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Eggmove Trading Thread


Well-Known Member
I got some Aqua Jet Marill up for grabs! They have 4 IVs, Huge Power ability and an Adamant nature.
Not looking for anything in return, just let me know if you want one
Also got a few Fake Out Aipom with 4/5 IVs, and Jolly nature!

PM me!


Strider: Spider King
Have extreme speed dratini, pm with offers.


I have a bunch of Modest Lapras with Dragon Dance and Freeze-Dry egg moves.

Not looking for anything special in return, just let me know if you'd like one!


Shiny Hunter

got them
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New Member
Bagon with Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, and Hydro Pump
[They're also 5-6IV Naive with Rock Head/Sheer Force]


★Shiny Sylveon★

Well-Known Member
Looking for people who can do 2 egg move breeding projects for me. Doing 1 pokemon from my shop for 2 projects. Please PM me if interested.
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Well-Known Member
LF: Swinub/Piloswine/Mamoswine, Delibird, or Smeargle with Freeze Dry

FT: Any HA Pokemon, lots of 5IV competitive Pokemon (and even events, gen 6-caught competitive legends, ORAS shiny legends, or competitive shinies born in gen 6 for the right deal). PM me if you have one to offer!

Edit: Trade complete!
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Shiny Hunter
I'm looking for 5 IVs Non-Eng Ditto and masterballs. VM/PM me what you want in return!

I have some pokemon with egg moves
-Bulbasaur with Giga Drain
-HA Mudkip
-HA Turtwig
-Chimchar with Thunder Punch and Fire Punch
-HA Piplup
-Oshawott with Assurance and Night Slash
-Eevee with Covet, Wish, Yawn and Charm
-Tepig with Superpower
-Gible with Iron Tail, Iron Head and Sand Tomb
-Feebas with Hypnosis, Mist, Dragon Pulse, Confuse Ray
-Mawile with Ice Fand
-Charmander with dragon dance/dragon pulse/outrage/flare blitz
-Dratini with extreme speed
-Larvitar with stealth rock
-Riolu with Crunch
-Totodile with Crunch, Dragon Dance and Ice Punch
-Absol with feint, play rough, sucker punch and perish song
-Larvitar with Dragon Dance. Pursuit, Stealth rock
-Meditite with bullet punch thunder punch drain punch and psycho cut
-Shuppet with Destiny Bond, phantom force
-Bagon with Hydro pump, fire fang and dragon dance
-Mudkip w/ Ice Ball, Avalanche, Double-Edge, Curse
-Aron w/ Head Smash, Curse, Iron Head, Superpower
-Skarmory w/ Brave Bird

I also have some shinies nfor trade
-NON NAMABLE ;094; ;375; ;291; ;056;
- NAMABLE SHINIES : Abra, Rufflet, Dedenne, Pyroar F, Combee M, Hawlucha, Zebstrika, Fraxure, Gabite
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Fairy Fighter
I am offering a lvl 1 male squirtle nonshiny and I will give it a plume fossil for whoever accepts with tackle, aura sphere modest and torrent 12 hp 5 attack 6 for all other stats

looking for a buizel preferably lvl 1-10 male with egg move aqua tail or aqua ring no hold item needed timid and ability water veil

PM for offers


New Member
Looking for a Self-destruct Snorlax/Munchlax.

IVs bred Pokemon
All available Dream ball pokemon in signature
HA Patrat in Premier Ball/Quick Ball/Repeat Ball/Timer Ball/Ultra Ball/Net Ball/Nest Ball/Luxury Ball/Heal Ball/Great Ball/Dusk Ball/Dive Ball
HA Anorith/Tirtouga/Omanyte/Basculin(Blue) in Dive ball
HA Aerodactyl/Cranidos/Sentret in Premier Ball
HA Friend Safari Pokémon in any available balls
Deerling (Summer/Autumn/Winter Form)in any available balls
Pokemon in any apricorn balls in Soul Silver
any berries
any mega stones
any evolution stones/items



2-4 iv male nest ball HA chespin w/curse, synthesis, spikes, and belly drum

Seeking: 4 EM males, try me


Shiny hunter
I have a completed pokedex and i'm taking requests for good offers on my egg move breeding.
I currently have 5 Slowpokes that know stomp and bellydrum
I currently have 5 machops that know Bulletpunch, Rolling kick, Smelling salts
all level 1. i can rename them on request i am breeding them. pm me for offers or requests
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Pokegyms steel gym
I have Eevee left over from a breeding project. I'm not asking for anything in return.

Quantity: 42
Natures: timid, naive, modest
Abilities: run away, adaptability, anticipation
Ivs: up to 4 flawless stats
Egg moves: Curse, yawn, covet, charm


Purduuuu Says Amphy
Looking for these Pokemon with any 4 Egg Moves, but will trade for almost any 4 Egg Move Pokemon:

. Bulbasaur
. Pichu
. Tepig
. Deerling

I can offer you for trade, a variety of Bank Ball females or Berries from my Trade Shop. Feel free to look around and ask if there's something specific you're looking for or would like to offer a different Pokemon with 4 Egg Moves that's not on my want list, I am flexible! :)

Also, if you want to know about trade ratios, I'm thinking 1:1 if you want an Apricorn Ball, or 2(4 Egg Move either gender Pokemon):1(1 Dream Ball HA) if you're looking for a Dream Ball HA, but I'm also open with that too. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.


Frosty the Ninetales
Looking for Taillow with Boomburst, Ralts with Shadow Sneak (male please!) and Feebass with Dragon Pulse. PM if you're interested in knowing what I can offer for these.


Breeding Star
Ok, I am looking for an HA Ralts with Destiny Bond, Grudge, Shadow Sneak, and Confuse Ray. Nature, IVs and gender don't matter.

I have Love Ball Ghastly's with timid nature and Eggmoves Reflect Type, Clear Smog, Disable, and Perish Song for trade.


Shiny Hunter 4 life
I would like an emolga with baton pass and roost don't worry about ivs and nature
I can trade some shinines with good ivs. Pm me if willing

Trade complete
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