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Eggmove Trading Thread

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Pathfinder, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Mr.Palkia_7389

    Mr.Palkia_7389 Well-Known Member

    Looking for:

    5IV Adamant Water Absorb Cacnea with Seed Bomb
    5IV Adamant Battle Armour Skorupi
    5IV Timid Rotom
    5IV Timid Flash Fire Litwick

    Any Battle Maison Item on request (except Ability Capsule)

    5IV Calm Spheal
    5IV Timid Flash Fire Houndour
    5IV Hasty Protean Froakie
    5IV Adamant Adaptability Corphish with Knock Off/Dragon Dance/Aqua Jet
    5IV Modest Charmander
    4-5IV Adamant Sturdy/Rock Head Aron with Iron Head/Stealth Rock/Superpower/Head Smash
    4-5IV Adamant Gale Wings Fletchling
    4-5IV Bold Gooey Goomy
    4IV Adamant Honedge
    4IV Modest Synchronize/Trace Ralts

    Docile Shiny Beldum (foreign name)

    Breedable on request:
    Bold Storm Drain Lileep with Recover/Stealth Rock
    Adamant Elekid with Fire Punch/Ice Punch
    Impish Larvitar with Stealth Rock/Outrage/Pursuit
    Adamant Totodile with Aqua Jet/Dragon Dance/Thrash/Ice Punch
    Adamant Huge Power Marill with Superpower/Aqua Jet/Belly Drum
    Adamant Marvel Scale Dratini with Dragon Dance/Dragon Rush/Extreme Speed/Iron Tail
    Adamant Shed Skin Dratini with Aqua Jet/Extreme Speed
    Adamant Charmander with Dragon Dance/Dragon Rush/Outrage/Flare Blitz
    Jolly Gible with Iron Head/Outrage
    Jolly Gible with Iron Head/Iron Tail
    Jolly Strong Jaw Tyrunt with Dragon Dance/Fire Fang/Poison Fang/Ice Fang
    Modest Trace Porygon with Ice Beam/Shadow Ball/Conversion/Conversion 2
    Adamant Mawile with Sucker Punch/Metal Burst/Thunder Fang/Ice Fang
    Modest Drought Vulpix with Extrasensory/Flamethrower/Quick Attack
    Adamant Grimer with Shadow Sneak
    Jolly Kabuto with Rapid Spin/Knock Off/Mud Shot
    Jolly Quick Feet Shroomish with Focus Punch/Bullet Seed
    Modest Froakie with Toxic Spikes
    Adamant Iron Fist Chimarchar
    Adamant Contrary Inkay
    Iron Barbs Ferroseed with Spikes/Stealth Rock
    Pichu with Volt Tackle

    If you don't have what is on my 'Looking For:' list but you are interested in something that I have for offer, just PM me an offer and I will consider it.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2014
  2. Dr_When

    Dr_When New Member

    I need a 5 iv perfect jolly flygon family member with and defog outrage
    I am offering shinys and other 5 iv perfects with egg moves.
    PM me if interested
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2014
  3. Folsom

    Folsom Why? Well, wynaut?

    Looking for a minun with wish
    Pm me
  4. ohjeezitskim

    ohjeezitskim Well-Known Member

    LF: The following pokemon with AT LEAST TWO egg moves :3!!

    *pokemon that are in red, I may be getting in another trade. So they are PENDING!*

    **Pokemon must have fitting natures, and if females they must be in nice Pokeballs, Correct 5IVs**
    If pokemon has no egg moves, it must have it's HA - if not, it will not be accepted!

    Sandshrew adamant/impish HA w/ rapid spin, night slash
    Kabuto adamant or impish with HA "weak Armor" with giga drain, Knock off, rapid spin
    Bellspourt adamant or modest HA with giga drain, encore, synthesis
    Spearow - HA Sniper - Quick Attack, Tri Attack, Whirlwind - Adamant
    Farfetch'd - HA Defient - Leaf Blade, Steel Wing - Adamant/Jolly
    Seel - HA Ice Body - Fake out, Icicle Spear, Perish Song, Stock Pile, Sleep Talk
    Drowzee - HA Inner Focus - Calm/Careful - Ice/Fire Punch, Flatter
    Lickitung - HA CLoud Nine - Belly Drum, Hammer Arm, Sleep Talk/Snore, Zen Headbutt - Adamant
    Goldeen - HA Lightningrod - haze, sleep talk, psybeam
    Mankey - HA Defient - night slash, meditate, smelling salts, encore

    Voltorb (FS), Magnemite(FS), Tauros(horde) have no egg moves - can obtain myself

    Sentret - double edge, iron tail, pursuit - HA, if NHA in a bank ball
    Sunkern - encore, leech seed, morning sun - modest
    Girafarig - HA Sap Sipper - wish, magic coat
    Dunspace - HA Rattled - Snore, Headbutt, Curse
    Qwilfish - HA Intimidate - Aqua Jet, Haze
    Teddiursa - NHA in bank ball - Play Rough, Close Combat, Belly Drum,
    Remoraid - NHA Sniper in bank Ball - Haze, Rock Blast, Snore
    Delibird - NOT HUSSLE - Fake out, Freeze Dry, Ice Shard, Quick Attack, Spikes, Rapid Spin
    Slugma - HA - Earth Power, Heat Wave, Stockpile
    Mantyke - Water Absorb - Haze, Wide Guard, Amnesia
    Stantler - HA Dream Ball - Megahorn, Disable

    Unown(GTS), Wynaut(FS) have no egg moves - can obtain myself

    Wingull - HA Rain Dish - Knock Off, Mist, Aqua Ring
    Surskit - HA Rain Dish - Aqua Jet, Fell Stinger, Psybeam
    Nincada - HA Run Away - Night Slash, Endure
    Nosepass - Sturdy - Stealth Rocks, Wide Guard
    Illuminise - HA Prankster - Bug buzz, Encore, Baton Pass, Captivate
    Volbeat - HA Prankster - Seismic Toss, Baton Pass, Trick
    Gulpin - NHA in bank ball - pain split, smog, destiny bond
    Spoink - Either Ability - amesia, skill swap, trick, whirlwind
    Spinda - Either Ability - Baton Pass, Encore, Fake Out, Rapid Spin, Trick, Wish
    Serviper - HA Infiltrator - Body Slam, Night Slash, Stockpile, Switcheroo
    Barboach - Either Ability - Dragon Dance, spark, earth power, thrash
    Castform - Cosmic Power, Clear Smog, Hex, disable
    Tropius- HA Harvest - dragon dance,leaf blade, leech seed
    Chimecho - Cosmic Power, Recover, Skill Swap
    Clamperl - HA Rattled - Aqua Ring, refresh, confuse ray
    Luvdisc - HA Hydration- Aqua Ring, Heal Pulse, Captivate

    Wurmple, Lunatone, Solrock have no egg moves, can obtain myself

    Sturdy Shieldon, Impish/Careful, Stealth Rocks, Curse, Rock Blast, Wide Guard
    NHA Stunky, Impish/adamant/jolly, Crunch, Play Rough, Haze
    Bidoof - either abliity - aqua tail, double-edge, quick attack
    Buizel - HA Water Veil - Baton pass, headbutt, switcheroo,
    Cherrbi - Aromatherapy, flower sheild, heal pulse, healing wish, seed bomb
    Glameow - HA Keen eye - fake tears, quick attack, wake up slap
    Chatot - HA Big Pecks - Boomburst, Defog, nasty plot
    Carnivine - Leech Seed, Rage Powder, Synthesis
    Finneon - either ability - Charm, Psybeam, Signal beam, sweet kiss

    Kricketot, combee no egg moves, can obtain myself.

    Heatmor with HA modest sucker punch, sleep talk
    Patrat - Iron Tail, Assuranc, Revenge, Pursuit - HA Analytic
    Lilpup - Pursuit, Fire/Thunder/Ice Fang - HA Run Away
    Purloin - Foul Play, Charm, Encore, Yawn - HA Prankster
    Pansage - Nasty Plot, Leaf Store, Bullet Seed, Low Kick, Disarming Voice - HA Overgrow
    Pansear - Heat Wave, Nasty Plot, Low Kick, Fire Punch, Tickle - HA Blaze
    Panpour - Aqua Tail, Aqua Ring, Low Kick, Nasty Plot, Tickle - HA Torrent
    Pidove - Morning Sun, Steel Wing, Uproar, Wish - HA Rivarly
    Blitzle - Endure, Me First, Take Down, Double Kick - HA Sap Sipper
    Roggenrola - Wide Guard, Autotomize, Heavy Slam - Either ability
    Woobat - Charm, Flatter, Knock Off - HA Simple
    Tympole - Mist, Refresh, Snore, After You - HA Water Absorb
    Sewaddle - Endure, Stickyweb, Flail - HA Overcoat
    Basculine - Revenge, Swift, Whirlpool - HA Mold Breaker
    Maractus - Leech Seed, Spikes, Worry Seed - HA Storm Drain
    Dwebble - Spikes, Endure, Wide Guard, Curse, - Either Abiliity
    Trubbish - Haze, Rock Blast, Spikes, Self-Destruct -HA Aftermath
    Ducklett - Steel Wing, Mirror Move, Brine, Me First - HA Hydration
    Vanillite - Autotomize, Ice Shard, Magnet Rise, Water Pulse - HA Weak Armor
    Emolga - Charm, Tickle, Iron Tail, Ion Deluge - HA Motor Drive
    Elgyem - Cosmic Power, Nasty Plot, Disable, Skill Swap - HA Analytic
    Cubchoo - Play Rough, Avalanche, Ice Punch, Encore - HA Rattled
    Shelmet - baton pass, spikes, pursuit, feint - HA Unburden
    Buffalant - Amnesia, headbutt, Iron Head, Stomp - Either Ability.

    Throh, Golett, Cryogonal no egg moves - can obtain myself

    Virtually any other pokemon that's not on this list.
    ^A lot of HAs/Egg moves on many of these pokemon^
    I have a lot of dream ball females with HA
    As well as many other bank balls
    Many megastones (version exclusive ones as well!!)
    Evo items & rarer berries

    Mainly looking for perfect 5iv for perfect 5iv ~~
  5. Brigidd

    Brigidd New Member

    Looking for a male drain punch Shroomish - or males of Shroomish's line that could learn it trough tutor move in B2/W2: Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Gloom, Togetic, Lombre, Cacnea, Audino and Maractus!

    In exchange, I can offer dream ball (with their HAs) Spinarak, Audino, Omanyte, Sigilyph, Munna, Exeggcute, Poochyena, Swablu, Kangaskhan, Igllybuff, Murkrow, Ponyta, Castform, Exeggcute, Dratini and Taillow. There's light metal ability Beldum and heavy metal Bronzor, moon ball Midreavus (with nasty plot and wonder room) and Vulpix, love ball Buneary, lure ball Horsea, friend ball Larvitar and Mareep, safari ball Cubone, heavy ball Phanpy (with ice shard, play rough, counter and head smash) and level ball Growlithe. Also nest ball Chikorita with leech seed, heal pulse and grassy terrain and Cyndaquil in a luxury ball with crush claw, flare blitz, flame burst and extrasensory.

    Besides these, I've got 5 IV adamant Beldum with clear body and timid male Buneary in a love ball with ice punch, fire punch and thunder punch.

    I also have a couple egg move pokémon, ask me about these - I don't have any 5th generation ones, though. I'm willing to trade more than one of them in exchange for the drain punch male!
  6. Hoppip

    Hoppip Active Member

    Looking for a Remoraid (or something of the sort) with the egg move Entrainment. I can offer stuff from the list in my sig / items.
    Also interested in any other cool Egg move breedjects. Pm if you can help. :)
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2014
  7. Surprize For U

    Surprize For U Beginning Trainer

    Hey there folks!

    I have a few:
    perfect IV and 5 IV Serious Turtwigs with Shell Armor
    Perfect IV Jolly Aerodactyl w/ Pressure and Rock Head
    Perfect IV Jolly Ponyta with Flame Body with the egg moves Morning Sun, Hypnosis, and Flame Wheel
    Similarly I have a full box of 31/31/31/X/31/31 Jolly Ponyta with Flame Body with the egg moves Morning Sun, Hypnosis, and Flame Wheel

    Looking for any interesting egg move Pokemon, IV bred HA Pokes, or interesting shinies

    Feel free to PM me if you're interested =]
  8. Machomacho

    Machomacho Well-Known Member

    Need a Mime Jr or Mr. mime with tutor or egg move icy wind. I would also like it with tetter dance but it's not that important to me at the moment. Can offer other egg move pokemon.

    Will take these pokemon with move tutor icy wind to breed an icy wind mime-line as well:
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2014
  9. miShellder

    miShellder Bank Ball Collector

    Have a lot of breeding leftovers of Cyndaquil with the moves : Crush Claw, Flame Burst, Flare Blitz, Quick Attack. I have about 12 of them. So if you would like one, PM/VM me.
  10. pyro_storm

    pyro_storm Member

    Does anyone have an Iron Tail Sentret/Furret? I can offer an Aqua Tail Goldeen or Drill Run+Megahorn Karrablast.

    If not Sentret/Furret, any Male pokemon who can learn the move through breeding and thus pass it on to Sentret/Furret would do.

    Last edited: Sep 1, 2014
  11. ClefairyKid

    ClefairyKid Pokemon Addict

    Male Seedots with Worry Seed, Bullet Seed, Leech Seed and Power Swap, Level Ball, lvl1
    Male Slowpokes with and without HA, Me First, Belch, Future Sight, Belly Drum, Dream Ball, lvl1
    Male Dratinis with and without HA, Aqua Jet, Water Pulse, Extreme Speed, Dragon Pulse
    Male Teddiursa with Fake Tears, Play Rough, Close Combat, Crunch, Heavy Ball, lvl1

    Apricorn Ball females I don't have, they don't have to have EMs but they are a nice bonus, DB HA females are also nice, but I won't do DB without HA. Let me know what ones you have and I'll check it agains my own list of what I have.
  12. Yurimi

    Yurimi New Member

    Looking for a female misdreavus with either a calm, modest, or timid nature with the egg move ominous wind in exchange I can offer one of these in return

    VGC milotic
    T/UT movie Victini
    Event reshiram and zekrom
    Event arceus
    GameStop deoxys
    Space center deoxys
    Alamos darkrai
    Eppie mew
    Gio mew
    Palcity mew
    Mystery mew
    Fall mew
    Aura mew
    The shiny dogs
    XD togepi
    Ageto celebi
    GameStop Jirachi
    Summer jirachi
    Wishmaker jirachi regular and shiny
    Fal2012 mewtwo
    GameStop celebi
    XD Lugia
    XD Articuno
    XD Moltres
    XD Zapdos
    Manaphy regular and shiny
    Nobunga rayquaza
    Plasma Genesect
    Spr2013 Meloetta
    Movie12 Meloetta
    Smr2012 Keldeo
    Movie12 Keldeo
    Spring reshiram
    Spring zekrom
    May2012 darkrai
    Tru dragonite
    Tru Shaymin
    Almia darkrai
    Doel deoxys
    Plasma deoxys
    Palcity lucario
    Shiny giratina
    Shiny dialga
    Kyle riolu
    Vgc larvitar
    Singing jap pikachu
    Shiny pichu event
    Ash's pikachu
    Pre-Movie release Diancie
    French Pokeball vivillon

    Nidoran (F)
    Shiny starters
  13. calebsdadaddie01

    calebsdadaddie01 New Member

    All are 5iv:

    Horsea adamant/swift swim with signal beam, aurora beam, muddy water and outage
    Beldum adamant/clear body with take down
    Froakie timid/protean with pound, growl, camouflage and toxic spikes
    Audino timid/regenerator with helping hand, healing wish, lucky chant and encore
    Larvitar adamant/guts with stealth rocks, pursuit, outrage and dragon dance
    Ekans adamant/intimidate with disable, pursuit iron tail and sucker punch
    Starly jolly/keen eye with pursuit, double edge, feather dance and roost
    Cyndaquil modest/blaze nature power, reversal, flare blitz and extrasensory
    Lickitung adamant/cloud nine with body slam, amnesia, muddy water and hammer arm
    Lapras modest/water absorb with avalanche, ancient power, dragon dance and freeze dry
    Fennekin modest/magician with wish, hypnosis, magic coat and heat wave
    Abra modest/magic guard with teleport, fire punch, encore and barrier
    Chespin timid/bullet proof with quick guard, synthesis, curse and spikes
    Ferroseed relaxed/iron barbs with bullet seed, leach seed, spikes and stealth rock
    Roselia adamant/natural curse with sleep powder, synthesis, leaf storm and grass whistle
    Mudkip careful/torrent with growl, yawn, avalanche and curse

    Looking for other miscasts
    Looking for riolu with egg moves
  14. AmphyLucky13

    AmphyLucky13 Purduuuu Says Amphy

    I have new Egg Move Bred Pokemon up for trade! Here's what I have:

    5V Poke Ball Adamant Miltank with Double Edge, Heart Stamp, Dizzy Punch, and Seismic Toss
    5V Moon Ball Adamant Shinx with Signal Beam or Howl, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, and Night Slash
    5V Quick Ball Jolly Sandshrew with Rock Climb and Chip Away
    Love Ball Lapras with Dragon Pulse, Freeze-Dry, and Avalanche
    5V Quick Ball Lotad with Giga Drain, Synthesis, and Sweet Scent
    4V Repeat Ball Sandile with Counter, Pursuit, Thunder Fang, and Fire Fang

    And Many More! Please don't be hesitant to pm me, I may have something you're looking for! :)

    I am looking for: 4 Egg Move Pansage (Disarming Voice, Magical Leaf, Leaf Storm, and Nasty Plot) with a Modest Nature.

    I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2014
  15. icechaichana

    icechaichana New Member

    I'm looking for Drifloon with egg move Defog.

    I offer various egg moves pokemon, a bunch of flawless, rare balls, some events/legendaries.

    PM me, for more info.
  16. AzumarillFTWrofl

    AzumarillFTWrofl New Member

    trade complete :)
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2014
  17. biorose671

    biorose671 New Member

    I an currently looking for a pinsir with focus punch OR a Heracross with focus punch. It's for breeding purposes, I just need to pass down the focus punch down. I own various multiple IV dittos and I can give an ability capsule.
  18. Cool Boy

    Cool Boy Be fearless

    Hey I'm looking for Quagsire or Wooper with the move recover :) please send me a messege if you have any spare ones
  19. BlindEye

    BlindEye Breeder

    Edit: Got it
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2014
  20. ashcrimson777

    ashcrimson777 Newb Shiny Hunter

    I can breed a good 3-5 IV/ and 4 egg moves specific pokemon to your liking for 1 of the following:

    Access to the Metronome Move Tutor in Gen 3

    Good Nature Premier Ball:
    Groudon Adamant/Jolly
    Rayquaza Adamant/Jolly
    Tornadus Good nature
    Thundurus Good nature
    Reshiram Timid/Modest
    Yveltal Good nature

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