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Eggmove Trading Thread


Treecko modest/uniform with leer, leech seed, dragon breath and leaf storm
Torkoal jolly/white smoke with ember, superpower, eruption and yawn
Carvahna adamant/speed boost with bite, hydro pump, brine and destiny bond
Sableye jolly/prankster with sucker punch, metal burst, recover and nasty plot
Mudkip adamant/damp with avalanche, bite, counter and mirror coat
Buneary adamant/klutz with ice punch, thunder punch, focus punch and switcheroo
Bagon jolly/sheer force with dragon dance, hydro pump, fire fang and dragon pulse
Pidgey adamant/tangled feet with brave Bird, defog, steel wing and air cuter
Onix adamant/weak armor with rock climb, stealth Rick, defense curl and heavy slam


Other breedjects with 4 egg moves I don't have
Mega stones
Other offers

Friend code: 014697490815
Ign: Richie


Strider: Spider King
Looking for sharpedo with thrash. And if you know someone with b/w 2 zen headbutt, please let me know.


Veteran Trainer
All trades by PM please.I am also on Gamefaqs under the same username,so if i don't respond right away to a PM im most likely over there. :)

Mudkip-Avalanche+Ice Ball
Lopunny-Ice Punch+Switcharoo
Ralts-Shadow Snreak+Destiny Bond+Mean Look
Treecko-Dragon Breath+Crunch+Leaf Storm
Bagon-Hydro Pump
Squirtle-Dragon Pulse+Aura Sphere+Aqua Ring
Swablu-Hyper Voice
Gardevior-Hyper Voice
Tyrunt-All 4 Fangs
Dratini-Extreme Speed
Chespin-Quick Guard+Curse+Spikes
Turtwig-Seed Bomb+Super Power+Amnesia+Wide Guard
Torchic-Night Slash+Reversal+Baton Pass
Nosepass-Pain Split
Pansage-Grass Whistle
Houndour-Sucker Punch
Marill-Belly Drum+Aqua Jet
Goomy-Iron Tail+Curse
Charmander-Outrage+Dragon Dance+Dragon Pulse+Ancient Power
Cydaquil-Flare Blitz
Fenniken-Magic Coat+Wish+Heat Wave
Lucario-Vacuum Wave
Bulbasaur-Ingrain+Grassy Terrain+Giga Drain+Amnesia
Vivillon(Polar Pattern,River Pattern)-Quiver Dance+Hurricane
Elekid-Hammer Arm+Ice Punch+Fire Punch+Cross Chop
Ekans-Sucker Punch
Scyther-Quick Guard+Defog
Pidgey-Defog+Brave Bird
Eevee-Wish+Stored Power+Yawn
Abra-Psycho Shift+Power Trick+Skill Swap
Magby-Fire Punch+Thunder Punch+Cross Chop
Zubat-Zen Headbutt+Brave Bird+Defog
Paras-Cross Poison+Wide Guard+Rototiller
Makuhita-Bullet Punch+Wide Guard
Growlithe-Close Combat+Flare Blitz+Morning Sun+Wild Charge
Cubone-Iron Head+Belly Drum
Cliffa-Stored Power
Karrablast-Mega Horn+Knock Off+Drill Run
Chimchar-Fire Punch+Thunder Punch
Pawnard-Quick Guard+Psycho Cut
Skrelp-Venom Drench+Play Rough
Rhyhorn-Metal Burst
Pichu-Volt Tackle

My Info
Mii Name:John
IGN Is Dusty(Egg-Locke)
Trading Times:2pm-3am EST
Location:Southern Indiana
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Strider: Spider King
Have adamant ha swinub with icicle crash. PM if interested.

Belfry Bat

New Member
Looking for: Shroomish or Breloom with Drain Punch

For Trade:
Male Ralts lvl 1 with lucky chant, magical leaf and heal pulse
Japanese Adamant male Honedge lvl 1 with swords dance, metal sound and shadow sneak
Male Chespin lvl 1 with synthesis and rollout
Male Bulbasaur lvl 1 with petal dance
Japanese Adament Marill lvl 1 with superpower, belly drum and aqua jet
Male or Female Timit Froakie lvl 1 with protean and toxic spikes
Male or Female Adament Mawile lvl 1 with thunder, ice and fire fang
I have others too, if none of these are what you're looking for.


New Member
I'm looking for a Slugma/Litwick with the move Heat Wave, I don't care for its IVs or Nature!! :) Message me!


Advanced Trainer
I have Multiple 5IV Scraggy all with Egg Moves; Fire, Thunder, Ice, and Drain Punch!!! PM me with offers!!! 100% trade for a non-english 6IV Ditto!!!!


Strider: Spider King
Looking for squirtle with flail. And if anyone has one with move tutor ice punch, I'll pay handsomely for it.

PM if you have one, just ask for offers.


New Member
I have tons of pichus with volt tackle and a few with thunder punch!! Message me if you want any!!


Strider: Spider King
I have froakie with bestow, camouflage, toxic spikes, and mind reader. PM for offers.

^Breeding turned out good, I see?
LF a male Extreme Speed Dratini. I have a ton of Protean Froakies and Dragon Dance Charmanders I can offer!


Elite Trainer
I am currently offering Chansey with Seismic Toss, Gravity, Aromatherapy, and Counter. I also have some Bulbasaur with Giga Drain. If you are interested and/or would like to trade with me, please PM me.


New Member
LF skarmory with stealth rocks

pm me for offers. i have quite a few bankballs and a bit of eggmoves such as foul play spiritomb, wish eevees and extreme speed dratini


New Member
Breeding dreamball adamant, ha , anorith with egg moves knock off, cross poison, aqua jet, and rapid spin. If your interested pm me


New Member
I have a bunch of bold male and female skarmory with brave bird, whirlwind, and stealth rock if anyone is interested. I am looking for a charizardite x and a hidden ability bunnelby. If you want it and cant get me those two, we probably can work something out. Just pm me with offers. Thanks.


Hey :)
I want my Spiritomb to know Foul Play.
Foul Play can only be bred from a Pokémon, who learned the move, in an earlier generation, via move tutor.
I'm looking for a regular not RNG abused/cloned/anything out of the ordinary PKMN that can pass Foul Play on to Spiritomb.
The shards you use, to have that PKMN learn Foul Play, must not be hacked.
I can offer 5IV PKMN and items, even an Ability Capsule.
My PKMN are legit and most of them are german, so you can use them, to breed for shinies, too.
Don't worry about their names, as they change, once they evolve, on your version.
PM/VM me.

EDIT: Done. Thanks, Wolph :)
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I'm looking for a chansey with a very specific moveset and any IVs, I'm hoping you guys could help out. I need it to have wish, aromatherapy/heal bell, and seismic toss. If someone could get that for me, I'd be willing to get you any shiny possible in X, items, legendary, or my very own perfect timid shiny gengar with sludge wave


Strider: Spider King
Looking for snover (f) with avalanche/seed bomb. Ask for offers.