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Eggmove Trading Thread


Let's Player
Looking for Bold Bullby with foul play. I can offer flawless attack riolu with egg moves, torchic, and other egg move pokemon. Pm with offers.
Looking for Honedge (or evo) with Pain Split, or a male Yamask (or evo) with Pain Split.

If you have either one of these, PM me, and I'll send you my trade list.


Mew/Mewtwo Lover
I'm looking for a Hyper voice Ralts or evo I dont care for IV's or nature I just don't have accsess to white2/black2 to teach her it, I can offer starters and I have a few HA pokemon. Or you could be nice and just give me one lol


Frokie - /Quiet/Protean/Toxic Spikes
Pichu - Adamant/Static/Volt Tackle
Charmander - Sassy/Blaze/Dragon Pulse/Dragon Dance
Torchic - Adamant/Blaze/Baton Pass
Riolu - Jolly/Prankster/Bullet Punch
Horsea - Modest/Sniper/Outrage/Muddy Water


The Uncultured One
Have a Charmander with Outrage and Dragon Dance, PM me with offers.


Seeking a 5iv Impish Male Lucario with this spread: 31/31/31/xx/31/31
Must have the following egg moves: Follow Me, Bullet Punch, Low Kick, Crunch

Offering: Impish 5iv {31/xx/31/31/31/31} Shiny Eevee with Egg move Wish + Tutor Move Heal Bell.


Cobalion's Champion
I am looking for a Delibird with Freeze Dry, don't know what I can offer for it but PM me what you are looking for.


Fire breathing moth
I need pokemon to be transferred from X/Y to Black/White to obtain move tutor moves in Black/White.
If you can do this, please PM me and I'll give you a 5iv pokemon I have in my signature for the pokemon you bring to the move tutor. I have 3 pokemon that will need to learn a total of 5/6 moves. I can send over Heart Scales with pokemon for you. Again, please PM me if you can/are willing to do this.

The move tutors you're looking for probably don't exist on BW, most were introduced in BW2, so you'd need to transfer there.

Also, you can't transfer backwards.

If anyone has a male Pokémon in the Geodude, Nosepass, Roggenrolla, Dwebble, or Honedge families with Wide Guard, I'd love a spare. Ivs/nature/etc are irrelevant. I can give a 31/31/31/x/31/31 Sand Veil Gible bred in Kalos with Iron Head. Female, Jolly and Great Ball.
I'd prefer to be VM'd or PM'd, I don't watch threads much :p
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Let's Player
Looking for play rough vullby. I can offer something good in exchange. More so if it has a good competitive nature. Pm me for details or so we can discuss a trade.


New Member
Looking for a Charmander with egg move Air Cutter, I can offer:
* Shiny charmander 4 IVs, Jolly with Outrage and Fire Blitz
* Legendary Pokemon
* Other 5IVs pokemon

Please PM me if you have one :)


Newb Shiny Hunter
for the next hour, anyone who messages me gets a free love ball 4-5IV chansey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aroma/seismic move


Seeking an Impish male Lucario with egg moves Crunch and Bullet Punch with this IV spread: 31/31/31/x/31/31

Offering a Calm, shiny Bank Eevee with this spread: 31/x/31/31/31/31 with egg move Wish and Tutor Move Heal Bell.


New Member
I'm after a Hydreigon evolution with Earth Power. I will also accept a Garchomp evolution with Earth Power (learned from the Move Tutor). I can trade a hidden ability X/Y starter or various other Pokemon with X/Y-attainable egg moves.



New Member
Have a bunch of Ralts with Shadow Sneak, Mean Look, Destiny Bond and Disable.
Looking for a Shroomish with Bullet Seed, a Pinsir with Close Combat or a Growlithe with Close Combat.
6iv overgrown timid treecko with leaf storm/dragon pulse
6iv bulletproof timid chespin with synthesis/curse/spikes

6iv rain dish bold squirtle with aura sphere/dragon pulse
5iv overgrown timid treecko with leaf storm/dragon breath
5iv speed blast jolly torchic with baton pass/reversal
5iv magic guard modest abra with barrier/fire punch
5iv adapability adamant corphish with dragon dance/superpower
5iv speedboost jolly venipede with spikes/toxic spikes
5iv rough skin/speed boost adamant carvanha with brine/destiny bond
5iv adaptability impish eevee with wish/yawn
5iv solar power timid charmander with dragon pulse/outrage
5iv marvel scale jolly dratini with iron tail/extreme speed
5iv adamant technician scyther with vacuum wave/night slash
5iv overgrown calm chikorita with aromatherapy
5iv super luck naive absol with play rough/megahorn
5iv leviate timid gastly with perish song/psywave
5iv strong jaw timid tyrunt with fire/ice/thunder fangs
5iv clear body adamant beldum

Good offers
I would like 5iv Pokemon I don't have for my 5iv
Lengendary Pokemon
Shiny Pokemon


Salamence Trainer
Really need a Leech Seed Ferroseed, I can offer a 5IV Mawile or 4IV Female Togepi for it.


Newb Shiny Hunter
For the next hour and a half, anyone who messages me gets a free love ball 4-5IV chansey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aroma/seismic move