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Eggmove Trading Thread



UT lvl 1 Shinx
Ability: Guts(Hidden Ability) / Intimidate / Rivalry
Moves: Crunch, Night Slash, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang

UT lvl 1 Shinx
Ability: Guts(Hidden Ability) / Intimidate / Rivalry
Moves: Night Slash, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Ice Fang

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Active Member
Hi. I'm looking for male charmander that knows outrage (nature doesn't matter) and also a Larvitar that knows pursuit. I have 5IV adamant Larvitars available for trade. PM me if you have what I'm looking for. Thanks :)
I have a Snorlax with curse, wanting any shiny Pokemon or Pokemon i don't already own, mainly shinnies though
Reply to my comment if you would like to trade


Dragon Trainer
LF: male Riolu/Hitmonchan with egg moves bullet punch

Offering: Modest Protean Froakie w/ 31 IV's in HP, Sp Atk, Sp def, and Speed

PM me if you have one thx


Fire Trainer
Got Close Combat Adamant Growlithes with 31 IV in 2 stats... using desiny knot, I've been marking them but most of them are Hp/Speed Sp.def/Speed Atk/Speed Hp/Attack

looking for Dragon Dance charmander/charmeleon/Charizard with with a 31 IV in 2 or more Stats (Attack/Speed)
also bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur with HA clorophyll with 31 IV in 2 or more Stat

Got one shiny Gurdurr if anyone is interested, but I would like a Charizardite Y along with the PKMN for it...


New Member
Looking for Scolipede w/Spikes or even just pineco/forretress. I have hippopotas with slackoff/whirlwind and squirtle with dragon pulse/aura sphere. Many of them are 5 IV and impish/modest respectively.


New Member
Is someone putting together a list of Froakie's egg moves? I have a couple ideas I want to try before I start breeding protean Froakies, but I thought I'd check to see what everyone else has tried first. Thanks!


Looking for Larvitar with Pursuit.

I have tons of perfect and HA pokemon (including Eevee,Larvitar,Gible and Mawile) PM if interested


PokeGyms Creator
I am looking for:

*Maril (Or azumaril) with Aqua jet, and belly drum. Preferably Adamant, but I'll take other offers.
*Protean Frokie with Toxic Spikes (For those who don't know, Frokie gets Toxic Spikes from Omanite, who gets them from Tenticreul). Adamant or Jolly prefered, but I will not be picky about this one!

I can offer Safari dittos (So at least 2 perfect IV's), Y exclusive Pokemon (Not legends), as well as Anorith. I also can offer Pokerus on any of these!

PM me if you are interested in trading!


In-Game Master
Looking for a Male Torchic with Baton Pass, Adamant nature preferred. I have pokerus and access to Imposter Dittos. PM me if interested.
I have an adamant dragon dance, thunder fang, ice fang tyrunt up for trade. Not flawless sorry

Update- trades done.

I can make more. Looking for other egg moves and HA pokes, kanto HA, Fennekin HA, and more
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New Member
Hello! I'm looking for Tyrunt with Dragon Dance, Eevee with Wish and Growlithe with Close Combat! PM me with offers please!!!


Well-Known Member
Got riolus, boxes of em

IV's vary, 4-5 flawless (usually defense or speed that's missing a few points)
either gender, steadfast or inner focus
all have blaze kick, vacuum wave, and bullet punch
all are jolly

Looking for similar IV'd pokes (IE: 4-5 31's as well) pref non-english but not picky
jolly technician shroomish/breloom (yay if bullet seed already, would save me time)
brave honedge, 0 or 1 in speed is good
timid gastly line, perish song would be lols but not necessary (hate this thing honestly, mega gengar is just stupidly op)
quiet mareep line 0 or 1 in speed is good
quiet reunicleus 0 or 1 in speed good
timid or modest noibat line
modest or adamant goomy line
relaxed or sassy foongus line0 or 1 in speed is good
adamant craogunk line (pref w fake out and drain punch, but no necessary
modest lotad line
bold or calm poliwag w swift swim
others that might interest me that I just can't think of atm
timid or mdoest zorua
adamant, jolly or timid bnido line with HA (hustle or sheer force) w sucker punch

PKMN Legend Anthony

Water Gym Leader.
I have these to offer:

31/31/x/x/31/31 x1 Male 2x Female Adamant (With Elemental Fangs)
31/31/31/x/31/x x1 Male Adamant (With Elemental Fangs)
31/31/x/x/31/31 x1 Male Adamant (With Elemental Fangs)
Have plenty that are not near perfect IV wise to trade too.


Male Wish Eevees

Looking for:
Other Pokemon with EggMoves
Other near perfect IV pokemon
Shiny Pokemon
Rare Items
Competitive items


Darkerones*SlowpokeHunterJoin DateMay 2011Posts243

Looking for Larvitar with Pursuit.I have tons of perfect and HA pokemon (including Eevee,Larvitar,Gible and Mawile) PM if interested


Veteran Trainer
Trade completed
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New Member
Trading goomy with eggmove Counter,Iron Tail, Acid Armor, and Curse. Most are adamant and HA gooey.
(NEW) Trading forretress with HA and with egg move Stealth Rocks.

Looking for other 6th gen pokemon with eggmoves or ditto imposters. Also any shinys even chain fished shinys.
Also accepting shiny stones, dawn stones, or dusk stones for trade.

PM me if your interested.

(EDIT) No more protean froakies or tyrunts with eggmove pls or chespins with eggmoves already got them but still have more goomys with HA and egg moves for trade and forretress with stealth rocks and HA.

P.S. I don't know where goomy go these egg moves it was in a gts trade.
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Dragon Master
have lots of jolly charmanders with solar power caught in a premier ball with egg moves crunch, dragon dance, belly drum and outrage.
looking for other egg move pokes


3rd gen expert
looking for any male pokemon with ice punch, pm me if your interested.


is really a dinosaur
Currently trading volt tackle pichus/pikachus. Any nature. PM me.