it. I'll trade for anything I don't have on my dex already.


Pokémon Breeder
Looking for a male Wish Eevee, I'm not able to offer alot other than what I'm breeding in my sig.

Edit: Decided to breed my own wish eevee's as only ones i could find for trade were extremely overpriced for what they were.
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Assistant Professor
I'm looking for a JPN, SPA, GRM, or other non-english Eevee with wish. If you have a non-English game version, I can trade you one of my own wish Eevees, or I can offer Bulbasaur, Bagon, or just PM me to discuss.


Active Member
Have Baton Pass Adamant Torchics with speed boost. Looking for Pokerus and any of the froakie line with the Hidden Ability (Protean).
Anyone who can get me a dratini would be much obliged, pm me for more (with outrage pls)
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New Member
Looking for a Dratini with ExtremeSpeed, have a Kabuto with rapid spin + shiny mankey
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Breeder and Trainer
i got a few pokes for trade for iv breeding, i havent check iv on them.

elekid-timid-takes plenty of siestas-female-lvl1
-timid-like to thrash about-male-lvl1
- adamant-takes plenty of siestas-male-lvl 29

DD dratini-modest-like to thrash about-male-lvl 1
-timid-nods off alot-male-lvl1
-modest-scatters things often-female-lvl1
-modest-highly curious-male-lvl1

wish eevee-jolly-mishievous-male-lvl1
-jolly-hate to lose-male-lvl1
-adamant-takes plenty of siestas-male-lvl1
-timid-takes plenty of siestas-male-lvl1
-jolly-like to thrash about-male-lvl1
-jolly-capable of taking hits-male-lvl1

wish pichu-naughty-capable of taking hits-male lvl1
-naughty-alert to sound-female-lvl1


I have gible hatchlings X and Y

- both male ♂ and female ♀

- Outrage Inherited

- Jolly in Nature

- Rough Skin Ability

=Want - other metagame bred pokemon = taking offers

=== Taking offers!
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Salamence Trainer
Looking for a Zubat with Hypnosis, offering a bunch of Hidden Ability 'mons for it. PM me for the list.


I have a few Houndours with Sucker Punch. Looking for any other pokemon with egg moves, or hidden abilities.


i have charmanders with outrage and dragon dance if anyone wants to trade:D


dragon dance an eggmove only this gen? thought it was tm in V.

anyway if there is a way to get dragon dance outrage gible, id be interested - lmk
Dragon dance isn't an egg move for gible, as far as I know. (I tried, to no avail) If you wan't a move that ups attack then try swords dance for garchomp (not an egg move)
Right now I can only do Volt Tackle Pichu, when the egg move list becomes a bit more public I can likely get fancier. Feel free to PM offers for the Pichus though. I'm open to pretty much any poke I don't have but prefer Friend Safari ones.