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Eggmove Trading Thread


New Member
Hi everyone!

I'm looking to breed some some Pokemon for my ORAS game and i didn't want to start from scratch.

LF: female vivilln/spewpa/scatterbug 3+ ivs timid nature with compound eyes
female ralts/kirillia/gardevoir 3+ivs jolly nature
shiny phantump with harvest

What i have to offer:
2 4IV adamant shroomish with quickfeet and bullet seed
1 4IV relaxed ferroseed with leechseed,spikes and stealth rock.
1 3IV relaxed ferroseed with leechseed,spikes and stealth rock.

I also have a shiny mime jr and graveller if your interested!

if interested PM me , Thanks!


Hoenn Destroyer
LF Igglybuff/Jigglypuff/wigglytuff with the egg moves Wish and Perish Song.

FT I have various shinies and competitively bred pokemon including Shiny EV trained: Greninja, T-Tar, Infernape, and others. Ask and I'll see if I have it.

Looking for the igglybuff/Jigglypuff/wigglytuff ASAP.


New Member

I am looking for:

any ivs or nature

cottonee or whimsicott with encore/beat up/grass whistle
frillish or jellicent with confuse ray/recover

For trade: tinyurl.com/civlist

The stuff on the list was mostly traded for on this board before the powersaves iv codes. But they are cloned and I would assume that they are shinified as I have not checked all of them.

But anything on the list 2 for 1
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New Member
FT Buneary with egg moves thunder punch encore fake out ice punch
LF any eggmoves I don't have

The buneary's are in dream balls PM me with offers
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bye cruel people
Looking for a dream ball eevee with stored power

Or just a dream ball eevee


You can just breed another one like seriously.



Steel User
Really urgently looking for a Growlithe with Morning Sun and Flare Blitz.
Can offer any BP item, as well as several IV bred pokemon.
Pm me with details.


Champion of Johto
Hi I'm not really sure what I'm looking for but I have something great to offer.
I have a 5IV Hydro Pump (Which is an Egg Move) Bagon Please PM me an offer
LF Ralts with Ally Switch. I can offer pretty much any 5 IV poke (have a 6 IV ditto i can use) as well as BP items. PM me if you are looking to trade an ally switch Ralts


Tournament Champion
I have modest 5 iv bagon with hydro pump and dragon pulse. Pm if interested thanks :)


Pokémon Breeder
Hi guys, I'm a semi-experienced breeder. I have a shop on here, and I'm offering to egg move breed for some people. Just either go to my shop, or just ask on my page.


Lady Luckless
I have a inbox full of growlithes of random gender, random nature and not IV-bred. All is at level one, in a regular pokeball, and utterly empty of EV. I'm looking to get rid of them.

11 growlithes: Close combat, Iron Tail, Morning Sun and Covet.

4 growlithes: Morning sun, Iron Tail and Close combat.

First arrived, first served. PM me to reserve one for yourself. I'd prefer it if you offer me pokemons I do not possess, as I am trying to fill my pokedex and I do not have much time to spend to levelling up pokemons. But I'll take any pokemons as I just want to get rid of them all.

In two days I will wondertrade everything that remains away, so if you want to have one you have to reserve it in advance.


New Member
I'm searching for a Tentacool with Rapid Spin and Knock Off!
I have some Pokemon I can trade for that:
- Dratini w/ Extremespeed
- Marill w/ Belly Drum, Aqua Jet, Body Slam
- Pidgey w/ Defog
- Bagon w/ Hydro Pump, Dragon Dance
- Charmander w/ Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance


Breeding Enthustiast
I am looking to add more pokemon on the list of what I can breed. Thus I'm looking for the following pokemon. A few things to note:

- I'm mostly interested in these with eggmoves, the balls and everything else is just a preference.
- If I've stated HA, I'd prefer HA but will propably be interested even without it.
- While I do not care about nature or IVs (can do those myself) eggmoves are highly appreciated. I might even consider not trading if the pokemon doesn't have any.
- Pokemon marked with * can be male (already have access to a female as well). On others I'm mostly interested in females.
- I will also trade for male pokemon if they have some nice eggmoves. This is because I could propably hunt down most of the females anyway.

Here's what I'm looking for:

- Rattata in Level Ball or Premier Ball (HA)
- Paras in Fast Ball
- Meowth in Fast Ball or Premier Ball (HA)
- Doduo in Level Ball
- Krabby in Level Ball or Premier Ball (HA)
- Exeggute in Friend Ball or Nest Ball (HA)
- Lickitung in Love Ball
- Goldeen in Premier Ball (HA)
- Mr. Mime in Love Ball or Heal/Premier Ball (HA)

- Furret in Level Ball or Dream Ball (HA)
- Hoothoot* in Level Ball or Premier Ball (HA)
- Ledyba in Premier Ball (HA)
- Spinarak in Luxury Ball (HA)
- Chinchou in Quick Ball (HA)
- Igglypuff in Love Ball or Heal Ball (HA)
- Natu* in Friend Ball or Dream Ball (HA)
- Hoppip in Dream Ball (HA)
- Sunkern Friend Ball or Nest Ball (HA)
- Dunsparce in Premier Ball (HA)
- Qwilfish Dream Ball (HA)
- Shuckle* in Lure Ball or Dream Ball (HA)
- Teddiursa in Moon Ball
- Corsola in Love Ball or Heal/Dream Ball (HA)
- Remoraid in Dream Ball (HA)
- Mantine on Dive Ball (HA)
- Stantler* in Level Ball or Premier Ball (HA)
- Smeargle in Level Ball or Premier Ball (HA)

- Zigzagoon in Level Ball or Premier Ball (HA)
- Wurmple in Dream Ball (HA)
- Seedot in Nest Ball (HA)
- Taillow in Premier Ball (HA)
- Wingull in Dive Ball (HA)
- Surskit in Premier Ball (HA)
- Slakoth in Level Ball or Premier Ball (HA)
- Nincada Premier Ball (HA)
- Whismur in Dream Ball (HA)
- Makuhita in Fast Ball or Premier/Ultra Ball (HA)
- Skitty* in Heal/Dream Ball (HA)
- Aron in Premier Ball (HA)
- Plusle* in Fast Ball or Premier Ball (HA)
- Minun in Moon Ball or Quick Ball (HA)
- Torkoal in Luxury Ball (HA)
- Spoink in Dream Ball (HA)
- Seviper in Luxury/Dream Ball (HA)
- Barboach in Dive Ball (HA)
- Castform in Premier Ball (HA)
- Tropius in Nest Ball (HA)
- Wynaut in Dive Ball (HA)
- Spheal* in Dive Ball (HA)
- Relicanth in Level Ball or Premier Ball (HA)
- Luvdisc in Heal/Dream Ball (HA)

And here's a long list of everything I can offer in return.

- Weedle in Sport Ball or Fast Ball
- Pidgey in Level Ball
- Ekans in Dream Ball (Unnerve)
- Pikachu in Fast Ball
- Sandshrew in Safari Ball
- Nidoran in Dream Ball (Hustle)
- Vulpix in Level Ball or Fast Ball
- Zubat in Luxury Ball or Dream Ball (Infiltrator)
- Oddish in Friend Ball
- Paras in Sport Ball
- Venonat in Dream Ball (Run Away)
- Meowth in Dream Ball (Unnerve)
- Growlithe in Fast Ball
- Machop in Heavy Ball or Safari Ball
- Bellsprout in Safari Ball
- Tentacool in Dream Ball (Rain Dish)
- Geodude in Heavy Ball
- Ponyta in Fast Ball
- Slowpoke in Dream Ball (Regenerator)
- Gastly in Moon Ball
- Onix in Heavy Ball or Safari Ball
- Drowzee in Moon Ball
- Cubone in Level Ball
- Lickitung in Dream Ball (Cloud Nine)
- Koffing in Moon Ball or Dream Ball
- Rhyhorn in Heavy Ball
- Chansey in Love Ball
- Kangaskhan in Level Ball or Safari Ball
- Scyther in Sport Ball
- Magikarp in Lure Ball
- Eevee in Dream Ball (Anticipation)
- Omanyte in Dream Ball or Dive Ball (Weak Armor)
- Kabuto in Premier Ball (Weak Armor) or Nest Ball
- Aerodactyl in Premier Ball (Unnerve)
- Snorlax in Heavy Ball
- Dratini in Lure Ball

- Chikorita in Nest Ball
- Cyndaquil in Repeat Ball
- Totodile in Dive Ball
- Hoothoot in Level Ball
- Pichu in Fast Ball
- Cleffa in Love Ball
- Mareep in Fast Ball
- Natu in Friend Ball
- Sudowoodo in Friend Ball
- Yanma in Friend Ball
- Murkrow in Dream Ball (Prankster)
- Misdreavus in Moon Ball or Dream Ball
- Pineco in Heavy Ball
- Gligar in Dream Ball (Immunity)
- Shuckle in Lure Ball
- Heracross in Dream Ball (Moxie)
- Sneasel in Moon Ball
- Slugma in Level Ball
- Swinub in Level Ball
- Skarmory in Heavy Ball
- Phanpy in Heavy Ball
- Stantler in Level Ball
- Smoochum in Dream Ball (Hydration)
- Magby in Fast Ball
- Miltank in Love Ball
- Larvitar in Safari Ball

- Treecko in Poke Ball (Unburden)
- Torchic in Poke Ball (Speed Boost)
- Mudkip in Poke Ball (Damp)
- Poochyena in Moon Ball
- Nosepass in Dream Ball (Sand Force)
- Skitty in Dream Ball (Wonder Skin)
- Ralts in Moon Ball
- Plusle in Fast Ball
- Roselia in Nest Ball (Leaf Guard)
- Carvanha in Dream Ball or Dive Ball (Speed Boost)
- Numel in Level Ball
- Trapinch in Safari Ball
- Swablu in Dream Ball (Cloud Nine)
- Zangoose in Premier Ball (Toxic Boost)
- Corpish in Dream Ball (Adaptability)
- Lileep in Dream Ball (Storm Drain)
- Anorith in Dive Ball (Swift Swim)
- Feebas in Premier Ball
- Shuppet in Dream Ball (Cursed Body)
- Chimecho in Moon Ball
- Absol in Moon Ball
- Clamperl in Dream Ball (Rattled)

- Starly in Premier Ball (Reckless)
- Shinx in Moon Ball
- Cranidos in Luxury Ball (Sheer Force)
- Shieldon in Timer Ball or Ultra Ball (Soundproof)
- Trash Cloak Burmy in Dream Ball (Overcoat)
- Combee in Sport Ball or Fast Ball
- Cherubi in Love Ball
- Shellos (pink) in Dream Ball (Sand Force)
- Drifloon in Dream Ball (Flare Boost)
- Buneary in Dream Ball (Limber)
- Munchlax in Heavy Ball
- Hippopotas in Safari Ball
- Carnivine in Safari Ball
- Croagunk in Dream Ball (Poison Touch)

- Munna in Dream Ball (Telepathy)
- Audino in Dream Ball (Klutz)
- Venipede in Dream Ball (Speed Boost)
- Cottonee in Nest Ball or Dream Ball (no HA)
- Sandile in Dream Ball (Anger Point)
- Scraggy in Dream Ball (Intimidate)
- Tirtouga in Net Ball (Swift Swim) or Dive Ball
- Karrablast in Dream Ball (No Guard)
- Foongus in Poke Ball (Regenerator)
- Frillish in Dive Ball
- Alomomola in Dream Ball (Regenerator)
- Tynamo in Dive Ball
- Elgyem in Dream Ball (Analytic)

6 IV

Tentacool, Timid, Dream Ball
Eggmoves Rapid Spin, Knock Off, Haze
Rain Dish 1 male

Cubone, Adamant, Level Ball
Eggmoves Ancient Power, Screech, Chip Away, Belly Drum
Lightningrod 1 male

Scyther, Adamant or Jolly, Sport Ball
Eggmoves Defog, Night Slash, Baton Pass
Adamant: Technician 1 female (no Baton Pass)
Jolly: Technician 1 female

Magikarp, Jolly, Dive Ball
Swift Swim 1 female

Aerodactyl, Jolly, Premier Ball
Unnerve 1 male

Sneasel, Jolly, Luxury Ball
Eggmoves Ice Punch, Fake Out, Pursuit, Icicle Crash
Keen Eye 1 male

Ralts, Jolly, Moon Ball
Eggmoves Disable, Confuse Ray, Destiny Bond, Shadow Sneak
Trace 1 male

Shroomish, Jolly, Nest Ball
Eggmove Bullet Seed, Seed Bomb. Focus Punch, Drain Punch
Quick Feet 1 female
Poison Heal 1 female

Carvanha, Naughty, Dive Ball
Eggmoves Ancient Power, Destiny Bond, Hydro Pump, Brine
Speed Boost 1 female

Numel, Quiet, Level Ball
Eggmoves Ancient Power, Heat Wave, Iron Head, Body Slam
Simple 1 female

Beldum, Jolly, Poke Ball
Clear Body

Chimchar, Naive, Poke Ball
Eggmoves Fake Out, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Encore
Blaze 1 male

Shellos, Sassy, Dream Ball
Eggmoves Mud-Slap, Mirror Coat, Counter, Curse
Sticky Hold 1 male

Karrablast, Brave, Dream Ball
Eggmoves Knock Off, Megahorn, Pursuit, Drill Run
Shed Skin 1 female

Chespin, Impish, Poke Ball
Eggmoves Synthesis, Spikes
Overgrow 1 male

Fennekin, Timid, Repeat Ball
Eggmoves Hypnosis, Heat Wave, Wish, Magic Coat
Blaze 1 male

Bunnelby, Jolly, Ultra Ball
Eggmove Spikes
Huge Power 1 female

Litleo, Timid, Luxury Ball
Eggmove Yawn
Unnerve 1 female

Espurr, Bold or Calm, Premier Ball
Eggmoves Assist, Barrier, Trick, Yawn
Bold: Own Tempo 1 male, Keen Eye 1 female
Calm: Infiltrator 1 female

Helioptile, Timid, Ultra Ball
Eggmove Glare
Sand Veil 1 female

5 IV


Bulbasaur, Modest, Nest Ball
Eggmoves Giga Drain, Ingrain, Curse
Overgrow 1 male

Charmander, Timid, Repeat Ball
Eggmoves Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Ancient Power
Blaze 1 female

Pidgey, Timid, Level Ball
Eggmoves Brace Bird, Defog, Feint Attack, Pursuit
Keen Eye 1 male

Poliwag, Modest, Nest Ball
Damp 1 female

Abra, Timid, Luxury Ball
Eggmoves Ally Switch, Skill Swap, Encore, Barrier
Magic Guard 1 male
Synchronize 2 males (1 without Ally Switch and Skill Swap)

Tentacool, Timid, Dream Ball
Eggmoves Rapid Spin, Knock Off, Haze
Rain Dish 7 males
Liquid Ooze 1 male, 1 female
Clear Body 2 males, 1 female

Ponyta, Jolly, Fast Ball
Run Away 1 female

Magnemite, Hasty, Poke Ball
HP Fire:
1. 31/30/31/30/31/26
2. 31/31/2-4/30/31/30
3. 31/30/31/30/31/4
4. 0-4/30/31/30/31/30
7. 31/30/31/30/31/22
8. 31/30/31/30/31/16
9. 31/30/25/30/31/30
HP Ice:
1. 31/31/31/15/31/30
Magnet Pull

Shellder, Adamant, Dive Ball
Eggmoves Rock Blast, Icicle Spear
Shell Armor 1 female

Gastly, Timid, Luxury Ball
Eggmove Disable
Levitate 6 females, 5 males

Onix, Impish, Heavy Ball
Sturdy 3 males
Rock Head 1 female

Koffing, Vold, Moon Ball
Eggmoves Pain Split, Toxic Spikes, Destiny Bond, Stockpile
Levitate 3 males, 1 female

Kangaskhan, Jolly, Level Ball
Eggmoves Disable, Counter
Scrappy 2 females
Early Bird 1 female

Horsea, Adamant, Dive Ball
Eggmove Outrage
Sniper 1 male

Scyther, Adamant, Sport Ball
Eggmove Night Slash
Technician 1 female

Scyther, Jolly, Sport Ball
Eggmoves Baton Pass, Defog, Night Slash
Technician 2 males

Pinsir, Jolly, Premier Ball
Eggmove Quick Attack, Close Combat
Moxie 2 females

Magikarp, Jolly, Dive Ball
Swift Swim 2 females

Eevee, Calm, Dream Ball
Eggmoves Charm, Yawn, Wish, Curse
Run Away 8 males

Omanyte, Modest, Dream Ball
Eggmoves Reflect Type, Spikes, Toxic Spikes
Shell Armor 1 female
Swift Swim 1 male


Cyndaquil, Timid, Repeat Ball
Eggmoves Extrasensory, Flame Burst, Reversal, Nature Power
Blaze 2 males

Togepi, Bold, Premier Ball
Eggmoves Nasty Plot, Psycho Shift
Serene Grace 2 males

Mareep, Quiet, Fast Ball
Eggmoves Charge, Eerie Impulse, Agility, Iron Tail
Static 1 females

Misdreavus, Timid, Moon Ball
Levitate 1 male

Heracross, Adamant or Jolly, Net Ball or Dream Ball
Eggmoves Rock Blast, Pursuit
Guts 1 male (Adamant, Nest Ball)
Swarm 1 male (Jolly, Dream Ball, no eggmoves)

Sneasel, Jolly, Luxury Ball
Eggmove Ice Punch, Icicle Crash, Pursuit, Fake Out
Inner Focus 1 male

Swinub, Adamant, Premier Ball
Eggmoves Icicle Crash, Stealth Rock
Oblivious 2 males, 1 female
Snow Cloak 2 males, 1 female
Thick Fat 1 male

Skarmory, Careful, Heavy Ball
Eggmoves Stealth Rock, Brave Bird, Curse, Whirlwind
Keen Eye 1 male

Miltank, Careful, Love Ball
Eggmoves Helping Hand, Hammer Arm, Double-Edge, Seismic Toss
Scrappy 4 females

Larvitar, Jolly, Poke Ball or Safari Ball
Eggmoves Dragon Dance, Pursuit, Stealth Rock
Guts 1 male (Poke Ball)
Guts 1 female (Safari Ball)


Treecko, Timid, Poke Ball
Eggmoves Leaf Storm, Leech Seed, Synthesis
Unburden 2 males

Torchic, Adamant, Poke Ball
Eggmove Baton Pass, Last Resort
Speed Boost 1 male
Blaze 1 male

Ralts, Jolly, Moon Ball
Eggmoves Disable, Confuse Ray, Destiny Bond, Shadow Sneak
Trace 1 female
Synchronize 1 female

Electrike, Timid, Quick Ball
31/x/31/31/31/31 or 31/x/30/31/31/31
Eggmoves Switcheroo
Lightning Rod 2 males (31/x/31/31/31/31)
Lightning Rod 1 female (31/x/30/31/31/31 HP Ice, no eggmoves)

Roselia, Timid, Nest Ball
Eggmoves Spikes, Sleep Powder, Synthesis, Leaf Storm
Leaf Guard 1 male

Carvanha, Rash or Naughty, Dream Ball or Dive Ball
Eggmoves Ancient Power, Destiny Bond, Hydro Pump, Brine
Rash: Speed Boost 1 male (Dream Ball)
Naughty: Speed Boost 4 male (Dive Ball)

Numel, Quiet, Level Ball
Eggmoves Ancient Power, Heat Wave, Iron Head, Body Slam
Simple 1 male

Feebas, Calm, Premier Ball
Eggmoves Confuse Ray, Dragon Pulse, Hypnosis, Mirror Coat
Oblivious 4 males
Swift Swim 1 female

Zangoose, Jolly, Premier Ball
Eggmoves Iron Tail, Night Slash
Toxic Boost 2 males
Immunity 4 males

Duskull, Adamant, Luxury Ball
Eggmoves Pain Split
Levitate 1 female
Frisk 1 female, 1 male

Bagon, Jolly, Premier Ball
Eggmove Dragon Dance
Rock Head 3 females

Bagon, Naive, Premier Ball
Eggmove Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump (& some have Fire Fang)
Sheer Force 2 females, 4 males
Rock Head 1 male

Bagon, Calm, Premier Ball
Eggmove Dragon Dance
Sheer Force 2 females
Rock Head 1 female

Beldum, Jolly, Poke Ball
Clear Body 1


Turtwig, Adamant, Poke Ball
Eggmoves Seed Bomb, Sand Tomb, Superpower
Shell Armor 1 male

Chimchar, Jolly, Poke Ball
Eggmoves Fake out, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch
Iron Fist 3 females
Blaze 2 females, 2 males
Also several 5IV Naive Chimchars missing either def or sp.def

Burmy, Careful, Dream Ball
Overcoat 3 males, 1 female

Shellos (pink), Sassy, Dream Ball
31/31/31/x/31/0 or 31/31/31/31/31/x
Eggmoves Mud-Slap, Curse, Counter, Mirror Coat
Storm Drain 2 females (1: 31/31/31/31/31/x and 1: 31/31/31/x/31/0)
Storm Drain 4 males (1: 31/31/31/31/31/x and 3: 31/31/31/x/31/0)

Munchlax, random nature, Heavy Ball
Eggmoves Selfdestruct, Curse, Pursuit, Whirlwind
Thick Fat 4 males (3 Jolly, 1 Impish)
Pickup 1 female (Bold)

Riolu, Jolly, Luxury Ball
Eggmoves Bullet Punch, High Jump Kick, Blaze Kick, Crunch
Steadfast 2 males

Snover, Quiet, Nest Ball
Eggmoves Seed Bomb, Bullet Seed, Mist, Leech Seed
Snow Warning 1 male


Munna, Bold, Dream Ball
Eggmoves Healing Wish, Baton Pass, Helping Hand, Magic Coat
Forewarn 1 female

Cottonee, Bold, Dream Ball
Eggmoves Worry Seed, Encore, Switcheroo, Memento
Prankster 1 male, 1 female
Prankster 1 female (no eggmoves)

Karrablast, Brave, Dream Ball
Eggmoves Megahorn, Knock Off, Pursuit, Drill Run
No Guard 5 males
Swarm 3 males, 3 females
Shed Skin 4 females

Frillish, Calm, Dive Ball
Eggmoves Confuse Ray, Acid Armor, Mist and Pain Split
Water Absorb 1 male

Tynamo, Quiet, Dive Ball
Levitate 3 males, 2 females

Elgyem, Quiet, Dream Ball
Eggmove Disable, Guard Swap, Nasty Plot, Skill Swap
Analytic 1 male

Deino, Modest, Luxury Ball
Eggmoves Earth Power, Dark Pulse, Fire Fang, Ice Fang
Hustle 1 female


Chespin, Impish, Poke Ball
Eggmoves Spikes, Synthesis
Overgrow 2 males

Froakie, Timid, Dive Ball
Eggmove Toxic Spikes
Torrent 1 male

Bunnelby, Jolly, Ultra Ball
Eggmove Spikes
Huge Power 3 females
Cheek Pouch 1 male

Fletchling, Adamant, Timer Ball
Big Pecks 1 male

Scatterbug, Modest or Timid, Premier Ball
Icy Snow pattern
Shield Dust 1 female, 3 males. Modest
Compoundeyes 1 male, Modest
Compoundeyes 2 males, Timid

Litleo, Timid, Luxury Ball
Eggmove Yawn
Rivalry 3 females

Espurr, Bold, Calm or Timid, Premier Ball
Eggmoves Assist, Barrier, Trick, Yawn
Bold: Own Tempo 3 females. Infiltrator 3 females. Keen Eye 2 females
Calm: Own Tempo 3 females. Infiltrator 2 males, 1 female. Keen Eye 3 females
Timid: Infiltrator 1 male

Honedge, Adamant, Luxury Ball
No Guard 1 male

Goomy, Calm or Modest, Heal Ball
Eggmoves Counter, Curse, Acid Armor, Iron Tail
Sap Sipper 1 male (Calm)
Gooey 2 males (1 Calm, 1 Modest), 1 female (Modest)
Hydration 1 female, 1 male

-Blue Orb
-Red Orb

-Mewtwonite X
-Mewtwonite Y

-Dawn Stone
-Dragon Scale
-Fire Stone
-King's Rock
-Metal Coat
-Moon Stone
-Shiny Stone
-Sun Stone

-Big Root
-Rocky Helmet
-White Herb

-Amulet Coin
-Heart Scale x4
-Light Ball
-Lucky Egg x2
-Soothe Bell

PM me if you have any of the pokemon I'm looking for! Would prefer trading more at once but anything goes. :)
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Pika hugger ❤
- Shinx (Fire Fang, Ice Fang) (Moon Ball)
- Chansey (Seismic Toss, Aromatherapy) (Heal Ball)
- Espurr (HA) (Yawn, Trick, Barrier)
- Eevee (HA) (Wish, Yawn, Curse, Covet)
- Buneary (Encore, Fake Out, Focus Punch, Ice Punch)

- Swirlix (HA) (Belly Drum)
- Shroomish (Bullet Seed, Drain Punch)
- Sableye (Recover)
- Froakie (HA)

PM me if interested. Thanks!


Dragon Trainer
OK, I need a hand. I am looking for any member of the Slakoth family with the EggMove Sucker Punch. IV/Nature/Shiny doesn't matter. I'm just looking for the Move. I will trade my competitive for it


was experimenting with egg moves today (never really tried doing egg moves before) and ended up with a few extra squirtles with a mix of some of the moves below. if you want one, send me a message.

i am looking for a few more HA pokes if you want to trade.

if you see 1 or 2, MAYBE 3 egg moves you want from the list below, i might have one with those, but please no special breeding requests for 4 specific egg moves. i don't want to spend time breeding out specific pokes, but will give these out for my needed HA pokes. i'm still trying to determine which 4 might be fun in one (mega) blastoise so if you want to give me any advice for a good moveset that incorporate egg moves, i will take that too.

Aura Sphere
Dragon Pulse
Water Spout
Mirror Coat


New Member
I'm looking for a Tentacool with Knock Off and Rapid Spin

I can give one of the following 3-4 IV Eggmove Pokemon for that:
- Togepi (Serene Grace, Calm) with Nasty Plot
- Snubbull (Intimidate, Adamant) with Close Combat, Heal Bell
- Squirtle (Rain Dish, Modest) with Aura Sphere
- Charmander (Blaze, Adamant/Timid) with Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse
- Shellos [blue] (Storm Drain, Bold) with Clear Smog, Amnesia, Yawn
- Marill (Huge Power, Adamant) with Belly Drum, Aqua Jet, Body Slam
- Poliwag (Swift Swim, Calm) with Encore


Well-Known Member
Anyone interested in Zubat with some egg moves? I have both male and female, but no hidden ability. They got Pursuit, Defog, Brave Bird and Hypnosis. I'm not really looking for anything special in return, but it would be nice with some other interesting egg move Pokemon, like Fake Out Aipom ;)

PM me!


Strider: Spider King
Got fake out aipom, looking for other egg moves and master balls.